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If you guys have no idea what Danganronpa is then here is the synopsis. Students who excel in a certain talent are trap in a location (depends on the game) by an evil bear name Monokuma. Monokuma told them they can never leave unless one of them kill another student without getting caught. Once a murder has happen then a Class Trial will take place where the students must discuss and argue in order to find out the murderer among them. After the Class TriaL they will vote on who the killer is. If they guess right then the murderer gets executed and the rest returns to their imprisonment, but guessing wrong means the killer is set free but everyone else gets executed in their place.

So how this will work is simple. Just vote on a student on who you want to die.


When a murder happens I'll make a set-up with the victim of your choice and personally pick th killer. (You can make suggestion on how the murder happens and who could be the killer but you must have valid points and frankly I may not use them for the first case since I have one in mind already.)

Also I already have a premeditated choice on the mastermind's identity and that the game will end once their identity is revealed. Of course my choice is not going obvious but I would like you guys try to guessing still on who it is. If any circumstances the mastermind was chosen as the victim then naturally the mastermind will fake their death, but try framing someone as a scapegoat. Maybe a fan favorite or the second highest person who got votes.

After the murder, I'll present evidence which you must piece together to understand the murder and find out who the culprit is. Then vote down below and if one of you guys get it right then the culprit is goodbye. One vote is needed to get the right culprit since a majority vote maybe too unfair.

If however the culprit choice was incorrect then I'll tell you guys are wrong and as a consequence I'll kill of two characters. The victim of your choosing and my personal choice. (So be warn fan-favorites might oay for what you did)

This will last until their 8-14 survivors. It's a mystery I would like you all try to solve. In fact I'll give hints on the mastermind after every trial. You can give suggestion if you want so don't be shy if you have a murder plan in your hand but personal PM me so no can learn it if I use it.

Events will also be presented to tell a story so it could help you determine who to die and who to live. Note victim choice and change some events but in the end the plans for mastermind will always push through.

So to make the quick summary:

1) Vote on the person you want to be the victim

2) I'll make a mystery with the victim and you must determine who the killer through the evidence I provide

3) Voting incorrect means a favorite might kick the bucket as consequence. Voting correct means will go on the system

4) The mastermind is pre-determine so no changes their.

5) Suggestion are fine but please send it through a PM.

6) Events will posted to explain the story after every voting.

Looks like two deaths occured with this time being LeShawna and Rodney after a mysterious blackout and a random fire. But that isn't the strangest thing as both bodies were discovered in the cabins they weren't suppose to be at. Rodney in the girl's cabin and LeShawna's in the boys. What does that mean and who could the culprit be behind this?


RODNEY DEAD 15th Victim
GEOFF DEAD 8th Killer
TOPHER DEAD 14th Victim
DJ DEAD 7th Killer
MIKE DEAD 12th Victim
AMY DEAD 10th Victim
SUGAR DEAD 9th Victim
SADIE DEAD 5th Killer
JO DEAD 8th Victim
BETH DEAD 7th Victim
DAVE DEAD 4th Killer
B DEAD 6th Victim
DAKOTA DEAD 3rd Killer
SIERRA DEAD 4th Victim
ELLA DEAD 2nd Victim
JUSTIN DEAD 1st Killer
STACI DEAD 1st Victim
No.Alive 26


Monokuma File 09:

Victim: LeShawna

Cause of Death: Shot in the heart from the front.

Time of Death: 12:15 AM

Additional: While no drugs or medicine was found, the death was instant.

Victim: Rodney

Cause of Death: Heavy blood loss due to stabbing from the front.

Time of Death: 12: 16 AM

Additional Info: He was stab once in the front. No traces of drugs or medicine can be found.

Location of Bodies: For some strange reason both victims were found in the opposite cabin they were suppose to be.

Cameron's Testimony: He was found unconscious near LeShawna's dead body. He said that he was checking something at the attic, but somebody attack him from behind.

Cameron's Watch: Cameron's watch broke when he was struck. It stopped at 12:15 AM.

Walkie-Talkie: A walkie-talkie was found held on LeShawna' hand. The signal of it is only strong enough to reach a radius of 1km.

Boy Cabin Safe: The safe of the boys was open when Harold found LeShawna's body. He said that it was suppose to have been close every night and someone would check on it after dinner.

Safe's Password: The safe's password was 4157 and that the reason it was open was because someone input the code.

Empty Container: One of the safe's container was empty despite being labelled Sabotuer:E. The way it was open was through the key.

Wall of the Safe: One of the walls inside the safe has a handprint on it made out of grease. In this place it was made, it look somebody could lean on the door to hide themselves.

Rope in the Chimney: A huge bundle of rope was found inside the dirty and suty chimney. It looks like it was place there recently due to not having any dust like the chimney and also since the rope made a giant circle.

Strange Smell: The smell of oil could be smell in the chimney, but it look like the oil might have dried up since it can't be seen.

Duncan's Testimony: When the blackout occured it was 12:30 AM and it was the exact same time that the girl's had a blackout to.

Max's Testimony: While trying to search the night googles inside the emergency station they have, he heard a loud crash outside but couldn't see it since a wall was blocking him from the noise.

Shawn's Testimony: He was the one who found the night googles along with Beardo. Both were station in the windows to see if anyone was outside the entire night. They only left for a moment while trying to get the night googles and understanding the situation.

Owen's Testimony: Five minutes before the blackout happen, he though he heard noises coming from the basement but when the blackout occured it stop or maybe it was there but all the screaming made it hard to hear.

Rodney's Bullet: While searching inside Rodney's room we found some bullets. They look like rubber bullets at first, but Scarlett notives they are live rounds, just design to look harmless.

Rodney's Schedule: It seems Rodney always go to the basement everynight for 10 minutes a day and an eye-witness account from Scott says he always put his left arm in his pocket.

Burned Remains: The so called body that was on fire turned out to be fake yet the reason this happen is unknown. The fake body has a wig for some reason.

Candle Wick Line: Some burn remains of a giant line of candle wick could be found near the place the fake body was burning. It look like the way the candle wick was made was thoough waxing together wicks from many candles.

Jasmine's Testimony: It seems that Jasmine lost the keys of the musuem when she was busy managing it. The only people who could have done it were people inside the musuem.

Underground Wires: The wires leading to both cabins were dug up and pierce. This was likely the cause of the blackout.

Pickaxe and Shovel: Two items meant to be hidden inside the maze was revealed to been the one blocking the doors. They seem to have been dirty due to having mad.

Back Window: While everyone was busy checking out the fire the back part of the girl's cabin window was open. No one seem to ahve went there according to Zoey.

Lindsay's Testimony: While she was looking a way back to her room after everyone got there way out of the cabin, she though she saw Rodney's ghost going to the attic.

Laundry Line: The only thing conecting to the two cabins was this, nothing related to the case, but something Dawn brought up.

Spear: The weapon that killed Rodney was an antique spear, but there was never one inside the girl's attic.

Blood on the Spear: Due to the bad condition of the handle, the spear is brittle and a tiny bit of blood is found on it.

Izzy's Incident: While the fake body was burning, Izzy tried to put out the fire using her skirt. It just burnt it and Izzy told everyone there not to say a word of it again.

Scott's Testimony: Everytime he goes to check the supplies at the maze, he always get spooked because of the camera stationed there.

LeShawna's Note: A note was found inside the room which says. "Rememebr 4167".

Bridgette's Testimony: It seem LeShawna was upset for not really doing anything to contribute for the group which is why she kept saying she'll volunteer for any work.

Can you guess who the killer could be? Please leave any speculation below and stay tune for the next part of Total Drama Danganronpa!!!

Looks like this may take a while to update so I have something ready. Round two in making an OC character for RR, please leave it in the comments below but I would prefer if the entree is new instead of one made before. However I'm not abandoning that notion so don't be afraid to do it if you have no choice. Anyway good luck!!!


Monokuma: Welcome back to the Class Trial! Just a reminder but your all here to try find the killer behind the deaths of your two classmates. Because if you all fail, then everyone here will be executed! No question ask!

Gwen: Except the killer, we get it. Now can we start the trial?

Monokuma: It’s up to you, I’m just here to watch you all fa-…I mean do your best!

Cameron: That really helps in our confidence issues.

Lindsay: Oh look it's Geoff and he has four pizzas making an X shape, how romantic!

Bridgette: It's not when you know that is proof he was a killer, although it had no pizza involve.

Brick: I hate to say this my friend but we have a duty to fulfill. Mourning for the dead can wait until the battle is over.

Trent: So how do we do this? I mean we have two victims this time then one, twice the thing we need to talk about then last time.

Jasmine: Then we take this one at a time, first we should talk about LeShawna.

Beardo: Why her and not Rodney?

Jasmine: As much as Rodney was a good boy, LeShawna should be prioritize first since she did die first out of the two.

Harold: And also it’s LeShawna! She should always have first priority!

Duncan: We get it, you love LeShawna and avenge her death as soon as possible. It’s not like panicking is going to help at all.

Zoey: You should listen to him Harold, I can attest to that since I learned it in the hard way.

Katie: Yeah with the trial Mike died.

Samey: So what about LeShawna are we going to talk about? Her circumstances or what she’s been doing?

Jasmine: I would say how she was killed, I mean why was she in the guys dorm that night.

Cameron: Yeah, that’s something I’ve been wondering to.

And now begins the trial we need to overcome in order for all of us to survive.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 09, LeShawna’s Note, Safe’s Password, Cameron’s Watch

Duncan: So why was LeShawna in the guys dorm that night, I don’t see her having a reason to do it.

Harold: Maybe it was to meet me! Oh LeShawna how considerate of you-

Katie: Not likely, I mean LeShawna was supposed to be guarding the girl’s cabin that night. If she really wanted to meet you she could just arrange something tomorrow.

Zoey: Now you think about it, doesn’t that mean she left her shift?

Scott: Yes it does, but we have no idea what reason could it be.

Bridgette: It had to be that something came up and it required LeShawna to leave her duty. More likely then not it must be something happening that night. Something we might trace with a clue she might have left behind.

Lindsay: Maybe it was Taylor and Cody’s plan to-

Cody: Woah there! Me and Tyler were already caught so even trying it was pointless. I mean as long as girls were watching the window we couldn’t push through.

Tyler: So it can’t be us! At least I don’t think, maybe LeShawna was suspicious on us and tried to check on us, but it’s not like there is evidence to support it. Also I just realize what Lindsay said…

Izzy: Don’t sweat it, it’s not like this is the first time it happened. You should get use to it.

Eva: A lot of things did happen tonight so it could be one of those things. The fire or the blackout, maybe LeShawna started them so then good riddance!

Gwen: But is there a reason for LeShawna to do that? There was never a motive or any incident with LeShawna so I can’t see her doing it.

Noah: That was all probably the killer’s work, which means it doesn’t help us find out why LeShawna went there! Just great…

So why was LeShawna in there? Well there is something we know LeShawna was curious about if this clue is saying something.

Solution: LeShawna’s Note – trace with a clue

Samey: Your correct!!!


Samey: I found this while searching LeShawna’s room. This may not look much but it clearly connects something to the crime scene.

Sam: Well, well it’s a bunch of number. Most likely a code like one of those mystery game ones!

Beardo: You mean those awesome one with hidden rooms, there *royal horns*

Sky: Well that makes sense seeing that codes are usually four numbered, but there is only one thing we know that has four digital password.

Owen: You mean my treasure chest! But this isn’t the password though, it was 1132 the number of how I did in my first two seasons of Total Drama.

Max: No is interested in hearing your rabbling big eater! Only the voices of power can speak!

Sky: Well other then Owen’s treasure chest there is something we know related to the case that could be the password of this. Do you guys know what it is?

Samey: It’s the safe Sky, the safe of the boy’s cabin.

Zoey: It does make sense seeing how the safe was open when we got there. So were saying LeShawna opened the safe.

Dawn: Let’s not jump to conclusions yet, whether LeShawna opened the safe or not can’t be answered as of now only time will tell.

Izzy: Haha. You talk funny like me, we should be friends!

Harold: So the main reason my beloved LeShawna went to the boy’s cabin was for the safe in the attic. And I honestly though that it was because she wanted to see me.

Duncan: Maybe in your dreams lover boy, now we should still focus in finding the killer because I want to be alive tomorrow.

Sam: Don’t be so mean to him, he lost someone her cared about to.

Scott: Since no one saw LeShawna going to the cabin or get inside, I think it’s likely that she got in through the chimney on the roof.

Shawn: By the time we were not yet posted it could have happen seeing we were standing guard only a minute before the murder.

Beardo: OK, we found out that LeShawna reason for being there is the safe and how she got in the attic but now what?

Cameron: Now we figure out what happens next and understand how all of this lead to a murder.

Scarlett: Yes, how all of this lead to the killer killing LeShawna and doing more crimes.

Scarlett can be pretty creppy when she’s figuring something out. Hopefully she doesn’t end up being a killer herself.

Lightning: What are you slowpokes waiting for!? Let’s get the show on the road already!!!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Monokuma File 09, Bridgette’s Testimony, Owen’s Testimony, Boy’s Cabin Safe

Jasmine: So what we know so far is that LeShawna went to the cabin last night, because of the safe the guys had.

Beardo: You can tell since there is no sign that she was *dragging noise*.

Duncan: And even if she was moved, there is no way someone could carry her all the way to the attic without any of the guys noticing.

Zoey: Unless they were using the chimney, but then again wouldn’t it be difficult to drag a body up there and not get caught.

Shawn: So it’s confirm the reason she was there was because of the safe, but it confuses me why she would need that safe.

Scarlett: I doubt it matters anymore about why she was there since it’s clear to all of us what happened to her when she arrived.

Harold: Yes…someone must have known she was coming and then ambush her in order to kill her! They shot her in the back!!!

Max: What a disgraceful thing they did!? Trying to one up me in becoming evil!!!

Jasmine: We don’t need to hear that!

Everyone believes that LeShawna did go to the cabin last night by her own choice, which has a lot of evidence backing it up. But they didn’t realize this was not yet enough evidence to understand the truth!

Solution: Monokuma File 09 – shot her in the back!!!

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: But Harold, when LeShawna was shot it was from the front, the Monokuma file said here.

Harold: Wait it did!!! …LeShawna I made a terrible mistake!!! Forgive me!!!

Cameron: Well that goes out the idea of this being a planned ambush. I honestly thought this is what happened.

Noah: It’s not yet impossible guys, there is a chance this happen out of an ambush.

Duncan: But if it were, they would have shot her in the back.

Noah: Have you ever heard of turning around? Because if you did then you should get where I’m coming from.

Tyler: LeShawna came in the attic like we said earlier and then she was ambush by the killer but not immediately.

Brick: Hmmph…I can see this happening but not yet sure if this is the truth.

Zoey: I guess we need to talk more about this in order to find the truth.

Cameron: Yeaaaah…

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Safe’s Password, Monokuma File 09, Location of the Bodies, Cameron’s Testimony, LeShawna’s Note

Harold: From what we can see, it looks like the murder still happened at the guy’s cabin. I mean there is a lack of evidence suggesting otherwise.

Katie: The difficulty of dragging LeShawna’s body through the chimney and the big risk of having someone witness you.

Bridgette: And it’s pretty much confirm that LeShawna that had to have gone to the guy’s cabin herself otherwise this wouldn’t have happen.

Brick: But little did she know someone knew about her coming in and planned the murder ahead of time. If only she was more careful…

Samey: Yeah, but how would somebody even know that she was going to be there? I don’t think she ever said it to anyone.

