Contestants Competing: 

Returnees: Jim, Lorelei, Richard, Thorin, Toronto, Abbey, Nathan, Jessica, Logan, Sarah, Brianna, Kylie

Newbies: Jeffrey, Collin, James, Evan, Liam, Colt, Sasha, Emily, Coral, Cassidy, Melody, Callista

Chris is in his own private HQ, which Chef accompanied him, Chris suddenly watches the camera.

Chris: Huh? Oh, welcome to another season of Total Drama! Running over 10 years, we have some spills and challenges that were a sure thing to remember, it's been so long, I can't even tell! But what I do remember is this season is all about danger, lurking villains, heroic um heroes, so stay tuned, right here right now, on Total Drama Worlds Collide!!!

Theme song plays, and a giant jet with the campers inside, start to talk about how excited or nervous they were.

'Jim:' Hey baby! Haven't seen you for a long time!

Lorelei: Missed you too Jimmy! How have you been?

Jim(boldly): Been acting of course, I got a master's degree just a couple of months ago! 

Lorelei: That's nice to hear, can't wait to see what this season has in store for us?

Conf. Richard: After losing horribly to stupid Ken last time, I've got this season in the big bag! Watch Rich as he strolls this season like paper!

Jeffrey: Who are you kid?

Richard; I'm Richard, hi nice to meet you!

Jeffrey slapped Richard's hand, making it throbbing red.

Richard: Ow, what was that for?

Jeffrey(accented): That's for messing with the fishermen's code, no high fives, none. 

Richard: Um, ok, uh I'm gonna go over here now. 

Richard walked up, and walked past Logan, Nathan, Kylie, and Brianna.

Logan: Wow, can't believe we're actually like, All Stars! This is so exciting, especially after that guy got us last time, so glad to have a friend here, Nathan!

Logan hugged and squeezed Nathan, who wheezed a "Um, let go now" quickly. Logan quickly let go.

Logan: Heh, sorry about that bro. Just got a bit too excited back then, shame Sienna isn't with us, huh?

Nathan: Tell me about it, but there's uh something that I like to leave behind rather.

Logan shrugged, and patted Nathan on his back. 

Logan: Hey talk with those nice people, you've met them before, I'm gonna go get a snack? What do you want?

Nathan: Um, nothing right now, Logan. Not hungry, 

Logan: Suit yourself.

Nathan: H-hey! Kylie, Brianna, how are you two doing?

Kylie: I'm fine, thanks for asking.

Conf. Nathan: Somebody's unusually cheerful today.

Brianna: I'm doing rather bad, after I got voted off by Nick and my useless ally Candice, that little jerk won the million and didn't even share me some! (scowls)

Nathan: Somebody's angry, huh?

Brianna gave Nathan a death stare look, Nathan quickly looked away. 

Kylie(whispering): Pssh, just don't mind her, she's probably always like this.

Nathan: I only wonder.

Toronto: Wow, Thorin, glad we're finally back, strange Karen isn't with us.

Thorin: Uh, yeah(nervously chuckles). Just the two of us this time, huh?

Conf. Thorin: Fine I admit it, sorry Karen, but this season I wanted just Toronto and I to have some Bro time together, I know that was a rather wrong and selfish thing to do, but hey a man got's to do we he wants, right? Right?!

Toronto: Eh, just kinda strange, that's all. Wow, look at all these other people, am I right?

Thorin: Um, yeah, they look uh, pretty friendly.

Toronto(chuckling): I'll say, say, we need to catch up on some things, huh?

Thorin: All right, let's do it.

As the others, the newbies were gathering around, getting plans.

Emily(pretending): Hello! How are you guys doing?

Cassidy saw right towards her.

Cassidy: Shut up dweeb, I know what you're all about Mrs. Loser, thinking you can get through me.

Emily: Um, whatever, I'll go talk with the others.

As Thorin and Toronto were talking, Melody drifted over towards them.

Melody: HI, Toronto! How are you doing?

Toronto: Um, who are you even?

Melody: C'mon, don't you remember me?

Toronto: Um not really.

Melody: C'mon, you took me into your home, you're one of the bravest guys I've ever met.

