Ok SO this is Total Drama Action Character Rankings... So Loved Characters Liked Characters Meh characters Disliked Characters Hated Characters


15th- Trent- He was just crazy like really... he 123456789 thing freaked me out and throwing challenges for a girl really. 14/13th- Bridgette and Geoff- All they did is kiss!!! Literally!

12th-Courtney- She joined in late and all she did is cheat to win she also cheated out Owen and she could not get voted off most of the time she had unfair advanteges.

11th-Gwen- She was just weird XD she was pretty boring I guess and yeah I cannot even think of anything right now.

10th - DJ - He cheated for the million well not really Chef did kinda anyway I am happy he admitted he was cheating and he left he was not in the season much and that was his main story.

9th - Owen - Uh he was kind of annoying also he cheated and got back in twice he cheated to get to the final 3 luckily he was gone there.

8th - Izzy - Ok I loved izzy in Island it's just now with all the diffrent names it's not very funny.... Still Likable though.

7th - Leshawna - She was pretty cool and funny until she faked crying to get the reward and started insulting the other castmates. Yup... She was cool though :D

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