Daring Dragons: Dawn, Diego, Elyse, Fred, Kaele, Lucas, Sean, Silena, Viviana(9/10) Dynamic Thunderbirds: Adrianna, Alexis, Blake, Davy, Flannery, Flynn, Luna, Marina, Michael, Tristan(10/10) A giant airplane is flying over a bright and rather, sunny city. A city full of marble and riches, the contestants were either sitting in economy, or first class. Chris eagerly walked down the stairs to talk to them.

Chris: Huh, we're on? Oh hi, it's your host Chris McLean, last time we did a Los Angeles beatdown challenge where the contestants have to find parts. Tensions are growing between Diego and Dawn, who are aiming to Fred, who shot down Micah, as he became the first out of the season. Who will get out today? What type of cool challenges will we do? Find out right here right now on Total Drama World Domination!!!

                                                       *Theme Song Plays*

The plane is landing faster and faster, but unfortunately, not enough to disturb the contestants. Chef is humming to himself, and Chris is walking down to first class to greet the Dynamic Thunderbirds.

Conf. Viviana: Wow, I really dodged a bullet there yesterday, yikes. I'm glad Michael won though, and I'm still here. 

Michael: Oh hey Viviana, what are you doing in first class?

Viviana: Oh nothing really, (chuckles) Just saying good job that you won yesterday.

Michael: Yeah, so how are you doing back in economy?

Viviana: Fine, except for the occasional annoying jerks who keep complaining down there, (points to Elyse and Lucas), those two have been bickering up all day.

Michael: Pff, I know how that feels, those Davy and Tristan guys are really getting annoying. All they talk about is this weird machine thingy, like that's important.

Viviana laughed and Michael offered her a cupcake.

Michael: Hey you look hungry. It's chocolate!

Viviana: Wow, thanks Michael, well nice having a chat with you, I'm going back to economy now.

Michael(mouth full of cupcake): Mrf, see ya Viviana.

As Michael and Viviana were settling their conversation, sneaky little Fred and unknowingly, Kaele came up to first class to discuss something rather important with Tristan and Davy. Fred peeked around a corner, and waved a secret "hello" to Davy, and Davy scooted to the right to offer Fred a seat. Kaele looked confused.

Kaele: Why did you drag me here for? I'm going to get a snack, yoohoo, Adrianna!!

Kaele ran over to hopefully claim a snack while Fred, Davy, and Tristan talked business.

Fred: OK, you invited me over here, what do you want?

Tristan(creepily): Well, little boy. I wanted to talk about something, called hmm how should I put it, politics.

Fred: Yeah, no, I'm out.

Tristan: No no, you sit down.

Fred: Fine, go on. You were saying politics?

Tristan: Yes, team politics. I'm thinking of starting an order of me, you, Davy, and that clueless girl, what's her name again? Kylee?

Fred(correcting): No, Kaele.

Tristan: Pish pash, whatever. I want to call it "The Machine", and our deal is we throw challenges, we start drama, we start allliances and enemies, we have to make everybody else look bad, so we can go to the finale together.

Fred: Sounds intriging, yes. What do you think Davy?

Davy: Davy loves it, Davy really likes the Machine idea, if Tristan and Fred like it, Davy likes it too. Yeah!

Fred: Sounds great, so who starts first?

Tristan bowed his head for a dramatic effect, and points "You" to Fred and Kaele, who was still eating a bag of Boritos chips. 

Fred: Great, let's start today...

As Fred walked back to economy, a big familiar voice boomed through the plane. 

Chris(through PA): Contestants! Contestants! Hear ye hear ye! We are landing in the beautiful city of Monte Carlo, in the bright dashing city state of Monaco, as you can guess, Monte Carlo is quite famous in the world for gambling, and you can really guess what we're doing today!

Conf. Luna: This is definitely not good, ever since I was little, my grandfather had taught me away from the terribleness of gambling.

In economy class, things were getting quite startled and erratic.

Conf. Diego: Ay caramba! Gambling, por que es hoy? Back in Spain, they didn't have this, why today?!

Diego: Gosh darn, I hate gambling.

Dawn: Um, yeah I hate gambling too. It's uh, bad for your body?

Diego shrugged, and made a "shush" movement with his finger over his mouth. Dawn silently agreed.

Chris(continuing over PA): But that's not all, we have a great two part challenge. And we're landing gently here, in ABBOOOOOOOUT now!

As Chris said that, the plane gently shuddered and spasmed but immediately stopped. Marina was happy.

Marina: Ooh ooh! Yes, Monte Carlo! I been here quite a few places in my tours!

Elyse: Nerd, I command you to shut up.

Marina: Wow, RUDE.

Marina angrily walks to the rest of the group.

Lucas: Wow, Elyse, why did you have to do that? You know, you're not going to make much friends if you keep up like this.

Elyse: Yeah, you shut up to dimwit. Nobody wants to hear a crap out of you tonight.

Lucas facepalmed.

