Remaining Contestants: 

Terrifying Tarantulas: Jim, Lorelei, Thorin, Toronto, Kierston(5/10)

Chris: Welcome back you all! It's your host with the most, Chris McLean. On the previous episode, the group took a peek underground, with Ken finally succumbing to Jim's loud screaming, Ken got injured and got sent home. Who will be out today? What stuff will we do? Find out right her right now on Total...Drama...Super Slamdown!

(Intro plays) Lorelei is hanging out with Thorin and Toronto.

Toronto: Wow, surprised Ken got sent home, huh? 

Lorelei: Yeah, pretty surprising. (shrugs) Glad it wasn't me too. Still, excuse me, I have to go the restroom.

Lorelei walks away.

Thorin: You tell me bro. Can't believe we're so close to the finale!

Toronto: Thorin, want to make a deal?

Thorin: Where are you getting too?

Toronto: What I mean is, if you or I don't win, do you promise to split the money? I will agree if you agree.

Conf. Thorin: Hmm, Toronto has been quite suspicious lately after Karen left. Still he's my only friend besides Lorelei, and I can't trust Lorelei. And to be quite honest with you, I'm getting really disappointed with my performance lately. I mean, have you seen how have I done like the last few times? Don't tell anyone this, but I think I'm next....

Thorin: Uh, sure of course man! 

Toronto: Wow really! Thanks buddy! Friends to the end!

Thorin: Uh yeah, ok.

The two fistbumped and walked to the dining hall to get some piping cold food that Chef will serve disgustingly.

Lorelei: Yoohoo! Kierston, my girl! How are you doing?

Kierston: Terrible, not that you need to mind of course. My only friend and ally just got eliminated to a stupid injury, ughh I blame myself 100% for not seeing that coming.

Lorelei: Hey, I'll carry to the finale if you need too, and we can split the money, alright?

Kierston eyed Lorelei with a raised eyebrow and caution.

Kierston(suspicious): How can I know I can trust you? I mean, people just don't go out of the blue and say "Oh hey there! I'm gonna split my money with you?"

Lorelei: Hey, I'm your friend, besides who else are you going to trust then? Jim, ha, I don't think so.

Kierston(laughing): You're funny, fine I'll trust you this once, alright?

Conf. Lorelei: HA! That was way too close for comfort. If Kierston thinks I'm going to carry an opportunity towards her, she's an idiot. I'm going to win this, no one else, not even Jim. If you all thought that Jim was the big boss, you're wrong. I was waiting here like a sprout, waiting to grow and conquer. Now this sprout had turn into a mutant killer plant, and she's not going to be stopped. NEVER.

Kierston(warming up): Ah, well see ya later then. Gotta go get lunch before the whole thing starts, you know.

Lorelei: Alright, see you later then, "buddy".

At the dining area, Toronto, Thorin, and Lorelei were chatting while Jim and Kierston were sitting by themselves and in the corners respectively.

Conf. Jim: As you can see, I'm losing trust quick. I have to convince Lorelei that I'm trustworthy somehow, and I have to get that simple minded buffoon Thorin or Toronto and eliminate one of them while they are not suspecting it. Right now I'm just sitting here coldly, waiting 'till what happens next.

Chris(megaphone): Contestants, come outside now.

The contestants came outside and saw Chris wearing a strange and old feathered hat with Chris lavishly stepping on a podium, wearing a baggy shirt.

Chris: Glad thou is here. Because hear ye hear ye! Thou must completeth a challenge today! Thy must survive this giant stone catapult that throws all sorts of surprises, you guys will take turns in breaking the castle me and Chef are in, first one to break in with the battle ram wins immunity! 

Chef: One last thing, guys. Draw straws, from tallest to shortest, you will take turns in that order!

The contestants drew straws, and ended up with Toronto, Lorelei, Thorin, Kierston, and Jim in that order.

Conf. Jim: (bleep). Sorry for the brief cussing, but my life has been going downhill really quick now. Ughh, first Lorelei finding out the video and now this. Aww man, I'm not in the mood today then.

Conf. Lorelei: YESS! Jim got last again! Alright this is going to be easy!'

Chris: Toronto, you're up first, here's your ram. Try to break down the metal door, while we hurl surprises at you!

Toronto: While this is wooden?! Are you guys insane?

Chris: Of course, but ready set go!

Toronto threw the ram as fast as he could, and charged with it. It broke on impact, but Chef then threw a barrel at him...and it was full of flopping piranhas.

Toronto: AHHH! Get it off of me, oh my gosh! My shirt and meat are getting torn off!!!

With the help of Thorin(and major blood loss), Toronto got sent to the hospital.

Conf. Thorin: I'm actually scared of this now.

Chris: Ready Lorelei? 

Lorelei: No, not yet-

Chris: GO!!!!!!

Lorelei broke the ram on impact then kept slamming it, Chris threw grenades at her, but she quickly dodged it.

Lorelei: HA, McLean! You can't beat me!

Chris: This round, I can't. Thorin, pick up the metal ram now.

Thorin gulped and shuddered.

Conf. Jim: Ohh, I'm gonna be so happy when I see this kid get injured.

Thorin quickly threw the metal ram, and somehow it broke even before Chris threw it.

Chris: WOW! That's impressive, Thorin! You get immunity tonight.

Conf. Jim: UGHHH, can't my life get one positive?!

Lorelei: Hey Kierston! Promise to vote for Toronto, right? He's getting annoying.

Jim: Of course.

Kierston: I second that.

Conf. Lorelei: Now they are no longer targeting me. Time for Operation Defeat Kierston start now.

Thorin and Toronto agreed to vote on Kierston, as she is unsociable and unlikeable.

Chris: Wow, these are pretty surprising votes. Anyways, if I call your name, you're safe. Thorin, obviously for immunity, Jim and Lorelei. You guys are also safe. Kierston, you've been quite unsociable, and Toronto you've been slacking and been a screw up lately, but it was extremely close, as it was 3-2, but Toronto you're safe.

Kierston: WHAT?????????!!!!!!!!!!! How could this be? Lorelei, you voted for Toronto?

Lorelei shrugged, and Toronto laughed.

Toronto: WOW! Joke's on you, Kierston sayanora sucker.

Thorin: Yeah goodbye, we never liked you.

Kierston: UGHHHH, I hate all of you, you got that?

(Cuts to Kierston in the Rocket of Shame)

Chris: That was quite an ending, huh Kierston?

Kierston: I'll say, I demand a reccccccccccccoooooooooouunnnnttttttt---------(getting blasted away)

Chris: Ah, I'm so happy seeing another young life ruined. Anyways, Kierston's gone, Lorelei's sprouting up, what will she and Jim do next time? Only you can find out next time on Total....Drama.....SUPER SLAMDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Exclusive Clip)

Conf. Lorelei: To all of you that wondered (mockingly) Oh, Lorelei you stupid jerk, why didn't you vote out Toronto. (stops) And I'll end it here, Toronto is a no brained no challenging simple minded buffoon, Kierston poses a larger threat to me, and Thorin's pretty much immune. I could still use Jim one final time and I'll get him out next time, ha! Just learn and watch.









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