If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.


AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 5th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 4th Killer
SIERRA DEAD 3rd Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No. Alive 35

Another murder, another trial!!! Today's unlucky victims were Beauty Queen Pageant Winner, Sugar and Twin Sister Amy. With the drama's of Courtney's reign, Heather's defiance, The Sabotuer ready to cause mayhem, curing Samey's deep sleep and imprisonment of others these two just got stuck in the crossfire. Can you solve the identity of the killer of these two lovely ladies? List of Evidence:

Monokuma File 06:

Victims Name: Sugar and Amy

Cause of Death: Heart Attack and Bleeding

Time of Death: Sugar died first and Amy died second. During the party.

Additional Info: No traces of poison be found in either victim. However one of the victims has traces of sleeping medicine.

Sugar's Body: Everywhere from the legs and arms has burn marks. Yet strange is that it was also wet and her clothes were perfectly fine. This means the burns weren't cause by natural means.

Tazer: A tazer found near Sugar's body. Brick said this was a weapon that suppose to be in a chest kept away by IMA. He said the weapon was one of the items found in a weapon cache.

Cabinet: A metal cabinet in the treehouse was knock over. Inside, It was wet and burnt and the space inside could fit a single person.

Amy's Body: She received a stab wound in her lungs and since the blood wasn't dry yet, it must have taken place in the last hour. Also her nails has skin underneath it.

Knife: The knife use to kill Amy was the same one she brought with her when she left the party. The way the knife stab her was upside-down.

Samey's Testimony: When she woke up from her coma, she saw Amy bleeding and saying sorry. It happened just five minutes ago.

Samey's Body: Due to her long comatose, she became even more think and her hair has started to be a disheveled. Still she is clean and well-kept.

Needle Hole: In the neck of Samey's neck, was a small hole that could have only been made by a needle. It still fresh so it was made recently.

Documents: List of evidence about the Sabotuer. It was made by IMA but Sam snuck it out and told Amy to give me this. The first page is drench with blood but the two other pages were clean.

Mysterious Package: It was found at the side of a open window where Harold was it. Weirdly enough it was a strong perfume that can boil and leave a scented gas in hot temperature.

Mirror: A mirror was pointed directly towards the package. The reason for that is unknown.

Bullet Hole: A bullet hole was found on the window near the position Eva was in. However in closer examination DJ said the hole couldn't come from an actual bullet since the way it was made look like it was actually made by a pair of scissors.

Fire Crackers: Use fire crackers discovered near the windows. It still has burning residue which means it was use very recently.

1st Page: The first page of the documents talks about eye-witness reports about a mysterious shadow being sighted at places that were related to the past cases.

2nd Page: A pattern Scarlett and Cody notice about the Sabotuer. It seems all the murders the Sabotuer committed never has a specific target and it was up to the client to choice who will become the victim. The only exception about this was Case 4 since it was clear B and Alejandro were the specific target of Dave.

Duncan's Testimony: Duncan claimed that Lightning escape and Katie and Max went after him. Although he admits that he didn't see Max at all so he just assumed that.

Eva's Testimony: The reason why she left the treehouse was because someone was aiming to shoot her. She was able to catch the guy and it was Max.

Max's Testimony: Max said that while he was in break, Courtney left him a cake inside a picnic basket. Then he suddenly loss consciousness and next thing he knows, he was holding a gun and Eva was chasing him.

Courtney's Testimony: She has an alibi during the entire party as someone who kept in checl with the party the entire time.

Syringe: A syringe was found in the ground near the treehouse. It looks like it was medicine for something.

Scarlett Testimony: She claimed Courtney left at one point to get something and that she told her to cover her for the time being.

Brick Remote: The remote use for the dungeon was found destroyed. The way it looks was that it was destroyed some sort of heel.

Shawn's Testimony: He wonders how the body discovery announcement played when it takes three people to trigger it yet it still happen when no left the party.

Lightning's Testimony: When he escape the dungeon, Katie chased after him. She tried to talk to him, but because he just saw Sugar's and Amy's body, he ran away.

Courtney's List of People: It was a list people that was in the party. Basically everyone but the guards, Lightning and Sam.

Sam's Testimony: Sam left the party in order to steal more documents from Courtney. However while in her room someone came smelling like blood and left. Sam swears he didn't do anything.

Ashes: Ashes can be found in a trash can. It seems someone burnt something earlier.

Noah's Testimony: Noah says that the people chosen to be the guards was only announce to everyone in the party. The only people who knew before-hand was the members of IMA.

Boiling Water: Boiling water near the treehouse. It has fragant aroma that made it smell like steak. In the pot was a small stain of sleeping medicine.

Heather's Testimony: I overheard Heather said that the guards were chosen yesterday's meeting by Courtney. She however disagree and tried to argue against it but failed.

Party Plan: It was reveal Courtney was going to have a speech in front of everyone in the end of the party, but it was cancelled due to the murder.

Laptop: A laptop was found inside a secret room in the woods. What we found was the main computer for the cameras around the camp. Looks like someone was watching everyone.

Secret Items: It was different trinkets of everyone in the island. It has Gwen's make-up, to Harold's wizard hat, to even Courtney's hand-written speech.

Since it's been more then a day I last update, here is what I'm going to do. Start the vote for the next PoV. This PoV will be the last for the series so pick wisely. Comment it down below.

I will begin the votes for the victim since it's clear who the PoV will be. Please place down below your Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female Victim Choices!!! Also I will be disqualifying one random person for vote and the person I choose is non-other then Sky!




Monokuma: Welcome back everyone to the Class Trial! Especially you Samey, if you need someone to tell you what happen while your asleep then al-

Samey: It’s OK. I already know what happen, it’s just weird to see Beth’s, Jo’s and Sadie’s picture here. Especially with the X Sadie has, I mean why is it two bear claws?

Trent: Believe us Samey, you don’t want to know what the execution was.

Rodney: And I think it would be best to since Katie is here…and reminding how her best friend died isn’t such a good idea.

Katie: Thank you for your concern guys.

Topher: At least Sadie’s X isn’t as bad as Dave’s. Having two police tapes as a X isn’t something I would want to see in my picture.

You’ll only get that if you either die or become a killer and I don’t think anyone wants to see you like that.

Jasmine: Just drop it or else you won’t have a pleasant time after were done here.

Except maybe her, which I hope she doesn’t take matters in her own hands.

Courtney: Let’s forget about the dead and focus on the living. We have a killer to find here people.

Cameron: I hate to say it, but Courtney is right here. Finding the killer is more important right now then reminiscing the dead.

LeShawna: OK, but what should we begin? I mean this case is more cuckoo then the last with Jo and Beth.

Shawn: Why not the Monokuma Body Discovery Announcement? The way it was this case was really weird.

Katie: Yeah, by how?

Shawn: Usually the Monokuma Body Discovery Announcement is only played when three found it, but we were all in a completely different location when it trigger.

DJ: Yeah, we were in the party Courtney set-up.

Jasmine: But that is why it’s strange. Because we were all at the party, who were the three that trigger the Body Discovery Announcement?

Shawn: Would anyone here want confess?

I think those three would have admitted it immediately if they wanted to confess, so the question is why won’t they?

Geoff: Looks like no one is answering dude. That’s a bummer.

Maybe they just didn’t realize it yet, because I have an idea who these three are.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Samey’s Testimony, Max’s Testimony, Eva’s Testimony, Lightning’s Testimony, Katie’s Testimony

Max: Looks like we will need to discover the identity of these fools, less we want to move forward.

Eva: This is a pain! Why won’t any of you confess!?

Samey: I didn’t mean to make you mad…but I’m one of those three people.

Harold: Really, but why didn’t you say anything?

Samey: To be honest, it’s just because I didn’t realize it until now. I remember I woke up and then I saw Amy dying in front of me saying sorry. That and seeing Sugar dead body was why I was crying when you guys found me.

Cameron: But isn’t there a contradiction in that statement? Because if what you say is true then only you were the one discovered Amy.

Noah: True, but I’m pretty sure that the announcement only played because three people discover Sugar’s body. It only played once instead of twice like the other murders.

Lindsay: But three – two = 2! Two people should have seen Sugar’s body then just Samey.

Tyler: Well if your math is right then that would be correct. Still…we have no idea who those two people could be.

Samey: All we know is that I’m the third person to discover it. The Monokuma Body Discovery Announcement when I saw the body.

So now we have to find the two missing people. If I remember correctly this one person’s testimony did mention seeing Sugar dead and that is good enough for me to bring up this person.

Solution: Lightning’s Testimony – no idea who those two people

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Lightning, didn’t you mention something that happen while you were trying to run away.

Lightning: What thing? I don’t remember a thing? Lightning is certain of it!!!

Duncan: should say it instead Gwen. What was that thing Lightning saw?

Gwen: That thing was Sugar’s body. He told me that while running away from Katie, he stumbled upon Sugar’s body.

Lightning: Now I remember! Sha-good thing you remind me Gwen.

First time you actually called me by name. I’m kind of flattered.

Tyler: So we know who someone else who saw the body, but we have no idea who the last person is.

Sam: Actually we can, if Lightning was telling the truth then wouldn’t Katie have seen the body.

Zoey: That make sense, since Katie did chase Lightning so she would have been in the location Lightning was when he was running away.

Dawn: Katie, do you claim this as a truth?

Katie: Yeah, although I kind of forget. I actually though I was seeing things when I saw Sugar dead, since I was too focus chasing Lightning.

Cody: Why would you focus that much with Lightning? I mean you even though a dead body was just your imagination.

Katie: Well Lightning was really fast, so when I was chasing him I started to lost my breath. Started believing I could see delusions like Sa-…never mind.

She still miss her best friend, no surprising seeing how close those two were.

Heather: So we know who the three people who discovered the body, now can we move on. We should focus on finding the cul-

Courtney: Actually I want bring up something since Lightning has become part of the topic.

Heather: Hey!!! I though you wanted to find the culprit to.

Courtney: That can wait, but there is something I need to be address and it’s about Lightning’s escape.

Mike: OK, so what is it then?

Courtney: I don’t think most of you were aware of this, but the dungeon shouldn’t be escapable, yet Lightning escaped.

Max: I hate to agree, but the girl is right. Even I the master of evil couldn’t even escape no matter how hard I try!!!

Brick: So how did Lightning get out the dungeon?

Lightning: I don’t know. The bars just open and I ran away. Nothing strange at all about that.

Noah: But that is strange. The bars aren’t supposed to do that so something has to be going on.

Samey: I don’t get what you’re saying, but I guess Lightning shouldn’t be able to leave the dungeon.

Beardo: So how did it happen? Did someone use the remote to open it?

Gwen: Not necessarily, they just did this with the remote…

(Clean it/Smell it/Destroy it/Analyze it)

Answer: Destroy it

Sam: So that was what the broken brick was. I see why you though it was important.

Duncan: And that would also explain how the bars open. Monokuma did say the bars would open automatically if the remote ever got destroyed.

Monokuma: Yes I did!!!

Scarlett: But the reason for that isn’t answerable yet. All we know is that it had to involve Lightning being able to escape.

Harold: Enough of that and let’s talk about the guards.

Bridgette: You mean you guys? What does it have to do with the case?

Harold: Well you see, the killer did something to us guards which made it possible to kill.

Zoey: Make sense since they need to get rid of the two of you otherwise committing the murder was impossible without having a witness.

Harold: Yeah, but they did that. The thing is we don’t know how they did it. How they got me and Eva were taken out by the killer?

Courtney: That is a very interesting point. So let’s discuss about this new lead.

Scott: This killer is pretty tricky. Got to give props to them.

Yeah, this is an important part of the case, so this is something we must thread very lightly.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Mysterious Package, Mirror, Eva’s Testimony, Harold’s Testimony, Knife

Harold: Soo…how did me and Eva become unavailable? The killer needed that to happen in order to reach Sugar.

Eva: I’ll be the better person and say that I left the tree house voluntarily.

Izzy: Why do that Eva? Did you suddenly have a hatred against tree houses? Because I do because one time when I was child I-

Heather: Enough of that, let’s forget about Eva and talk about Harold. We have no explanation on why he was taken down.

Harold: As I said, my allergies just acted up. The killer was lucky otherwise I would have no choice to show my skills to them.

Scarlett: Or the guy would just needed to kill another person.

Dawn: But I really doubt the killer was just lucky. I think they force your allergy reaction to happen.

Samey: Yeah, but how? There was with Cody but it would be difficult to sneak up on Harold when he was instructed to always keep pacing back and forth.

DJ: Still we need to know how they did it in order to find our killer.

I think I know how they did. This thing felt really out of place in the tree house and now I realize the killer needed to succeeded there plan on taking out the guards.

Solution: Mysterious Package – force your allergy reaction

Gwen: I think so to!!!


Gwen: Actually there was something the killer could have use in order to make Harold have an allergy reaction.

Harold: Really? What was it?

Gwen: This mysterious package we found inside the tree house. It had a very strong aroma which can cause effects in the body.

Katie: Like Harold’s allergy reaction!!!

Harold: So they use behind my back in order to take me down. They don’t have any honor at all!!!

Gwen: Well I think our killer has no honor to begin with, but at least we know how the killer was able to take you out and get to Sugar.