Shawn: They could easily find evidence in her room like the note.

Scott: That is a good point, and that also helps Noah’s idea. That the killer waited for the LeShawna to come and when she turned and saw the killer, she was shot.

Eva: The only reason I could think of for them to do that was to have a good chance to get a instant kill.

Cameron: Yeah…what a shame, at least nothing else happened

Cameron don’t think I forgotten what happen to you. It’s not that only the murder happen, but the incident involving you.

Solution: Cameron’s Testimony – nothing else happened…

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Cameron that isn’t true is it?

Cameron: What is not true? That I didn’t do anything.

Scarlett: Yes and no, we were going to bring up what happen to you but it sounds like you have some sort of involvement in murder, don’t you?

Cameron: T-that’s not true…I didn’t really do anything per say…

Noah: Wait! So do you believe me with what I said?

Samey: Oh I do, but right now I need to focus on Cameron's part then this.

Sky: At least you clear that, I was starting to believe Noah was wrong.

Cameron: Can we forget what were talking about? B-because I had nothing to do with the murder.

That comment of yours isn't helping you Cameron...

Zoey: So something happened that you know, please tell us so we can understand!

Duncan: It’s no use to ask him Zoey, as much as he wants to hide it, we can pretty much tell he was the one who killed LeShawna.

Harold: You! How dare you do such a thing to my-

Cameron: LET ME SPEAK!!!


Cameron: Listen to me everyone, I wasn’t involve in the case! I am telling the truth!

Samey: I’m sorry Cameron but that is something I cannot believe, especially with the way your behaving.

Cameron: Because I’m nervous! Of course anyone would be nervous if they were accuse of being the killer!

Samey: We never said you were the murderer! Just that you know something!!!

Cameron: T-that is wrong and I’ll prove it to you!!!


Evidence: Cameron’s Testimony, Safe’s Password, LeShawna’s Note

Cameron: You have to believe me!!!

Cameron: I didn’t kill LeShawna or Rodney at all!!!

Cameron: I don’t have a reason to kill!

Cameron: And even if I did why would I target both of them?

Cameron: It doesn’t make sense that you would think I was the culprit!!!

Cameron: Don’t you realize that.

Samey: We know that Cameron which is why we are not accusing you as the killer, but a valuable witness for our case.

Cameron: I-I don’t know anything…

Cameron: It’s not like there is a reason!

Cameron: I never talk to LeShawna at all and while I did with Rodney that is still not enough.

Cameron: Please let this go already!

Cameron: I don’t want to get involve in this case as much as I can…

Cameron: Because if they know what I did…they’ll…they’ll…

Cameron really doesn’t want to say anything and if my guess is right, it’s because whatever this is, is something we shouldn’t take lightly. Still the truth needs to come out if we want to survive…

Solution: Cameron’s Testimony – get involve in this case

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Then why were you knocked out in the crime scene Cameron?

Cameron: …Because I stumble in the attic by accident, it was all a coincidence.

Harold: I seriously doubt that, I mean why would anyone ever go to the attic at all without a reason.

Scott: And also I’ve seen you go to there more then once throughout the week.

Cameron: T-that i-is…well…

Zoey: Cameron you know something about the safe, am I right? You were acting so defensive about it a yesterday.

Cameron: …

Sam: She is right, the way you were acting was definitely because of the safe. Everytime some comes near that thing, you start to freak out.

Samey: There not the only one can attest to it, you also did that to me when I was close to the safe.

Duncan: Looks like whatever you know is something very important with the murder. In fact I would think that’s why LeShawna came to the boy cabin that night.

Shawn: Because she was curious about the safe due to how Cameron was acting? That is kind of believable if it was the safe she went there for.

Bridgette: And we have proof of that with that note of her.

Eva: You’ve got something to say with that Cameron?

Cameron: No…I have nothing to say…I have nothing to say…

Beardo: Are you still denying it? The truth is now *pop*!

Cameron: No it’s not *pop* and I’ll show you why! I’ll show you why it’s impossible for me to be involve in this case.

Noah: And how do you plan to do that?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cameron’s Testimony, Boy’s Cabin Safe, Location of the Body, Empty Container

Cameron: I know nothing about the murder!!! I swear!!!

Lindsay: That’s such a bad lie even I know it’s wrong, you do know about the safe. You were found sleeping there.

Cody: Unconscious, not sleeping Lindsay. There is a different between the two.

Cameron: As I said it was only a coincidence that I was in the attic. The only reason I was knocked out was because I witness the murder by accident.

Scarlett: So your saying you don’t know anything about the safe or it’s contents?

Cameron: I don’t know anything! I don’t know the size or weight of the safe, the contents of the shape, the evidence in the safe, the papers found inside the safe or even who use the safe before this happened.

Samey: And to be clear about this, you don’t know anything about LeShawna’s plan to check the safe?

Cameron: I don’t know that either, the fact she had the note, that she was curious about the safe, that she went through the chimney to get to the safe or how she was killed while doing this.

Zoey: I feel like Cameron might have contradict what he just said, I mean isn’t one of the things he mention something he shouldn’t know?

Brick: I agree comrade, only that I don’t know what he said that contradicts himself.

Well then I guess I should listen his words more thoroughly if what they said is right. Just hope it’s something that has some merit to it.

Solution: the evidence inside the safe - Cameron might have contradict what he just said

Samey: I think so too!!!


Samey: Going to take your word for it Zoey since he did mention something he shouldn’t know.

Zoey: I figure seeing how bad Cameron is with lying, which is a good thing by the way.

Cameron: But how am I lying? I didn’t say anything-

Samey: How did you know there was evidence in the safe? You were in the treehouse the entire time we investigated so you had no chance to check the safe.


Tyler: Unless he checked it before the incident which means he had access to the safe.

Owen: But how would he have access to the safe, wouldn’t he need a password? Unless he use his super hacking abilities to open it!!!

Noah: The safe isn’t controlled by computers buddy, he was able to get pass the password because he already knew it.

Cameron: Fine! I knew what was inside the safe, but that was only because it was open! I have nothing else involve here.

Dawn: Why do I doubt the words you speak friend?

Cameron: Huh!?

Dawn: It may be true that what you said could be possible, but as of now you are the one who has complete mastery over the safe.

Gwen: Complete mastery…you mean he’s the one who was using the safe the entire time.

Noah: I would it was obvious seeing how he was acting around it.

Cameron: You don’t have proof!!! I never took the safe for myself.

Dawn: Oh really, not even with the code us for the safe?

Trent: Those code of the safe, how does that help us in proving Cameron was the person behind it.

Noah: Well don’t you notice a certain pattern between the numbers. 4157 and Cameron are connected for a reason.

Scarlett: I see so that’s how it were all connected.

Samey: Scarlett do you know? Mind telling me?

Scarlett: Of course not, I would rather have you learn it yourself since I’m not you baby sitter.

You didn’t have to be mean about it Scarlett, a simple no would have made me feel less like being bullied by Amy.

Harold: So there is a connection between the numbers and Cameron and if we find it then we know for sure Cameron is the person in charge of the safe.

That connection, I need to find it as soon as I can in order for us to move on…or at least for me to move on from my confusion.



Answer: Rank in Season

Samey: I can see it!!!


Samey: Those are the placements of Cameron during Total Drama.

Eva: First in season 4 and 7th in season 5. 4157, and I won’t believe you if you say that it was all a coincidence!

Cameron: Oh no!!!

Bridgette: Looks like we now know the truth, you were the owner of the safe and because we know LeShawna was there for it, that means you are connected to the case.

Cameron: …F-Fine I admit it!!! I am the owner of the safe! I was the person LeShawna was trying to investigate.

Harold: Because of your strange behaviour. Why were you being so paranoid with the safe?!

Cameron: I-I can’t say! If I do then I’ll be killed immediately!!!

Lightning: Well your going to be killed anyway since your about to be executed!!!

Sam: Lightning, what are you trying to say?

Lightning: Are you as stupid as how weak you are? I’m sha-saying that Bubble Boy here is the killer and that’s he…lotive!

Lindsay: You mean motive???

Lightning: Yeah, that whatever it’s called.

Cameron: Guys I am not the killer, I may have lied but I didn’t kill anyone! I didn’t hurt LeShawna or Rodney at all!

Scott: You better have some proof because I really have a hard time with the way your acting.

True his actions may have been very suspicious and he was lying, but for some reason I can’t wrap my head in saying he is the killer right now! I have huge doubts about it!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cameron’s Watch, Cameron’s Testimony, LeShawna’s Note

Lightning: Are you guys idiots? It’s obvious Bubble Boy did it! He’s the deader!

Trent: You mean killer and I don’t know about this accusation…I see your point, but isn’t it too obvious that Cameron did it?

Eva: The killers has always been a pain, they make every murder a massive headache. This guy shouldn’t be any different if he is the murderer.

Max: I however see the facts that Mr.Thunder has brought up. Especially when you analyze the how this weakling been acting the past few days.

Scott: He was very jumpy everytime someone got close to the safe, even violent like that shark was with his gem.

Katie: And we can clearly see his motive, he was so protective about the safe that he wouldn’t let anyone get close. Much less a person trying to investigate it.

Beardo: So when he saw LeShawna, he must have panicked and…no I don’t want to think he *gunshot* her.

Cameron: Your right I did panic, but I also didn’t kill her! I never even had the chance to kill her!!!

Lightning: As if anyone is going to listen to you killer! We all know you stab LeShawna all because you were large in charge with the safe.

Brick: You’ve got it backwards, Rodney was the one who got stab not LeShawna.

So the accusation against Cameron is just out of his attitude and personal bias. I feel your Cameron since that happen to me plenty of time which is why I’ll prove you innocence here.

Solution: Cameron’s Watch – It’s obvious Bubble Boy did it!

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Cameron was unconscious when the murder happened. The watch proves it!

Lightning: How??? That thing just said 12:05 AM so what’s the point?

Bridgette: Lightning, how do you think the watch was broken? Watches just don’t crack without something happening.

Lightning: How should I know??? Sha-Lightning isn’t that wimp!!!

Tyler: This is a guess but it’s most likely because of the attack he received. If he was attack from behind then it’s possible his watch fell hard with him and broke.

Jasmine: And it’s very possible to since he did land on his front where his watch was.

Brick: I see so that’s what proves Cameron’s innocence. He was knock out before the murder happened!!! More specifically at the time of 12:05 AM!!!

Dawn: That is why the chiless man is incorrect with the words he claimed. He should have realize strong voices doesn’t mean strong words.

Sam: Looks like Sha-Lightning has struck out! OOOOOHHHHH!!!

Lightning: You’ve got to be kidding me! No way that I got beaten by a cheerleader!!!

Trent: Don’t worry man, things could have been worse.

Cameron: W-wait!!! Did I just hears that right? That I was innocent and everyone believes it. I can’t believe a miracle just happened.

Scott: DON’T THINK SO!!!


Samey: Another argument, but didn’t I just had one with Cameron.

Harold: I think a lot of people are still confuse about the case since not everything is clear.

Zoey: But that doesn’t mean someone should just interrupt somebody while their talking. That’s not being a gentleman.

Scott: Speak for yourself, now let me talk.

Zoey: Oops! Sorry!!!

Samey: So what do you have problem with what I think?

Scott: Well it’s what you said about Cameron being innocent. I just don’t believe that just yet.

Samey: And why is that?

Scott: Because if he was innocent then who else could kill LeShawna? It’s not like anyone else was there-

You know what I won’t even bother trying to listen to him I’ll just break his argument here…

Solution: Wall of the Safe – anyone else was there-

Samey: I’ll show you!!!

Monokuma: Not following the rules!!!


Scott: I didn’t even get a chance to say anything yet.

Samey: I’m sorry, but what you said is something already wrong. There was a sign someone else was in the room that night.

Cody: Really? What is it then?

Beardo: I’ll explain it instead since even I figured it out when I saw it. There was greasy handprint on the wall of the safe.

Izzy: Thank’s to me you found it! My ability to study my dog has finally paid off!!!

Noah: Are you sure you weren’t born with it, because if you were that would explain a lot.

Scarlett: But you have to be amaze that the two most annoying people here can actually be useful, what a scientific phenomenon.

Scott: Then what if the handprints belong to LeShawna or Cameron? That would mean that isn’t enough evidence-

Lindsay: Your totally right Scon!!! We can tell who it is by seeing if either of them had any grease on their hands…

Scott: Never mind I admit that I was wrong.

Lindsay: Aww! And I thought you were on to something Scon.

Tyler: Were you really trying to help him or trying prove him wrong?

Gwen: Never mind what he just said, I’m more curious about this third person in the room.

Trent: It’s pretty obvious that whoever that person is going to be the killer.

Max: I will concede with what your thinking, since that person is that clear culprit of everything.

Duncan: You mean the murder of LeShawna, the robbing of the safe and knocking out Cameron. Were not yet sure if this culprit was also the same person who killed Rodney.

Monokuma: Upupu! Who knows?????

Cody: The way you said that kind of makes me nervous…

Katie: Then what are we wasting time for, we need to find the killer before we could-

Your jumping to conclusions, this person might be the killer but I don’t think he’s the…

Samey: Wait! I want to say something before that!

Jasmine: Huh!? Samey!!!???

Katie: Huh? What is it?

Samey: I don’t want annoy anyone, but…

Eva: Spit it out already! Your being a nuisance by staying quiet!!!

Geez, I’m about to say something even I don’t have everything understand.

Samey: You see it wasn’t the third person who knocked out but somebody else!


Scarlett: I was going to say something but it looks like you spoke first. I guess I don’t need to do anything anymore.

Maybe you can, but I doubt you would help know even if I ask…

Zoey: Hold on! How do you this person who knocked out Cameron wasn’t the third person. I mean it’s still possible since we don’t know his identity…

Samey: Because this isn’t an unknown person, it somebody we already know in the room.

Owen: Someone we already know? How does that make sense?

Sam: The only people we would know in the basement-

Harold: No way! You can’t mean…this isn’t right!!!

Scarlett: Sounds like you even figured it out yourself. Not shocking seeing how intelligent you really were.

Looks like he was the first one to know who I am talking about…

Samey: I’m afraid so, this person is the one who assaulted Cameron to unconsciousness!!!


Who could the mysterious attacker be??? Stay tune for the next part soon!!!

So it might take a while to get the next part ready so to keep you all busy try to think about the next victim, because I would like everyone here to make an anonymous choice with the next victim. Have fun discussing!!!


Samey: It has to be you!!!


Samey: This so called fourth person in the crime scene isn’t the another person. It’s actually LeShawna the second person in the crime scene!

Tyler: Hold on! LeShawna was the one who attacked Cameron!?

Harold: But why would you say something so ridiculous!? There is no way my sweet angel could do that!!!

Duncan: Did you forget about why she was in the attic? She was there to check inside the safe.

Harold: So how does that prove LeShawna did it!?

Zoey: I don’t want to hurt your feelings Harold, but that would give her a very powerful motive to take out Cameron.

Scarlett: And also it’s clear the person who did knock out Cameron was someone who couldn’t enter the safe.

Cody: Really? How so?

Scarlett: Simple, do you all remember what time Cameron was knocked out by somebody last night?

Beardo: *ticking noises* … *ding* Wasn’t it during 12:15?

Scarlett: Exactly now how long does it take for someone to open a safe?

Brick: I see your logic, because it takes only a minute to open a safe, why would the attacker not enter the safe with that much time in their hands?

