Ok, guys before you complain. The ONLY reason I'm reposting this is because my old one had some weird bugs in it, when I type in it, it when up and down for some strange reason. So yeah, here's the season finale. Please enjoy :)

Remaining Contestants:

Jim, Lorelei, Thorin

Chris: Welcome back to another episode of Total Drama! Last time, we did a pretty crazy race with all sorts of running and torture, at the end, sneaky Jim, back in his game, eliminated Toronto from the game. Who will be out in this special final three? Well, I triple dog- wait I used that one already. I mean, I super dog dare you to watch this episode right here right now on Total...Drama..Super Slamdown! 

Intro plays and lights shines on Jim, Lorelei, and Thorin, covered with dirt.

Jim: HA! You noobs! Told you I'd come back, I'm back and better than ever! And your understimating got your stupid little friend out!

Thorin: So, I'm going to win for him, and you're going down Jim!

Jim: Ha, I like to see you try, loser. Probably would be the next one else.

Lorelei laughed psychotically.

Lorelei(calming down): Ladies...ladies. You can all just get out that crap, because it's obvious I'm going to win.

Thorin and Jim looked at each other in the eye, and pointed to Lorelei and laughed, even laughing out of tears.

Thorin(out of laughter): H-ha! You think you're going to win!! You're so hilarious!

Lorelei: Just watch and see.

Conf. Jim: These two competitors are easy to mow down, I just need to find the weakness spot.

Conf. Lorelei: If Jim thinks he's so smart, then he's wrong. Because I have the perfect tactic for him. And oh boy, is it an effective one!

Conf. Thorin: My only choice is to ally with Lorelei, and get Jim out. Luckily, my past friends had made good challenges for Jim.

Chris: Now, contestants get ready and go to the Grand Amphitheater, purely made out of my poor servantile interns. You'll all go there at 9:00 AM! Get ready for dares and scares!

Lorelei(sarcastic) Wow, I'm so scared.

Chris: Well, you should be. Because it's going to be your worst nightmare in real life...Heh heh.

While Chris announced the challenge, small Thorin made his gentle way to Lorelei sneakily.

Lorelei(narrowing her eyes): Where do you think you're going?

Thorin: Uh nothing.

Lorelei: If you're planning to defeat me, good luck with that. You'll need it.

Thorin(shaky):Haha, you're hilarious. I wouldn't dream of doing that!

Lorelei: Fine, but promise me this. We'll team up on Jim to get him eliminated. He's been in the game too long. He's becoming invincible, it's the only time we can team up on him.

Conf. Thorin: Lorelei does make a good point, but I should think ahead. Would I rather face Lorelei or Jim in the finale?

Thorin: Fine, I will join your deal.

Lorelei(wily): Great job, Thorin. You won't regret it at all.

Thorin: I hope not.

Chris(angrily): Uh hum. Weren't you listening, we have these freebies and lifeboats. Lifeboats are earned by a 2-star challenge, while freebies are 3-star challenges. Lifeboats save others, freebies save yourself. The first person who refuses to do these magnificent dares will be eliminated! Any questions?

Thorin raised his hand politely.

Chris: Great! Now let's go the Amphitheater now!

The four of them quickly rushed and made their way to the Amphitheater. It was bright and golden, filled with solid colors. There were a wheel thing of past contestant's faces. There were also some wooden tables and stools.

Chris: Ah, the amphitheater. The old one got destroyed like 2 years ago. This is Theater 2.0, magnificent and majestic, carved smoothly out of marble and pure gold. This is fragile though, as gold is extremely soft. Now sit on your chairs now!

Conf. Thorin: Toronto, if you're watching this, I'm gonna make Jim pay, I have got all my past friends into this and they want Jim out too, even Matt.

Chris: Alright, you each start off with a lifeboat and a freebie. The order will go by flipping a coin. 

Chris winks his eye on Jim, Jim nodded back and smirks.

Lorelei caught them and questioned him immediately.

Lorelei(suspicious): I can tell when somebody's up to something, what are you planning to do?

Chris: Huh, oh nothing?

Lorelei gritted her teeth until they made a metallic grinding noise, and grabbed Chris by his shirt and threatened him.

Lorelei(threatening): I will kill you, McLean. WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO?!

Chris(unfrightened): Sheesh, man. (pats off his shirt's dust) Nothing, now get back.

Lorelei kept her "I'm having a close eye on you" gesture to Chris, and Chris started to sweat.

Chris: Uhm, let's start already. The order will go by Thorin, Lorelei, and Jim. Ok, Thorin your dare is by your "best" friend...

Thorin: OOH OOH. Yay Toronto!

Chris: Stop being so giddy, it's your "best" friend, Matt!

Chris flipped over the picture to see Matt's face slowly growling on Thorin. Thorin bursted out laughing.

Thorin(laughing): HAHA! That priceless stupid face! I remember it all!

Chris: OK, it's a 3-star dare. It's called the Piranha Executioner. You must catch five piranhas by hand, then eat them alive.