Noah: I however don’t agree with your assumption Gwen.

Gwen: Why is that? Harold even said he had an allergy reaction so I would think that’s proof enough that this was what the killer did to take down Harold.

Noah: Yeah, I can see why people would think this is right, but they didn’t notice one problem in the idea. And that part is how did the killer use the mysterious package.


Evidence: Samey’s Testimony, Harold’s Testimony, Mirror, Mysterious Package, Knife

Noah: You may have brought good points in your idea.

Noah: Harold did say he had an allergy reaction.

Noah: But saying this is what the killer use to take him down.

Noah: Is just jumping to conclusion.

Noah: Don’t you realize how difficult for the killer to use the package while Harold was guarding.

Gwen: I agree that using the mysterious package directly would be difficult for the killer. But that is why the killer didn’t use such a direct method!!!

Noah: Then what was the method the killer use?

Noah: It would have to be something that Harold never expected. And also

Noah: If what you say is true.

Noah: That would mean the killer use something unusual.

Noah: But was there even anything like in the crime scene.

Noah: Until these questions are answered. You won’t be able to convince me with your idea.

Noah is bringing up a really good point. If the killer use the package, it wouldn’t be in a direct way. And I agree with Noah about that, but he doesn’t realize I know already how the killer did it.

Solution: Mirror – was there even anything

Gwen: Don’t underestimate me!!!


Gwen: You may have been right in that Noah. That the killer needed to use something indirect to make this possible.

Noah: Yeah, but since you didn’t present anything like that it would mean this was a waste of le-

Gwen: Unfortunately for you Noah, I do have something to present. Something that tells me how the killer manage to commit the crime.

Noah: You do!?

Cody: Really? What is it then?

Gwen: It was this mirror that was pointing towards the cologne. You try guessing how the killer then use the cologne without getting close to Harold.

Noah: Don’t tell me they use that with the mirror.

Lindsay: What is that? A laser beam?

Not a laser beam but something related to light. Didn’t realize this could have been a factor in a murder until now!!!



Solution: Sun Light

Gwen: I get it now!!!


Gwen: They use the sun light with the mirror.

Dawn: I see how it was done. But waiting for the sun to be align with the mirror it lead the light towards the aromatic bottle.

Tyler: And seeing how heat sensitive some perfumes are, this cause it to evaporate…

Harold: And left of a smell which made my allergies act up.

Duncan: I got to admit, that was pretty smart for the killer but how did the killer know this would happen to Harold?

Mike: What do you mean how would they know?

Zoey: Mike, he is asking how did the killer knew Harold was allergic to that smell.

Sam: That is odd. How would the killer even found out? Harold, did you tell them about your allergies.

Harold: No, I never told anyone. Especially the one they use in the cologne.

Gwen: But they didn’t need. There was a certain document that could have say what your allergies were…

(Sabotuer Document/IMA Document/Medical Document/Monokuma File 06)

Answer: Medical Document

Cameron: Oh yeah, I forget that still existed.

Beardo: But wouldn’t that mean the culprit was someone who had the medical documents with them?

Sam: …

Jasmine: If we knew that, then we would have spend time talking about this.

Trent: And it’s really unlikely that the culprit brought the medical documents with them.

Bridgette; They probably dispose them before committing the crime or even hide it some other persons room. Either way we can’t use that to find the culprit.

Well Sam did have the medical documents at one point, but I don’t think that is relevant enough for me to bring up. Besides I doubt Sam is the culprit.

Duncan: Looks like that was how they took you down Doris. Man your such a wimp!!!

Scott: Heh, he might be the easiest person here to take down. So you better watch yourself.

LeShawna: Don’t said that you two, Harold is only almost the easiest person to take down.

Harold: I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.

Courtney: So we solve one issue with the guards, but we haven’t solve the issue of the other guard.

Eva: You mean me? Want to say that again?

Heather: Don’t forget that you were a guard that was near the victims and yet you let the two to die. Have anything to explain?

Eva: I have a reason, but I really doubt any of you guys will believe it.

Lindsay: Don’t worry, some of us believe in unicorns you know.

Tyler: I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I think you’re the only one who does here. Not saying it doesn’t make you cute or anything.

Izzy: Come on Eva, out with it.

Noah: We’ll only choose whether to believe or not once we here what you got to say.

Eva: I warn you guys. Don’t say anything if you don’t believe my story.

I think what her story is and yes it’s kind of unbelievable. However with the other evidence I gather during the investigation I think I know what really happened.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Eva’s Testimony, Max’s Testimony, Bullet Hole, Mirror, Mysterious Package

Tyler: Eva you were in guard duty, what happen to you that the killer got an opportunity to kill Sugar?

Eva: As I said, what happen is something you guys won’t probably believe.

Courtney: We won’t believe, as if! We have Izzy here so believing in weird things isn’t that unusual for us at this point.

Max: I think you should stop your futile attempt of escaping the question and just answer it.

Eva: If that’s what you guys want then fine. What happen to me is that I got shot at!!!

Samey: That is something that I’m familiar with. Can you tell more?

Eva: Well, when I got shot it barely miss me and hit the window at my side. So I duck and check on who was shooting at me.

Heather: If your story is true, then tell us who shot you. If you’re not telling the truth.

Eva: What are you trying to say!? That I’m the killer!? Why I-

Izzy: Easy there Eva, can you just say what you did after you were being shot at.

Eva: Why do you think, I looked around for my attacker. I think someone as tough as me would do that instead running like a weakling.

Mike: I guess after you found them, you gave chase.

Eva: Now you know why I wasn’t there when the two got killed. There is a bullet hole to prove that I’m not lying.

DJ: I guess that is a believable story. Unless someone here can prove it not to be true.

I believe what Eva is saying, that someone shot at him. However she forget an important detail that she should have explain and that is the identity of her “attacker”.

Solution: Max’s Testimony – my attacker

Gwen: I think so to!!!


Gwen: I think your telling the truth Eva. After all we have your attacker spilling the beans about what happened.

Eva: Good thing, because he didn’t then I would!!!

Katie: Woah Gwen!!! How did you know who the shooter was?

Gwen: Well this guy just ended up confession when I ask him and since you did it for me then you might as well confess to everyone here.


Zoey: Wow! That was the most evil thing that I saw in this entire time! I really wish I know the villain res-

Max: It was me!!! I, Max, was the person who did this evil deed! MWUHAHAHA!!!

Eva: Well then, let’s finish with what we started earlier. *crack*

Max: AHHH!!! No! I mean I didn’t shoot you! I just woke up in the middle of the woods with a gun in my hand!

Shawn: Seriously? Is that the best excuse that you could come up with? Well now we know the-

Cameron: Hold on. I have a feeling that Max is telling the truth. I mean he is usually saying things that doesn’t make sense, but even this is too ridiculous.

Max: Right! I’m telling the truth.

Harold: But isn’t he the killer anyway? We should just end the trial and vote.

Scarlett: If you use your brain then you would notice a very glaring contradiction in this scenario.

Beardo: There is? What is it then?

Samey: She’s referring to the part Eva was chasing the shooter. If the shooter was the killer then when did they get a chance to kill Sugar and Amy when he was being chase.

Sam: And also wouldn’t Eva have run back to the tree house? I mean she was chasing the shooter the entire time so they wouldn’t even have to opportunity.

Rodney: Looks like we now understand why Eva wasn’t there in the tree house during the time of the murder.

Jasmine: When were done with this trial, you’re not going to have pleasant time Max.

Max: But I didn’t shoot you. I was knock out and when I woke up I had a gun in my hand and you were chasing me.

Eva: Be lucky it was just a chase otherwise-

Gwen: Actually Eva, can we hear your story once again? I want to clarify something.

Sam: Gwen, there is a problem in what Eva said. I mean if Max is telling the truth then Eva wasn’t being shot at.

Gwen: Actually it was more of she thought she was being shot. I believe Max’s story and despite him being a pain I think it’s best we help him in here.

Eva: If you really want to hear story again then fine. But remember I’m at my limit since this is really pointless.

LeShawna: I wonder. Gwen isn’t cuckoo enough to do this unless there was a point.

And that is a point I’m going to be addressing. Just be thankful for my generosity Max.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Bullet Hole, Eva’s Testimony, Max’s Testimony, Needle Hole, Firecrackers

Eva: I guess I’ll start again from the beginning, but remember I’ll say this once so pay attention.

Anne-Marie: Believe us, nothing would make us happier then to have this trial over with. Except maybe getting out of here.

Eva: So what happened first was that I got shot by someone.

Heather: That someone is Max, am I right?

Max: How many times do I have to tell you fools!? I didn’t shoot anyone, I just woke up in the middle of the woods with a-

Izzy: Max, I’m crazy and even I don’t believe that story. I don’t believe in anything unlike my aunt Dorothy.

Eva: Don’t interrupt me!!! The next thing that happen was that I check the window which had a bullet hole. So knowing they were after me I immediately went o look for the shooter.

Shawn: Good tactic. Knowing where your enemy is would make sure an ambush would never happen to you again.

Eva: So I saw Max and chased that twerp until I got him in front of the storage room. Of course the announcement played so I disarm Max and brought him with me back to the tree house.

Courtney: You didn’t mention before Eva. If you had then no one here would have suspected Max as the criminal.

Eva: This was before you all believe my story. Sorry for not mentioning.

Unfortunately for you Eva, an apology isn’t enough for me to not notice this mistake in what you said.

Solution: Bullet Hole – had a bullet hole

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Eva, unfortunately you being shot at was nothing but a trick.

Eva: A trick!? What do you mean!? There is a bullet hole to prove it!

DJ: Eva, that is not a bullet hole. I checked it and I can tell you that it was a hole made by a pair of scissors.

Eva: Are you serious!?

Cody: Man, how would know that DJ?

DJ: Plenty of hours showing for a wonderful mother days present has finally payed off. You know I can make you guys some pretty cool gifts to.

Lindsay: Really, because that would be awesome!

Tyler: That’s great Linds, but I think we should focus on trial first.

Gwen: I think you see my point now Eva. The bullet hole you saw wasn’t an actual bullet hole but a fake. The entire thing about being shot was just one big fake!



Eva: I’m not yet through here Gwen, because I know I was being shot at.

Gwen: But didn’t I just prove the bullet hole was not real but a fake made by a pair of scissors?

Eva: Maybe you made a point that the bullet hole could be made by a pair of scissors but you forgot something very important before you made that assumption.

Gwen: And what would that be?

Eva: I heard the gunshot no matter what you say! This is something you can’t prove wrong!!!


Evidence: Firecrackers, Max’s Testimony, Eva’s Testimony, Bullet Hole, Mirror

Eva: So you think I’m lying!?

Eva: That I wasn’t being shot!!!

Eva: That no one was attacking me!!!

Eva: How would you know!?

Eva: I was the person there so I would know this true!!!

Eva: Unlike you who wasn’t there during the shooting.

Gwen: I’m not your saying your lying Eva, I’m saying that you were trick by the killer.

Eva: So you think it was all just a trick?

Eva: Then explain the gunshot I heard!!!

Eva: I heard it with my two ears!!!

Eva: No one could have fabricate that!!!

Eva: And we even have a shooter to begin with!!!

Eva: So don’t you dare say that it was a trick!

Eva: Because as the witness I can tell you that it was all true.

Eva is really bent on believing the shooting was real, and I believe in her in what she said about hearing a gunshot. But the real thing she heard wasn’t a gunshot at all but this!

Solution: Firecrackers – the gunshot

Gwen: Don’t underestimate me!!!


Gwen: Eva what you really heard wasn’t a gunshot. It was something that the killer planted there before you took your guard shift.

Eva: Do I have to say it again? I heard a gunshot so what I’m saying is true. I was being shot at by someone back then.

Izzy: Gwen, not many things sound like a gunshot…except maybe a jumbo rocket with hotdog inside flying at Mach-4.

Cameron: I don’t think anyone of us wants to hear that story.

Gwen: But wouldn’t an explosion be close enough to be mistaken for a gunshot? After all a gunshot is just the gunpowder of the exploding and unleashing the bullet inside.

Brick: That maybe true comrade, but I assure no explosions were found in the woods so what she could have heard can only be a gunshot.

Sam: But what about the firecrackers inside the tree house? Don’t they make explosive sounds?

Eva: Firecrackers!!!???

Heather: Yes Sam, they do make explosive sounds but why even bring that up. Unless you found-

Gwen: Good thing that you realize Heather. The actual noise that Eva heard was the firecrackers inside the tree house.

Eva: No way! That can’t be happening!

Beardo: But where did you hear the gunshot noise? Was outside or inside?

Eva: … Fine! I heard the gunshot from the inside, but because it happen so fast I didn’t have time to think about that.

Courtney: OK, but what makes this relevant to the case? How does proving the shooting was fake or not would help?

Gwen: Well since we know the shooting was fake I thin this person is now telling the truth and his testimony could be attested.


Answer: Max

Max: Looks like you fools have realize the truth. That I, the evil Max, was telling the entire truth this whole time. Now you will only live in agony know-

Heather: I get it, you just want us to apologize. Alright then, sorry about thinking you were a shooter.

