Remaining Contestants:

Jim, Lorelei, Toronto, Thorin(4/10)

Chris: Wow, that was really crazy. Last time, we had a quick and short challenge involving rams and explosives. Thorin's little weight somehow pulled back stronger and stronger. At the end, unsociable Kierston got launched off the island. Who will get launched now? Find out right here right now on Total Drama! 

(Intro Plays)

Chris: Final four! Final four! Report to the main dining room now!

Conf. Thorin: Now it's the final 4, I've been getting jittery you know. Life is dangerous now. Everywhere there's somebody waiting to strike you, and Jim fits that category.

Conf. Lorelei: Wow, final 4. From Day 1 I have been planning my moves and my tactics. Huh, look where I got now.

Toronto: OK, present Chris. What do you want?

Chris: And I will answer that in a minute. Welcome to the new dining hall! To celebrate you guys in the final 4, here are the delicacies of your favorite foods! Jim, since you're from New York, here are your favorite foods that you wrote on your biography. Bacons, eggs, and cheese; some Porterhouse Steak, and a Cronut to finish it all off!

Jim: Wow! I love it! I culd almust forgive youse for the all the bad stuff you did! I ate this every month back when I was little! Good times. 

For a minute there, Lorelei chuckled. She thought Jim was gonna cry.

Chris: And Lorelei! We bought you some steak with some french onion soup, sounds good?

Lorelei snapped out of her smugness.

Lorelei(confused): Huh? Oh yay, sure.

Chris: And finally Toronto and Thorin, you two seem to have great appetite for pizza, huh? Simpletons. Here's some fried chicken wings with pizza finished off with some cheesecake.

Toronto and Thorin: ALRIGHT!!!! THANKS CHRIS!

Chris(maliciously): Huh, no problem. Just uh- you guys deserved it for doing so well this season.

Chris immediately left the scene, Thorin and Toronto high-fived, and being so called "simpletons", they thought no more of it and began eating like pigs. However, Jim being clever and smart, thought it was a bit suspicious.

Conf. Jim: Hmm, Chris wuld never be this nice, eh? This is quite suspicious, I'll eat lightly.

Conf. Lorelei: No doubt Chris is going to thrown an athletic challenge after this. Just watch, I'll eat some but no more than that.

After a while, Lorelei even began to dig in, Jim however still suspecting Chris is too nice, just ate his simple cronut and just dug a "few" slices out of his Porterhouse.

Chris(evilly): HA! Surprise, everybody I'm done setting up, it's track and field season, and what better is to shape up?

Conf. Toronto: OHHHH, why now?! I'm good at athletics, but this is just too much. I shouldn't ate all those pepperoni, oh but it was worth it!

Conf. Jim: And the Jimster strikes again. BAM!

Chris: This challenge has three very important parts, the 200-meter dash, the javelin, and the buggy racing!

Toronto: Um, Chris, I have participated in track and field and I'm 100% sure that buggy racing is not part of the routine we do.

Thorin: I second that, I'm the top runner and javelin thrower at my school, but there's no buggy racing.

Chris(angry): Well nobody's asking you! That's how the challenges will be. Here's a map.

Chris handed them a map and it labled, "Start here. Go from main dining room to Shadow Bay by running, javelin across the small river. There's several more if you fail. Finally, go on the buggy and go up Mt. Wawanakwa to finally meet Chris and immunity." All of them nodded their heads.

Toronto: Huh, seems simple enough eh Thorin?

Thorin: Of course, remember the deal dude.

Toronto: Oh yeah of course.

Conf. Toronto: As much as I like my buddy Thorin, I need to show him I'm in charge, he needs to follow me. Ever since I was little, I had the need to be the alpha of the pack, now Thorin's going to follow me and I'm going in to the finale.

Thorin: Ready buddy?

Lorelei: Yeah, let's go!

Chris: Not yet, 3.....2...1... GO!

The contestants blasted off like a cannon on steroids, running in different directions as far as the eye can see. It was only early morning, about 9:00 AM, but the sun was already up and shining, and Toronto's eyes were getting blurry.

Toronto: Thorin, help! Really, I'm getting blinded!

Thorin: I got ya buddy! Let's go!

Thorin lingered his hand on Toronto and ran with him together to the javelin post.

Conf. Lorelei: I'm pretending to trust all of them. To be honest, the only one I ever respected was Jim. Jim is cool and cunning, you know. But not in a romantic way. (blushes) Stop it already!!

Lorelei: C'mon guys let's go!

Jim: Not on my watch!!

And Jim rammed Toronto, Thorin, and Lorelei making them fall over while Jim cackled and got a head start.

