Monokuma File 11:

Victim: Zoey

Time of Death: 11:00 PM

Cause of Death: Punctured on the hear by a spike which killed her instantly.

Victim: Cameron

Time of Death: 11:00 AM

Cause of Death: Hanging

Additional Info: Neither victims has drugs or any type of substances inside them. Although Zoey has suffered a bruce on the back of her arm.

Cameron's Last Testimony: He went inside the maze with Izzy and Zoey and they got the prize. He mentioned the prize was bad and that after winning it he went back immediately through the exit at the beach while Zoey and Izzy stayed behind because they heard footsteps coming.

Bridgette's Testimony: Zoey has gotten a sudden character change since she became more cautious with people not willing to go alone with anyone.

Hand Print: In the place where Zoey got her bruise left a handprint. This shows the victim was pushed very forcefully by someone which was enough to cause the bruise.

Spike Wall: This wall shows the room Zoey was killed was a trap room. It only activates when someone enter the room. The fact Zoey would have seen this immediately makes it unlikely for this to be an accident.

Dirt: Checking Zoey's palms we found dirt, but the maze doesn't have a single speck of dirt here so why would she have some?

Scratch Marks: Marks near the entrance was found. There seem to have been cause by something pushing so hard there to scratch it. Zoey's shoes also has marks.

Blood Pool: The place Izzy said that she got attack last night. The blood pool was big and wet that Lindsay accidentally got some stuck on her shoes.

Spiky Rock: The rock that attacked Izzy. It had blood covering it.

Izzy's Testimony: She said she went back to the maze in order to investigate a suspicious noise with Zoey. They seperated in order to flank the source of the noise, but she got blinsided in the back.

Maze's Layout: Base on Izzy's testimony, they were planning on ambushing someone inside a pit room. The entrance and exit are both covered by the two girls when they surrounded it. So was this a diversion.

Different Rooms: There are trap rooms that cause people to go to sleep or triggers a deadly trap, obstacle rooms that require groups of three to accomplice, challenge rooms where different people with different talents needs to be there and pit rooms which people can fall down and get sent back to the entrance of the maze.

Record: A record of footsteps that sounded like tapping noises was found playing inside the room they heard the mysterious noise.

Blue Prints of the Maze: While searching the maze Harold found this. It seems to be found inside the prize room where anyone who got there could grab any of the many weapons and information needed for a murder. It contains the room layout with labels included.

Medical Kit: A medical kit inside the prize room was found open. It seems someone tried to use it yesterday, but no was seen hurt at all.

Maze's Control: At the prize room there are controls for certain things about the maze like activation of traps, guides to the exit, controlling the display of the clocks in the maze and deactivations of pits.

Duncan's Testimony: He did see Cameron exit the maze, but no one else that night. He has an alibi during the murder since he was with Owen. He also heard footsteps in there and they sounded like stomps.

Owen's Testimony: It would be impossible for anyone to enter the maze through the exit at the beach since it's an one-way path.

Jasmine's Testimony: Her group entered the maze early at night, and left at 10:00 PM. They couldn't pass the obstacles so they called quits. They encountered nobody.

Jasmine's Equipment: They only brought survival gear in order to pass the maze quickly, but no food.

Brick's Testimony: His team fell by the trap rooms by falling asleep due to sleeping gas. He did mention that near the entrance was a gas mask.

Harold's Testimony: Before they were unconscious his group has some food. Brick and Harold brought rations from the tactics room while Scott brought his own.

Brick's Trap Room: The room Brick's team got hit by sleeping gas is a room that passes the final obstacle and challenge room.

Gas Mask: Beardo found this near the room Brick's team loss consciousness. It seemed that someone used it due to the inside being slightly damage.

Letter to Cameron:


A set of pictures of Zoey and Izzy was displayed although Izzy's picture was more blurry that the background could not be see. This letter was a warning letter address to him.

Cameron's Body: While hanged in the air it seems that Cameron's body was completely normal suggesting this was instant and no struggle happened.

Bandage Wrappings: On Cameron's arm was wrappings of bandages which suggest that he grab them from the culprit. The bandage has blood so it's suggested the culprit was someone injured.

Cameron's Will: In his pocket was a piece of folded paper. It contains words of regret and the handwritting belongs to Cameron. It might be a suicide note, but the contents are incomplete.

Cameron's Pen: The pen use on the folded paper is on the table far away from where Cameron was found hanging.

Nail: A nail was hammered at the door's top. It's near the ceiling and the noose that Cameron was hanged at. Also worth noting is that the nail prevents the door from closing due to hitting the top door frame.

Noose: The noose was made with using Jasmine's rope. It's extra long that extensive parts of the rope can be found outside Cameron's window.

Jasmine's Testimony: Her rope was place inside the tactics room. She never used it the last two days so anyone could have use it. Shawn can back up what she said.

Cabin's Wall: The part of the wall at Cameron's room had scratch marks and mudstains. There is rope there to which reach down to the ground.

Camera: A camera was found near the cabin grounds which has the word S&K. The quality of pictures match the picutres inside Cameron's envelope.

Max's Testimony: He deduce the culprit have to be extremely strong in order to pull Cameron up with the noose unless they use some sort of force to help them like a vechicle or gravity.

Katie's Testimony: The only people missing at the time of Cameron's death was Lightning and Katie since everyone else was at the maze. Katie claimed that she went looking for something that belong to Sadie which was place inside the museum, but was stolen recently. She wasn't with Lightning when this happened.

Lightning's Testimony: Lightning said that he saw someone run to the theatre while building up his muscles. He didn't have a good look on who it was since the person was jumping from tree to tree when they were heading there.

Plate of Dirt: Found at a sink inside the boy's cabin. Tyler said that someone has been eating dirt lately saying that they were preparing themselves for the maze in case they need to adapt. Who would eat dirt?

Theatre Curtains: Curtains that resemble the wall. The only difference between this and the actual wall is that it blocks the backstage. The curtains was close when we entered the theatre to investigate it.

Empty Envelope: It was labelled prize and found empty at the backstage of the theatre. The contents are nowhere to be found.

Monokuma's Testimony: The prize can only be open by one of the winners and that the contents of the envelope was the prize. The winners also has the right to do anything with the prize.

Tactician's Room: The last time someone entered here was this morning at 10:30 AM when Zoey's body was discovered. The cards were found inside the room so Monokuma had to opeb it manually.

Card Reader: It seems the reader only needs to be use if someone close the door. Jasmine's group claim that they couldn't have use it since the cards were nowhere to be found.

Cards: The cards needed to open the tacticians room doesn't necessarily need different fingerprints. The person can use the same ones as much as they can, but Monokuma never said anything about that.

Dawn's Testimony: She found something that will contradict someone's word, but will only present it once the time has come. I trust her enough to keep her promise.

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