Max: Since you apologize with utmost respect then I’ll just leave you all with a warning. So what shall we talk about next?

Scarlett: Hate to say it, but I think hearing your testimony is the next thing we should do. As much as I hate hearing your obnoxious voice.

Max: I see, I see…very well!!! I shall then explain to everyone what happen to me.

Katie: Alright, we might find a clue after all. The stage is all yours Max.

Max: Of course. Now…I was knock unconscious then I woke up in the middle of the woods with a gun. That was all.

Owen: That was a lame story.

Max: What else do you expect me to say? I don’t know what happen to me, so I can’t say anything more.

I do know more since he told me earlier, but because I feel like making a suspect right now isn’t exactly the best thing I’ll be keeping it to myself.

Trent: So now we know what happened to Eva and how it gave the killer a window of opportunity to kill, I think we should recap what we know.

Noah: We know the killer was aiming to kill Sugar and Amy so they needed to get rid of the two guards. They took down Harold by taking advantage of his own allergies.

Duncan: Which by the way is the wimpiest way to go!!!

Harold: It’s not my fault my genes gave me such disadvantages. At least I have some skills to be proud of.

Noah: Then to take down Eva, they fake a shooting which cause her chase after the supposed shooter she saw in the woods.

Max: Which was me! Curse the killer for using me as a tool for their own evil deed. That’s my job!

Noah: And lastly, the people who triggered the Monokuma Body Discovery Annoucement was Samey, Lightning and Katie.

Dawn: But as of yet, we haven’t tackled Sugar’s death. I think we should make this into our newest topic.

Anne-Marie: Finally we get to learn more about her death. We’ve been talking about other people all this time.

Lightning: So how did Big Mama get killed? No way someone did it by hand because I tell you, she’s one person you don’t want to mess with.

Shawn: Yeah, I mean she can push a tree by accident. I rather deal with zombies then her.

Tyler: Reading the Monokuma File, it says her that she died from a heart attack.

Cameron: That means she died in natural means. Shouldn’t that not count as a murder, since no one actually killed her?

Monokuma: There is a reason why she was put in the file!

Topher: Are you saying someone did kill? How can any of us give that fat lady a heart attack?

Monokuma: I know how, but that is for you all to solve. Good luck in solving this mystery.

Shawn: Base on what Monokuma said, this wasn’t done naturally. Someone force her heart to give out.

DJ: I think we all get that, but the problem is that we don’t know how they did it. Honestly I never seen someone have a heart attack so I wouldn’t how they did it.

Cody: There are many ways to do it, but they all require specific qualification for it to be possible.

Zoey: But as the murder suggest, one of does ways to do it did happen. You should say what does methods are so we can find out the answer.

Mike: Wow! You’re pretty good at this.

Zoey: Honestly I wish I wasn’t. If I did, then that would mean no murders would be happening right now.

Zoey is still being hurt from all the murders that’s been happening. I do wish more people wouldn’t resort to murder in order for this stop, but that is only a wish.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cabinet, Sugar’s Body, Amy’s Body, Monokuma File 06, Tazer

Cody: So the killer murdered Sugar by a heart attack. The question is how would the killer be able to do that.

Harold: Heart attacks are usually done because of natural means, but we know it’s not the case here. Someone force Sugar to get one.

Brick: However the methods isn’t something we can tell right away. So this is something we must solve first before delving deeper into Sugar’s death.

Beardo: I guess someone among us should just throw out different methods and see if any of them would work.

Jasmine: There is the method where you use this herb to make a very dangerous drink. If your not in a healthy condition then it could cause your heart to collapse.

Katie: But if we can’t find those herbs then we can really say that is the method. Unless your talking about poison ivy which I doubt.

Zoey: There is always electrocution. I remember one guy in my neighbour slipped into a generator and then died from a heart attack,

Lightning: There aren’t any generators here. Just good old Lightning!!! Sha-yeah!!!

Sam: I may not have medical experience, unless you count video games, but couldn’t the killer use a medicine to force Sugar to get the heart attack.

Heather: I wouldn’t be surprised if Monokuma did leave medicine like that around here.

So we have here three methods the killer could have done to make this murder possible. Question is which one did they use?

Solution: Tazer – electrocution

Gwen: I think so to!!!


Gwen: Zoey, you might be right there. That the killer used electrocution to do murder.

Zoey: Oh…I guess that’s good. Although I wish no murder happened so this wouldn’t be right.

Scott: How could they use electricity? Unless say she was struck by lightning, there wasn’t anything electronic in woods.

Lightning: Hold on guys! I didn’t kill anybody.

Courtney: We know that already. The Monokuma Body Discovery Announcement has already proven that.

Gwen: There was something the killer brought with them which allowed them to shock Sugar.

Scarlett: Your probably referring to the tazer near Sugar’s body. I agree that since this wasn’t part of the structure it must be something someone brought with there.

Duncan: Don’t want to hurt your feelings babes, but a tazer isn’t strong enough to give a heart attack. If it did I would be dead by now.

Owen: Guessing this is something you don’t want to talk. Part of your delinquent days?

Geoff: But I think Gwen is right. Electrocution seems to be the likeliest thing the killer did to get Sugar a heart attack.

Noah: Something tells me the way they killed Sugar is a bit more complicated then we though.

Zoey: All we know about the way they killed Sugar, was that they use a tazer to transmit electricity. Which cause her to get a heart attack.

Anne-Marie: Guess we have to find out what else the killer did in order to give Sugar the heart attack.

This killer really had everything plan. Getting rid of Harold and Eva in order to get to Sugar, I’ll admit they do their job better then the other ones.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Tazer, Cabinet, Sugar’s Body, Amy’s Body, Monokuma File 06

Zoey: So the likeliest thing the killer did in order to give Sugar was using electricity. The tazer was probably what they use.

Cody: And since no drugs or medicine was found in the crime scene, there in other methods to do it.

Sam: Unless it was natural, which Monokuma said that it wasn’t.

Duncan: But there is no way a tazer is enough to give Sugar a heart attack. Tazers were never built to kill.

Lindsay: Unless this is a super tazer! Like those secret agents use in the movies!!!

Beardo: But aren’t they only in movies? Well seeing our situation is movie like then I guess that is possible.

Izzy: Actually they are real. I remember one time in the set that I got so mad that I shot my director. His mouth was so full of foam that it could fill an entire bath tub.

Scarlett: Hmm…is that really scientifically possible? I guess I should use this new weapon on Max to test it out.

Brick: Guys, I think your all being to surreal here. Couldn’t the killer just use something to amplify the electricity?

Heather: If something like that actually exist then someone would have brought it up earlier.

A super tazer? Seeing how Total Drama was able to get all those weird special effects then I wouldn’t be surprise. Unfortunately were not in Total Drama so…

Solution: Cabinet – amplify the electricity

Gwen: I think so to!!!


Gwen: Brick is right. The killer didn’t just use the tazer to commit the murder. They use something else in order to increase the effect of the electricity.

Jasmine: Water! The killer use water to make the electricity powerful enough to give a heart attack.

Scott: Why didn’t I think of that!? I should have remember when my sister accidentally spilled a bucket of milk on me while I was fixing the family truck.

Just hope that it was an accident. Because that could have seriously injured you.

Gwen: Well water is involve but not quite the only thing the killer.

Rodney: Really? What else did the killer use then? Was it salt?

Gwen: No but a very metallic cabinet. The culprit use the cabinet and the water to increase the power of the electricity.

Cameron: Actually that would explain why sugar had all those burns around her body. She was being electrocuted everywhere.

Mike: Ah! She was place inside the metal cabinet which then was throw with water. So when the killer use the tazer on the cabinet…

Zoey: It became enough to cause Sugar a heart attack. What a cruel way too die. How could the killer do such a thing!!!

Jasmine: Face reality, but in this world we might be seeing more of this then we would want.

Gwen: I have to agree with Jasmine. Zoey, the chances of more murders happening is very likely so be prepared for the upcoming days.

Zoey: …

Brick: At least we understand how the murder happen. They use the tazer on Sugar while she was inside the cabinet which then got wet by water.

Duncan: I BEG TO DIFFER!!!


Duncan: I wonder Gwen, is that what really happened?

Gwen: Duncan, you got a problem with my idea?

Duncan: I do. I admit that it would solve some of the loose ends of the case, but I can’t see this happening because the victim was Sugar!


Evidence: Boiling Water, Tazer, Cabinet, Monokuma File 06, Sugar’s Body

Duncan: So you really think that this is how the killer…

Duncan: Did in Sugar. That is kind of funny.

Duncan: Honestly do you even think that is even possible.

Duncan: Because the only for it to work is to push Sugar in the cabinet.

Duncan: But seeing how big Fatty is, I don’t think anyone could do that.

Duncan: And even if they can, they still need to deal with her in a fist fight.

Duncan: Even I know to stay away from her when she’s in a bad mood.

Gwen: Your right Duncan. The killer couldn’t use physical strength to get her in, which is why they needed to use a different method.

Duncan: Then what is this method sweet cakes?

Duncan: Did they drug her to make her unconscious?

Duncan: Or maybe they use a distraction in order push her in?

Duncan: Oh! Maybe they trick her with a prank just to get her in!

Duncan: Are you kidding me!?

Duncan: There is no way the killer could do anything like that.

Duncan: Especially someone as strong as she is.

So Tough Boy Duncan admits that he’s afraid of Sugar. Can’t blame him seeing how she treated Ella back when she was alive. But I know this is what the killer did and I’m going to prove it!!!

Solution: Boiling Water – drug her

Gwen: Don’t underestimate me!!!


Gwen: Your right Duncan, the killer couldn’t push Sugar in cabinet. Which is why the killer did something to make it possible.

Duncan: Then what did the killer do? Aren’t you really suggestion what I said was what-

Gwen: Good thing you remember Duncan. Because like you said the killer drugged Sugar in order to make her vulnerable to being thrown in the cabinet.

Sam: I’m guessing the killer use the boiling water. It was the only thing near the crime scene that had sleeping medicine in it.

Shawn: Seeing Sugar’s appetite she would definitely drink it since it smelled like steak/

LeShawna: And it also said someone did have sleeping medicine in them, so I guess it make sense.

Dawn: So the killer use the boiling water to lure away Sugar in order to make her fall asleep and then afterwards shove her in the cabinet to amplify the electricity.

Zoey: So that was how the killer was able to give her a heart attack. To think someone would be able to imagine it.

Lightning: It’s got to be the stupid Sabotuer. Only that person is crazy enough to sha-think like this.

Courtney: I wouldn’t jump to a conclusion yet, but I do agree the Sabotuer is a prime choice for the killer. Thing is we don’t even know who the Sabotuer really is.

Heather: Never mind that. I think we should discuss about the other victim of the case.

Samey: Amy…

Brick: I’m sorry for your last in this time of tragedy. We will avenge her demise and make the killer regret what they done.

Scott: But what is there to discuss with Amy. It seems like everything about her murder is very straightforward.

I wonder? Why is Amy’s murder looking so simple compared to Sugar’s? Does this mean her death was-

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Needle Hole, Syringe, Amy’s Body, Sugar’s Body, Document

Scott: So tell me again why were discussing about this? We all know Amy died from getting stab by a knife.

Rodney: Yeah, and the murder occurred inside the tree house.

Jasmine: But we still don’t know why she still got killed. I mean aren’t you wondering why her happen.

Topher: We don’t know why she died, but I do think I know why she was in the tree house.

Lindsay: Then do tell. Let’s here your idea of your Tobber!

Topher: Remember it’s Topher since I’m clearly going to be a great host in the future. Anyway the reason why Amy went there was to kill Samey!

Samey: No! That isn’t possible!

Jasmine: You better explain yourself otherwise when were done with the trial, I’ll show you what my fight club can do.

Topher: But don’t you remember that the knife found in the crime scene was brought by Amy.

Courtney: I think we establish that. But Topher you know Amy might have brought it for self-defence then to murder.

Topher: But then explain the wound in Samey’s neck. It had to come from Amy making an attempt for her sisters life.

Samey: *sniffle*…Please don’t say that!!!

Zoey: Is that really what happen? For some reason I feel like this is the opposite reason why Amy was there.

I think so to, I know Amy’s change was genuine but feelings won’t work in the Class Trial. Maybe I could prove Topher wrong by showing a literal hole in his logic.

Solution: Needle Hole – wound in Samey’s neck

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Thankfully your made a mistake Topher. Amy never attack Samey, and I have proof of that.

Topher: Like you do, how else do you explain the wound in Samey’s neck.

Samey: That is true…I was bleeding a bit in my neck, but I know in my heart it isn’t Amy who did it.

Scott: Unfortunately someone’s heart doesn’t speak in a trial. The only thing that does is us and the evidence we find.

Gwen: But the wound couldn’t be made by the knife Amy brought. It was too small.

Topher: The size doesn’t matter as long as we can prove something stab Samey’s neck.

Noah: You’re pretty stupid Topher. Not surprising considering the person you look up to.

Brick: He got you there Topher. The size of the wound is the size of a needle. No way can a knife make wound that small.

Lightning: Heck, even I knew that! It doesn’t take a genius to realize that!