Lucas: But-

Elyse held her fist up to his nose.

Elyse(grittingly): What did I say, you dolt?!

Lucas(meekly): Shut up.

Elyse(confident): That's right, you weirdo. Now c'mon, let's go to the humble city of Monte Carlo!

Elyse confidently walks her way to the bright city, but unknowingly falls off the plane.

Chris: Ha, that was so cool! You see that Chef?

Chef(muttering): Just five more years til retirement, just five more freaking years...

Chris: Wow, somebody's in a bad mood, cough cough Chef. About time we put that plane walk down, huh? Hey, smarthead, I'm talking to you.

Chef punched the load button down, and the walkway formed, as each of the contestants walked down the walkway, including Elyse who had injured herself and got a scrape on her knee.

Chris: Now walk this way, folks. This is our first challenge, a life size dice challenge. You get into this hamster dice like so, and then you rush in to this thing, and you bounce all over the place, and what number you come out with is your final landing score, there's three rounds, and the teams with the most wins at the end of the challenge wins! OK, teams choose your first starting two people.

Diego: Um, I will go first.

Dawn: Ooh, I will do it too!

Fred: Um, you can do it next round sweetie, I can do it first, heh.

Diego nodded and pushed Dawn aside.

Fred: Ready to go boss.

Diego: Ok, then let's go then. They crashed over a bouncing block, Fred in the dice, when nobody was looking, he put a gyrolock in the inside to always let the next person get a "1."

Fred(menacing): Perfect. 

They finally stopped, with Diego getting a great 5 and Fred getting an average 3. Fred looks over to Tristan, and he winks at him and he gives him a thumbs up.

Conf. Tristan: I lose one, he loses one, and he win the final challenge, just to act like it's not rigged, heh heh, the Machine was from one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs, just to let you know, bum bum, yeah!

Tristan: Hey guys, I'll do it this round!

Adrianna: Sounds fine to me, dude.

Flynn: Yeah, what Adrianna said, get in the first one.

Marina: Well, I'm a pop idol and I know a couple strategies, so I'll be the perfect candidate for this!

Flynn: Well then off you go!

Tristan sprinted forward to the non gyro'ed one, while Marina cluelessly gets in the rigged one.

Conf. Fred(evilly): Before we start this, I want to give you the basics of gyrolocking. Gyrolocking is simple, it's a tube fitting that makes the overall thing go cleaner yet heavier, in this case, Tristan saw that the one was lighter than the most, he communicated with me backstage, and he wired the one against the seat, so Marina can't see it, oh boy, I can tell this would go REAL smooth.

Chris: Start your rolls!

Marina: Allright, let's go guys!

Tristan: Let's go!

Tristan bumped up and down rockily, yet safely strapped to his seatbelt, and he went left to right on the hard rocky floor.

Conf. Tristan: Oh my gosh, I feel like barfing up.

Marina: Huh, weird, I stopped already.

Chris: And so you did, you landed with an one.

Marina shamefully got up to the rest of the teammates, where she is given angry looks by her teammates.

Flannery: You idiot! I thought you had it in the bag.

Flynn: Now now, no need to be rude, Flannery. But yet I do agree with you, you said you had strategy.

Adrianna: It's OK, just ignore them, ouch, give her a break.

Michael: Yeah guys, just clear out, crying girl here, move guys move!

Conf. Flannery: Oh boy, if we lose, I know who I'm going to vote out today. Her name starts with a "M" and ends with S-T-U-P-I-D.

Conf. Marina: That was really strange, but idols always have to look fabulous! Enough weeping, time to pull back!

Tristan: Yahoo! And I scored a 4.

Chris: Still it is, 8-5, the Dragons win the first one!

Fred and Diego high-fived the other people in the group.

Dawn: Ooh ooh! I want to do it this time.

Kaele: I always wanted to kind of being a human dice.

The other members looked at her strangely?

Kaele: What? It's for my upcoming editorial, I call it "The Dice Man"! 

Elyse: I could school you jerks any day, but um go on.

Lucas(sneering): What? Too afraid?

Elyse: Pff, nah, I'll go in next round, and you're coming with me nerd, got that?

Lucas: It's a deal then, "nerd."

Chris: And they got 10 points overall, who do you choose Thunderbirds?

Flynn: I decided with me and Michael, Chris.

Chris: Allright, let's go!

Conf. Fred: To make this not looked rigged, don't worry, I've already put this away, being unnoticed for 90% of your entire life does something to ya.

Flynn: Ok, "Mike", can you hear me dude?

Michael(shuddering): Yes.

Flynn: Great, we can communicate, we bounce on that block then go up that place and come down, and ricochet, ok?

Michael: Wait what?!

Flynn: You understand? That's awesome, I'll lead.

Michael: Flynn...Flynn!

Flynn: Michael, just follow me bro.

Michael: Sounds good.

And together, they ricocheted and bounced up and rolled, with both of them getting the first "6."