Scott: Because she couldn’t or the attacker couldn’t. It’s obvious that the killer was the one who stole the files but then why stay in the attic for that long when they could have escape with 15 minutes remaining.

Scarlett: Exactly since LeShawna is the only one who fits the attribute of someone not being able to access the safe, I deduce she was the one who attack Cameron.

Owen: I don’t know why LeShawna doesn’t know the safe’s password but you guys must have reason.

Harold: But then what if the killer was the person who knocked out Cameron and when they left they saw LeShawna and killed her to silence here!? That could still explain everything!

Izzy: But didn’t we say the killer knew about the password so they have no reason not to enter the safe.

Shawn: And wouldn’t LeShawna have saw Cameron? If she did then she would have called for help or at the very least be very guarded.

Harold: Then they waited for LeShawna and then killed her when she arrive because they knew she was there!

Dawn: Then why not simply kill Cameron and get it all done. He was in a very vulnerable state to be taken down.

Samey: And even if the killer knew about LeShawna coming, wouldn’t that be more reason to kill him? They could simply leave his body and when LeShawna arrives they would bring a group of people with them and then have them see LeShawna in front of Cameron’s body.

Cameron: You know the way you talk about my death is making me very uncomfortable…

Sam: But now you see there is no logic that would make sense if the killer wasn’t the attacker. They would have an easy frame-up with LeShawna by killing Cameron and then waiting for her to arrive and if they didn’t LeShawna would have come more prepared by spotting Cameron.

Dawn: And saying it was all a bad coincidence is too perfect timing to just believe that.

Harold: Still why LeShawna? Why pick her as the attacker?

Jasmine: Because who else here doesn’t know about the password and went to the attic other then her?

Harold: Well…she did know! She did know and I have proof to back me up!!!

Samey: Oh boy! Another long debate again huh?

At this point I’m very use to this, which is not a good thing actually.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: LeShawna’s Note, Rodney’s Schedule, Safe’s Password, Boys Cabin Safe

Harold: What your saying is ridiculous! LeShawna knew the password, because if she didn’t why would she have went to the safe then?

Lindsay: Maybe she thought the safe was open, I can totally relate since I always leave the safe open…

Harold: That is impossible since someone always check the safe everynight to see if it’s close or open!

Max: As much as I don’t like to, I have to concede the same thing that man said. I can even tell you that I saw the safe close.

Eva: But does it really matter!? We already know she went to the attic, nothing else to say!!!

Noah: I have to agree with her, it doesn’t matter if LeShawna knew or didn’t knew about the safe since she clearly went there.

Harold: But your whole idea of her being the one behind the attack of Cameron is the problem. As long as we don’t have proof that she didn’t knew about the password then this isn’t going to work.

Scott: Well…what if find something that proves she might have forgotten the password like a total doofus.

Katie: Is there really any evidence like that however?

Is there a way to prove to Harold that LeShawna couldn’t acess the safe? I have to if I want my theory to be believable…

Solution: LeShawna’s Note – knew the password

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: No, she made a mistake with the password she wrote and that’s why she couldn’t access the safe.

Bridgette: When you say wrote, your talking about the note she had about the safe’s password.

Samey: Mind telling us again what the code was for your password?

Cameron: Well…it is 4157, but doesn’t everyone know about it right now.

Samey: And Sam mind reading the note LeShawna made.

Sam: Well it says here the number 4167…isn’t that wrong thought? The 6 should be a 5!

Scarlett: So the code was incorrect which proves the theory that LeShawna was somebody who didn’t know the password…

Jasmine: And makes her a likely suspect behind the attack of Cameron both literally and figuratively.

Harold: No way! So LeShawna didn’t know couldn’t it be somebody else!?

Sky: Someone else who went up there but didn’t know the right password…no that is very unlikely. Like Duncan mentioned earlier it’s not like anybody here has a reason to get up there…

Trent: Except for Cameron but he knows the password and he was the one who got attack so he isn’t the one behind it,

Beardo: So while this entire idea isn’t *light bulb sound* yet, it’s the most likely thing that happened.

Noah: Expecially with the timeline the attacker had to get inside the safe, we know for sure it couldn’t be the killer who knew the safe’s password and had the perfect opportunity to kill Cameron if he was the one behind it.

Owen: I don’t think we have everything but I guess I’ll just take it like that…

Harold: But, but, but, but there is a problem! If LeShawna was the one who knocked her out then how did the killer got her!?

Samey: Huh? What is this about?

Harold: Well if LeShawna was the attacker and knocked out Cameron then what did she do for the last minutes of her life?

Izzy: Wouldn’t she have tried to keep opening the safe?

Gwen: It’s not like for LeShawna to give up on something if it was really important so yeah that’s what I would imagine her to do.

That's something I didn't know until now. Better remember LeShawna as a good role-model...

Harold: So your saying the killer shot LeShawna while she was trying to open the safe?

Lightning: She could have just turned around when the sha-killer arrived.

Harold: Yeah, it’s likely somebody would call an attacker to face them. Why would anybody really do that if they tried to kill the attacker?

Tyler: I don’t know, maybe to get a better shot since they probably didn’t want to mess it up like my winning point in the last basketball game I had.

Scarlett: But then that presents an entire new contradiction!

Lightning: Sha-what!? There is!?

Scarlett: There is, when you turn around to face somebody what do you usually turn?

Zoey: I would turn my he-…it wouldn’t have been a shot to the front anymore!

Harold: Now you see if LeShawna was the attacker then she would have face tofront of the safe that would block her heart. She couldn’t have been shot forward!

Max: Such use of something so minor to change a scheme so major, this is something even my evil is having trouble to keep up with.

But we have keep up with the case, if we don’t then we won’t be able to survive this trial!

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Boy’s Cabin Safe, Wall of the Safe

Harold: Do you see the problem of this idea? It would have been impossible for the killer to shoot LeShawna in the front if she was facing the safe.

Lindsay: Then what if she wasn’t facing the safe then?

Gwen: Wouldn’t she have left then and if so she wouldn’t have been killed. No she had to have been there ever since she knocked out Cameron to be murdered.

Cameron: And with the time you said, she have been there for an estimate time of 15 minutes and it’s a conundrum if she just stayed there doing nothing.

Sam: With somebody she knocked out in the same room, she would definitely not have done that. I personally would have place him inside a chest to hide him.

Cameron: Remind me to stay away from you, I don’t like the dark…

Zoey: Well so we know that LeShawna had to have been facing the safe the entire time before she died but that contradicts the cause of death unless we can find something.

Dawn: Do you think maybe the time it took for LeShawna might give a reason for her to turn back from the safe?

Trent: Or where the killer’s position was is something we didn’t expect.

Izzy: I know! The gun the killer use to shoot her! It turned around by a special trajectory!!!

Eva: That doesn’t exist in real life Izzy, get serious!

Cameron: Yeah I mean the technology of that shouldn't exist yet.

Izzy: I was being serious. Fine I’ll say something boring like something that distracted LeShawna out of the safe... and we know that’s the answer so let’s skip this debate already…

Izzy? What are you saying? I mean I want this debate to end but the way you said it was weird…

Solution: the killer’s position - impossible for the killer to shoot LeShawna in the front

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: That is if we assume the killer after LeShawna got to the attic.

Scott: So now where changing the timing the killer entered the room, how does that help?

Brick: It might help by something about the killer. I mean we already know for sure about where Camerona and LeShawna during the crime scene.

Cody: But not the killer so they could anywhere…

Harold: It still doesn’t change the fact that shooting LeShawna is impossible!

Katie: Actually it does, if the killer was in a certain area at the time…

Harold: Wait! But that is inconceivable!

Samey: Not really if this was location of the killer during the murder!!!


Where was the killer located to shot LeShawna in the front?


Answer: Inside the Safe

Samey: I finally get it!!!


Samey: If the killer was inside the safe at the time, they would have been in front of LeShawna.

Shawn: Which means it was possible for the culprit to shoot her in the front!

Zoey: It can work if the culprit entered the crime scene much earlier then Cameron or LeShawna did…

Eva: And the moment the safe open, LeShawna was destroyed by the killer. I can get by that-



Harold: But that is if the killer was in the safe, if he isn’t then this entire idea is incorrect. However there is no proof about that.

Samey: Hold up Harold, you didn’t even give me the chance to prove it yet.

Harold: Then prove it! Because I am not going to believe the killer was in the safe, unless you have something to back it up!!!


Evidence: Boy’s Cabin Safe, Safe Password, LeShawna’s Note, Strange Smell, Wall of the Safe

Harold: So now your theory is that the killer…

Harold: Was inside the safe during the murder?

Harold: When you have no evidence to back that up!

Harold: Look I get the killer did intend to enter the safe

Harold: In order to steal the evidence missing in there

Harold: But how do we know it happened when LeShawna was there?

Samey: The safe was open by the time the murder happen, which makes it very likely the killer exited the safe after the murder happened.

Harold: Maybe that could be consider evidence?

Harold: If there is proof someone was in the safe…

Harold: Lying and waiting instead of just leaving the safe immediately.

Harold: But I don’t know anyone here who would do something like that.

Harold: Everyone here is intelligent enough to leave the place after stealing

Harold: Because no one wants to be consider suspicious here with all the murders…

He is right that I have yet to prove the theory, but once I show this he has to believe me!

Solution: Wall of the Safe –Lying and waiting

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Someone was lying and waiting in the safe, and this handprint can prove it!

Harold: Really? How?

Scarlett: First of all it’s inside the safe wall, in the entrance to be precise, which means someone was there last night since prints tend to fade quickly.

Cameron: And also it wasn’t like this when I last check it out.

Harold: But maybe the killer did this after the murder? Isn’t that possible?

Bridgette: But why would a killer lean on the wall after killing somebody. That would be a very bad idea since it makes the risk of having a witness even higher.

Jasmine: And even if it did, it doesn’t really change anything. It still proves the killer was in the safe. And the most likely time is before the murder when they probably did it to hide from Cameron.

Sam: Since Cameron did say he always go there to check it out, they probably were trying to listen if he was in the attic at the time only to have it open…

Duncan: So that’s why this is proof that the killer was waiting in the safe, now do you accept it Doris? Your girlfriend was the one who attacked Cameron.

Harold: I…I guess I don’t have a choice huh…

Cameron: For what’s it’s worth I’m not mad at her…it’s my own fault with the way I acted during the past days.

Harold: I…I…thanks Cameron, sorry for this.

Gwen: Now we got this settled I think we should talk about a new issue in this.

Noah: Which is?

Gwen: How did LeShawna ended up opening the safe?

Trent: Well…I see your point. The fact that we said LeShawna didn’t have the password proves she shouldn’t have been able to open the safe.

Samey: So that means either were wrong or…

Gwen: Were missing something important, something that might clear up the fiasco of what happen back then.

Dawn: Something tells me ties among the cases will finally be attach together.

By cases does she mean the case with Rodney to?

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Walkie-Talkie, Rodney’s Schedule, Owen’s Testimony, LeShawna’s Note, Bridgette’s Testimony

Max: So we face a new challenge in this case, how did LeShawna get the safe open if we proven that she didn’t know the password.

Katie: If there is no answer for that, it proves we were wrong about the entire thing the whole time…or there is a new factor we haven’t learned yet…

Sam: I know there are ways to learn the password, but is there one that would take fifteen minutes?

Trent: I was going to say they search Cameron and found something that tells the password of the safe, but that would take only a few minutes at most.

Cameron: And back then I didn’t have anything that would say the password.

Izzy: I know, I know! What if they use powder to see the fingerprints Cameron left in the safe! Just like what my uncle Polly did when he tried to break our family safe.

Shawn: But there isn’t any powder like that, we search the infirmary and mental hospital so we can tell you that for sure.

Jasmine: Did somebody arrive in the crime scene and told LeShawna the password?

Tyler: But why wouldn’t they say something, it means they were a witness unless they were an accomplice or killer, but the guy was in the safe.

Gwen: And we known the killer was listening in the safe so it’s doubtful they would open the safe.

Noah: The only thing left I can think of is what if Cameron spoke the password while he was asleep…like last night.

Cameron: Huh? Do I do that? I better record myself next time I sleep.

Monokuma: If there is a next time, good luck buddy.

Now this case becomes a little absurd with the way the way the logic is lining up…and if I say what I think is right, it’s about get to even more crazy.

Solution: Rodney’s Schedule – somebody arrive in the crime scene

Samey: Your correct!!!


Samey: You know I didn’t think this is what happened at first because what Tyler said is true, but then I thought about it more and I realize someone was an exception.

Tyler: What I said, wasn’t that there couldn’t be someone helping LeShawna since that would leave a witness?

Lindsay: That’s what you totally said!

Scott: Yeah, but who is this exception?

Samey: Well it’s-

Scott: No wait I know! It’s Rodney right? If someone did witness something in the attic then they would have said something unless they were Cameron, the killer, or somebody dead.

Katie: But how does that make sense? Rodney was killed in the girl’s cabin attic?

Dawn: Are we certain about that Katie?

Katie: What? Your saying he didn’t die in the girl’s cabin.

Noah: I think that’s what she saying and I’m in an agreement with her. I don’t think Rodney was killed in the girl’s cabin.

Lightning: But if farmer boy didn’t die in the girl’s basement then sha-where could it be?

Samey: Well if my hunch was right that Rodney did help LeShawna then this is the likely place he was killed!

(Outside the Cabins/Girl’s Attic/Boy’s Attic/The Monokuma Cave)

Answer: Boy’s Attic

Zoey: If your right then yeah, that would be the place but he’s body was found in the girl’s attic.

Harold: True, but is it possible someone moved it from the boy’s cabin to there?

Scarlett: Possible to move…now I get it!

Beardo: Huh? Get what?

Scarlett: Don’t you remember the two very unusual thing that happened today?

Lindsay: You mean LeShawna’s and Rodney death? Yeah that is totally unusual.

Scarlett: No, murder is becoming a weekly thing here lately. I mean the blackout and the fire. It may just be a hypothesis for now but what if the person behind it was the killer and they did it because they needed a distraction in order to transport the body unseen?

Eva: That actually makes a lot of sense seeing how everything's been happening. A giant cover-up for mocing the body.

Sky: It’s very likely the person behind those two incidents is the killer since no one else would need to do that except if there pranksters.

Harold: And the only prankster here are Scott and Duncan, but…

Duncan: You want to say something dork! I wasn’t behind those two things this time, I was sleeping the entire night.

Scott: And why would I want to trap myself in a dark cabin with Owen in the same place.

Noah: He has a valid point there.

Shawn: I guess that would explain everything weird that happened today, a giant cover-up for the murder.

Beardo: But let’s not jump to conclusions yet, until there is evidence to *bell sounds* this.

Katie: I’m with Beardo here, we can’t just believe this until we have a reason to.

Scarlett: I guess that isn’t a problem since there is a sufficient amount of evidence to back it all up.

Samey: Wait? There are?

Scarlett: Are you saying you just say that without thinking if there’s evidence to back it up?

Samey: M-maybe…possibly…probably…yes. I’m sorry!

Katie: Well if your saying then either try proving it now or take back what you said, but I doubt your going to do the latter.

Samey: I know I won’t because I think I’m getting in the right track.

Can’t stop, won’t stop! I’m so close to the truth that I can taste it. Or was it the last remaining sandwitched DJ left? I’m going to miss does things…

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Cameron’s Testimony, Rodney’s Schedule, Locations of the Body, Spear

Katie: So were now saying that Rodney wasn’t really killed in the girl’s cabin, but in the guy’s cabin along with LeShawna. If that’s true then the person who killed each of them are most likely the same person.