Scott: But it doesn’t matter. Because we know that wound was made by Amy, I mean who else could have done it.

Gwen: You should really just use your head because you didn’t think this person could have done it instead…

(Amy/Sugar/Courtney/The Killer)

Answer: The Killer

Scott: Oh yeah, there is that person! What is wrong with me today!?

Samey: Looks like my sister wasn’t attempting to kill me again. I’m so glad!


Dawn: Samey…not to hurt your belief about your sister but something about Gwen’s theory disturbs my aura.

Gwen: What is then? Do you still believe Topher and Scott’s ridiculous story?

Dawn: No I don’t, but it looks like to me that your making the point the killer attack Samey. However I believe that to be a mistake in your part!


Evidence: Syringe, Needle Hole, Amy’s Body, Document, Monokuma File 06

Dawn: Base on the words you say…

Dawn: The killer stab Samey with a needle.

Dawn: There is proof of course, being Samey does have the wound.

Dawn: But even then I don’t believe this to be outcome.

Dawn: Call me crazy for saying this…

Dawn: But my aura can’t accept such a redundant idea!!!

Dawn: It would disturb the malevolent plot of this villain.

Gwen: I never said that the killer intended to kill Samey. In fact I don’t think they even did for Amy.

Dawn: Then let me get this straight.

Dawn: That you think the killer only intend to kill Sugar.

Dawn: But took a life of another without purpose.

Dawn: That shows very confusion and honestly delusional.

Dawn: If it wasn’t to kill then why else would the killer stab Samey?

Dawn: And how did this lead to Amy’s death.

Dawn: Your words have just bewildered my mind.

It’s true that saying the killer didn’t intend to kill either sounds pretty silly, but I know that is true. I just need to figure out what the killer wanted to do.

Solution: Syringe – why else

Gwen: Don’t underestimate me!!!


Gwen: To answer your question I need to explain what the syringe use to stab Amy was. It was medicine.

Dawn: Medicine? Why would the killer do that?

Gwen: Simple, to cure Samey of her coma. How else do you think she was able to wake-up.

Courtney: But there is a gapping hole in your logic! How do you know the killer was the one who did it?

Cameron: Yeah, I mean couldn’t Amy have been the one to do it? That could be reasonably enough since Amy showed plenty of care to her sister.

Gwen: That would be the sensible conclusion, but this one factor however proves it was the killer who did it.



Solution: MOTIVE

Gwen: I get it now!!!


Gwen: The motive Monokuma made was that whoever killed next was going to a specific item. The cure to heal Samey’s coma!

Lightning: That is sha-whack!!! Man, science is all weird and stupid about things. In sports we deal everything with our proteins.

I think you deal everything with your bodies, not just proteins.

Dawn: But how does it solve the dilemma about why Amy went there and how she died despite not being the killers intention?

Scarlett: Your smart, but I guess there are days you become a little stupid. Think about things in Amy perspective. How would you think if your sister was in coma and everyone was away in a different place?

Brick: I think I would worry. We know there was guards station for her protection but this person being blood, you can’t help but feel a little more scared then normal.

Cody: So that is why Amy went there during the party. She was worried about her sister.

Scarlett: Maybe she had a sign or to…

Gwen: But what happens when she arrives there? You saw the mess the killer made when we found the bodies.

Geoff: It was a disaster. The guard were gone and Sugar is donezo…now I get it! It was totally easy!!!

Heather: Amy saw the killer inject the medicine inside Samey and though she was being attack. So she use a knife she brought just in case and attack her!

Scott: Hold on! How do we know Amy was the one who attack first?

Gwen: Well, we know the knife use in the attack was a knife which Amy had. But this one thing about the knife tells us all how this murder play out.


Answer: Position

Zoey: It was upside-down! That meant Amy got stab through a struggle.

Dawn: I see, so that is how you were able to solve this puzzle. I concede defeat and admit my faults in this matter.

Duncan: So we know about the deaths, but where do we go from here.

Gwen: Well this is something I wanted to bring up earlier, but I think now is the best time to say it. There is a testimony earlier that can help give a clue about the killer.

Samey: Really? Who was it!? Who could help my sister’s killer!?

Gwen: It was none other then this person. Honestly wishing it wasn’t.



Gwen: Max, didn’t you want say something about how you got knock unconscious?

Max: Oh you remember, impressive. Very well since you did have the audacity to remember then I myself shall tell you the story like you said.

Scarlett: Thanks a lot, we have to listen more stories of this loser.

Max: Fear not this won’t be long. I shall tell you the story of how someone gave me jello which when I ate made me fall asleep.

Heather: So we know how he got knock unconscious. So what was the point.

Gwen: The point is that this reveals something about our killer. More specifically that they were someone in the party

Lindsay: Really!? Now that is a shocker!!!

Max: You know what is even more shocking, I know who was the killer since the beginning!

Scarlett: Unbelievable. To think he was my partner in the past.

Katie: You should have said it sooner!? Then again I was guilty of it to since I knew Sadie was the killer last time so I shouldn’t say anything.

Courtney: Just say the name of the killer already Max.

Max: What do you know!? The killer asked me themselves to reveal the truth! Am I right Courtney, you fool!!! MWUHAHAHAHA!!!

I'll leave it here. Anyway have any changes on who the killer could be? Also continue the votes for Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female Victim Choice in the Comments Below.

Courtney: Come again Max? What nonsense are you talking about?

Max: I guess my voice fell into deaf ears, but very well I shall say it again! It was you Courtney that made me go to sleep with that slimey cuisine.

Trent: You mean the jello?

Max: Exactly! You’re the one who made me go unconscious and you’ll pay for this!

Heather: This is interesting. Have anything to say about this?

Courtney: I’m telling you all that I’m not the killer.

Gwen: Then explain what Max said, about you giving him lace jello.

Courtney: I did give him, but that was only because he ask me to in secret. He was too embarrass to admit he likes that. I didn’t even know the jello was drugged.

Lindsay: That is so sweet.

Katie: It’s not so sweet Lindsay. Not when they did it in order to commit a crime unnoticed.

Courtney: I said I’m not the killer! How many times do I have to say that!?

Noah: I think saying Courtney is the killer is too early, but I can see her as the killer so let’s just say she’s a suspect.

Scarlett: Who knew that wannabe of a villain actually was useful. Maybe I should make him a guinea pig for my experiments.

Harold: I don’t think I want to know anything about your experiments.

Mike: At least were making progress by having a main suspect. Maybe this case will be shorter then the last trial.

Zoey: Mike…I don’t think you should mention that. Because…

Katie: Sadie…why…why did this happen…

Zoey: Try to be a little more sensitive. I kind of understand how she feels.

Mike: Oh yeah. Since out of everyone you’re the one who hates the killing the most. I’m sorry for that.

Courtney: I suggest you forget about that, because that’s impossible.

Duncan: Nice try Courtney, but me, of all people, would know that your capable of killing someone despite being a leader.

Courtney: You think I’m stupid. I’m aware that I need proof to plead my innocence and I do have exactly that.

DJ: And what would that be?

Courtney: Of course I’m talking about an alibi. If I don’t have the opportunity to kill then that means it’s impossible for me to be the killer.

Shawn: You should have said that immediately.

I wonder. Does she really have an alibi or is she bluffing? I have to think fast and find out the truth.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Scarlett’s Testimony, Courtney’s Testimony, Brick Remote, Courtney’s List of People, Heather’s Testimony

Courtney: I think you all heard me, but just in case someone here didn’t I’ll say it again. I can’t be the killer because I have an alibi.

LeShawna: You don’t need to repeat yourself, we already heard that.

Anne-Marie: But saying you have one is not enough. Do you have any proof?

Courtney: Well everyone in the party can vouch for me, I was there the entire time giving orders and reprimanding people.

Owen: So basically being bossy was your alibi. I guess your bossiness did something good.

Geoff: And I can tell you that she isn’t lying. I remember earlier in the party that she yelled at me for trying to mix the sodas with the chips.

Max: But what about the time when you gave me the jello? That was a time you weren’t in the party so your so called perfect alibi isn’t as perfect compare to my genius IQ.

Courtney: I will admit I was gone for just a minute, but I came back immediately after giving Max his dessert.

Zoey: She’s not lying. She was holding a jello going out of the building, but came back almost immediately without it.

Courtney: See, now you all understand I have a flawless alibi. There wasn’t a time when I left the party enough to commit the murders.

I heard the same story during the investigation and it looks like nothing in what she said has change, but does it mean what she say is also true?

Solution: Scarlett’s Testimony – flawless alibi

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Nice try Courtney, but you’re not going out of this with that lame excuse.

Courtney: Lame? Were in a trial so I need to be serious so sorry for not sounding exciting.

Gwen: It’s not the way you say it was lame, although it was pretty dull and boring.

Lightning: Yeah, that was like chemistry class all over again.

Courtney: I-I didn’t have time to prepare my case! I needed to make up my statements in the spot.

Gwen: But you should really rethink a story like that, especially when there is someone to contradict it.

Cody: Phew...glad to see you didn’t try arguing against her without proof. She never shuts-up in the meetings we all have.

Rodney: But who is this person your talking about?

Scarlett: That would be me, Rodney. I do remember telling you that Courtney left at one point in the party.

Courtney: I…I me-mean this is…I wa-was…

Heather: The more we try putting this crime on you, the more suspicious you are. I think we have our killer.

Noah: Not quite, Scarlett how long was Courtney missing ?

Scarlett: That would approximately half-an-hour. I remember because she said it would take her only a few minutes which in range would be around-

Dawn: Thank you for the words Scarlett. Courtney, this doesn’t look for you.

Sam: No kidding. 30 minutes away from the party is just enough time for you commit the murder.

Courtney: This is a mistake!!!

Bridgette: Then tell us why you were missing. If you have a good reason then we might actually believe you.

Courtney: I...I can’t say! I just can’t say why!!!

Topher: Let’s just forget about this and vote. We already know Courtney is the killer so let’s finish this and move on-

Courtney: Hold it Topher! I may not have a complete alibi with the party, but I do have an alibi during the time the murder occurred.

Scott: That is interesting. Mind telling more?

Courtney: At least one of you guys are listening.

Heather: Is this really the truth or is Courtney lying again trying to save herself.

Dawn: We can determine that we the words she’ll be speaking to us now. Listen careful and say something if you notice a mistake.

I’m pretty sure that warning is for me, not surprising seeing what I’ve been doing this entire trial.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Courtney’s List of People, Scarlett’s Testimony, Courtney’s Testimony

Courtney: You all think I’m the culprit, but think again. I have proof that I wasn’t the killer of the case.

Beardo: We know it’s your alibi, just say what it is.

Courtney: We’ll it’s not only my alibi but everyone’s else to.

Cameron: Now this is intriguing. Not only trying to give yourself an alibi but other people as well. I got to give a hand to you for your generosity.

Katie: Or she’s just trying to sound nice to make her argument more convincing.

Courtney: This list I wrote tells who cannot be the culprit and thankfully I’m one of them. I mean the time I written this was when we were all together.

Shawn: So your saying that the list contains all the people who can’t be the killer. You should have said that so we can narrow down the culprit.

Jasmine: Better late then never, I’m guessing the time of the crime was the time you wrote this list of people.

Courtney: Exactly! This list is proof of my alibi during the murder.

Samey: Is that really true? I may have been in a coma but even I notice something strange in her testimony.

Samey hits the mark in that statement. Courtney didn’t write the list when the murder happen, but many people didn’t remember so they made a mistake in believing her lie.

Solution: time of the crime – the time I written this

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Courtney, that is one nig lie again. The time you wrote the list wasn’t the time of the murder.

Topher: Are you sure? I remember the time Courtney made the list was when the crime was being committed. Monokuma even said so.

Courtney: T-that’s right! When Monokuma told everyone, I immediately listed the people who had an alibi by being in the party.

Gwen: But that is where everyone was mistaken. The actual time Courtney made the list was after the Monokuma Body Discovery Announcement which means after the murder.

Sam: Oh yeah! It plays only when someone finds the body, which means when the murder already happen.

Courtney: But it should still count! We know the announcement played just a few minutes after the murder which means no one had time to commit it and go back to the party.

Noah: But all the set-up and killing has already been done. A few minutes is enough time for anyone to go back to the party without looking like you ever left.

Dawn: And from what we heard about the people who found the body, it seems the murder of Sugar at least occurred several minutes before the announcement if we believe that Samey triggered it.

Brick: I can we where you come from, when Lightning and Katie found the body it was probably quite a while before Samey since Amy wasn’t dead yet.

Katie: Yeah, me and Lightning never saw her body.

Lightning: Sha-true! Told you Lightning wasn’t lying this time.

Mike: Can someone here recap the sequence of events because I’m confuse.

Gwen: Sure. I’m a little confuse myself but thinking about it logically may help me understand the smallest of details of the crime.


1) When did the murder occur?

(During the Party/After the Party/Before the Party)

2) Was Amy dead when Lightning and Katie saw the body?


3) What was the time difference between Amy and Sugar’s death?


4) How long was the difference between Amy’s death and the Body Discovery Announcement?


Answer: During the Party, No, Minutes, Minutes

Gwen: I get it now!!!