Toronto: Oh yeah, that's right, Melody! What brings you here?

Melody: Well, just wanted to have some fun with my best friend, Toronto, am I right?

Toronto: Um, no problem. Thorin, this is Melody, Melody this is Thorin.

Melody glared deviously into Thorin. Thorin looked away.

Thorin(shaky): Um, hi, nice to meet you, name's Thorin.

Melody: Uh huh nice to meet you too.(cracks Thorin's hands while shaking them).

Thorin(high pitched): OUCH!

Chris(though PA): Contestants, get your parachutes, this is a prototype plane, and we're crashing in a minute! Go!

Liam looked throughout the window.

Liam: OH MY GOSH! Guys run run! You guys please do, but don't worry for me.(snaps finger).

A magnificent plane with a butler instantly came aside.

Liam's Butler(shouting): Please come in, Mr. Liam. 

Liam(snickering): Tata, losers!

Liam jumped in and descended.

Evan: Wait, how can I parachute?

Colt: Oh boy, you're about to find out!

With Colt's extreme skills, Colt leaped onto Evan(without his wheelchair now), and flung him WITHOUT a parachute.

Evan(screaming): ARE YOU INSANE?!!!

Colt: You gotta live life to the fullest friend, WOOOOOO!!!! 

And with a giant splash they landed in a lake!

Evan: You're crazy!

Colt grinned his big tooth.

Colt: I'm adventurous, you mean. 

Evan: No, you're just crazy!!! We could have died.

Colt: "Could" have died,  friend. But we didn't, c'mon Chris is over there. 

Evan spitted the last bits of river water in his mouth, muttering curses on Colt.

Chris: Welcome back, veterans and newbies alike! The challenge of today is-

Toronto: Um Chris, what the heck happened to the island?

Chris: Um, well the island has sorta gone haywire, AGAIN.

Jim: Pff, the crazier the better am I right?

Colt: YEAHHHHHH. YEAHHHHHH! Crazy, crazy, crazy!! Who else?

Nobody raised their hands. Chris looked at him strangely.

Chris: Um, about the island. It splitted into 26 districts, each one with a name of their own, and uh a special challenge later on in the season.

Sasha(creepily): Sounds devilishly amazing!!!!

Chris: That's sort of the point, Sasha. Moving on, we are in "The Safe Zone", the only place where things are good and placid, and hidden around the safe zone are buckets you have to find. The first 8 to get a bucket and fills out gets to be on the first team, then the next 8 on the second team, and so on.

Colt: You know it baby! Let's rumble!

Chris: Yeah, let's go! (blows horn)

Nathan: Hey guys, I think we should stick together to find it. Who's in?

Jeffrey: I'm in, but only if I'm captain of the team.

Nathan: Sure, whatever. Hey Brianna, Kylie, Logan, in?

Logan: Heck yeah!

Kylie and Brianna: Count me in.

Jeffrey: Great, hey you!(points to James) Join!

James: Um sure.

Conf. James: Ever since falling out of Talent, I've been doing worse and worse in school, got B's in all subjects, and I'm not just a council member instead of president, great. Winning this is my only success hope, I'm willing to sabotage, tell the truth, and destroy no matter what, these pros seem like great bait...

Meanwhile, Sasha was trying to get a hold of Richard, Lorelei, and Jim, who were travelling together.

Jim: What's the plan this time? Now that Rich is in here.

Lorelei: Well, according to multiple Total Drama winners, I think-

Sasha: Hey, how are you doing?

Lorelei: We were doing quite fine.

Richard: Yeah, screw off Sasha.

Sasha(smirking): Don't be rude, person who got voted off by a lame-o. Now, I was thinking we should search for a bucket, huh.

Jim: Sounds fair, let's go. 

Conf. Jim: People hate me, they truly do. I'm gonna tell them who is the true villain, of course, once again. Just watch and learn.

Thorin: Hey Toronto.

Toronto: Yeah, Thorin?

Thorin: Just wanted to tell you that we gotta win this time, together I mean. 

Toronto(narrowing): Dude, you already won one time. But again, this is another good experience.

Thorin: Exactly, we gotta make an alliance quick with that weird friend of yours.

Melody(in distance): TORONTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I found something!