Tyler: Especially with the time of deaths being so close to each other. They were just one minute apart.

Harold: But are we absolutely sure that the location of the crime scene for Rodney is actually the basement? We still need proof to believe it.

Cameron: Like maybe something that showed Rodney went there last night? If your going to say me then forget it since I never saw him go there.

Duncan: Do you think maybe the weapon can actually help out in this case? It looks like something you would see in a mancave.

Tyler: Having a spear would be awesome for your personal mancave.

Jasmine: I don’t know the way the two of them were quite similar so maybe that supports this idea a little?

Sky: Or we may have been wrong this entire time and actually we were overthinking the entire thing? You shouldn’t get ahead of yourself especially in a Class Trial.

Sam: How do you know how a trial should be dealt with? It’s like you’ve been here before…

I wonder that to Sam, but never mind! I need to focus in showing everyone why there is reason to believe Rodney did die in the garage!

Solution: Spear – the weapon

Samey: I think your right!!!


Samey: Say didn’t we see the spear before at some point? I remember it wasn’t for sure in the girl’s garage…

Sam: No it’s not, I don’t remember where it was to, but the girl’s cabin is definitely a no, no.

Zoey: Wait a minute Sam! Wasn’t this the thing Cameron grabbed in the guy’s cabin when we confronted him?

Beardo: In the guy’s cabin!? *dramatic organ music*

Cameron: I know what your talking about, it was the time when you wanted to look inside the safe but I didn’t let you.

Sam: Yeah, you were pretty worked up the entire time. I almost thought I was a goner.

Cameron: …Sorry for how I acted…

Zoey: It’s OK now Cameron, right now we shouldn’t worry about that but the case and what you did actually help clear up the dilemma.

Trent: That the actually place Rodney died was in the guy’s cabin or more specifically the safe since that’s where the spear came from.

Shawn: When you think about this line of logic, it all makes lot of sense!



Owen: Hold up guys! I don’t believe this story one bit!

Samey: Owen!? Why!?

Owen: I think you guys are thinking about this way too much! The spear being in the guy’s cabin doesn’t prove it at all.

Samey: And how does is it not prove it? The logic is there to believe!

Owen: But I can think of another reason that the spear got there! If you listen then you might change your minds about this.

Samey: OK, I guess I’ll listen for now…

Although I have a very strong feeling your going to get everything wrong Owen. It always end up like that for some reason when it comes to these arguments…


Evidence: Spear, Cameron’s Testimony, Owen’s Testimony, Strange Smell, Rodney’s Schedule

Owen: I don’t want to fight you Samey.

Owen: But I have to since my tummy feels weird.

Owen: Or was it because of the beans, not sure…

Owen: I should probably have that check once the trial is over…

Owen: Then again maybe eating something else would make me feel better…

Owen: Like bacons…or chicken…or a salad…or a muffin…

Owen: I know! Pancakes they always make me feel good!

Samey: Owen…are you arguing that your hungry?

Owen: No, no, no! Focus Owen!

Owen: I need to tell Samey that Rodney wouldn’t be in the attic!

Owen: That he had no reason to go there!!!

Owen: I mean why would anyone want to stay there?

Owen: It’s all dark and musty and scary and horrifying

Owen: Oh no! My nightmares are coming back to me!!!

Owen: I need help!!! HELP!!!

Owen is not taking this seriously…not like I would expect anything else from him since he’s such a goofball. I guess I should take the job to get him straight with the case…

Solution: Rodney’s Schedule – Rodney wouldn’t be in the attic

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Owen I know it seems like Rodney had no reason to go to the basement at all, but someone can attest that he has been going there lately.

Owen: Huh!? Really!? Who!?

Brick: I would like to know this person to cadet Samey, who is this person that can attest to your statement?

I wonder why you just didn’t decide to admit it and make it easier for me. Maybe we should have a talk after the trial…



Samey: Scott didn’t you say something about Rodney when we talked at the guys cabin?

Scott: You mean that Rodney has always been going to the attic, yeah I do. So my testimony proves that Rodney did likely go to the attic upstairs...

Duncan: It would have been nice for you to speak up, I just want to get this trial done with.

Jasmine: I think we all do, so please calm down and hope we can find the killer as soon as we can…

Cody: But knowing the ways killers are they won’t be that easy to find…I feel like it will take even longer to find them then the time we already spent.

Lindsay: Aww. That is so sad…

Gwen: Well we at least know where the real murder occurred, it was in the attic of the guy’s cabin…

Harold: And the person who killed both of the victims were the same person…probably. That is not yet a guarantee.

Sky: Now we need to do is find out the killer’s movements after the murder.

Beardo: *anvil drop* What movements are you talking about?

Sky: The movements of having the body moved, bodies don’t move by themselves.

Izzy: Unless they were zombies, but then why did no one have there brain eaten? Unless one of you guys are a zombie!?

Shawn: AHHHH!!! Zombies, I knew it! You were a zombie Noah!!!

Noah: Can we end this kid’s play and start looking for a clue on the culprit?

Sky: I don’t know if they’ll calm down. Maybe we should take a small break to get our bearing in check.


Monokuma: And were back with the Class Trial! Enjoy!!!


Zoey: Is everyone now calm down.

Izzy: Why are you asking me? You should look at Shawn…

Shawn: It’s OK, it’s OK, zombies are not here. It was all just a joke.

Jasmine: Good, good now you finally calm down Shawn. Now forget about and put your focus on the Class Trial…

Shawn: Yeah…there is no zombies.

Duncan: And because of that we lost about 10 minutes waiting this mess to finish.

Owen: Izzy, please don’t something like that next time

Izzy: Alright *sheesh*, you guys don’t try having fun anymore lately.

Noah: I don’t think it’s fun when dealing with a murder of one our own and having to find the killer unless we want the robot bear to send us to our execution.

Izzy: Alright then…sorry.

Eva: Now do we try figuring out how did the killer move the body? I really want to find the killer as soon as we can so I can strangle him when I get my hands on him!!!

Cameron: Why are you looking at me, I’m not the killer.

Sky: I hope you can focus on the matter at hand, because I don’t want to end failing my Class Trial…

Cody: Who says were going to have anymore Sky???

Knowing the way this place works, there probably will be more…and knowing my luck I’ll end up being a victim soon…

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Strange Smell, Rope in the Chimney, Owen’s Testimony, Rodney’s Schedule

Trent: Now we can finally get back in track at figuring out this murder. So we said that the real crime scene Rodney was killed at was the attic in the guy’s place.

Cameron: And with the evidence like the spear and how he has been acting lately, the theory has plenty to support it…

Katie: And not to mention there doesn’t seem to be a reason Rodney would be in the girl’s cabin.

Bridgette: Yeah, I would expect the guy trying to sneak in the girl’s attic would be either Tyler or Cody with the thing they were planning before.

Tyler: Can we please not mention that, it’s already hurting my credibility as it already is…

Cody: And if the murders wasn’t bad enough, now this has to happen.

Lindsay: I still like you Tyler, even if you tried to sneak inside the cabin.

Scott: Looks like Cody doesn’t have any love huh, well at least he isn’t dead like the other farm boy.

Gwen: Still it doesn’t explain how Rodney could be move to the boy’s cabin to the girl’s when there doesn’t seem to be a route someone could use to move the body without being seen.

Sam: It can’t be done at the ground that’s for sure since even if it was dark both Beardo and Shawn would have seen something if that were the case.

Shawn: And I can tell you know that there was no blind spot for anyone to sneak by, so the direct method is out of question.

Dawn: Which means the answer shouldn’t be as obvious as we seek, such is life…

Now I have to think about this really well, if the route the killer use to move Rodney’s body was something no one saw…then the route is most likely through here then…

Solution: Rope in the Chimney – there doesn’t seem to be a route

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: How about the chimney in the attic, someone could move the body through there.

Tyler: The chimney…that might work. That was how me and Cody was suppose to get in the girl’s cabin if our operation still push forward…

Eva: You want to repeat that!

Cody: If our operation push forward which it clearly didn’t, so please don’t hurt us!

Sam: But this is something we should consider, I mean the chimney is always the safe route the main character uses in order to sneak pass guards.

Beardo: *police siren* Like me and Shawn! The guards of the guy’s cabin that night…

Shawn: But wouldn’t that mean they knew about the night vision goggles we brought with us?

Scarlett: To be fair the girls who were in charge of guarding that night also had them so they might have expected something like that when they were doing this.

Noah: And to think we thought we had a lead on who the killer is, now were back to the bottom…

Zoey: Not necessarily, we should continue on this line of thinking because it might help us find more clues later in the line.

Lightning: Lightning has no sha-clue what’s everyone saying…

Katie: You don’t need to since you’ll just vote on whoever we accuse later on anyway.

Harold: The rope is also probably what the killer used to hoist Rodney’s body to the roof.

Max: So looks like we have solve the issue of the how Rodney’s body being move so let’s move-

Dawn: Unfortunately little one were not yet finish with this.

Max: What did you call me!? You shall rue the day when you messes with me!

Dawn: You see there is several problems I notice with the idea of just moving Rodney through the chimney.

Max: Don’t just ignore the supreme king of all evi-

Eva: Shut-up already! We don’t need to hear that blabber!

Max: I’m not doing this because I’m afraid you, but my breath is much more important then any of your worthless lives…

Owen: So what is wrong with what we said Dawn?

Dawn: Well I didn’t say it’s wrong just not complete! The thing we said only the start, we have yet to face the fire, the blackout and more importantly how the killer access the girl’s cabin.

Trent: Your right we haven’t solve any of those yet.

Brick: And that is not the only problem with this.

Harold: Brick I think you should reconsider to keep that argument to yourself, I don’t think you realize the error.

The error? What error?

Brick: It’s OK Harold I’m confident about this. *Ahem* You see everyone it may be true the killer could get out of the cabin in the chimney…

Duncan: But knowing how the trials happen, there is a catch.

Brick: Unfortunately there is and it’s something that might disconfirm the method we all believe that happened.

Scott: Mind telling us what is it Brick?

Brick: You see there was a few days ago when Rodney tried to get inside the chimney, he couldn’t fit so…

Lindsay: So what?

Gwen: He is saying it’s impossible for the culprit to move the body with that method since Rodney himself couldn’t fit through.

Brick: And that is why I’m going against this argument unless you can prove it.

Scarlett: How do you think were going to handle this problem Samey?

Samey: I don’t know…maybe there is something we could have learned from the crime scene to prove Brick is wrong.

Scarlett: Then try to make this quick so the brickwall can actually tumble down.

I just hope his words are the only thing that is going to tumble down.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Rodney’s Schedule, Owen’s Testimony, Duncan’s Testimony, Strange Smell

Brick: I don’t need to repeat myself that this task is impossible to do with the victim of the case. I have a couple of eye-witnesses who can attest with me.

Sky: Yeah…Rodney was pretty stuck in the chimney when he tried to get inside it. I don’t think it would have change much even if he is dead.

Cody: Yeah bodies don’t really alter even if they die…

Gwen: So it either means we have to give up with this…or think of a way to make this possible.

Tyler: There isn’t much ways to make a chimney bigger, unless the killer knew something specific that we didn’t

Izzy: Or maybe compress Rodney up like a paper plane so he could fly through the chimney to the roof.

Harold: Umm…maybe it would be better to hoist Rodney’s body up the chimney if he was smaller then make him float.

Beardo: They could put something in the chimney in order to make it easier to get Rodney out there.

Bridgette: Is there really anything that can help with that? I can’t think of anything…

Scarlett: Well I can, but that’s irrelevant unless there is reason to believe this theory is what was applied.

Brick: However if none of those theories are true, then we have no choice but to drop it and accept that this method was impossible for the enemy to do

It’s not impossible Rodney. It may look like it at first, but the killer is clearly smart and this is something we should have expected when trying to figure them out.

Solution: Strange Smell – put something in the chimney

Samey: I think so too!!!


Samey: Sure if they did it normally then it would have impossible which is why the culprit needed to apply something in the chimney to make it possible.

Brick: Really? What did they apply?

Scarlett: Whatever the cause of the strange smell, now can you figure out what is it…

Samey: Yes if I can think hard enough, Just give me a few minutes to get it inside me…



Answer: Black Oil

Samey: I get it now!!!


Samey: Have you ever thought that the thing that cause the strange smell was black oil? Oil also has a very distinct smell…

Duncan: I can agree with you on that. I suspected it at first, but I completely forgotten when I found out about the body in the girl’s cabin.

Jasmine: Can’t say I’m too surprise since you were assign on Rodney’s case base on the what everyone said.

Brick: But how does oil help prove Rodney could have went through the chimney? What can that thing-

Harold: You didn’t know oil can make something more slippery, well that’s what the killer did to slip out Rodney to the chimney.

Brick: Huh!? Is that what they did?

Scarlett: I start to question how did you solve the last two cases with that type of intelligence.

Shawn: But in the end it looks like we solve that issue. The killer simply put oil in the chimney to move him out.

Sky: I guess that would explain the-



Brick: That might have been a red-herring the killer left in order to fool us! Don’t be gullible and accept it that easily!

Samey: Umm…Brick what is a red-herring?

Scarlett: Did you forget our lesson? A red-herring is a fake clue left by the real killer in order to throw the investigation off.

Samey: I see, so it’s something like a thing called “forgery”.

Scarlett: Yes and no, forgery is not like a red-herring it’s a red-herring.

Brick: I have you guys completely ignored me?! I was saying that I think this is a trick the killer did to throw us off!

Samey: But Brick, why do you believe that?

Brick: Just listen to me and I’ll show you all the truth! The truth behind this deceptive lie!!!


Evidence: Owen’s Testimony, Spear, Strange Smell, Candle Wick Line, Burned Remains

Brick: So you believe this is the truth?

Brick: That the enemy did use that movement to move the body…

Brick: That is not an acceptable behaviour!!!

Brick: I expected much more from you Samey!

Brick: That you can prove that Rodney was hoisted up the chimney!!!

Brick: And moved by the roof

Brick: Such a shame no evidence existed…

Samey: I’m sorry to disappoint you again, but I do have evidence to prove my claims sir!

Brick: Then please present it right now!

Brick: I would not be against such actions!

Brick: If there was any to begin with!

Brick: Samey I won’t say this is impossible…

Brick: But possible is not enough in the battlefield!

Brick: The only way it can is if this is the only possibility!!!

So now he tries to claim the body wasn’t move this way by saying there isn’t any evidence to back it up. If the oil isn’t strong enough evidence then maybe words might have the power I need!!!

Solution: Owen’s Testimony – moved by the roof

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: Brick, a sound heard by one of the witnesses in the boy’s cabin should be enough to satisfy you.

Brick: You have a witness Samey, mind informing us who it is?

Owen: I…It was me!...I think…

Noah: You think? Are you sure that Samey is talking about you?

Owen: I’m so sure! Sure as I am sure that I hope we can have pancakes tomorrow for breakfast.

Trent: I believe him, that is something he wouldn’t say unless he is that confidant.

They could have just ask me to confirm it, but I guess I’ll let the guys have there fun.

Brick: So what is this noise you heard in the cabin last night? It seems it was something that proves the body was move through the roof.

Owen: I don’t know…around the time the blackout was going to happen I heard a few noise in the basement.

Cody: Around the time the blackout was going to happen, that would be after the murder.

Gwen: Mind elaborating the noises you heard?

Owen: Well it sounded like a rope moving up something…*gasp* I have no clue.