Gwen: Looks like the killer still had time to get back to the party and the time Courtney made the list since the killer had several minutes before Samey woke up.

Mike: So your saying the list is useless?

Noah: Obviously. The murder didn’t occur the time she made the list so it can’t be counted as an alibi.

Heather: Looks like your alibi is broken Courtney. Have anything more to say?

Jasmine: You made lies to protect yourself and even gave the jello to Max which gave the window of opportunity for the killer to get Sugar. I can’t see this being explained except you being the killer.

Courtney: No! This is a mistake! I didn’t anyone!!!

Duncan: Fat chance you didn’t. Why not be such a great leader and admit your crimes! Even I do despite being a no good delinquent.

Courtney: I won’t confess! Not to a crime I never committed!!!

Scarlett: How stubborn of her, let’s just recap the logic we have to prove she must be the culprit. After that we can cast out vote and end the trial.

I…I have a strange feeling but seeing the way Courtney is, she doesn’t look like the culprit anymore. Before when Courtney is caught, she admits it without hesitation but now is different. Different enough to make me doubt the idea I made.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Sam’s Testimony, Courtney’s Testimony, Scarlett’s Testimony, Monokuma File 06, Courtney’s List of People

Courtney: Stop it! Stop saying I’m the killer when I’m not!

Topher: You think were falling for that!!! You’re the only person that has proof to be the culprit!!! It’s not like another person looks suspicion!

Jasmine: You need a reminder of everything from your crimes and the proof we have it’s you?

Anne-Marie: Let’s just take a crack on it and just get the entire case over with already. We know she killed Sugar by giving the Big Girl a massive heart attack.

Tyler: And when trying to cure Samey, Amy attacked her due to misunderstanding the intention with the syringe.

DJ: Then she ran back to the party in order to make herself look like she has an alibi.

Owen: And then when the Body Announcement was played, she listed down the people there to make it look like no one in the party did kill Sugar and Amy.

Katie: And not to mention the times she lied during the trial. Although I’m probably no different of course. With what happened last time.

Heather: While it’s not enough to be completely true, it’s still the best shot we have.

So everyone is really thinking Courtney is the killer, but something is strange. There is one thing I heard which is clearly the killer’s actions, but it’s something impossible for Courtney.

Solution: Sam’s Testimony – another person looks suspicion

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: I know all of you think it’s Courtney, but I doubt. There is another person that is suspicious.

Tyler: Really, someone else is a suspect? Who?

Gwen: That is the thing, I don’t know who it is.

Heather: So you said there is someone else who can be suspect, but you don’t know who, way too go Gwen.

Gwen: The thing is this person was never identified. Someone here saw or smell a person who clearly is the killer.

Eva: Who is that person Owen!? Cough it up or I’ll-

Owen: It wasn’t me! I may have a good sense of smell but I didn’t smell fear on anyone. Except maybe me, but I’m not the culprit so-

Sam: Gwen is talking about me. When I was away in the party, someone else was close in the room where I was, but I didn’t get to see who it was. Although I did smell blood.

Izzy: Smell blood!? Are you a human bloodhound because that would be super cool. You can be my new pet, although my old pet might need time to warm up with you.

Trent: And why do you say it’s impossible for it to be Courtney? Anyone here could smell like blood after killing Amy.

Beardo: Oh yeah, the person would be covered in blood after murdering Amy that close.

LeShawna: Sorry girl, but I have to agree with them here. It can still be Courtney so this doesn’t really change anything.

Gwen: Unless Sam mentions the room he was from.

Sam: I was Courtney’s room to steal files so it couldn’t be her otherwise she would have went inside which the person didn’t.

Courtney: You were in my room!? How disgusting!!!

Anne-Marie: You should be thankful that he was otherwise we would have voted you as the killer because of how much you’ve been lying.

Duncan: I don’t buy it. You can’t believe what everyone says because they could just be lying to protect themselves.

Sam: You think I could be lying!?

Duncan: Yeah I do, other then your so called testimony there isn’t any proof that the killer did go there.

Mike: Which would mean Courtney would have no evidence to support her innocence.

Gwen: Sorry Duncan, but there is a good chance what Sam said is true. This one piece of evidence is proof the killer at one point went to the cabins after the murder.

(Monokuma File 06/Document/Knife/Ashes)

Answer: Ashes

Cameron: Yeah we found ashes in the cabin grounds, it wasn’t there when we all went to the party meaning it got there while the party was happening.

Dawn: And the only person among us who would have a motive to burn something is the killer. Burning means destroying something through fire like the killer did to our friends life.

Duncan: I’m still not convince. There is no reason for the killer to burn something.

Noah: We don’t know yet. If we knew what the ashes were, we might have been able to figure out the killer’s reason.

Zoey: Still Gwen did prove that there is a chance the killer might not be Courtney.

Heather: A chance, but as of now she’s still our main suspect. If we have nothing else to go on then we should vote and see if were right.

Courtney: Stop it! I said I didn’t kill anybody!

Gwen: Hold on! Is there anyone here who found any evidence in the cabins. Whatever it could be might help us understand the killer actions.

Anne-Marie: Don’t know Gwen, if someone did then they would said it-

Lindsay: Oh yeah, I found blood in the drain of the showers in the girl’s cabin. I thought someone was-

Blood on the showers, can that really help me out?

LeShawna: Come on! You didn’t think that was important!

That is true, so why do I think the showers could be vi-

Tyler: Still blood in the showers doesn’t really prove anything. It can still be Courtney who could have taken the shower.

Courtney: Take a shower? Why would I need to take a shower?

DJ: I…I think anyone would have if th-they were covered in…in bl-blood.

Samey: Because of the way they killed Amy. At least she was able to help even beyond the grave.

Now I get it! Samey your, right your sister helped us beyond the grave. Because if the killer was covered in blood and needed to wash it of there body, that would mean the ashes are-

Rodney: Sorry to say this Samey, but it’s not much help when it can still b anyone.

Gwen: Anyone but Courtney, Rodney. Because whatever the ashes were can prove Courtney’s innocence.

Duncan: Are you serious? How can whatever the ashes were prove Courtney couldn’t do it.

Brick: I think she’s talking about what the ashes were originally and she might have a point since we never found out what the ashes were.

Courtney: Whatever it is, I want to hear it. So go ahead and say it already Gwen unless you want us executed.

I’m only doing this because I want to live, not to be your friend Courtney.




Gwen: I get it now!!!


Gwen: What the ashes were was the clothes the killer wore when they killed Amy.

Owen: Really? Why would they burn the clothes they wore? Did they not like them?

Brick: Because they were bloody. If the killer needed to wash of their body in order to remove any blood, the clothes itself would’ve had some to.

Jasmine: And by finding the clothes, we can figure out the killer by identifying who owned them.

Shawn: So they burned it in order to get rid of the evidence.

Duncan: Still that doesn’t say why Courtney is innocent. Why would she be when this would happen to anyone to begin with.

Courtney: You really are a jerk Duncan, just because we broke up. It was your fault remember.

Gwen: It can’t be Courtney because the killer didn’t enter Courtney’s room. Sam’s testimony proves it and we know we can rely on it due to evidence proving what he said is true.

Topher: So what is so wrong for the killer not entering Court-

Scott: Because they needed to change of clothes after the murder. If it was Courtney then she would have went to her room in order to get some.

Heather: Maybe Courtney though someone was in the room and came to the laundry room to pick up her clothes there.

Anne-Marie: Even I know that’s stupid! Why would she even go to the cabin if she knew someone was there.

Zoey: And the laundry itself is very open so if anyone else came in they would have seen the killer there.

Surprising Zoey seems to be more proficient in case solving then others. Most likely since she wants to show everyone that being a killer isn’t a good idea with someone as smart as her.

Rodney: So that testimony ended up proving Courtney innocent. I guess you should thank him.

Courtney: Why would I-

Brick: Courtney, did is just a show of gratitude. I would think as our leader you would have shown respect to your fellow allies especially with the help he gave you.

Shawn: Unless you want to be seen as more of a dictator then a proper leader.

Courtney: …Thank you Sam. But never try going to my room again!

Sam: Believe me, I wouldn’t want to do that again. Dakota would kill mean in the afterlife.

Courtney: Hopefully she didn’t see my-

Gwen: Unfortunately that means we don’t have no suspects.

Noah: What do we do now? I suggest review all the evidence, but I don’t think we-

Katie: Actually I have a suspect in mind to, although like Gwen I don’t know who the person is.

Heather: Is it the person who smell like blood that Sam mention, because we already whoever that was is the culprit.

Katie: Of course I’m not referring to that person. I’m talking about a person who was behind many crimes which included the one that cost Sadie her life.

Sam: Katie, you not trying to say the culprit is the Sabotuer?

Katie: Yes I do and whoever that person is, we have to find them! They’re the one behind the case.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Documents, 1st Page, 2nd Page, Sam’s Testimony, Samey’s Testimony

Katie: The person behind the case must be the Sabotuer. I mean with all the killings they did, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone themselves.

Owen: Umm…who is the Sabotuer? Is he like a sidekick for Monokuma?

Scarlett: No, he is a person responsible for giving plans and ideas to future killers. Basically being the one masterminding the incidents before this case.

Sam: Lightning is one of the Sabotuer’s client by the way so you get the idea what the Sabotuer does?

Lightning: I told I was sorry. Sha-Lightning will find this stupid Sabotuer and show him my game.

Zoey: Let’s hope that isn’t a oath to kill because the last thing we needed is more killings to happen.

DJ: From the way it sounds, it looks like this person can be capable of being the killer.

Brick: Remember he also declared showing his masterpiece today, and seeing two deaths occurred this could be his handiwork.

Courtney: We may not have proof, but we can’t deny the Sabotuer could be a possible culprit.

Katie: Not just a possibility. The warning yesterday, the set-up and how the victims die points toward the Sabotuer being the culprit.

Is it really a crime committed by the Sabotuer, because if it were why didn’t anyone see a suspicious thing in the tree house? They should especially when two of these always stay in the tree house for Samey.

Solution: 1st Page – the set-up

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: I don’t think so Katie. I doubt this was the work of the Sabotuer.

Katie: Why do you say that Gwen? You know this is something the Sabotuer would do.

Owen: Is a Sabotuer a type of monster? Didn’t think there were monsters here, other then Monokuma.

Monokuma: Aww…you flatter me?

Noah: I’ll lighten things up for you big guy. The Sabotuer is someone among us who’s been responsible for the many crimes that happened while here. Yeah, he isn’t a monster but a friendly guy.

Anne-Marie: You talking about the murders. Should have known people like Leeen-something couldn’t be smart enough to think of those.

Cameron: So there was a person who was helping all of them, sounds like someone we don’t want to mess with.

LeShawna: And you decided to tell us now because?

Katie: Oopsie I kind of forget it was a secret. Now finding Sadie killer will be more difficult seeing now they know I’m after them.

Cody: Forget about that, we’ll explain after the trial is over. So why do you think the Sabotuer isn’t responsible for the crime? Not saying I don’t believe you or anything Gwen!

Courtney: I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the Sabotuer did leave a warning letter about a crime that was supposing to be happening tonight. This crime could be their handiwork.

Gwen: Courtney, you should read your own documents and see that the crime that happened now doesn’t match the Sabotuer movements.

Sam: I think I know what your talking about, but to make sure everyone is in the same level why not we have you read this Samey. Unless you’re in confusion status which I’m sorry but I can’t help you there.

Samey: No, it’s fine. I actually want to read it to help me find my best friend murderer.

I have a feeling that Sam just did that not to only make a point, but to help someone who is also angry to the person who was responsible for her girlfriends death.

Samey: It said here that in the locations of the previous crime scenes, there was a mysterious shadow always appearing.

Katie: Are you trying to say that this couldn’t be the Sabotuer just be no one saw a shadow?

Gwen: Yes I am.

Scott: I don’t know anything about this Sabotuer thing, but I’m with Katie here. Just because a shadow wasn’t spotted doesn’t mean it wasn’t the Sabotuer. I mean no sees me make traps yet it can still be me.

Max: Farm Boy, I wouldn’t reveal my evil plans if I were you. This will lead the people knowing and understand the tricks you set.

Scarlett: Says the guy who always brag about being evil.

Noah: I hope one of these two isn’t the Sabotuer because that would be just plain ridiculous having these guys be responsible for everything bad.

Dawn: Do not think so Noah. I sense their aura and…it’s definitely not the aura of a malevolent genius.

Gwen: You right that Katie, just saying no shadows were down is not enough to prove it.

Katie: Now we can find this Sabotuer and avenge my BFF’s killer.

Tyler: At least you know when to accept defeat, still you shouldn’t interrupt just because of something like th-

Gwen: In a normal scenario, but because it was in the tree house there should been someone who saw the shadow.

Mike: Why the tree house? Is there anything special?

Scarlett: I see where your going with this. If the Sabotuer did the crime then they would have made a set-up, but because there was no witness it couldn’t be the Sabotuer.

Geoff: Couldn’t they just do it on…I don’t know night time?

Cameron: But there were two people in constant check at tree house due to Samey’s injuries so if there was a Sabotuer they would have seen it.