Thorin: Yeah, her.

Conf. Thorin: Not to be selfish or anything, but if anything, I like Toronto when it was just us two, ya know. A third person just disrupts all of our activities.

Coral: Ooh, here's one!

After a couple of hours, Liam, Colt, Evan, Richard, Jim, Sasha, Lorelei, and Abbey already went on the first platform.

Chris: Congratulations guys! For being the first 8, here is some cookies!

Abbey: Um, knowing you, there's rat tails or something in here huh?

Chris(offended): I'm insulted that you even thought of that?! It's maggots.

Abbey: Yeah, no thank you.

Jim(mouthful): C'mon, it's not that bad!

Lorelei: Yeah gotta agree with Jimbo on this one, it's not that bad. I kinda like it.

Chris: Yeah you better. It's fresh maggots from all the way from Scandinavia! It costed me at least 100 bucks a pound! What am I rich?!

Colt: Wow, always wanted to try something from Scandinavia, am I right or am I right, Evan?

Evan(sarcastically): Or.

Colt: You're such a party ruiner, Evan. You gotta learn, man.

Evan: From you, no thanks.

Colt: Oh ho ho, you better be, I'll tell you how to get muscles like mine in 3 days.

Evan rolled his eyes.

Liam: Don't need muscles if you're this rich, guys.

Lorelei: Wait, how did you get your water way up here then?

Liam: I have my ways.

Sasha(scoffing): I bet you do.

Meanwhile, James, Brianna, Jeffrey, Kylie, Logan, and Nathan were still looking.

Nathan: Tada, here's a bucket!

Jeffrey: Um rules rules, Captain gets first one!

Nathan: WHAT? That wasn't a rule in the first place!

Jeffrey: Captain makes order, hand it over.

Nathan: Yeah, no. 

Nathan ran away, Jeffrey chased him.

Nathan: HA, what a loser! I"m gonna dump it right now, you idiot!

Jeffrey: No you don't!

They poured it together.

Chris: Special exception, two of you get on the platform.

Nathan: Great, I have to deal with you now!

Jeffrey(sneering): You already did, Nathan.

Kassidy: Hey, Sarah, Jessica.

Jessica; Yeah?

Kassidy: Listen, you're both strong competitors, and I need these people on a special elite team, alright?

Sarah: Well, the three of us can make a potentially good team.

Jessica: Yeah, ok.

Kassidy: Great, because I got two extra buckets just for this situation.

Conf. Jessica: Darn, Kassidy is annoying. She's always like, three steps ahead of EVERYTHING.

Chris: And the second team is formed, Thorin, where's Toronto?

Thorin(sighing): Ugh, he advised me to stay apart for a while, not the best idea, there's barely any one here.

James: Except me friend. You can always count on James Thomas Miller. 

Thorin: Why?!

Chris: Rest of you, you made it last. And now we shall announce our teams. Jim, Sasha, Lorelei, Coral, Logan, Nathan, Liam, and Evan, you guys got first place in this challenge, so your team color will be gold and you'll now be called the Deplorable Dingos!

The screen flashes a wild dog snickering with his paw out.

Evan: Um, I'm taking a couple of vocabulary classes, and doesn't deplorable mean horrible or terrible.

Chris(ignoring): But that's what the second groups name is  Kassidy, Sarah, Abbey, Jessica, Jeffrey, James, Colt, and Thorin, you shall be Silver colored and the Abysmal Alligators!

Coral(Complaining): Who the heck made these names?

Chris: Don't know, don't care. Next, you eight. You did horrible in today's challenge, and that's why you're not even getting bronze for your color, you shall be the color white, the nobodies. Also known as Melody, Toronto, Richard,  Brianna, Kylie, Emily, Callista, and Collin.

Callista: I for your information, is not a "nobody". I'm gonna get out there and do something.

Collin: You said it sister, It's gonna be game on now, fools! Nobody messes with Collin! Champion of the High School team let's go!

He preceded to do 30 push ups, ultimately getting tired before standing up.

Collin(panting): That's right! Bring it on!

Chris: Yeah, sure. And that's it for this week, find out what happens next time on Total..Drama..Worlds Collide!

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