Thorin: Um, I think I'll pass this one. (Hands freebie to Chris) 

Chris: Yikes, I  would have done that too. Anyhoo, Lorelei your turn.

Lorelei(agitated): Ok, then.

Chris: You got lucky, Lorelei. Your friend Daniel turned out to be the spinner, it's a 1-star dare, and it says drink Toilet Punch, Ha! I remember this one in Island!

Lorelei went to the outhouse slowly, and grabbing a cup, she mixed the gross vile water with some Kool-Dudes punch mix and drank it.

Lorelei immediately choked.

Lorelei: That was so disgusting! Bleh!

Chris: Nevertheless, you did it. Sit back. Jim, your time. (winks) Oh lookie here, you have a one star dare by Joel, he says Walk Around In  A Circle.

Jim: Done!

Conf. Lorelei: That can't possibly be true. I'm going to exploit them NOW.

Lorelei: Do you mind if I see that card?

Chris immediately shuffled it back.

Chris: Oops, sorry.

Lorelei: I saw that, you punk. I'm not dumb, what do you think I am?

Jim(blurting out): An idiot.

Lorelei socked him in the left jaw, which broke one of his teeth.

Jim: Ma face, you loser!

He punched back, and Lorelei uppercutted him in his stomach.

Chris: Ouch! As much as I love a catfight, Jim that's it. Go back, let's consider you used your freebie, OK, then Lorelei?

Lorelei shrugged.

Lorelei: Enough justice for me, I guess.

Jim scowled while Thorin tried to suppress a giggle.

Chris: My dude, Thorin. It's a 3-star dare, AGAIN. Ironically made by Toronto.

Conf. Thorin: TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris:.....Fight Izzy in a Robotic Alligator suit. Simple enough.

Thorin: Uh, not that hard.

Izzy: Oh my gosh! Hey Thorin, I'm been rooting for you half the season already!

Thorin(muttering): No, not this character.....

Izzy: Anyways, let's fight!

Thorin just did a low sweep and it knocked over Izzy.

Izzy: Ouch, lost some brain cells.

Chris: Wow, Thorin, you have became pretty muscular lately, WOW! Good job, here's your freebie for doing the three star challenge.

Chris: Anyways, Lorelei, here's your 1-star challenge. You have to run 5 laps in 2 minutes.

Lorelei: UGHHH!

Conf. Lorelei: I suck at running.

After a while, she came back, just in time.

Chris: This is getting boring, no more freebies, only lifeboats!

Chris snatched all of them and put it in a bag.

Chris: Put all of them in here, ASAP.

Thorin: Hey! I didn't get to use mines.

Chris: Don't care, now rush!

Chris: Jim, it's your first 3-star dare ouch, from Zack. Woah this is psychotic! Chef, I think we might need to do a psychology test on this kid.

Chef: Aye aye, Chris. On it.

Chris: Anyways, it's to sit on a tightrope with pieces of steak on your pants while there are sharks beneath you.

Jim: Ehh, as an actor I have always done this.

Chris: Ouch, if only somebody lifeboated this guy. Any takers?

Both of them shook their heads.

Chris: Hope you survive, dude.

Jim sat on there for 10 minutes, before one specific shark in general started coming up and bite Jim's shoe.

Jim: My SHOE! AHh, I'm falling down.

Luckily, Jim swam away with a bit of his flesh torn off, minor cuts on his arm and legs, and some bruises.

Chris: Ouch. Thorin, you're up. And Aww, it's by your little girlfriend, Karen.

Thorin: Shut up!! What is it?

Chris: It's to dodge 5 arrows from my interns, pretty easy considering they're untrained.

Thorin(sighing): Fine, I guess.

The interns launched the arrow, and all of the missed.

Thorin: Huh, less dangerous than I thought. Thanks Karen!

Thorin gave a warm smile and a thumbs up to the camera.

Chris: How sweet, Karen, your scare Lorelei, is to eat this Pot of Ubenbuga.

Lorelei: Ew, there's flies coming out of it.

Chris: And that's part of the delicacy, it's made of three month old stale bread and cheese, rotted cabbage and meat, and piranhas. Enjoy!

Lorelei took a gentle bite.

Lorelei: Wow, like my grandmother's specialty! 

She ate the whole thing.

Chris: Holy cow! Anyways, Jim, your scare is to let Lorelei put MAKEUP on you!

Jim: Woohoo, nope not doing that!

Lorelei smiled deviously.

Lorelei: This is going to be fun!

Jim kept dodging and started running, until Lorelei threw the whole set on Jim's face and hair.

Jim: Ah yee! My face, it's ruined! NOO!

Chris: Sorry buddy, by refusing to do the dare, your journey on Total Drama is over. Chef, you can take this guy home.


Chef; Let's go. 

Chris: And that starts with our finale? Who would win? The good or the bad? Find out next time on Total Drama Super Slamdown!

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