Shawn: Your talking about me and Jasmine. Well I don’t know all the time, but I don’t think the killer had a chance to set-up a trap while we were us around.

Jasmine: And the times we didn’t was during the day, but during those times most likely someone else would have seen the Sabotuer.

Izzy: So there wasn’t a chance for the Sabotuer to do it. Take that Sabotuer your not the best agent in this Island!!!

Brick: But wouldn’t the killer still need a set-up whether it was the Sabotuer or not?

Scarlett: I shouldn’t probably share this thing we learn about the Sabotuer during our investigation, but this will make sense in the issue.

Courtney: Just say it. All I want is to find the killer and get this Class Trial done.

Scarlett: With approval of our “great” leader, you should all know this. The Sabotuer from our studies wears a shadow costume in order to hide themselves.

Harold: So that explains the mysterious shadow I saw back in the storage room weeks ago.

Shawn: Me and Jasmine just said no one could have snuck at night.

Brick: And if the culprit tried to do in the day, they would stick out and that isn’t something you want to happen in a stealth mission.

Katie: OK, maybe the Sabotuer isn’t the culprit this time but couldn’t the client be? It could have been another puppet the Sabotuer prepared.

Heather: And we should believe this because?

Katie: Your suppose to be part of IMA so you should know why it could be possible for the killer to be another of the Sabotuer’s client.

Sam: Even I don’t know why. Mind telling us?

Katie: You know Sadie lose her life by the Sabotuer’s action and yet you follow their action. I… I just can’t believe you would follow a monster!

I’m starting to see the problem here. Katie is to consume with anger that she has a hard time distinguishing between what really happened and her imagination.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Document, 1st Page, 2nd Page, Amy’s Testimony, Heather’s Testimony

Katie: Maybe the Sabotuer wasn’t the person who killed Amy and Sugar, but I’m pretty sure their client is the killer.

Eva: Is there reason for us to believe you? Because if I recall you tried to get us killed last time. Don’t think I forgotten!

DJ: Easy there Eva, she was just protecting her best friend. You shouldn’t be too hard especially with her recent loss.

Cameron: As much as I agree with you DJ, I still think Eva made a good point. There isn’t really evidence that the Sabotuer was involve with this.

Noah: Have you forgotten about the time when we mention the Sabotuer left a warning to us about a crime that would happen today? Because if you don’t, I do!

Trent: But for all we know this could have just been a prank played by someone. I mean didn’t you guys say that the guy was responsible for all the previous murders, why would they start announcing it now?

Courtney: I don’t know what the Sabotuer is up to, but all we know is a murder happen the exact same day the Sabotuer warned us about. Like it or not but I can’t accept this as a coincidence.

Tyler: There isn’t anything wrong though about thinking this was an action by one of his clients.

Lindsay: You think so Tyler, because I don’t know what is a client. Is it an intern?

Katie: Like Tyler said there isn’t wrong about thinking this as a crime one of the Sabotuer’s client committed. All the murders that happened before, all the plans in the murder, this matches the Sabotuer’s clients.

Dawn: I can’t say where my heart is in this. I want to believe Katie in order to remove this scoundrel among us, but a spirit tells me that it’s wrong.

So this crime, was it really committed by the Sabotuer’s client? It wouldn’t be a shocker seeing the others killer were also clients, but this one feels like an exception and I don’t know why.

Solution: 2nd Page – matches the Sabotuer’s clients

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: Katie, I think you just jump to conclusion this time. While it’s true the criminals last time were the Sabotuer’s client this time is a exception.

Katie: How is it an exception?

Sam: Was there something about the Sabotuer’s client that we don’t notice?

Gwen: IMA notice, but they didn’t realize this contradicts the killer’s actions today. You see the previous clients all had no targets, but it’s hard to say the targets this time wasn’t random.

Scott: You sound confident, so tell us why you think your right this time.

Gwen: I won’t explain but show you. Show you that this murder was indeed planned specifically for Sugar!

(Boiling Water/Knife/Tazer/Cabinet)

Answer: Boiling Water

Owen: That’s right. They use that in order to lure away Sugar from her guard position.

Noah: But this plan wouldn’t work to anyone except for Sugar.

Dawn: Seeing how things are happening we can at least claim the person who killed this case came up the plan on their own accord.

Brick: Actually guys, I don’t think the victim was the only one that the killer prepared for.

Cody: Huh? There is more Brick?

Brick: I’m afraid so Cody. If what Gwen said is true that Sugar was always the intended target wouldn’t this have also mean the killer also knew this?

Scott: What are you blabbering on Brickhouse?

Gwen: What he is blabbering on is that the killer would needed specific knowledge in order to make this crime possible.


Answer: Guards

Gwen: If you remember correctly how Eva and Harold were taken out in order for the killer, the way they did it was specifically for them.

Tyler: You right!!! Harold had an allergy reaction which caused him to faint.

Cody: But in order to do that they needed to know what his allergies was and where he was position in order for the trap to work. The killer probably got inspiration from Dakota’s murder.

Sam: Don’t say anything.

I knew he’s still piss about what happened. Can’t say I blame him.

Eva: The culprit what I was going to do when they place Max in the forest and took advantage of it!!! I hate that guy!!!

Scarlett: This culprit is indeed a worthy intellectual opponent. To think they can make a simple case into one full of convolutions.

Courtney: But that isn’t important if it doesn’t help find the killer.

Noah: I think it does actually Courtney.

Courtney: What are you trying to say!? How can this help find the culprit!?

Gwen: Think about it Courtney, for this plan to work they needed to know about who the guards were in the tree house and make their plan from there.

Sam: But no one should have info about who the guards were…except a group of certain people.

Duncan: A group of certain people…he he…now this is getting interesting.

Rodney: I don’t know guys, I’m still a little confuse.

Gwen: It’s very simple Rodney, we know the killer must be someone who knew about the guards the day before to prepare and only certain people did know.

Samey: And among those guys was the killer.

Cameron: Gwen, this is going to be huge! Be careful of the upcoming days because base on the info, there is going to be a lot of drama after this Class Trial.

Gwen: Of course there would be drama, because the killer was a member of this group.

(Guards/IMA/Spoke People/Future Foundation)

Answer: IMA

Lindsay: Are you serious!?

LeShawna: A member of IMA did this!?

Jasmine: I knew trusting a bunch of people with lots of power would lead to a king of the hills.

Courtney: Explain yourself Gwen! Why do you think the person behind murders was a member of IMA!? A member of my hand pick group!?

Dawn: I don’t need to remind you that you ordered us not to announce who the guards would be so only we from IMA would know.

Harold: And since the killer clearly knew who would it be, it becomes obvious that the culprit can only be someone from IMA.

Heather: Who knows, someone among us could have told someone else about the guards.

Trent: You’d think that they would have admitted it now, unless they were trying to hide something.

Shawn: It may not be completely true yet, but we should just consider it for now.

Topher: So someone from IMA has been stirring up drama, I wonder who could it be.

Scarlett: Why are you looking at me!?

DJ: Enough of that, we shouldn’t make accusation until we know for sure who the culprit is.

Lindsay: I have an accusation!

Scott: Oh great, I wonder what Princess has in store for us.

Tyler: Lindsay…I don’t think right now is a good time. Everyone is not really in the mood.

Noah: I’m in the mood if this accusation has a point.

Cody: I think all of us wants to find the killer as soon as possible so let’s hear what you have to say Lindsay.

Lindsay: Thanks guys, anyway what I wanted to say is that I have an idea on who the killer is. The person responsible for picking the guards yesterday.

Mike: That sounds like a good lead, we know the killer needed to have the right guards and someone who had the position to choose the guards sounds suspicious.

Zoey: The thing is we don’t know who the person is. So sorry Mike but that is a lead we can’t use unless someone knows or has an idea.

Lindsay: Actually I do. I heard from someone the name of the one who chose the guards last month forgot who it was.

Izzy: Last month? Did they have the power to see the future?

Eva: You forgot that she isn’t the smartest person. She means last night.

Cameron: So who was it? Who was the one that killed Sugar and Amy?

Lindsay: I’m sorry to say this but you’re the killer Courtney!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Document, Noah’s Testimony

Lindsay: Courtney, you had to be the killer! You’re the one who chose the guards!

Courtney: Come on Lindsay, why accuse me? Don’t you realize that you lack evidence to place this crime on me.

Jasmine: Sounds like your trying to escape Courtney. Let’s hear more from Lindsay and see where this is going.

Lindsay: Courtney, aren’t you the leader of IMA? The leader position of the group?

Courtney: Yes I am, are you that stupid that I have to remind you. Is this your only reason for accusing me?

Bridgette: Lindsay has a point, Courtney out of everyone you’re the one here who had the best shot at picking the guards you want.

Brick: Guards the killer wanted, this doesn’t sound like a dumb coincidence. It sounds a lot like a set-up made by you.

Harold: The way me and Eva were taken down in order for the killer to have a chance to kill Sugar has already been proven that it was something the culprit prepared.

Courtney: I know that already, but it wasn’t me who did this.

Heather: How can we trust you? You already lied to us in the trial so how do we know this isn’t another one of your lies?

Courtney: You can already tell because I have decisive proof that it wasn’t me who could have pick the guards out yesterday.

Duncan: And what would that be sweetheart?

Courtney: I wasn’t available in yesterday’s meeting where all the guards were chosen. IMA members should support my claim to.

I think Courtney is telling the truth for once, but what does this mean to us? Does it help us find the true culprit or not?

Solution: I wasn’t available – chose the guards

Gwen: …


Gwen: Lindsay, Courtney couldn’t have pick the guards. Only a few people knew this but she said she didn’t feel well so she wasn’t able to attend the meeting.

Lindsay: That happened? I didn’t know that. Noah: Now you know. Yes it did happen and I remember Courtney did actually drop by once but left almost immediately. The reason why is because she wanted to tell us that Scarlett was in charge.

Beardo: So it must be Scarlett who did this! *dramatic piano sound*

Scarlett: You better hope you can even still talk when I’m done with you!

Gwen: No it’s not Scarlett, if it was then why would she even heal Samey when she says so herself that she doesn’t care about others.

Noah: Isn’t the killer the same?

Dawn: I don’t think so Noah, I think the killer this time was someone while also selfish is someone who still care about the others well-being.

Shawn: By that you mean they would leave something behind to help us.

Courtney: Having Samey healed will definitely seeing how useful she is.

Samey: Thank you…I guess.

Jasmine: Yeah, I can’t see Scarlett doing that.

Scarlett: You shouldn’t flatter me to much.

Lightning: Then if it isn’t Smart Girl, then sha-who did it?

I have an idea.

Gwen: I think the person who committed this crime was the person who told Lindsay that Courtney was the one who picked the guards last night.

Lindsay: Wait! Really!?

Gwen: Yes, because what other reason than would this IMA person lie?

Tyler: Lindsay who said it!? Who told you that!?

Lindsay: I’m sorry but I don’t remember. All I know was it happened back at the woods.

Anne-Marie: Agh! The killer knew this was going to happen with how dumb Lindsay is!

Max: Now that is great! Can’t believe we were overwhelm by this murderer’s intelligence.

I should have known you would think of a murder like this. To bad history is going repeat, but this time it will be for good!

Gwen: Not really because I know who that person is. Aren’t I right _________!!!


The end of the Chapter is coming soon. Vote down below your final picks as the killer. Also I'm glad to announce that Brick is now the next PoV, but I already have a decision on his assitant so DO NOT MAKE ANY SUGGESTION BELOW. Anyway thank you for reading!

Now to reveal the votes for the choice of the killer. Here it is.

1) Heather

2) Sam

3) Courtney

Let's see if all of were right or wrong!!!


Gwen: I know it was you!!!


Gwen: Mind explaining yourself Heather, because I know it was you who did it.

Heather: How cute, you really think it was me?

Gwen: You know better than anyone else that when I confront someone, I’m serious about it.

Brick: Hearing what you reported earlier, it sounds like Heather was making accusation to Courtney with an obvious lie.

Zoey: The lying being that it was Courtney who made the choice for the guards last night when she wasn’t even there.

Heather: Oh come on, do you really believe her? I mean I know I’m not nicest person here, but you really think I would do something like this.

Mike: No offense…but out of everyone yes.

Heather: Fine, but you know I’m not stupid enough to say something I know that was a lie to Gwen. She and I aren’t exactly friends.

Anne-Marie: She got a point. Heather wouldn’t say an obvious lie to someone who hates her.

Cameron: But didn’t Gwen say that Heather did say that?

Beardo: Not to be hurtful but Gwen could be lying. She could’ve said it was Heather just because they don’t like each other.

Trent: Gwen isn’t so petty that she would try to place a crime on her enemy, especially when her life is in the line.

Mike: Then can someone explain to us what’s going on?

Gwen: I think I should clear something up. When I said Heather did say that, she didn’t say it to me directly.

Shawn: Not directly, so you heard her? Got to say your ears are ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Should I take that as a compliment?

Gwen: Yes I did, during the investigation. I overheard Heather say this to someone in the woods but I didn’t see who.

LeShawna: I think it’s Lindsay, seeing how she said someone told her.

Lindsay: Now I remember, thanks you two.