Izzy: And I was so excited for that dramatic gasp. Boring…

Brick: But if that’s the case that means Samey claim was true!

Samey: See I told you I would prove you wrong! Owen’s testimony was the main thing to prove my claim.

Sky: You know explaining that the body had oil covering it would have been much more simple then something like this.

Samey: What!?

Scarlett: You moron! Why didn’t you say that earlier!? It would have save us time!

Sky: I was going to, but Brick interrupt me before I could say it.

Eva: Nice going there General!

Brick: I…I apologize! I’ll try to keep myself more compose next time!

Scott: So we get that the killer use the chimney in order to move Rodney’s body. Now what do we do next?

Gwen: Since we know what the killer’s movements were in the boy’s cabin we should probably focus on the movements on the girl’s cabin before tackling the fire or the blackout.

Harold: I have no problem with this if it can help us the killer and avenge my dear sweet LeShawna.

Sam: O-Okay…good to see everyone here is that motivated…

I just hope the motivation doesn’t hurt us in the future, that is the last thing we need.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Lindsay’s Testimony, Laundry Line, Back Window, Burned Remains, Candle Wick Line

Sam: So we know the movements the killer did in the guy’s cabin and now we have to undercover what happened at the girl’s cabin.

Eva: It’s obvious that the killer moved Rodney body there, it’s not like the dead can move by themselves…

Izzy: Unless they are-

Noah: Don’t say it! I already told that it’s impossible for that to happen.

Shawn: Still don’t you think it would be difficult to move Rodney’s body that far?

Lightning: Unless they had guns like this! *smooch*

Beardo: So what are you saying that you’re the killer? *dramatic piano music*

Lightning: Sha-please! Why would I want to kill any of them!? I would have dealt with that twerp over there instead!

Cameron: Eeep! Please don’t say that! I’m already having difficulty as it is.

Sky: But we can’t remove that idea, that the culprit behind all of this was a guy, They could have move Rodney’s body up the roof and then drop it in the chimney.

Duncan: But it would have gotten stuck is someone tried to do that. Rodney’s body is way too big to fit without adding oil and there wasn’t oil this time.

Bridgette: But the chimney’s the only way in the girl’s cabin! There is no other way to drag his body!

Lindsay: Could the culprit be a girl then and disguise Rodney’s body as something while in the cabin? It would be a good way to hide things in plain sight.

Tyler: Linds that was actually a good idea. You should keep up with that!

Lindsay: What idea? Is that what you call those things?

Zoey: But something like that should still be difficult especially when you consider the cabin was in an uproar during the time of the crime.

So were now facing the issue of how the killer got the body in there. Personally I like Lindsay idea, but that’s just me wanting to side with my friend.

Solution: Back Window – the chimney’s the only way

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: If you look at the girl’s cabin there isn’t much areas to get in without being witness even during the blackout.

Gwen: Because everyone in the cabin was panicking since we were all trap. If anyone tried to enter the doors then someone would have definitely see them.

Owen: Huh? But if that’s what happened how did any of you guys get out?

Katie: Because Eva threw a chair out the front window. We then jump through the hole and got the door open from the outside.

Zoey: From the window…Oh! I just realize something!

Samey: Something about the window, mind sharing with us Zoey?

Zoey: You see the windows weren’t really check since everyone was too focus on the doors, but couldn’t that be something the killer use to get in the cabin?

Max: A window…Rodney is big but he doesn’t take so much space that he can’t pass through it. So I concede to this idea.

Bridgette: But…but the chimney-

Sam: It won’t work since there isn’t oil there this time. Also if the killer tried to do that wouldn’t that mean lifting them up to the roof. Rodney is pretty big.

Bridgette: But then…then what if the killer was guy? Some guys can lift Rodney’s body up there.

Scarlett: Out of the question, you should drop that phantasy.

Zoey: How is it not possible for a guy to be the culprit? It would make sense since the killer clearly access the guy’s cabin.

Shawn: And it would be difficult for a girl to get in the attic at the time of death since me and Beardo would clearly see anyone climbing the roof.

Scarlett: Perhaps but it’s still impossible for the culprit to be a boy. We can identify itif we look at circumstances of the case so far.

Samey: The circumstances of the case so far? I don’t really get it.

Trent: I think the only one who gets it is Scarlett, but knowing her she isn’t going to just tell us.

Samey: I guess we have to think through this the old fashion way then.

Scarlett: Try not to disappoint me again Samey, otherwise our lessons will end after this trial.

Yikes! Way to put the pressure on me! You might even be worse then Amy when it comes to this.

Samey: Just breathe in Samey and figure out how is it impossible for the culprit to be a boy with the current information we have.


1) Among the locations, where was the culprit most likely spotted?

(Boy’s Cabin/Girl’s Cabin/Outside)

2) Why the killer should have been seen here?

(It was the crime scene/It was the killer’s base/The way the body was move)

3) How did they move the body?

(Hoisting it/Dragging it/Transportation/Accomplice)

4) Why would it be impossible for as boy to do this?

(They would look suspicious/They don’t have knowledge/They don’t have tools)

Answer: Girl’s Cabin, The way the body was moved/Dragging it/They would look suspicious

Samey: I now get it!!!


Samey: Because the way they moved the body would be impossible for a boy! It had to be a girl in order for this to work!

Sam: …I get it! The way the killer got the body inside the girl’s cabin was through the back window which means they have to been dragging the body in there.

Cody: But wouldn’t have someone seen it? Dragging someone like Rodney would be difficult to do without being seen.

Gwen: Normally it would be impossible, but with the blackout making the entire place completely dark then they might have a chance if they knew where to move around.

Bridgette: Is that why you think it’s a girl? It’s still possible for it to be a boy if they went to the girl’s cabin before.

Zoey: It could be, but why would a boy need to go all the trouble of trying to secretly move a body in a place they are not usually at when being spotted or even touch would ruin everything?

Trent: I can believe what you said, even when it’s pitch black if the boy ends up accidentally touching someone then that person would most likely ask who was the one who just touch them.

Tyler: And if it was a guy then they can’t answer at all otherwise they’ll be caught, but they need to answer to since saying nothing might cause that person they touch suspicious.

Sky: But a girl would be different. If a girl was dragging the body in the cabin while no one could see, if they end up accidentally touch someone they could just say something in order to avoid suspicion.

Jasmine: That excuse might also work if someone did end up touching the body, one of the girls could make an excuse saying it was them they touch or that they move something by accident.

Scarlett: No matter what you think the act of moving the body would be impossible theoretically, if it was male human who did this act.

Bridgette: But that is if the way they move the body was dragging through pitch black via entering the back window. However if this is not what happen then a boy can still be a killer.

Samey: Then I guess we need to see if there evidence to support the idea the body was drag instead of being hoisted up the chimney of the girl’s cabin like we believed at first.

Lindsay: So does that mean we have to talk about this again? I don’t like talking too much.

Cameron: I find it weird to hear it from the girl who likes to talk about gossip and other things I don’t understand.

I am going to agree with you that Cameron. It’s pretty ironic in it’s own funny way like funny Lindsay.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Lindsay’s Testimony, Spear, Strange Smell, Underground Wires, Bridgette’s Testimony

Cameron: So were down to two possible outcomes here, one that is more likely then the other. However we shouldn’t immediately pick that without seeing if we have any evidence to support it.

Lindsay: I thought we did? That Rodney was too fat to fit the chimney.

Bridgette: But we aren’t too sure if the chimney of both cabins are the same, if the one we have is bigger then it would be possible to drop it through there.

Gwen: Wouldn’t the killer have to know that if they did it. I find it hard to believe anyone would notice.

Izzy: You would be surprise how much a killer would see if they have the killer instinct, it’s like night-vision in the dark!

Brick: So that’s why the chimney method is still possible. Unfortunately for us men we will detract the idea that a guy couldn’t be the killer if this were the case.

Tyler: Which means that we guys have to prove the chimney wasn’t what the killer use to move the body!

Shawn: You know even if the chimney was use a girl could have still use it. But I still doubt it since there was no stains on the chimney like Rodney’s body.

Zoey: Then again there wasn’t in the floor so that doesn’t count. I think both are up in the air, but I personally think it was dragging that happened instead of it being dropped.

Cody: Why? Because there’s evidence to prove it? You should have said something earlier if you had evidence.

Zoey: No, I don’t think it was because of evidence. I think someone’s words is what convince me this is what happened.

Dawn: Words here can either be truthful or not so don’t immediately jump to it.

I hate distrusting everyone else to, so I will trust people’s account for now. Maybe it might actually help me solve this mystery.

Solution: Lindsay’s Testimony –someone’s words

Samey: I think so too!!!


Samey: So someone here said something that would prove the body was dragged to the cabin, am I right Zoey?

Zoey: I-I’m not to sure actually. It’s just I have a feelings that what happen and I learn from what happened with Mal to trust these feelings.

Maybe I should trust them to so I won’t get trick by someone easily at home.

Samey: I think you might be talking about the rumor that Rodney’s ghost was seen in the cabin’s hallway.

Beardo: *ghostly noise* There is a rumor like that. I wouuuuulllld like to knooooowwwww mooorrrrrreeeee.

Duncan: I would give that a 5.

Lindsay: I was the one who started the rumor…I think or was it the rumor with the mysterious soap disappearing in the bathroom.

Izzy: The disappearing soap was me, sorry about it.

Zoey: And I think it was you. I remember you said it to me since you were scared you might have been cursed.

Lindsay: I remember now! Rodney had a stick in him and he was covered with black marks and blood. It was a few nights ago so I didn’t really remember.

Tyler: Rodney just died this night though? How would his ghost be seen without him being dead yet.

Shawn: But how does that support the idea it was dragging that moved Rodney to the girl’s attic?

Jasmine: It’s just my instincts, but it might be that the ghost Lindsay saw was actually Rodney’s body being moved.

Katie: It would fit the description of the body perfectly. And if she is telling the truth then that means the body was moved by the hallways.

Samey: Which means it was drag instead of being drop from the roof.

Bridgette: So it wasn’t really dropped down from the chimney. I thought for sure it was right.

Noah: Well it’s understable but things here aren’t meant to understand. Believe me when it makes life here much easier.

Owen: I don’t understand, but I’m happy. Maybe that’s what your talking about.

Scarlett: And with that my theory still sticks. That a boy isn’t the culprit tonight but a girl. Question is who is the girl behind tonight’s events?

Eva: Why not you fess up before I put you in a body bag!?

Sky: No one would admit it Eva, especially when they’ll get killed by Monokuma if they get caufht.

Dawn: Still clues needs to be uncover before we can make a definite choice on the killer and I think we would be able to find more with the fire and the blackout.

Gwen: Right since none of the events we know so far tells us who the culprit is. We really have no choice here.

Trent: So what’s first the fire incident or the blackout? Personally I rather learn why we ended up having a blackout to begin with.

Cody: And it happened before the fire so it might be able to help us understand what happened during the fire.

Scott: Like the incidents between the boy and girl cabins where we learned the body was move from the guys to the girl’s area. Alright I can accept that.

Jasmine: I think we should prioritize on learning the cause of the blackout before anything else.

Duncan: Good luck with that, I checked both the generators and nothing changed. Don’t believe, Lightning is going to say the same thing.

Lightning: Sha-what a thing?

Samey: It doesn’t mean we should try, after all maybe there something we overlook.

Duncan: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Pickaxe and Shovel, Candle Wick Line, Back Window, Underground Wires, Lindsay’s Testimony

Duncan: I already told you guys that the blackout wasn’t started because of the generators. They were fine when I checked them.

Jasmine: I don’t trust you personally, but you do have a witness so I can’t really say no on you.

Scott: When did Lightning ever became reliable? Only thing you can guarantee with him is that he’ll just be going on and on with his muscles.

Lightning: But if you had them, you would do it to.

Sky: Let’s focus on the task at hand and get to the bottom of this. We know it’s not likely the generators since Duncan checked.

Katie: I think everyone knows this, but it’s also impossible for someone to have just closed all the lights they didn’t turn on when we tried during the blackout.

Trent: Which means a power outage was the cost of this. Someone must have overload the electricity and made it shut down.

Harold: But that’s risky, if anything they turned on got shut off then the plan would have failed. Personally if I was the culprit I would destroy the energy source.

Beardo: Unless you can think of another source then the generators then your idea just got *zap sound*.

Scarlett: Still there are others sources of electricity then just a generator. A powerhouse is what I’m referring to.

Shawn: No one got a chance to check it so it’s impossible to confirm it.

Scarlett: Fine,then how about something like a remote controller was use to shut down the electricity or a bomb blew up the electricity.

Cameron: Electricity can’t be destroyed, it’s energy so it can’t even be touched. Why are you looking at me like that?

You shouldn’t try to one-up Scarlettt because all that will do is make her go villain mode again. I learned that last time we had a lesson.

Solution: Underground Wires – destroy the energy source

Samey: I think so too!!!


Samey: Duncan is right, the wires weren’t the one that got damaged. It was the wires connecting the power house to the generators here.

Harold: I know a source of energy was destroyed! Take that!!!

Scarlett: Curse you…why in a case I know nothing about I get something wrong!!! I prefer knowing everything about the case!!!

Scarlett people makes mistake to you know.

Bridgette: So the source of the blackout was the wire being damaged which severed the connection between the power house and the cabins.

Zoey: And we said before the killer was the one who most likely did this, and I think it’s becoming more likely. It can’t be a coincidence the wire that got destroyed was the one connecting to the cabins.

Max: Not to be hasty there my foolish companion, if we can’t show a connection to the killer and the blackout then it’s something we should dismiss!

Noah: Not really since there is evidence to connect both the killer and the blackout.

Max: Absurd!!! There is no such thing!!!

Samey: No such thing, but what about this? I think it’s plenty to prove the killer and the blackout are connected.

(Oil Marks/Pickaxe and Shovel/Ladder/Fake Body)

Answer: Pickaxe and Shovel

Trent: That is a really good point, do you think anyone would first use a pickaxe and a shovel to barricade a door?

Eva: No one would unless that was the thing they had with them at the time.

Max: Y-you…you…you have no proof those blasted things were use-

Gwen: Then I guess the pickaxe and the shovel got muddy by themselves. They probably even place themselves between the doors of the cabin which was convenient for the killer to move the body around.

Max: You didn’t need to use sarcasm on me.

Scarlett: But I think were in the same page now. That it’s impossible that this was all just a coincidence. The killer did this on purpose.

Samey: So does any of these things help point the killer? We only talked about this so we could find a clue on the culprit.

Harold: I think most people here knew about the wires, Monokuma said he told everyone about them.

Jasmine: But then what about the shovels and pickaxe? I might have seen them before at the flower house and mines but they should have been taken away.

Scott: I know where these two things came from. In the hidden maze there was a secret passage me, Duncan and Brick found. We tried to hide as much weapons as we can there.

Brick: And among the items we hidden, these two should be part of the supplies. So that means the culprit must have known about it.

Duncan: Are you an idiot Brick, don’t you realize you just said something that made all three of us suspects.

Brick: Huh!? I mean there wasn’t a hidden cache in the maze that me, Duncan and Scott made…

Zoey: I respect who you are Brick, but lying isn’t something your good at. I would come clean if I were you.

Katie: So who among these three is the killer? It’s obvious that only they could have gotten these things!

Sky: Don’t be impatient Katie, who said that one of them was the culprit? Sure they may have known vital info the killer needed, but wouldn’t the killer have done something to hide the knowledge there was a cache?

