Hey guys, I just noticed. It's my wikiversary today! Wow, it's been one year since I've been on this awesome and somewhat active wiki. Can't believe it's one year already. Time flies by so fast.... Nontheless, throughout my one year here, I made friends, I made people who didn't agree with my opinions, and I met the overall atmosphere of this place. This place has been AMAZING thanks to you guys and hope it will continue to stay that way. The wiki has been a blast so far, with so much cool people to talk to. A few that I thought of as great people at the top of my head. So shoutout to them are:








So thanks so much for the support and chatting. It's been great here, really. Now, the rebooted WC aka Total Drama: Frost vs Fire, the new episode will be launched around this weekend. Stay tuned for more info!

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