Lorelei: That cunning little jerk, come on we have to catch up, he's way ahead now.

Toronto checked his body for any injuries, and nodded and catched up to Lorelei, whose shoes were dirty and green already, from the nearby distance, a familiar person was watching them from the bushes.

Jim: I see the javelin outpost! C'mon, buddy let's go!

And with the perfect muscle and aim, he got it over just about there.

Jim: Perfecto! Now let's get this baby on!

He started his engine and drove his way to Gravity Cliff. The buggy he chose was the best, it had a 400 HP engine, it was black and shiny, it was big and had nice windows, it had big strong wheels so it could go on every terrain it went on. It was perfect, so Jim had the perfect eye on it.

Conf. Jim: Wowza! Ever since two days ago, I've been struggling and feeling weak! But baby does it feel good to sabotage and destroy! You never really get the adrenaline rush until you felt this, baby woo wee! Watch me win!

Lorelei stopped abruptly at the muddy river, while brown was also an undelightful color of blue, it looked more like a sewage pipe more than anything, the water slowly oozing down east, it was disgusting to Lorelei.

Lorelei: Here goes nothing! Ew, this muddy water is gross and smells strange. 

Toronto: I agree, Lorelei. Ya know it's great to have the three of us on a team. We can take down Jim so easily!

Conf. Lorelei: There is some evidence of truth in Toronto's words. I still trust him more than Jim, and Jim is no longer useful to me. So bye Jim!

Thorin: OK! Nice, see ya guys later.

Toronto: Hey wait up! I finished too!

Thorin: Alright, let's go.

Thorin and Toronto both got in red buggies, and began to go without Lorelei.

Conf. Lorelei: I have decided those two are utter garbage, just forget everything I said.

Now that everyone has caught up to Jim, Jim hurried up on the way to Mt. Wawanakwa, now halfawy there.

Jim: I love carrying these(drops a sharp object).

Jim threw down some nails and sharp piercers to pierce their tires, and in the end Thorin's tire got deflated.

Jim: Heh heh.

Thorin: Jim, you little turd! I swear I'm going to get you! I hate you so much!

Jim(calling back): Yeah, same about you, noob! Ha!

Toronto's instincts pulled in and he instantly got out of his vehicle and jumped on Jim's vehicle, with only a couple of bruises and scrapes.


Jim: Youse get off now! Wait, we're gonna crash!

Their car swerved and went down, crashing and injuring both Jim and Toronto.

Chris: Now that you guys are all out, Lorelei, you win immunity!

Lorelei shrugged and smiled smugly.

Lorelei: That wasn't unexpected.

Thorin and Toronto growled.

Chris: Whatever, time to vote!

(Elimination ceremony begins)

Jim smiled smugly and laughed cockily.

Lorelei(angrily): What are you smiling at? You know you're going to be out today, huh?

Jim: HA! You wish, just watch and learn. 

Chris: OK, so the yummy s'mores that one of you will not get, they will go to Lorelei...

Lorelei laughed and blew a raspberry, and Jim just rolled his eyes.

Chris(continuing):...and Toronto, you're also safe. Jim, you have been noticeable and people hated your personality and your terrible antics, and Thorin, people think you're slacking and doesn't deserve to be here. But you still get the last one.

Jim: I am absolutely shocked. How could you vote me out?

Lorelei: Grow a brain, dumbo.

Toronto: Yeah, get outta my sight.

Chris: And there's nothing that can prevent it. Say goodbye, buckaroo.

Thorin: See ya loser.

Lorelei: Goodbye, don't call me.

Jim(angry): Yeah, yeah, youse guys save it for later.

(Scene cuts to Jim in the Rocket of Shame)

Chris: Any last words, buddy? You caused so many eliminations, now that reign of terror finally came to an end huh?


Chris: What? I haven't even launched you yet?

Jim(not surprised): Nothing, just get it over with.

Chris: This was all an act! It's a non elimination episode! You get back in line for safety!

Jim(evilly): Thanks Chris. Now to wreak vengeance to all my enemies....

Chris: Yeah yeah, wait who are you and why are you back?

Ben(slurring): Y-you left me to rot on this i-island. Now I'm back for vengeance. No more Mr. Nice Guy, it's all about brutal competition. 

Chris: Yeah, maybe this won't be non elimination after all, heh heh.

(Camera shows Ben in the Rocket)

Ben: T-this isn't fair McLean. This isn't over I tell you. This isn't OOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR-

Ben's screams finally died out in the shining stars aboved, celestial majesties, twinkling and blinking at the same magical moment.

Chris: I had to do that, now who will get out next time? In the final 4, find out next on Total.....Drama.....SUPER SLAMDOWNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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