Shawn: And also we said the culprit had to be a girl, and I don’t any of them are.

Cody: We didn’t say the culprit was a girl though, we said that it was very unlikely for it to be a boy. So we can’t disregard the info yet.

Katie: I guess, but that still makes the three of them suspicious. We can’t remove them from the suspect list.

Scott: Fine with us, but don’t start thinking were the culprit. I’m sure none of us is, no here would be stupid enough to use any of the items when two others knew about it.

Jasmine: So what’s next, we know the killer must be someone who knew about the hidden items in the maze, however I don’t think it was any of guys.

Noah: We still have the fire incident, we might be able to get a clue from there.

Sky: You know the closer we get the truth, the more confuse I get. Is that how it’s like in a Class Trial?

Scarlett: Welcome Sky! I hope you enjoy your stay!

This is a place you never want to enter much less stay. Unless you enjoy Monokuma causing you trouble.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Candle Wick Line, Jasmine’s Testimony, Burned Remains, Laundry Line

Beardo: Looks like next thing to *hammer noise* is the fire incident. Anyone here have an idea what we should talk about? Because it would be *lightbulb noise*.

Owen: I don’t know much about fire other then it’s good for a barbecue or a grill…Eureka!!! The killer just wanted to cook dinner!!!

Zoey: Owen, the things left by the fire is not for cooking. It looks more like it was meant to destroy something like evidence.

Lightning: Speaking of dinner, Sha-Lightning is hungry. Anyone wants some meat after this?

Izzy: Well make you a meal there after the trial or before the execution, does Monokuma let people have a final meal?

Gwen: I doubt it, but Zoey did bring up a very likely motive for the fire. To destroy evidence and as bonus to distract us while they hide the body from the dark.

Bridgette: Which means whatever evidence that got destroyed could be what points the culprit! We need to identify it as soon as we can!!!

Sam: Let’s just hope it wasn’t a frame-up like they burned one of my games, that’ll just point to me when I didn’t do anything!

Eva: Now the question is what did the killer do in order to get the evidence to burn while having enough time to move the body? No one is stupid enough to leave a body in the open.

Cameron: Eva, maybe we should discuss about that after we know what was bu-

Eva: Don’t you dare interrupt! Unless you want to be the next victim!!!

Last thing I need is Eva causing a murder and making things harder for all of us, but that would be a problem for another time.

Solution: Burned Remains – points the culprit

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: I don’t want to hurt any of your feelings, but I don’t think the thing burned was decisive evidence against the killer.

Max: But if it wasn’t then what could it be? What else would someone who killed would want to burn?

Beardo: Hold on wasn’t there a *ticking sound* I don’t remember…it was something that went missing in the museum.

Scarlett: You mean the so called memorial museum for all the fallen, like I would pay attention to that.

Samey: Well I did and yes there was something missing in the museum. I think it could be what the killer burned.

Jasmine: I know you guys will be asking me for the details, but I have no clue. I’m as confuse as a gator in the middle of the dessert.

Harold: But I do remember it was something that Topher had that we wanted to throw out.

Samey: I…I think I might be able to remember what it was, just give me a few minutes…I see it- nope that was the time Amy use the hairdryer to burn my hair off…

I got to focus and remember what that item was, I know it might be able to help us solve the murder! Just don’t get distracted with all the bad memories that suddenly came up!



Answer: Chris Model

Samey: I got it!!!


Samey: Wasn’t there a model of Chris which Topher use to own? It was creepily similar to the actual Chris that we wanted to throw it out.

Beardo: *liar roar* I think that was it! The thing that went missing from the museum.

Jasmine: Crikey! I wanted to get rid of that mate, so when it went missing I got worried…but then a few minutes later I started to appreciated not being there.

Zoey: But we shouldn’t disregard it as a clue. When it’s entirely possible that the thing burned that night was the model.

Bridgette: But it make sense, the model had a wig and in the remains of the fire there was a half-burnt wig in the middle!!!

Tyler: I don’t think we can come up with anything else both missing and that could leave a wig. So it’s got to be the model!

Max: And why would anyone even went the trouble to do that? That seems to be a waste of time!

Zoey: It's likely the culprit did this as a distraction so they could hide the body in the dark in case they didn't had enough time before the people escaped the cabin.

Lightning: Sha-whatever it doesn’t make finding the killer less of a hassle.

Jasmine: Maybe your right there Thuder Roo, but I do think it leaves a possible clue on the culprit’s identity.

Max: Speak at once lowly servant otherwise I’ll-

Izzy: Yeah, yeah enough with the cute villain act we need to hear Koala Girl.

Jasmine: Thanks…I guess. You see there was a time my keys for the museum got stolen. Of course I was careful so I wouldn’t let anyone near them.

Lindsay: Are you trying to say that you’re the killer?

Jasmine: Of course not!!! I was going to say that the only people who had a chance to steal the key were those working on the museum to.

Cameron: So we know the culprit was someone who was part of the museum committee, sounds a lot like the 6th Class Trial with Heather way of setting the crime up.

Gwen: I rather not remember that, but with the experience we learned from there and now committees are going to be the thing that might end up causing us trouble in the long run.

Owen: OK, but how did the killer got the fire to start? No one was there when we went to check it out.

Noah: Big guy, did you see the line of candles wick leading there?

Owen: Sticks, you mean bread sticks!? I would love some, thank you very much sir.

Scott: He means the thread thing you see in candles, there was a huge line of them when search around the place.

Sky: If that is true, that would mean the killer just lit the beginning of the line and then waited for to reach to the body and then have it burn.

Jasmine: Owen, didn’t you say you misplace a bunch of packs of candles? Couldn’t that be where the wicks came from?

Owen: I don’t know, I never found them.

Harold: That further supports the theory the culprit was someone had access to the museum and it makes it more that the killer was someone who worked on it.

Brick: I did work on unlike Duncan or Scott, but let me say that in my honor I never hurt anyone except for myself while here.

Samey: Maybe you should have yourself check after we escape the island.

Then again I think I need therapy when I leave with how terrible things been here.

Sam: Does anyone here have an idea on the culprit? We know that the killer is likely to be a girl, had a way to know about the mazes hidden weapons and was working on the museum.

Shawn: Have you forgotten about what I said? It’s still very unlikely for the culprit to be a girl though since it would be impossible to climb up to the roof.

Scarlett: How would you know that?

Beardo: When LeShawna got to the chimney, that was the only time we were gone. There was no other time frame for anyone to climb the roof without us seeing it. We were *metal detector sound* the entire area.

Brick: Don’t you mean the walls like we said?

Shawn: Yeah we looked at the walls the entire time.

Scarlett: Then that makes it clear who the killer could be. Only one person would be able to defy that piece of logic.

Lindsay: Huh? What’re you talking about? Is there a ghost here?

Scarlett: No, but there is someone here who didn’t need walls to get on the roof of the guy’s cabin, in fact this one person also fit the criteria of what we said the culprit was.

Samey: I…I don’t know who your talking about?

Scarlett: Then there isn’t much to say until you figure it out. So I’ll stay silent until we here your voice say something logical.

Ouch! Why did I pick her as my partner again?

Eva: So what is it Samey!? Do you know who the killer is!?

Samey: I…I…

You need to make the choice now if we want to get Scarlett help! Now is the time to pick someone here as the culprit!!!

Trent: Someone who could do all those amazing things. Sound like someone with a lot of talent.

Talent!? Oh man, I didn’t realize it, but it would make sense if this person was the culprit! I don’t want to accuse them but I need to in order to end this trial!!!

Samey: Scarlett, the culprit in question is this person! Am I right!?


Do you have any final idea on who the killer is? Please leave a comment down below and enjoy the story I have called Total Drama: Danganronpa!!!

Looks like the Top Three are as followed:

1) Eva

2) Scott

3) Zoey

Let’s see if you got it right or wrong, which may come a bit surprise to all of you…


Eva: What!? Why are you accusing me!? You better have a good reason!!!

Samey: Didn’t you help out at the museum with Jasmine before?

Eva: I only did it because they asked me! It’s not like I had anything to do in this boring island other then working out, but I got bored with that to after doing it for a month.

Scott: I also don’t think it’s possible for her to know about the secret passage, she never went in there, not even the time Topher was killed.

Bridgette: Also didn’t Eva break the window so we could get out? It would have been impossible for her to move the body while she was doing that since the culprit was likely still moving the body back then and even when were outside.

Samey: Oh yeah, why did I forget that?

Scarlett: You disappoint me Samey, you shouldn’t make exceptions with anyone here. Not even with your friends.

Ouuuuuuch! Need to think again.


Zoey: Why am I the one accuse this time? I didn’t do anything wrong!

Jasmine: You did help out with the museum supplies before.

Zoey: I did, but it wasn’t for so long and also I have an alibi during the time of the murder.

Trent: Really? Then what is it?

Zoey: I was staying in the cabin as a guard along with Bridgette. She and I were together the entire night even when the blackout occurred.

Bridgette: We know the killer cause the blackout outside the cabin so it’s impossible for her to do that while being inside the cabin with me.

Cody: I have to agree, doing something liek that while being watch would have been really difficult.

Cameron: Samey I think she’s not the culprit. She definitely had no opportunity to commit the crime.

I…I get it. I’ll accuse the right person this time…


Samey: It had to be you!!!


Samey: Scarlett you were thinking that Sky was the culprit, am I right?

Sky: Hold up there! Are you two serious?!

Scarlett: I’m always serious, the person who I think did it is you Sky.

Cody: To think someone who just got in the game would instantly try to kill someone. The more I’m here, the more hopeless I feel.

Harold: Wait a minute you two! Why did you think Sky was the culprit?

Samey: I remember a few days ago Sky was cleaning up the museum along with Eva, Lightning and Scott so she had a chance to steal from Jasmine.

Jasmine: That was three days ago, the day my keys were stolen! I should have figured one of the people who helped me was the one behind it!

Sky: So what about the two details about the culprit? How do I fit in there?

Sam: We already have you fulfil the girl and museum part, but the other two I have no idea.

Scarlett: It would make sense since you didn’t see what Sky did in order to get on top of the rooftop of the boys.

Lindsay: I remember! She was climbing up the walls like a cute monkey! Awwwwh!

Sky: I guess I’ll take that as a complime- Hey!!! I never climbed up to the guy’s roof!

Scarlett: No you did, but it wasn’t through climbing the wall. It was through something more unexpected.

Noah: I think I know what you’re talking about, but it’s best if they try to figure it out for themselves.

Harold: Why don’t you try to make our lives easier by just telling us?

Bridgette: Well life here isn’t easy at all so that’s something we should expected, for the better or for the worst.

I think so too Bridgette, I think so too.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Laundry Line, Location of the Bodies, Rope in the Chimney, Back Window

Sky: I get it I am suspected as the killer because of fulfilling certain things the killer did. But I’m not the only one who here who fits those attributes.

Noah: Maybe with the museum and the girl part, but the other two could only be you.

Scott: But I don’t have any idea how would she know about the maze’s hidden area, well that goes with all the girls here.

Duncan: Except Samey, but I don’t think it’s her. She was the one who been helping us since the beginning…unless she was planning this the entire time.

Jasmine: No way she could be it. She never helped in the museum at all!

Sky: But what about me? I’m still a suspect here.

Scarlett: That’s because you also helped with the museum unlike Samey, and unlike other people here no one can confirm whether you were at the cabin’s during the blackout.

Sky: Still it’s ridiculous to think I was the killer because of only that. You never said how else I could get to the roof without climbing the wall.

Brick: Neither the way she would learn about the hidden supplies at the maze. I can guarantee you that we never saw her.

Scarlett: Believe me you’ll soon see the real reason why Sky should be considered our main suspect.

Dawn: A lot of confidence in your words…yet I have to agree with them to.

So there is something Sky could do that would put another reason for her to be suspected. Well this is the thing I can think of so far.

Solution: Laundry Line – without climbing the wall

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: There is a way only you would know to do in order to get to the roof. We’ve seen it before when testing Cody and Tyler’s plan.

Cody: Didn’t we ask for you guys to forget that. I already have a terrible fanbase as it is.

Tyler: And I have a girlfriend here, I don’t want to look bad in front of her.

Lindsay: When did you ever look that? You always look alright to me.

Sky: Why not you say it then! If you want to suspect me then you better have proof to back it up.

Samey: Remember how Sky trampoline herself to the top of the rooftop. What did she use in order to give her the extra best?

Lightning: Wasn’t it the thing string attack to the cabins?

Shawn: You mean the laundry line-! I get it!!! She use the laundry line to get on top of the roof.

Beardo: That is possible. Me and Shawn despite having night vision goggles never looked at the laundry line the entire time. How *chicken noises*!

Sky: You must be joking, I mean how can someone use the laundry line as a trampoline-

Zoey: But I saw you do that Sky. No not just me, but a handful of people also did. It was at the time Rodney was trapped in the chimney.

Katie: I remember that, you were worried about his safety that you immediately did the stunt in order to check on him.

Sam: I couldn’t believe it that you killed both of them. I thought you weren’t going to snap as soon as you did.

Sky: Well I didn’t. I never did that thing last night so I couldn’t get on the roof. Unless your saying there is evidence to prove I did it.

Harold: We may not have it right now, but if what Scarlett said is true then there is something we might be able to find on the line in order to link you as LeShawna’s killed.

Izzy: There is? Is it fingerprints, because I can find fingerprints really fast like super scanner made to scan for possums.

Harold: It’s not fingerprints because the line is too thin to leave some and also Sky never used her hands on the line when performing the stunt so it wouldn’t do anything.

Samey: Then we might be looking for this!

(Sky’s hair/Sky’s smell/Dirt/Damages)

Answer: Dirt

Samey: If she really propel herself up with that method then there is no way she couldn’t leave any dirt.

Scott: Her feet was touching the ground so it would obviously have dirt. Believe me I know dirt. So if there’s anything reliable to prove it then that’s it.

Jasmine: I’m sorry to ask about this Sky but are you ready to confess your crime.

Sky: Not yet, not when you haven’t presented anything that would connect me to the maze. If anyone here shouldn’t be connected to the maze, it should be considering I’m just new here.

Eva: She’s right for once! She was never here when that dirty host wannabe Topher was killed!!!

Katie: So it looks like we can’t connect to that with anything that happened with the murder. Now what do we do, give up in this or continue on?

Cameron: Isn’t it obvious, we have to continue this!!! We already made so much progress that any contradictions hindering us shouldn’t be solvable.

Sky: So your dead set on making me the culprit…why shouldn’t I be shock with what watch while away from here.

Samey: Sorry to do this Sky, but we need to see if your lying or telling the truth!

Dawn: Question is whether you will do it or not, the task itself is not easy. Then again a trial should never.

More vague questioning huh? I have to ignore that for now and continue on to prove her guilt.

Non-Stop Debate


Sky: Is there really a way for me to know about the maze’s secret weapons? I never went inside that area.

Eva: You mean no one has seen you, but if we did then trial would have ended a long time ago.

Cody: Unfortunately there is nobody here who could prove that wrong. I mean if the three guys who were always there didn’t see you then it’s really unlikely anyone else would.

Scott: And believe me we know the maze inside out. If she followed us then we would have notice her, it takes a thief to know a thief.

Brick: And even in the times we weren’t there, she still shouldn’t have found the weapons. We place them in a strategic location to hide.

Sky: See it’s impossible for me to know about the location of the hidden stash. I never went there and even if I did I wouldn’t be able to just stumble it.

