Remaining Contestants:

Jim, Lorelei, Thorin

Chris: Welcome back to another episode of Total Drama! Last time, we did a pretty crazy race with all sorts of running and torture, at the end, sneaky Jim, back in his game, eliminated Toronto from the game. Who will be out in this special final three? Well, I triple dog- wait I used that one already. I mean, I super dog dare you to watch this episode right here right now on Total...Drama..Super Slamdown! 

Intro plays and lights shines on Jim, Lorelei, and Thorin, covered with dirt.

Jim: HA! You noobs! Told you I'd come back, I'm back and better than ever! And your understimating got your stupid little friend out!

Thorin: So, I'm going to win for him, and you're going down Jim!

Jim: Ha, I like to see you try, loser. Probably would be the next one else.

Lorelei laughed psychotically.

Lorelei(calming down): Ladies...ladies. You can all just get out that crap, because it's obvious I'm going to win.

Thorin and Jim looked at each other in the eye, and pointed to Lorelei and laughed, even laughing out of tears.

Thorin(out of laughter): H-ha! You think you're going to win!! You're so hilarious!

Lorelei: Just watch and see.

Conf. Jim: These two competitors are easy to mow down, I just need to find the weakness spot.

Conf. Lorelei: If Jim thinks he's so smart, then he's wrong. Because I have the perfect tactic for him. And oh boy, is it an effective one!

Conf. Thorin: My only choice is to ally with Lorelei, and get Jim out. Luckily, my past friends had made good challenges for Jim.

Chris: Now, contestants get ready and go to the Grand Amphitheater, purely made out of my poor servantile interns. You'll all go there at 9:00 AM! Get ready for dares and scares!

Lorelei(sarcastic) Wow, I'm so scared.

Chris: Well, you should be. Because it's going to be your worst nightmare in real life...Heh heh.

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