Chris: That was an excellent strategy! With 12-10, the Thunderbirds win one point! It's neck and neck, let's go!

Elyse: You heard it, and no way to deny it. Lucas and I are going!

Lucas: Haha, it was um just a joke. 

Elyse grabs Lucas by the ear.

Lucas: No please, I was kidding, AHHHHH!

Elyse shoves him in the dice, locks the door, and got in herself.

Lucas pounds on the window for help, as Elyse smirks with satisfaction.

Conf. Elyse: Seeing dumbheads like Lucas getting hurt, it makes my cold heart a little bit colder.

Elyse rams into Lucas, making him bump down and about everywhere, with Lucas finally ending up with a 4 and Elyse with a 6.

Elyse(patting Lucas's back): Wasn't so bad, huh?

Lucas: Wow, you didn't use an insult, and second, yeah, but only because you pushed me all over the place, you dolt!

Elyse(laughing): Look who's insulting now, huh.

Lucas: Pff, whatever, dude, just don't get next to me, I feel like I have to barf.

Elyse: Heh, that's what I thought.....jerk.

Chris: How about over here, thunderbirds?

Adrianna: After much decision, I decided it was me and Davy,

Davy: Yah, man.

Adrianna: Let's go! YAHOO!!!!

Chris: Huh, you got a 4 and Davy got a 5.

Davy: Well, Davy didn't too bad, did he?

Chris: Uh huh sure. Wow, 10-9, and the Daring Dragons win the first part of the challenge! Next, is my favorite, the Roulette challenge. One person from each side, choose someone.

Fred: Um, I'm voluntary to do it again. (winks at Tristan)

Conf. Blake: Wait, why did Fred wink?

Diego: Huh, strange.

Dawn: What is it sweetie, I mean Diego.

Diego: Look at Fred, Tristan, and Davy, they're all communicating each other in some strange fashion.

Dawn was paying attention to Diego instead of the three.

Dawn(attention loss): Wow, that's cool.

Diego: Yeah, it's strange too. Best not to think a lot about it huh?

Conf. Diego: Eso tres son are up to something, oh yes amigos. I found it. I shouldn't act on it yet.

Chris: And first round, the Dragons win! 

Tristan pretended to high five Fred, and Fred put the lock in Tristan's pockets. Tristan made a "Go Talk to her and distract" sign as he put the lock on.

Davy: Hey, Marina, Davy thinks that you should have another chance.

Blake: Yeah, go get em girl.

Marina: Wow you guys really think?

Flynn: Yeah, go girl!

Marina: I'm ready, Chris! Ahhhhh!

Chris: Wow, you've got the second lowest score again, a 4. Ok, it's 10-4, The Dragons win....again!

Marina: That was rigged.

Flynn: Maybe it was just bad luck.

Michael: Yeah, sure don't worry, calm down. It's just bad luck.

Flannery: Pff, she's trying to throw the challenge.

Marina: No I'm not! Pff, wait I gotta go to the goddamn toilet, my bladder's killing me.

Chris: Wow the Thunderbirds win, Dragons, you won the last challenge. Want a reroll?

Fred(blurting): Heck yeah!

Chris: Then come here, Fred, and you got 16 nice. Again, the Dragons win. It's 4-1, Dragons, you guys get first class! Thunderbirds, get into the boarding room, we're having a special elimination tonight.

While Marina was at the bathroom, Tristan and Davy were commanding who was going home tonight.

Davy: C'mon guys, Davy say it's obvious she threw the challenge.

Flannery: I'm somehow convinced, she didn't really look guilty after that huh.

Tristan: I agree.

Michael: I don't know, just give her a break.

Tristan: Give who a break, huh? Who else did anything wrong? Also, look what I found after Marina got out.

Tristan pulled out a gyrolock, which they were surprised.

Flynn: How is this possible?

Blake: Yeah, I always thought she was quite the nice person.

Alexis: Strange for sure.

Flannery: I'm definitely convinced now.

Tristan(smiling): Great, we know who to vote out know, it's a vote right?

Davy: Right.

Blake: One last thing, Tristan. How did you get it?

Tristan was speechless, luckily to his rescue Flannery thought of a nonsense idea that saved him.

Flannery: Sherlock, obviously he found it after he got in the dice.

Blake(shrugging): Makes sense.

The camera now cuts to the elimination room.

Chris: Wow, the votes were really close. it was 9-1. Anyways, the peanut barf bags goes to Flannery, Blake, Adrianna, Alexis, Davy, Flynn, Luna, and Michael. Tristan, one person voted for you for no apparent reason. Marina, you're going home, idol famous.

Marina: What, why me? But, I swear I tell you, I know who did it, and that person in the room is-

Out of the shadows, Fred pushed her off the plane, and gave a quiet thumbs up to Tristan, Tristan creepily smiled back, as Fred tip toed away.

Chris: Um, well that's that. Who will go home next? Who will form more alliances? How will Dawn and Diego go out? Find out next time on Total...Drama...World Domination!!














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