Harold: The reason for her to do that was so we can be mislead in finding the culprit.

Katie: If I remember, all the evidence was pointing to Courtney earlier.

Duncan: Something like this would have seal the deal and have us vote Courtney as the culprit.

Trent: It would have work if only Sam wasn’t in Courtney’s room.

Sam: I guess we were kind of lucky that I was there. Looks like I did become the hero after all.

Tyler: With everything we heard, it looks like this game, set and match. Heather has to be the culprit then.

Max: But that is if Gwen is telling the absolute truth. But we wouldn’t know unless she could bring evidence to back it up.

I’ve been helping out this entire trial, I think that is more then enough reason to believe what I’m saying.

Heather: Looks like you’ll need more then that to put this crime on me.

Samey: As much as I want to believe Gwen, I agree with Heather. This isn’t enough reason to think Heather is the culprit.

Brick: But I think it’s enough to give her the status of being suspicious.

Courtney: I better hope this leads us somewhere because I really want to find this culprit and show them the power my lawyers are capable of.

Noah: I don’t think you’ll get a chance seeing what happens to all the killers in here.

I knew it wouldn’t be this easy to place the crime on Heather, but she has no reason to tell a lie unless she was the killer. And I know it’s not a mistake seeing she was part of the meeting to.

Gwen: Can you at least consider this as a possibility? Give me a chance to prove her guilty.

Owen: Well I guess she could still be the killer so OK.

Courtney: Hate to say it since it’s Heather, but you’ll need to prove more in order for us to believe that she is the culprit.

Heather: Of course out of everyone it would be you who pisses me of.

Gwen: I think being piss of is going to be the least of your worries. Wait until the execution.

Although I personally don’t think Heather deserves it, seeing the situation were in.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Heather’s Testimony, Lightning’s Testimony, Brick Remote, Sam’s Testimony

Topher: The way it sounds like, it looks like Heather is our main supect. If what Gwen said was true.

Scarlett: But Heather does match up things about the killer. That no one likes them and that she is a member of IMA.

Heather: Thanks a lot, did you really have to remind that.

Cameron: I admit that it is possible that Heather could be the culprit, the factors aren’t enough to make this a fact.

Cody: I’m sorry Gwen, but Cameron is right. Even if it’s very likely if there is another possibility then we can’t make the risk of voting Heather.

Heather: Gwen you should realize what I said is possible, that I just merely made a mistake in thinking Courtney was the culprit.

Scott: And you should know, what Heather said could be right. That she just made a mistake…or if not then she could have just said it to pin this to Courtney.

Heather: Yeah, that is also another reason why I said it. Looks like your so called lead isn’t that much unless you have solid concrete proof evidence. I mean other then there isn’t anything that could point to me.

Courtney: As a notification Heather, when this trial is over whether you’re the killer or not your going to be officially remove from IMA.

Brick: That is if IMA still remains after the trial.

So everyone is saying that while possible that it could be Heatherthey still aren’t convince because of no decisive evidence. Heather was good not to leave any, but she made a mistake. She doesn’t realize there is a factor about the murder that can point to her even if it’s not decisive.

Solution: Sam’s Testimony - there isn’t anything that could point to me.

Gwen: You should rethink!!!


Gwen: I wouldn’t feel safe yet Heather. Just because you didn’t leave a decisive piece of evidence towards you doesn’t mean there isn’t anything pointing at you.

Heather: Oh really, what shows that I could be the culprit.

Gwen: Well Sam’s testimony. More specifically the part where someone entered the girl’s cabin in order to get a change of clothes.

Sam: In order… I get it now!!! Since the killer went to the girl’s cabin…

Eva: It obviously mean the culprit was a girl. Though that can still be any girl among us.

Noah: However remember the killer was a member of IMA. That would really narrow the culprit to only a few people.

Courtney: Dawn, Scarlett and Heather, Gwen’s main suspect. You know it’s not me because it was proven earlier by Sam’s disgusting testimony.

Sam: I said I didn’t do anything in your room! Just trying to steal documents!

DJ: That’s also not a really good argument there Sam. It actually make it sound worse.

Scarlett: But lest need I remind you that out of all three of us, Heather is the only with evidence.

Dawn: And also that out of the three of us she could easily choose the guards.

Geoff: Really? But wasn’t Scarlett the lea-

Scarlett: Yes I was temporarily, but everyone in IMA can attest that I didn’t care about the guard placement and that I told everyone to pick instead while I was just going back to the cabin to rest.

Cody: She isn’t lying although I didn’t really do anything,


Brick: Oh yeah, I remember Scarlett got so mad at us when we said we didn’t have a final pick after she came back. We were scrambling until we finally arrived to a protocol we will follow.

Courtney: It sounds like you tried to skirt your responsibilities towards other, when we come back your position will be revoke immediately.

Scarlett: I doubt that stupid organization will even be around when this is all over!

Noah: So it looks like we can at least claim Scarlett isn’t likely to be the culprit due to not being around when the guards were chosen.

Max: Ohoho…couldn’t my assistant just made the plan after seeing the guards because being my apprentice this should be nothing but child’s play.

Scarlett: You shut-up you imbecile!!!

Bridgette: But he has a point. Scarlett you can still be the killer.

Dawn: I think you’ve strayed of topic towards petty squabbling. Because Scarlett while a volatile and unlikeable human…

Scarlett: You flatter me! I hope you keep that in mind.

Dawn: She isn’t the main suspect of the murder. That would be Heather who is the one among us three that has evidence against them.

Heather: But they brought up that it can still be Scarlett, so don’t think of voting me just yet.

Duncan: Not until we can narrow down the culprit among you three which is always a pain in solving a murder.

Cameron: Base on the information, scientifically the order of suspicion of the three suspects is Heather, Dawn and then Scarlett.

Cody: But we can’t vote yet until were certain about the culprit.

Tyler: Looks like we’ll need more in order to find the guy, but don’t think you’ll get away because were like a wolf pack! Awooohh!!!

Eva: I just want this trial over with so I can go back to sleep.

Oh yeah, has it been that long already?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Brick Remote, Lightning’s Testimony, Sam’s Testimony, Heather’s Testimony

Harold: Now we have to identify who among the three is the culprit. Is it Dawn, Scarlett or Heather?

Noah: The only reason that there the main suspects is that they were members of IMA.

Sam: And from my testimony we can deduce the killer has to be a girl. Courtney was excluded because I was in her room when the killer came to change clothes.

Scott: Which ruins your reputation Sam, if you had any to begin with!

Samey: Scott, you shouldn’t say things like that. He already loss someone important so he doesn’t any more pain.

Zoey: We should focus on the topic on hand instead of Sam. Which is to find any evidence against the three…although I wish there was none.

Topher: Someone could have saw one of the three doing something suspicious, although we wouldn’t need to if we had cameras to watch.

Bridgette: At least be glad this isn’t be broadcast around the world like Total Drama. You think maybe one of them left a vital clue in the crime scene.

Scott: We would have found that earlier if there was one.

Lightning: Man why do you all focus on that, you should start thinking about how I got out and maybe that will find us the killer.

Duncan: Can you just keep your ego in check for a few hours Lightning, our lives are in the line. Guess your too stupid not to realize that.

So I need more evidence if I want to show that Heather did the crime, but the problem is what can I use. Heather was careful in not leaving evidence behind seeing how much clues we lack.

Solution: Brick Remote – how I got out

Gwen: I think so to!!!


Gwen: Your right, we should all focus on Lightning.

Zoey: Don’t even try, the moment we give him any attention he is never going to shut-up.

Mike: Just ignore him so we can find the killer already.

Gwen: Actually there is a clue about the identity of the killer in the incident with Lightning.

Lightning: Sha-finally someone notice me! I told you we’ll find the killer if you-

Gwen: But this is something we won’t find listening to Lightning.

Lightning: Sha-what!? I take back what I said.

Gwen: Whatever, the thing we need to check in order to find the killer was the one thing the person use in order to free Lightning.

Brick: It’s got to be the remote for the prison. That’s pretty much the only thing that controls the cells.

Duncan: If your thinking about looking for fingerprints then forget it. We don’t have anything to help us with that.

Sam: It’s not really the remote itself but how it was destroyed.

Gwen: Sam is right, the thing is the killer destroyed the remote by stomping it. Leaving a very specific type of shoe print on the remote.

Dawn: Hopefully it isn’t a pair of snickers because if it were it would point to me.

Scarlett: You better not say it was flats!

Gwen: Oh it’s not. Hey Heather, what type of shoes your wearing?

Heather: !...Heels…why do you ask?

Gwen: Funny enough the marks left on the to make a guess Lindsay: It’s heels!!! It has to be heels!

Topher: Why else do you think it could be!?

Courtney: Looks like we have another clue that points at you Heather, got anything to say about it?

Heather: Th-…this is circumstantial! You have nothing to prove it was me who did it!

Looks like I’m getting close. Heather losing her cool is going to make my claim much more believable now.

Heather: If you want to vote for me then you better show proof! You think I’m just going to give up because you losers think it’s me then your wrong!!!

Bridgette: I wouldn’t start acting like Heather, because this isn’t going to help your case.

LeShawna: To be honest Heather, I didn’t think even you would sink this low. I mean you’re as bad as a grizzly bear but I never thought of you as a killer.

Heather: Shut-up!!! Shut-up!!! You better listen to me or else were all dead!

Noah: I think listening to you will actually kill us!

Heather: You be quiet!!! It’s not like this is over yet!!!

Scarlett: Nope it’s not, until we remember something about the cabins which out of us three will only point to you.

Owen: Really? Is there something special about the girl’s cabin.

Scarlett: You could say that, but didn’t you guys have the same thing.

Katie: I have no idea what’re your talking about. Is it girl’s secret because I would love to hear it.

Scarlett: No it’s not. It’s just something about the arrangement of the cabin which makes me understand why Heather is really likely to be the culprit!

Heather: Don’t try to say any lies! There isn’t anything about the cabins that can point to me!

Rodney: I still kind of want to hear it. Not saying your not pretty to Heather, but I-

Heather: Ewww!!! Gross!!!

Scarlett: Look just remember Sam’s testimony and have the mindset I told you, then you’ll notice something about the killer that also point Heather.

Sam: How does my testimony help!? Not saying it isn’t flattering but even I’m confuse.

Gwen: Hold on! Are you talking to me?

Samey: I think you she is. If it’s me then sorry, but since I was asleep for so long I don’t remember to much about the cabin and it’s arrangement.

Scarlett: Don’t worry, Gwen will jog your memory. Aren’t you going to Gwen?

Courtney: You know you could just tell us straight Scarlett. Why do you have to be so vague about it.

Scarlett: It just amuses me to see all of you solve things that I already figured out.

Scott: Show off. No wonder I don’t like scientific guys like you.

Gwen: Well I think I know what Scarlett is talking about but I have to get my head straight in order to explain it well.

Jasmine: Take your time, we don’t need to rush this otherwise we might become prey to a certain bear.

Monokuma: Are you talking about me?

Just think, something about arrangement of the cabins can show more proof that it can still be Heather and it has something to do with Sam’s testimony. I really need to think this through.


1) What can I tell about the kill base on what Sam said?

(The killer’s room/Courtney’s room/The killer’s appearance/The killer’s fashion sense)

2) What do we know about the killer’s room?

(The design/The floor level/The smell/The belongings inside)

3) What floor does the killer stay in?


4) What is so special about the 1st floor that can help find the killer?

(Rich People Live Their/Good Looking People Live Their/Original Cast Members Live Their)

Answer: The killer’s room, The floor level, 1st, Original Cast Member Live Their

Gwen: Now I understand!!!


Gwen: I see what your trying to say Scarlett, we can find the killer base on where they live in!

Duncan: Base on where they live? How can you tell that?

Gwen: Well Sam’s testimony itself was what gave me the clue about the killer’s room.

Sam: Oh, when I said I smelled blood. I understand now, the reason I smelled that for a while there was because the killer was changing nearby.

Courtney: Which means the killer has to be someone who lives near my room!

Jasmine: Great! Do you know who these three does?

Courtney: Grr! I didn’t memorize the location of everyone’s room so I can’t help you there.

Shawn: And you criticize us for the smallest reason, you wouldn’t be a great leader in the zombie apocalypse.

Scarlett: But that’s OK Courtney, we can already who lives near there base on the arrangement we had for the cabin.

Katie: That’s funny because I don’t remember having an arrangement.

Zoey: But I do! The arrangement was that those from the original cast would stay in the first floor while the rest stayed in the second!

Tyler: Your not the only ones who had that arrangement, we had it as well so we can have the party boy ready for parties in the floor. Am I right Geoff!?

Geoff: You are right my brother!!! Woohoo!!!

Bridgette: People in the 1st floor are those from the ori…but out of the three suspects!

Gwen: Looks like she realizes how this could help find killer of the case.

Bridgette: The only one among the three suspects that was part of the original cast…was Heather!!!

Heather: This can’t be happening!!!

Anne-Marie: Looks like you’re the killer Heather! How could you do this to them, I mean I know they were jerks but they were still a person.

Heather: I didn’t! I didn’t kill anybody!

