Remaining Contestants: 

Terrifying Tarantulas: Jim, Lorelei, Ken, Thorin, Toronto, Kierston(6/10)

Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama dudes! This is your one and only host, Chris McLean. Last time, the contestants did a puzzle challenges with three parts. Lorelei won immunity, but Jim played his idol and eliminated Karen who was battling Toronto. You can only guess what we do today on Total...Drama....Super Slamdown!

(Intro Plays and Ends) Camera cuts to the remaining three sitting down on a trusty and sturdy pine tree, solemn yet filled with hope.

Lorelei: Sorry for your loss, guys. Still, wasn't my vote Jim got Karen out.

Lorelei shrugged carelessly, but Toronto and Thorin seemed a bit absent-minded, in their own realms.

Toronto: Huh? Oh, it's fine Lorelei. We're going to win this for Karen anyways, right Thorin?

Thorin: Of course buddy, and besides I guess it will give us less distraction, huh?

Lorelei: I can agree with that, but really. How do we get rid of Jim?

Thorin: Hmm, we have to make sure he doesn't win a challenge. then it's going to be three to three. Even then, Ken seems aloof enough to not vote for one of us.

Conf. Lorelei: If you're really watching this and saying, "Wow Lorelei, you're a lil nice goody two shoes now huh?" Well, the answer is, if you believe that, you're an idiot, because Lorelei trusts no one. Except for herself that is, if I didn't that would be weird. But that's beside the point, I'm spying to see what those two are up two. As must as I hate Jim, we had a deal. And I don't break deals, I'll deal with Jim in the finals. Just watch and learn.

Toronto: Excellent idea Thorin! All we had to do is just that.

Lorelei was lost and confused.

Lorelei(absentminded): What did you guys say? Sorry I wasn't paying attention.

Toronto: Ah, Thorin just said that we should form a pact then vote out Jim, if we don't Kierston then Ken. Alright?

Lorelei(evilly): Of course, Toronto. Whatever you say, Heheh, whatever you say...

Sooner, the threesome walked down to the geyser in the middle of Pakhitew, where Chris said to go just a couple of days ago. It was high noon, the sun was shining and the birds were singing, it seemed just like the perfect day.

Lorelei: I'm so tired, I'm running out of breath.

She clutched her chest and sat down, running out.

Toronto: If we may, can we go on?

Lorelei: Sure sure, whatever. 

Conf. Lorelei: Toronto's a lot colder since I met him, which is good. Because he has no social value and I can easily get him off. I plan to eliminate Ken just because he's useless and just there, then the two, then Kierston. Then I'll whip the heck of Jim in the finale. I'm gonna win it all, man your girl Lorelei! Woo!

Chris: Welcome campers! Today we have a simple yet difficult challenge. As you see, for thousands of years, ancient Crees have been digging tunnel for sources of food and water. Your goal is to get 5 pounds of these poisonous ferns back up to the surface using the trusty escalator provided.(Points to escalator) It's pretty modern, the ferns look like these. So ready set..actually before you go. I wanted to tell you something, first two up here has immunity and you can work in partners. Ready set go!!                                 

The group quickly chose partners and then they work together. It was Kierston and Ken, Jim and Lorelei, and Thorin and Toronto.

Toronto: OK, Thorin. Huh Thorin where did you go?

Thorin being the speed demon he is, rushed off to the first tunnel with a flashlight and a pickaxe to make sure there's enough ferns.

Conf. Thorin: I've been crafting and making things my whole life. When I turned 16, I apprenticed for a black smith. Ah, good times..

Toronto(yelling): OK Thorin! You go in tunnel 1, I'll go in Tunnel 3 to mine. See you!

Thorin(echoing): Alright!!

Meanwhile the other teams all started mining.

Lorelei: Wow! There'a whole patch of greens here! I wonder how they grow here in the dark! And Chris said they were poisonous, how?

Jim: HA! Your face, it looks more hideous than usual!

Lorelei: Stop talking dimwit, seriously what is it?

Jim: It's covered with blisters idiot.

Lorelei: AHHH! These plants cause you to get extreme blisters.

Jim: Yeah, do the challenge by yourself, I'm gonna sit in the corner and uh do some YouTube ya know. Catcha later, Lor.

Lorelei(grumbling): Stupid Jim....

Jim was slowly making a video about his makeup.

Jim(whispering): Hey guys what's up! It's JimMakesUp again with another makeup video. You're gonna look fabulous after these six simple tips..

Lorelei(bursting): HA! You're making a video about makeup? Ha! What a loser!

Jim: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim yelled with such force that the rocks came down and crushed another tunnel, they heard a distant scream but shrugged and went on.

Kierston: I wonder where's Ken. He was here like a minute ago, I guess there's a lot of ferns to be picked. Wow, there's here. Man I like going solo, it's when I work best.

Meanwhile, Thorin got his foot stuck in a crevice.

Thorin: Aww geez, Toronto come in here! I was digging, and then I put my foot in this hole, now I can't get help! HELP TORONTO.

Toronto: Geez, I'm here bro. Here, let me help you. 

He yanked Thorin out but Thorin bumped his head.

Thorin: Ouch man.

Toronto: It's just a flesh wound, put some dirt on it.

Thorin(whiny): But it hurts.

Toronto: Doesn't matter, we're close to 5 pounds, we have to keep digging.

Lorelei organized her leaves quickly and efficiently.

Lorelei: OK, you dumb guy. We can go up now, I got 5 pounds.

Jim: Go away, I'll go later.

Lorelei: Suit yourself.

Toronto: Tada! We've got 5 hefty pounds. Let's go!

As the two teams raced, tensions raced as they sweated harder and Kierston was still finding leaves and Ken.

Kierston: Ken, dude you there?

Ken(stuck): Mrfhfda.

Kierston: Ken?!

Chris looked at his stopwatch and to his surprise stopped. 

Chris: Wow, you four came at the same time. Wait where are they?

Chris came down to the cavern and found Ken injured severely and hurt.

Chris: Wow, those are some serious injuries. I'll talk to Doctor Chef to see if Ken can be fixed up. Just go back to your rooms for now, I'll announce the elimination at nighttime.

Kierston: Ken, you better stay strong. I'll be very angry if you're gone.

Ken(murmuring): Huh? Oh, me too...

Lorelei rolled her eyes while Thorin chuckled. After two hours, Chris announced.

Chris: Campers come down to the elimination device, there's a severe announcement.

Lorelei: Good.

Conf. Jim: I like Ken and all, but one less is one less competition. So I don't really care. I just want to get some privacy though for you know what. YouTubing...

Chris: Glad you're all here campers. As you see this is Ken.

Ken(weak): Huh? Mrf hey guys.

Chris: Chef found Ken buried almost under 50 pounds of rock. That's really heavy, I mean only an ultrasonic wavelength could have caused that.

Jim looked in the other direction, whistling innocently.

Chris: Anyways, he has broken bones, a black eye, neck injury, and even one of his fingers is almost falling off. Eessh, ew. What I'm trying to say is Ken would be to injured to continue Total Drama, there is no elimination then today except for you know him. Say goodbye to Ken everyone, heck I'll even let him finish.

Everyone(except Jim): Bye Ken!!

Ken: Wait guys one last thing. Mrf even though my physical body is broken, my emotional body isn't. Throughout my time in Total Drama, I've learned to love and share and give the whole world the best they need, happiness. Thank you guys for the many friendships and happiness you gave me, and I hope I can spread that back home. Especially you Kierston, bye!

Chris: Surely sad indeed(launches Ken)

Chris: And that's that, what will happen next? Find out next time on Total....Drama...SUPER SLAMDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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