Noah: You know it’s not necessary that you went there, more on that you were someone here who could have possibly known that.

Duncan: But we don’t let our secrets get out of hand that easy so you can forget that.

Lindsay: Then maybe Sky just panicked and found it there! That’s how I end up looking for the things I need.

Max: When was that dark and spooky puzzle ever a good place to look for something. Unlike me, you don’t have the ability to see through the dark!

So Sky is now claiming that it would be impossible for her to be able to know about the stash. It might be true technically, but that doesn’t mean she never knew about the hiding place.

Solution: possibly known that – impossible for me to know

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Sky the things you said are mostly true…except the part about not knowing about the stash.

Sky: How does that make sense? The three guys can back me up that I never went to there secret hideout or helped them with the weapons.

Tyler: But that’s not much since the guys also said no one should have known. That doesn’t really point anyone here.

Sky: Still the point still stands that I wouldn’t know about the st-

Noah: You knew about the hidden place though, correct?

I was going to bring that up Noah, no fair that your stealing my lightn- I mean thunder. No need to increase that guy’s ego.

Duncan: How would she? We were so sure that place was really difficult to find unless you were in the maze plenty of times like us.

Sky: See it’s very difficult for me to know about the place.

Samey: But there is a way you could have possibly known the place and I can prove it!



Sky: I find it ridiculous to think the person who was never in the group until just now would know about the place they never been to.

Dawn: However evidence are there to go against your claim.

Sky: Still there is evidence to prove it unlikely! Like I said I would be the last person here who would know about that hidden part.

Samey: Maybe at first, but if everyone knew about what’ve been happening to you while you were gone then they would start to see the logic on this.

Sky: That’s a really big claim, let’s see if you can back it up!


Evidence: Back Window, Jasmine’s Testimony, LeShawna’s Testimony, Scott’s Testimony

Sky: I admit that you have guts kid.

Sky: To accuse a very unlikely suspect out of the blue.

Sky: Only through the small coincidences that suspect unfortunately made.

Sky: You should be really careful about doing this next time.

Sky: Unlike me some people here would take this really personally.

Sky: And believe me when I say that arguing that I didn’t know the location is lucky for you.

Samey: I am not doing this because I just thought about it, I just know this is what happened base on everything so far.

Sky: How would anyone here know who the killer is?

Sky: Intuition is not going to hold up here.

Sky: Unless you have testimony to prove that I was in the maze…

Sky: or someone told about the hidden stash ahead of time.

Sky: I’m afraid this is how far you can go Samey.

Sky: I was expecting a bigger fight from someone rising like you.

Sky: I guess I overestimated you or I was underestimating myself.

Don’t think you were looking up to me too much, because I do know what to do in order to prove your guilt. This little cheerleader is not going to just go down without a fight.

Solution: Scott’s Testimony – I didn’t know the location

Samey: I’ll show you!!!


Samey: You saw it through the cameras Sky. When you were captured by Monokuma!

Sky: You knew about that!?

Harold: Some of us has told a few people about your capture Sky. I was the one who told Samey about it.

Eva: Hey! What is this about a capture?

Lightning: Is that why the athletic girl was missing the entire time? Because she was kidnap by someone?

Noah: Unfortunately yes, and if your going to ask then you can blame the dead guy Dave. He set Sky up to be captured and held away by Monokuma.

Shawn: Dave was still a pain despite being dead. To think he had that much tenacity despite his fear of germs.

Sky: I should have known he was behind it! Might have been a good thing since I wouldn’t have known about that info.

Zoey: Info? Are you talking the location of the hidden part of the maze? Did you see it through the cameras?

Sky: I…I…

Noah: That is what happened and why she was one of the few people here who had access with the stash. She knew about the location through watching the cameras.

Brick: And our duty failed! We should have looked out for enemy watchers! Rethink for our next plan should be priority when going back to the dorm.

Scott: You know I decided being one of the good guys isn’t worth it so I’m out.

Duncan: I’ll just do it since there is nothing better to do. But I’m taking charge this time!

Zoey: In the end it looks like Sky really is the culprit.

Shawn: I’m disappointed of you Sky, to think you just came in and then kill someone immediately. I thought out of everyone you would value unity.

Sky: Well I did, and I still do. I’m not the culprit your looking for.

Sam: But no one else could be the killer. Out of everyone you’re the only possible character that could do everything the killer needed.

Sky: I’m someone who had the qualities the killer had, but were not too sure if anyone else does also. As long as that possible is there, you can’t just decide me as the killer.

Cody: Guys, I think she’s asking for decisive evidence other then the factors of the culprit.

Cameron: Despite everything we discussed about in this, she’s right that we don’t necessarily have anything to prove her connection to the crime.

Sky: Exactly and without that voting for me is a huge risk that might end up killing us.

Dawn: Which is why we should hurry in finding the evidence. After all the culprit always leave something to send their cruel wrath back to them.

Max: If there is any, otherwise our time was wasted which is not helping me in making myself the greatest villain of all.

Samey: No there has to be, there is no way I can believe is innocent with everything given to us.

Noah: Then find the evidence and put an end to this trial, I want to move on in my painful life here.

Sky: And to think we could have been friends, it hurts knowing your that stubborn.

Trying to make me feel guilty huh? You said you valued good sportsmanship, I guess it wasn’t as valuable as you thought.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Izzy’s Testimony, Scott’s Testimony, Lindsay’s Testimony, Candle Wick Line, Laundry Line

Bridgette: In the end we think Sky is the most likely culprit. Unfortunately unlike the other killers, there isn’t anything much pointing at her exactly.

Beardo: They were all circumstancial, at first it looks big enough to be a *jackpot sound*, but then it could also be a *balloon pop noise*

Sky: Which it is, all the things that happened that got me suspected is a bunch of coincidence.

Scott: If it was you would need a lot of bad luck…then again what happen to me also had plenty of bad luck so it’s not impossible.

Izzy: Maybe there is something hiding in her clothes. If we search her then we might find something to prove her guilt.

Trent: Hold on there! A search is too much even for saving our lives. All that will do is give Monokuma what he wants.

Monokuma: Don’t be such a spoil sport. To think we were going to be in the good part.

Eva: Did anybody here see this chick do something suspicious the entire week!? In my mind that’s enough to assume that she’s killer!

Owen: I…I don’t think anyone has. If they did then they would have said something, especially me!

Harold: In the end maybe there isn’t anything decisive…but when did we say we needed to.

Sky: What are you talking about? Of course you need it to end the-

Dawn: I know what your saying. What if the evidence we needed is something that proves Sky couldn’t be innocent instead of being the killer?

Harold: You get it! We could simply use this event to test whether Sky was an innocent or was the killer. Innocent people should be able to get that.

Sky: I have no idea what your saying, but bring it on!!!

In the end Sky has given a strong point about not having a decisive piece of evidence. Well then why not we show that in fact you never could be innocent here!

Solution: Izzy’s Testimony – this event

Samey: I think so too!!!


Samey: If your really innocent Sky, why not you answer something for us to prove your innocence.

Lindsay: I totally know what your going to ask. Are you the killer or not?

Sky: …No, I think anyone who’s asked that would say the same thing.

Lindsay: Aww, then what question was Sally going to ask?

Sally? It’s been quite a while since I was given that nickname by someone.

Samey: I was going to ask about a certain incident that happen during the fire.

Sky: !... What do you mean?

Izzy: Samey did you get possess, because you forgotten to never tell anyone about my-

Noah: Enough talking Izzy, we need to see if Sky knows about this. If she doesn’t then we know for sure she wasn’t there at the fire like everyone else.

Sky: H-Hold on! Don’t I have a chance to say something…I mean my memory is fuzzy…

Jasmine: So you don’t remember what got burnt during that time? Or better yet you never knew about it.

Sky: Th-…I mean-…I could have-…

Owen: But why would she have went to the fire if she was innocent? She might have been like me who went back for a snack.

Sam: Yeah, but you went to fire after getting the snack. Anyone who had nothing to do would have immediately checked it, especially when it looks like a body was being roasted.

Scott: Then what would have prevented Sky, the killer, from going to the fire like the rest of us? Doing something like that would only make her more suspicious.

Gwen: Because she still needed to move the body to the girl’s attic. Even if it wasn’t a long way there, Rodney’s body is still heavy that it’ll take a lot of time to get there.

Zoey: In the end everything is fitting together, which means you had to be the killer Sky. There isn’t something wrong about our reasoning.

Sky: You still do! You just add in another circumstantial piece of evidence, not decisive evidence.

Noah: True, but who’s to say that wasn’t the point. After all with everything we have against you, even something really small can now point to you as the killer.

Dawn: Sky, at this point your in the last stand. We need to show one more thing to prove your guilt once and for all.

Samey: One more thing? What is that?

Scarlett: Use your head next time Samey! It’s so obvious what it is.

Beardo: So whatever this one last thing isn’t decisive evidence before, but now it is. How *calculator noise* of both of you.

I was there too!

Sky: Then if there is something like that, show it. A true athlete doesn’t throw in the towel even if the odds are against them. I may be a disadvantage, but I won’t let beating me that easy.

Tyler: So why not say it already Noah and Dawn? You already what it is so let’s end this!

Noah: To make it simple Sky has the-

Scarlett: Why not you shut-up and let my apprentice do the finishing blow!

Apprentice? Is she talking about me?

Samey: Scarlett, why do I have to be the one?

Zoey: Yeah I mean it’s a little unreasonable to do this. She and Sky are friends so having her do this will just-

Scarlett: Exactly! I want to see if she did learn anything from me, like learning how to cut the ties you have with others in order to survive.

Samey: Scarlett I never agreed to that les-

Sky: Fine by me! I don’t care who the challenger is, I’m not going to lose either way.

Scarlett: I’ll enjoy crushing that hope of yours and see what remains of you after your bloody execution.

Duncan: Looks like you can’t run away from this Samey, if you do then the person you’ll have to be worry about isn’t going to be Sky, it’s going to be Scarlett.

Samey: Does this island intend to make my life miserable? My school life was already doing a good job on that.

Monokuma: At least you feel at home.

Home…is this really going to be my home forever if I don’t make a move. No I need to focus and put an end to Sky’s well coordinated defense.


Sky: You got to step up your game!!!

Sky: I won’t lose to something so weak!

Sky: I thought we were a team.

Sky: Have good sportsmanship.

Sky: You can’t cheat the truth!

Sky: Why won’t you listen to me!

Sky: *buuuurp!!!*

Sky: I…I didn’t do anything…


Sky: What can there be that would put me as the killer? I have nothing on me that would place me in that position!!!


MUSEUM             THE


Samey: It’s time to end this!


Samey: It’s true that the evidence we have so far isn’t decisive, but that’s because you have the real one hidden on you.

Sky: What!? What do you mean hidden on me?

Lightning: Is it something like a tattoo? Lightning’s got one shape a like a lightning bolt!

Gwen: No need to hear more about that ego of yours Lightning.

Samey: No I’m referring to the missing museum key. If it was never found then it should still be the thief.

Sky: Still with the thief!?

Max: I see the light and I don’t like it! I should never look at the broadside of light!!!

Shawn: Covering for Max’s crazy humor, it means that if Sky is the thief then she should have the key with her.

Zoey: So someone should search her as soon as we can in order to know if were right or not.

Sky: Hold up there! No one is searching me-

Jasmine: If you don’t want to be search then show to us the key you stole. Either way the little kangaroo has fallen to our trap.

Sky: …

Eva: You can make this hard or easy, either way is fine with me-

Sky: Fine! You win! I have the key here! Happy!?

Noah: Looks like we’ve found the key to the truth. This is over Sky.

Sky: …They don’t know the full story yet… that I’m not the killer…

Brick: …

Samey: I think at this point we should remember everything that happened. Sky this is the truth behind the crime…

Scarlett: Yes! Show her what it means to try going against me…


Let's start out this case by explaining the background. As we know the guy cabin has a safe like the girls in the attic, but unlike ours this one was being use by someone. Cameron, who intended to find and store evidence related to the Sabotuer use this as a storage room and even had a guard to protect it, Rodney. Of course this task was a dangerous one that made Cameron extremely paranoid especially with the way the Sabotuer has been acting in the past few cases. However this case wasn't masterminded by the Sabotuer again, but a few people intending to gain the evidence Cameron hid.

One of these two is LeShawna who intended to show more impact towards the others by trying to undercover the Sabotuer. She intended to sneak inside the cabin of the boys, by using the same method Tyler and Cody did with their peeping plan. Entering the chimney connected to the attic at night where people are unlikely to go there. However she didn't realize the 2nd person making a move as well that time. The killer of this case.

Night time has arrived and LeShawna and the culprit was ready to make there move. The killer was the first to move and did a stunt in order to reach the chimney without being seen by the patrolling guards Shawn and Beardo. The stunt was using the laundry line attach between the two cabins as trampoline that would propel her up to the roof. She then entered the attic and got in the safe before anyone could be there.

LeShawna was up next. She saw an opening to get in when Shawn and Beardo left there guard duty temporarily. She then climbed up the wall of the guy's cabin and then through the chimney entered the room with the safe. Unlucky for her when she arrived...

Cameron was there looking at the safe. Realizing that she now need to take out Cameron, she made a bold move and hit him in the back. This knocked him out and let LeShawna take a crack on the safe. However she wrote the wrong password by mistake which prevented her from entering. The killer who was in the other side must have felt relieve that no one could get in, but that soon faded after the second victim came in.

Rodney who was guarding the safe knew about the password and when requested to open the door by LeShawna, either because of suspicion or he's bias towards girls, he complied. This was a fatal mistake as the culprit then ambush the two when the door opened. Killer grabbed a spear inside the cabin and stabbed Rodney, and then stealing his gun the culprit shot LeShawna. Now with there blood in there hands, the culprit devise a plan in order to escape their crimes. They intended to-



Samey: Sky...there is no way you can fight back. You are the killer and everyone knows that.

Sky: ...

Samey: Sky?

Sky: Your wrong...I wasn't the killer. I only tampered the crime scene and made it hard for everyone to solve.

Noah: ...If your not the culprit then why move the bodies? Only a killer would do something like that.

Sky: I have my own reasons...reasons that is fully about the truth behind this.

Dawn: The truth you say...what truth?

Sky: The truth of who the killers are! I know who both of them were and here is the decisive evidence to prove it!

A...walkie-talkie? How is that decisive evidence?

Looks like you guys were wrong this time, which means I also get to pick a victim next time. Goodie, goodie!!! But it looks like there is something unusual. Leave in the comments what you think the development of the case is and can you guess these so called true killers? Hope you enjoy Total Drama: Danganronpa!!!

Jasmine: Sky, what does that thing have to do with the case? We never mentioned anything like that before.

Sky: Not yet in the trial, but there is going to evidence to back it's relevance up. It's just not yet presented here, because this was never brought up.

Harold: Even if it did have something to do with the case, this wouldn't be enough to prove your innocence.

Sky: Just listen to me and you'll start to understand where I'm getting at.

Owen: I don't really get it, but I don't see why n-

Katie: Don't! She has no way to make herself innocent anymore!

Cody: Let's just take this one at a time and see where this goes. She migh be innocent after all, who knows.

I...I'm really confuse about this, about whether this thing has something to do with the case and is vital enough to prove her innocence. But I should at least try to hear hear her our before we judge her.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Walkie-Talkie, Scott's Testimony, LeShawna's Note, Rodney's Bullet, Rodney's Schedule

Sky: You might find it hard to believe, but this is enough to prove my innocence. It looks irrelevant, but actually it is the decisive evidence to prove my innocence.

