The reason I made this blog is in order to make the gameplay between the trial and the evidence and little less of a hassle so you won't need to scroll on top of the screen to see the evidence. Also this would be a nice place to talk about the case without including the trial itself. Enjoy!


Monokuma File 10:

Victim: Trent

Cause of Death: Poison

Time of Death: 11:43 AM

Additional Information: While no drugs can be found in the body, the victim has inhaled a dangerous substance twice.

Victim: Scarlett

Cause of Death: Crush to Death

Time of Death: 5:30 PM

Additional Info: The victim has suffered skin burns on her hands due to pressing onto something forcefully. They remain in her body so she receive these moments before her death,

Timeline of Death: When Trent died everyone was said to be still sleeping. The only person alive that wasn't confirm sleeping was Lindsay. Scarlett died mere moments when Trent's body was discovered. It was around the time I was still in the concert hall.

Chandelure: The chandelure that crush Scarlett was in the middle of the room and it takes the entire space of the hall except for the recording booth and the bathrooms.

Pictures: Photos of past victims in the game was found in the middle of the room. This included Dakota, Sadie, Leonard, Justin, Heather, Amy, Geoff, Topher and DJ. The words in the middle has a sentence. "You did this!"

Recording Equipment: The microphones, speakers and sound modulators were found on when searching the recording station inside the hall Scarlett died in.

Remote Controller: The controller that handles the chandelure was found inside the hall. You have to press it in order to activate the chandelure to fall.

Entrances of the Halls: Both entrances were lock from the outside by the handcuffs.

Handcuffs: Max's own pairs. He took them from one of the stores in the island and kept it in his room. Someone could easily steal them since he left his room open and he kept playing with these like nunchucks.

Binoculars: On top of a tress was a pair of binoculars. The position is perfect for a lookout so did someone expect Scarlett to come here?

Owen's Testimony: There is two path ways going to the hall. The one me and Sky use was upper one while the bottom one was what Owen used along with Noah. Neither encountered anybody in our way to the hall.

Eva's Testimony: She was the last one to see Scarlett. She saw her leave around 5:00 PM in the girl's cabin holding onto a paper that when she went outside it suddenly burn away. She was heading towards the hall back then.

Scarlett's Room: In her room contains a lot of chemicals almost like a lab. One of ht empty beakers contain a very powerful smell that left me in fatigue.

Light Reflector Sheets: Only visible at the dark, I found these along with Sam in Scarlett's closet. The really hurt my eyes.

Missing Truck: Duncan informed the truck was found near the music hall at night. There Lindsay's was found tied up.

Lindsay's Testimony: She was playing around with a gask mask trying to scare Tyler last night near the cabins, but when he got to the boy's cabin she heard a noise to check it. She spotted two headlights and when she tried to check it out, she was hit in the back of the head by a branch and knocked out. She also said it was creepy since last night no one was around.

Truck's Key: Lightning said he had the keys, but when he went to sleep someone stole it in his pocket. No one saw anything because everyone else was asleep.

Vacuums: Behind each of the cabin was a vacuum with empty flask for different gases. They were taken from the air purificator.

Air Duct: The air ducts around tje girl cabin has been tampered with. They were open when they should be close. Katie brought this up.

Cleaning Shed: The closet in the back was open, but there damages on the frame. The window on top was broken.

Broom: A broom that has glass shards on it. It belongs in the cleaning shed but it's clear that someone moved it in there.

Tuning Machine: Use to help adjust the tone of the guitar, it was found inside the middle of the cleaning shed's closet. It looks like it was rip of the guitar.

Cleaning Supplies: The missing cleaning supplies from the girl's cabin have been found there. The bottles of bleach and ammonium were empty.

Folders: Containing evidence on the Sabotuer, they were found underneath the docks. Reports on Boney Island explain other folders like this has been spotted there.

Cameron's Testimony: He tried to send all the files he made about the Sabotuer to either me, Sam or Katie. Lindsay was the person she sent to give the evidence.

Sam's Testimony: He never receive the pictures about the Sabotuer at all. He doesn't know about Katie however.

Sky's Testimony: She was able to identify the grease found in the safe left by the thief. It came from chips that leave a very distinct smell. It's incredibly rare to get in the shop and said only one can have at a time.

Samey's Testimony: She's sure that all the quick burn papers belong to Scarlett. She made that a long time and has been using it since.

Courtney's Report: In her cabin I saw she maid a report. In the contents she said no letter sent by the Sabotuer could be found. They never seem to leave a trace.

Guitar String: The strings that held up Trent was from his guitar. They were connectd to the wall through a special chemical. The guitar however can't be found anywhere.

Crane: A device to use to get on the top part of the stage, it was moved since yesterday. It's computerize and it was hack by somebody.

Scott's Testimony: In the past few days Trent has been asking about anything strange he heard about the students. He's been acting like that ever since receiving a letter.

Letter in the Dinning Hall: Beardo said that the only person who could have left that was somebody from the kitchen staff. The ones there is Sky, Lindsay and Katie.

Katie's Testimony: She told me she never receive the files that day. Her alibi ,base on the time frame where Cameron could give the files and Lindsay's last appearance, is that she told me to keep the boat keys so no one could use the boats that day.

Boney Island Incidents: Plenty of fires has been spotted there lately during night, but due to the case with Dakota no tries to check it out. They found burnt paper in the fire place when we investigated it today.

Unusual Awake Time: For some reason we were all awake at around 1:00 PM. There is a few exception, but the reason for this unusual event isn't solve yet.

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