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    I don't post rankings here anymore.

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    Total Dramarama reveiw

    February 1, 2019 by Archipeligo

    I personally Like the show Total Dramarama. Even though we all wanted a season, and tom McGillis is an idiot, TDR is still a good show. I wouldn't prefer it happening, but since it did, I might as well appreciate it. I praise this show for being funny and it desrves to be renewed in my opinion.

    Duncan- am i the only one who dislikes TDR duncan? Because i really find him annoying. His voice is super annoying and his personality is annoying. He also looks like a big baby, he even sucks a pacifier.

    Know it all- This episode is dedeicated to bringing back abuse of courtney, where we spend 11 minutes seeing courtney crack and break down. How is this humor? How is this funny? I really am starting to think the writers dispise courtney and think abu…

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    Also, this blog is a work in progress. It's not finished yet. It may not be finished for a while because of all the ships out there. My opinions change sometimes too, so dont be suprised if i suddenly hate a ship I used to like.

    I love this couple. These two go so well together. They both bring out sides in each other they never knew they had. This pairing started out good but ended in a bad way. Courtney constantly abused Duncan, telling him he needs to be the perfect boyfriend, or yelling at him for doing nothing that would deserve a kick in the groin. Then in TDWT, Duncan cheated on her because he couldn't take the abuse, and was starting to like someone else. This couple is amazing, but unfortunately, it is not likely these two will eve…

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