Katie: Enough with the lies Sky, it is irrelevant. There is nothing in the crime scene that connects this.

Lightning: You think you still have game, but it's set and match! No one you'll be taking down team Lightning.

Noah: When did we agree to call ourselves team Lightning?

Sam: I don't know guys, we should really hear her out. I don't know if she's telling the truth or not, but we should give everyone a chance.

Bridgette: However we can't take chances on killers, because if we do then we will end up getting killed.

Sky: Looks like some people are willing to listens and others are not going to believe me. It's time for all of you to make an anonymous decision like a team for once.

Beardo: Like a team...this is really hard since none of us really get along with others. It's a total *explosion noise*

We have to figure out if that walkie-talkie is important and if it does it might also be what proves Sky's role in this. If no one is going to speak up then I have to do it.

Solution: Walkie-Talkie - it is irrelevant

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: There was a walkie-talkie with LeShawna when we found her. We never said anything about it since it was never brought up.

Tyler: I think I know what you mean, it was something I notice but I totally forgot when I saw Rodney's body.

Shawn: So does that mean Sky is telling the truth?

Katie: I still doubt it, just because there was a walkie-talkie with LeShawna that doesn't mean these two are connected. For all we know it's just a trick Sky is trying to pull.

Cody: Not if the models are similar.

Scott: Huh? They are? You should have said something!

Cody: I-I wasn't really sure about until I got a closer look. Both the walkie-talkie here and the one LeShawna look exactly alike. Like there in sync with each other.

Scott: However does that mean anything? All I think is that it's proof that she fought with LeShawna at some point.

Katie: And during the middle of the fight she grab Sky's walkie-talkie to prove her guilt. All you did was prove yourself even more guilty.

Zoey: But it wouldn't work, not with the way LeShawna died. She was shot a few distance away, which is proven because she has no burn marks on her gun wound.

Izzy: Still proves both LeShawna and Sky were some secret society, maybe they even have secret languages.

Sky: Actually the connection between us isn't as big or secretive as you think. It's actually really simple.

Noah: Really simple, like you guys were allies.

Samey: Yeah I think so, more specifically on this...


Answer: Stealing

Scarlett: Are you suggesting that Sky was helping LeShawna steal the contents of the safe? I actually believe that.

Katie: But does that change anything? In fact it makes Sky even more suspicious then before.

Sky: It may not seem so obvious at first, but there is going to be proof that I couldn't be the one who killed Rodney or LeShawna.

Tyler: As much as I want to believe that, it's hard with everything pointing towards you.

Lindsay: But shouldn't we give her a fair chance Taylor? Everyone deserve one.

Bridgette: I guess we can try discussing about this, however if this ends up not revealing anything or proves Sky is innocent then we have to vote.

Sky: Fine with me, but you should know that the fact I was assisting LeShawna would prove I couldn't do everything you said the killer did.

Eva: You better hope otherwise you'll be leaving here in a body bag.

Sky: We all will leave in a body bag if I can't prove it.

Non-Stop Debate:

Evidence: Spear, Rodney's Bullet, Walkie-Talkie, LeShawna's Note, Monokuma File 09

Sky: You should know with everything you mentined about the killer is not possible for me to do everything. The fact I worked with LeShawna will prove it.

Katie: No way I will believe you! There is nothing wrong with anything we said. If you need us to say everything again then fine, but only once.

Scott: We know that LeShawna tried to access the safe last night, but the killer moved first so she didn't encounter them when she was in her way there.

Dawn: The killer was said to be inside the safe by the time LeShawna came in. Of course she didn't open to see them because she had the wrong code.

Shawn: However the bumbling farmboy got in the attic and then opened the door for her. This is when the killer likely shot LeShawna and then stab Rodney with a spear. The first death was instant while the other was a minute long before the mortal coil.

Eva: Then you began to interfere with us by causing a blackout and then creating a fire to distract us when we get out of the cabins.

Cameron: And in the darkness you moved Rodney's body all the way to your cabin's attic in order to confuse us. Afterwards you ran back with us to hide what you did.

Katie: You see, nothing is wrong with what was said. You killed Rodney and LeShawna even if you were partnered with LeShawna.

Scott: Actually it makes you all the more suspicious because you knew about all of this, which means you could have prepared for it.

Sky: That is where your wrong. I could prepare for this, but if I was LeShawna' accomplice then I would have made a mistake similar to her.

Does last words must be a hint on what proves her innocence. If she was in the same league as LeShawna then wouldn't this be something she couldn't have done.

Solution: LeShawna's Note - inside the safe

Samey: Your mistaken!!!


Samey: Dawn did you say the killer was inside the safe?

Dawn: I don't personally believe that, but that is what everyone thinks. So I said it to clarify everyone's thought in the matter.

Did she notice the contradiction earlier then me, but said the mistake in order for me to notice? She is really one creepy girl.

Smaey: Well about that, if she was working with LeShawna then wouldn't she have the same note about the code.

Sam: Is there something wrong abo- If she did then she would have wrong code to!

Scarlett: Which would mean it would be impossible for her to enter the safe before Rodney could get to the attic. Does it mean she isn't the killer?

Katie: But there is evidence someone was in the safe during the crime, it had to be you Sky!

Sky: But it wasn't, I think yuor right about it but it wasn't me who was there. I actually entered the crime scene after the murder.

Gwen: It could mean the actual thief was the killer, however we have no clue to point on this person's identity.

KatieL B-But Sky is the culprit! She has to be!

Noah: With everything revealed to us it's not looking likely at all. In fact it looks impossible for her to be the killer since she also has the password wrong.

Cameron: Maybe she just gave LeShawna a fake password and hid the real one with her?

Scarlett: No, even if she did that it wouldn't be any beneficial. Inf act having LeShawna accessing the safe would have been more effective since she could easily kill her there and then hide body.

Shawn: And if that happened...Cameron would be the main suspect since he was the one who owned the safe. It just doesn't make sense for someone to let a plan like that pass especially if it's also less complicated.

Sam: B-But we have no idea who the thief is, if we can't then we have no way at finding the kil-

Sky: Who said we need to fidn the thief...

Samey: Sky, what are you saying? The thief is the killer, we establish that a while ago.

Sky: Think back a bit and then notice your mistake. You'll see why neither me, the thief or anyone else but the killer could have shot LeShawna.

What is she getting at? Is there a contradiction with what I thought?


1) How was LeShawna shot?

(Mutliple Times & Close/Multiple Times & Far/One Time & Close/One Time & Far)

2) Where was the thief at when Rodney would open the safe?

(Far to Rodney/Far to LeShawna/Near to LeShawna/Near to both)

3) If that were the case then is it possible for the killer to shoot LeShawna correctly?


Answers: One Time & Far, Near to both, No

Samey: I think I get it!!!


Samey: They wouldn't be able to shoot LeShawna right, they were close to her!

Sky: Exactly which would mean the cause of death wouldn't be a far away shot but a point blacnk one.

Max: Couldn't LeShawna have ran away like a coward due to the killer's presence?

Harold: Don't call my LeShawna a coward!

Brick: Not with how far the spear originally was from the safe. One of the two would have definitely escape since getting both weapons would take plenty of time.

Sam: And also why stab Rodney with the spear when they could just shoot him.

Tyler: Were going around circles! I have no clue what's going on anymore.

Duncan: Looks like it can't be the thief anymore.

Gwen: Then who is the culprit if it wasn't a the thief? If you remove Sky and the thief there would be a fifth person which would be hard to imagine.

Cameron: That would be me but you know I was knocked out so it was impossible for me to have done it.

Cameron is not the culprit, Sky is not the culprit, the thief isn't the culprit either. So if the person who killed LeShawna was the one who shot her then the only person left who could have done is...

Samey: Then that leaves one possible suspect.

Scarlett: Samey, you have the same idea as me? Good to know my apprentice isn't a dimwit.

Owen: But who else could it be if it weren't the three of them? No one else could shoot LeShawna down!

Samey: Are you sure? Not even this person?


I know I said I'll be deciding the victim, but I'll give you a second chance. I have a victim in mind already, but if you get this one wrong to then I choose the second victim as well. Now who do you think this killer is this time? Please leave it in the comments below!!!

Here is the new Top 3:

1) Rodney

2) Cameron

3) Sky

Let's see if I get to pick two of our victims or just one.


Samey: It had to be you!!!


Samey: If you remove you, LeShawna, the thief and Cameron the only person left who could have use the gun to kill Rodney!!!

Owen: Are you serious!? Rodney killed LeShawna!?

Harold: And I was planning on avenging my lover's killer. Now I can't do that because he's dead.

Isn't that a good thing, you don't have to kill someone. Then again I can understand the sentiment because that's the same way I felt about Heather because she killed my sister.

Duncan: Do you have proof about that? I ain't going to risk my life on ust a guess.

Sky: I have decisive evidence to prove it, so you don't need to worry.

Bridgette: If you had any why didn't you show it immediately? It would have save us plenty of trouble.

Sky: Because you guys wouldn't have believe me since I was already a suspect. You needed to be convince that someone else could be the killer instead of me.

Sam: That is a good point, sounds like an objective you need fulfill in a video game.

Harold: Then show it! Show the evidence to prove LeShawna was killed by Rodney.

Sky: Not so fast guys, we should establish first the killer of Rodney to.

Katie: How would we know that? We have nothing to base on to find Rodney's killer.

Cameron: ...No we do. The time of death between the two victims are so close, they must have been attack nearly the same attack. However we establish there was only five people in the crime scene during the time of the murder.

Noah: If you use process of elimination only one person can kill Rodney.

Cameron: It's not me! I was knocked out when you found me!

Sky: I arrive at the crime scene after the murder so not me!

Sam: And the thief couldn't have gotten the spear because the spear was far away from the safe.

Harold: But, but, but, but t-then the killer could only b-be.

Samey: I hate to say it Harold, but then the only person left that could get the spear would be...



Samey: It had to be you!!!


Samey: Harold, it was LeShawna who killes Rodney.

Scarlett: What an unexpected development. To think this would happen so soon.

Zoey: Two people killing each did we end getting that far.

Jasmine: Before we accept that, we need to have evidence to prove this is what happened.

Sky: No problem, that's why this walkie-talkie is the evidence proving my innocence.

Lindsay: Really? I'm not the smartest but even I know a walkie-talkie doesn't have anything to record.

Brick: ...Wait a minute! Is that the one in-

Sky: In the store, yes. This walkie-talkie actually has a recording device in it. The reason I gave LeShawna this particular one is because I was a bit suspicious on LeShawna that she was Sabotuer.

Could she really be the Sabotuer?

Harold: There is no way she is the Sabotuer! I can tell you that she had an alibi everytime the Sabotuer made a move.

Scott: We don't even know when the Sabotuer made a move so you really can assure that. But I'm with you that I really doubt she's the Sabotuer to, it's obvious they won't let themselves get killed.

Noah: Which unfortunately means the Sabotuer is still alive.

Sky: That's something we should talk about some other time, but for now listen to what's recorded here and see the decisive proof that Rodney and LeShawna actually killed each other.

Cameron: The mastermind had plenty of brand new technology yet they do this. Why couldn't they share this to the entire world...

  • beep, beep*


LeShawna: There, all I got to do is open the safe and then-...Come on! Why isn't the stupid door opening, I put in the password.

Rodney: Cameron! What happened!?

LeShawna: What!? I thought Rodney was suppose to be here some oth-

Rodney: LeShawna! What are you doing here!?

LeShawna: Rodney, it's not what it looks like!

Rodney: Are you the Sabotuer!? Cameron warned me that they might come here!

LeShawna: Hold up, you got to calm-...What are you doing!?

Rodney: This is for everyone that you killed!

LeShawna: Rodney! We don't have to do this!

Rodney: Grabbing a spear! You are the Sabotuer! I have to do this!

LeShawna: Rodney!!! PLEASE!!!


Rodney: her...I got the Sabotuer...*thump*

Sky: LeShawna? What is going on? I...I'll be there! Just hold up!!!


Sky: You now understand the truth? Rodney killed LeShawna, and LeShawna killed Rodney.

Harold: I can't believe this...this is horrible.

Beardo: Who do we vote now?

Samey: I think we have to vote either LeShawna or Rodney. I think Sky here should make the call...

Sky: I...I don't know who to pick. I don't want to blame either one...but we have to. Do we put this on Rodney...or LeShawna...can you tell me who you pick?

Noah: If no one is going to answer then I will, I think we should vote on...


Up to you, LeShawna or Rodney. You get to decide.

Noah: Rodney, he was the one who started the entire thing by panicking. So out of everyone he deserves our vote.

Shawn: That's really blunt. You could have nicer about it.

Noah: Niceness isn't something that exist here. Were trap in a killing game,sounds like a place where kindness can be found.

Zoey: T-that's harsh. I know it's true...but you shouldn't say it like that. It'll just make people feel bad.

Dawn: Still we can't deny the-

Gwen: I don't want to interrupt but we have to vote. So it's Rodney this time.

Sam: I guess, no one complaining about it. Just how Noah said we should.

Bridgette: We really don't have much of a choice I guess.

Monokuma: Looks like it's time to vote, please select the person you think is the killer and make sure you don't do something like vote yourself. Let's see who the contestants have voted for.

Scene: A roulette is played with the faces of the contestants on it, it stops to three Rodneys and the sign that says GUILTY lights up.

- Monokuma announce that they got the culprit correct again. That Rodney was LeShawna's killer and he would have accepted if they voted LeShawna to because she also was a killer. Rodney's killer. Harold confronted Sky about her role in this saying she was responsible for the entire incident. Sky doesn't deny it was her fault, but also claim she never something like this was going to happen. Shawn and Jasmine defend Sky when Harold was about to yell at her again.

- Duncan and Scott confronts Cameron with his secrets related to the safe and the evidence against the Sabotuer which Cameron explaining that he always wanted to help the group and thought catching the Sabotuer would be the best thing he could do. Lindsay notices this is also similar to what LeShawna said the night before the murder, that she wanted to be a help to the group.

- Jasmine tells everyone that all the question should be ask tomorrow as it was a long night and they needed their rest. Monokuma agrees but said an execution is about to happen. Izzy confuse about this ask Monokuma who he as executing and Sky says that it was her for the incident. Monokuma said she was wrong and that the person he's execution is Rodney. Everyone was confuse about this until Dawn points everyone to the screen.

RODNEY'S EXECUTION: In the middle of a cornfield was a long pole with Rodney's body attach to it. A bunch of Monokumas dress up as farmers and village folk began to surround the hanging body saying it was curse due to the body belonging to a man who spilled blood. In the side of the pole was a Monokuma holding a picture frame of LeShawna and said a prayer for the dead girl. The Monokuma joined him and when the prayers are finish they light there torches on a fireplace near the pole. They began to throw straws and gasoline to the pole and then when it's cover by both things the fire began and burned away Rodney. The Monokumas celebrate by dancing around the burning body like there was no tomorrow.

- Brick is horrified with what Monokuma did and declared that he was a monster. Monokuma retaliate by saying it was them who voted for Rodney which means they were the ones to decide he should be executed. Harold said they had no choice and Monokuma agrees, but said they still made the decision. Samey now completely exhausted about the events shut down until she made to her bed and fell asleep. The last thing she heard before her rest was Sky talking to Scarlett about something vital related to the Sabotuer.


Thanks for reading. Do you have an idea who the Sabotuer is? Please leave your opinions on the comments below and stay tune to the next part of the story.

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