I don’t think freaking out will be helping your case out.

Gwen: Do we even need to discuss further, looks like we know who the killer is.

LeShawna: To think that I though you would never kill someone, I guess I was wrong.

Courtney: With that, you’re out of the group Heather. Can’t do anything because after this your execution will come.

Cody: I…I just wish no more execution would happen anymore. Why is this happening!?

Courtney: I don’t know, but like or not this is how our imprisonment works. There is nothing we can do for now!



Heather: Were not done yet, when you haven’t proven a single thing!

Gwen: Not proven a single thing, we already proven more than enough that you have to be the killer.

Heather: With what!? Where I stay and what group I’m apart of!?

Gwen: Unfortunately yes, because you’re the only one who was part of those two factors you’re the only possible killer in this case.

Heather: Funny, because if I recall all you have is circumstantial evidence! Until you have something decisive I’m not going to stop denying!


Evidence: Amy’s Body

Heather: I can’t believe how stupid you all are.’ Heather: You realize all the evidence…

Heather: That pointed at me…

Heather: Aren’t decisive even in the slightest!!!

Heather: So if you all want to die then vote for me.’

Heather: But we all know none of us wants to die.

Gwen: Don’t give me that Heather, if we don’t vote for you then we will all be executed!!!

Heather: You really believe it was me.

Heather: Yet nothing would point to me as the culprit.

Heather: Besides there isn’t any motive for me to commit murder.

Heather: So looks like your argument is invalid.

Heather: As expected from a loser like you!

She really thinks that I will be convince that she won’t be the killer with an argument like this? Well I hate to break it to you but this argument won’t work against me!

Solution: Amy’s Body – nothing would point to me as the culprit.

Gwen: Don’t underestimate me!!!


Gwen: Don’t think so Heather! There is something that can point you as the culprit in this murder.

Heather: Shut-up!!!There shouldn’t be anything that can point as me as the culprit!!!

Scott: Shouldn’t? It sounds like you really did kill them Heather.

Heather: Be quiet! You don’t know what your talking about! Everyone here is crazy, not me!!!

Gwen: Sorry disappoint you Heather, but your wrong again. We know you’re the killer and if Amy’s body told us something, she left a clue behind before she died.

Topher: Are you serious? There was a clue? I saw the body but I didn’t notice any clues at all.

Gwen: It wasn’t obvious, but thanks to a certain assistant I manage to notice it.

Sam: Hey, it’s the least I can do. I got to keep my promise to Dakota to stay alive.

At least I know he won’t be committing any murders soon enough,.

Gwen: Now it’s time to show what this evidence Amy left in order to expose the killer’s identity!!!

Heather: You have no idea what your talking about! I’m not the killer!

Samey: Gwen, do it! Please avenge my sister so she can finally rest in peace.

Gwen: I will, although I wish it didn’t have to come down to this.

Time to end this case and show Heather why she must be the culprit!

P.T.A (VS Heather)

Heather: Shut-up!!!

Heather: Whatever loser!!!

Heather: Just leave me alone!

Heather: At least I'm popular.

Heather: You have no proof.

Heather: You can't do this to me!

Heather: I love to see you try!!!

Heather: Just give up already Gwen!


Heather: You can't connect me at all to the murder! Nothing in the crime scene could ever point to me!!!


RECENTLY            MARK


Solution: Recently Made Scratch Mark

Gwen: This is over!!!


Gwen: Your right Heather, there isn't any decisive evidence we can find in the crime scene.

Heather: Finally you give me a break! At least-

Gwen: But that is because the decisive evidence was on you the entire time!

Beardo: On you, don't you mean with you?

Gwen: No I mean on you, it something we can find on her that will prove that she was the killer.

Brick: What would that be?\

Gwen: I'll just let you all solve this case yourself. The hint is that there was something we found on Amy's body.

Shawn: Was it extra blood, which would mean she was attack by a newly made zombie or she injured the killer.

Jasmine: Unfortunately Shawn, the only blood we found was from the wound Amy had so that isn't it.

Mike: If were not looking for blood then what else do we need to find?

Izzy: The nails! I remember how those super long nails had skin underneath them like a wolverine I met in my last summer camp.

Courtney: Now I recall, looks like Amy did put up a fight which ended up injuring the killer a little.

Samey: It's a good thing to so she can be avenge.

Duncan: Now all we have to do is search Heather and see if she scratch marks on her.

Samey: I'll do it in order to see for myself if she really did kill my sister.

Katie: And while we at it, we might as well search each other in order to make sure no else has a scratch mark.

Heather: This sucks...


Gwen: Looks there was a scratch mark Heather, right underneath your elbow. Explain why you have it!

Heather: Like I need, if you want an explanation then make one yourself.

Noah: While your at it, please explain how the entire case went down.

Gwen: Don't need to remind me, after all we need to use this case in order to make sure no murders would happen in the future.

Zoey: I hope that happens.


Let's start this by going over how this entire dilemma began and that is the creation of IMA. Courtney, seeing Jasmine as an incapable leader wanted to take control and in order to increase her chances of doing so, she formed a council like group which take control of the entire group. That was IMA! Unfortunately for her though, one of the members of thr group was the killer of today's case and would later use her own position as an advantage to make this murder possible.

Then the day before happened, a warning from the Sabotuer was announce and in turn made Courtney paranoid about another murder happening under her own leadership. But she should realize that people she should be worried about isn't the Sabotuer and instead it should be one of her IMA members. The member used the plan Courtney had in order to counter the Sabotuer's claim in order to instigate their own murder. Due to the party being held in one area and a few other people were place far away from the location in order to guard, the killer knew that this was perfect opportunity to kill someone while everyone was in one big location.

Yesterday's meeting occurred and now a murderer made their first move in the over-arching scheme they have devist. That was to place the correct guards in the tree house in order to make it possible to murder one of them. Due to Courtney's being absent from the meeting it became quiet easy for the killer to convince the other members of IMA to pick the guards she wanted. Those were Eva, Sugar and Harold.

Now the day of the murder has arrived and the killer ready for action. They first set-up the traps they needed in order to take out the guards and reach her target, that being Sugar. Placing the cologne near the position of Harold and mirror in a specific location in order to reflect the sunlight to the cologne and in turn evaporate it leaving Harold to smell it's scent, which would be bad because of his allergies. Then placing a near by bucket of water and in their possesion having a tazer ready to electrocute Sugar, this made the murder something unusual. And to finally take out the last guard which was Eva, she had ready a gun and a certain person as bait.

When the party finally arrived, the killer snuck out in order to commit their crime. Most likely they left a few before the sunlight would reach the mirror and in turn evaoparate the cologne so that they could do this plan without anyone noticing the tricks. They also gave Courtney jello to give to Max which would make him go unconscious and make it easy for him to be use for the killer's plan. Lastly they broke the brick remote to release Lightning in order to activate the Body Discovery Annoucement when he and whoever gave pursuit inevitably ran to the body.

The murder phase is here and soon the deaths was coming. The cologne turned into air which made Harold allergies react and get knock out. Then having Max with them, they place a gun in his hand and then activated a pair of fire crackers inside the tree house to make Eva mistake them as gunshot. It doesn't hurt the fact that the killer placed a fake bullet hole on the curtain to make this more convincing. As the killer predicted, Eva searched and saw Max with the gun and then gave chase to him. This left Sugar alone and ready to be killed.

The killer readied their move and used boiling water in order to lure out Sugar.She became attracted due to the culprit using something in order to make the water smell like steak, this was the main reason she was lured out. Not surprising that she would drink it, but this became fatal since the killer place sleeping medicine in it which like it said force her to sleep. Now ready to be killed, the culprit placed Sugar inside the metal cabinet and then threw water on her. The killing blow occured and Sugar was electrocuted until she had a heart attack which ended up killing her. Thanks to that murder she had receive the reward Monokuma promise, the cure to Samey's coma.

Probably the culprit's intention to wake-up Samey was to create a third person to discover the body, however this is where the downfall of the killer ironically came. When she saw injecting the cure, Amy the twin sister of Samey arrived and mistaken this for a threat against her sister. It make sense seeing that Amy might have seen the body of Sugar. This lead to a struggle between the two and as a result Amy was killed near Samey, but was able to disrupt the killer by giving scratch marks to the killer and covering them with blood. Without this it might have not been possible to point the crime to the right person.

Now with the murder done, the killer now needed to remove the blood on them. Since the everyone should be in the party, the killer just went straigth to the cabin in order to take a shower and change their clothes. Little did they know someone was their in the cabin which gave us a vital testimony to prove her intended scapegoat which was Courtney was not the culprit. After the shower, the killer needed to dispose the bloody clothes so they burned it and after this the killer returned to the party waiting for the Body Discovery Annoucement to play.

Out of the clever plan the killer, made we were able to deduce the culprit to one person...

Scene: Gwen and the killer glaring at each other

Gwen: Why not you confess Heather!? This Class Trial is over!!!

Scene: Heather is revealed to be the killer


Courtney: I am disappointed Heather, even I though you wouldn't do something like this.

Heather: Bite me.

Cody: We can already tell who to vote, sorry to do this.

Heather: Don't be, I loss and you won. This is how the game the works, at least make sure the mastermind doesn't get away with this.

Samey: We would have even if you never told us.

Scene: A slot machine plays and it keeps spinning until landing on three faces of Heather. The signs say guilty glows indicating we were right!


- When confronted why she did it, Heather confess the only reason was because Courtney was preparing a plan to kill which Courtney tries to deny. Everyone doesn't believe her except Gwen and Samey who thinks this might be a set-up. Heather also said that since she was an outsider, due to her ally Alejandro gone, she felt that she became an easy target for murder.

- Heather explained that her main reason for picking Sugar was because she was disgusted by her. She admits that while she is main, she isn't cruel to the point Sugar is and wants to get rid of her because of that.

- Then the reason while she healed Samey, was simply to make it easier for Monokuma to be taken down with her around. This was just in case that she got caught, like now. She almost apologize for what happened to Amy and Samey while still angry says that while Heather is still to blame she was to point all this anger to Monokuma.

- Just as before Heather gets executed, Monokuma wanted to say something. It was a letter from the Sabotuer which explains how this entire incident occurred.







- After hearing this, everyone became angry at the Sabotuer but nothing can be done. Monokuma says now with that over the execution was about to occur. Heather reacted angry saying that she couldn't accept it without knowing the Sabotuer's identity. Monokuma says he doesn't care and readies the execution. He presses the gavel to begin it and before Heather could say something else, she looked shock and said her final words.

Heather: It was you all this time??? Why???


Scene: Monokuma presses the gavel and in the scree shows an 8-bit Monokuma pulling away a 8-bit Heather with the words guilty flashing down below.

While we were confuse about Heather's strange look, the floor underneath Heather became a conveyor belt and it move so fast that it moved Heather to a door at the baclk in a blink of an eye. Last we can see from Heather was a really intense glare towards someone we couldn't tell. Was it the Sabotuer?

In the screen showed Heather, who was on the conveyor belt still but it was now off. In the edge of the conveyor belt was the entrance to a volcano in Hawaii. We can already tell what his execution is, and if you didn't then seeing Monokuma in a Tribal Hawaiin costume should say it straigth. Not to mention the pineapples and the old and worn out fashion accesories behind him which we all knew what he was going to do with them.

The belt turned on and Heather began to run and run in order for her not to enter the volcanin doom awaiting her. Monokuma knew that her remaining there wouldn't be exciting enough for him, so he began throwing the pineapples and fahion accersories to her. She was able to dodge them without problem at first even though a few times she was hit square in the head. However the belt now running faster and faster it was inevitable Heather would meet her doom.

However it looks like Monokuma didn't want the death to come from the lava but by his own hands so he made a change of plans in his attack. He bagan to throw razors instead what I mention earlier. They kept bouncing up and down on the conveyor belt and in turn made Heather more worried due to there unpredictable nature. Then the moment came, one of the razors thrown persoanly by Monokuma hit Heather on the face soon the screen was splattered with blood. We saw Heather now not moving with her face bleeing profoundlessly. Monokuma kick it and began to do a Hawaiin dance with other Monokumas celebrating the death of Heather our latest killer.

- With the execution over, we all returned in our rooms to rest. It was night and before I could go to bed me, Sam and Samey vowed to find the Sabotuer although Samey seems more focus on preventing the Sabotuer's action then discovering their identity.

- In the guys cabin everyone was still shock about what happen however in the back you can see Brick looking serious. He said this line to end the Chapter.

Brick: This is war, and I'm not holding back!!!

Thanks for reading. The next Chapter will be up in a few days from now. Comment down below about what you think of the series so far and stay tune to this next chapter. Here is a little preview.

???: Why did the indoor pool building light on fire!? Oh my God!!! Is that person on the rooftop!!!??? Why is this happeneing!?

Reason I pick Heather: To be honest it came out first when I was thinking about a person who ca be consider revelant to the plot, would be capable of killing off Amy and someone who I would think is an obvious survivor. Heather fit all criteria so I pick her, also I think while she can still be important in the plot I feel if I do that, she might end up being a survivor and that was way too obvious so she needed to be a killer. Besides you got to admit that Heather is someone anyone can see as a killer.

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