As anyone following knows, were still in the middle of Chapter 12 and after making an analysis, I've decided to make the Finale to be Chapter 17. So after this Class Trial, we will be having 4 more cases with all of them revolving around victim before the finale. As for the finale we have a special victim in store for that and the culprit in that one will be the mastermind. Anyway if that was all, why would I need to make another blog post?

The thing that isn't just all. You see after this series, I plan to start a new one starring the cast of Ridonculous Race. I've already asked the help of Art to be a writer, but I've decided I would collaborate the story with another person. And that is the main reason I announced this. I've wanted to ask for volunteers in this series so that the work can be easier and while I'll only pick one, if you volunteer I'll consider. What I am asking for volunteers is another writer who can hopefully write some of these Chapters to make things easier. If you want to volunteer then please say it in the comments down below.

Also a quick question, once the RR Danganronpa series start, who would want to be as the main character and who would suggest to become killers? Any feedback will help in my endeavor so please don't be afraid to say anything. Thank you for reading this and hopefully the finale for Chapter 12 will be coming soon. Thanks.

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