Maybe just like a lot of us, I think that some eliminations were unfair and a different contestant should have been eliminated instead of the one who actually was. Thus, I sometimes think what would be if a different person was eliminated. That's why I decided to make my blog post series with my order of eliminations, starting with the very first season - Total Drama Island.


  • Cast has to be exactly the same as the actual cast of the season. There can be however a few exceptions if it'd be really necessary.
  • A different team/contestant can win in any episode.
  • Some elimination will be completely different, some will be left untouched and some may be barely changed.
  • Non-elimination episodes won't be mentioned (maybe).
  • This is not a fan-fiction. I'm not gonna write what would happen in the episode after a completely different elimination. I'm just writing about eliminations.
  • Some bottom 2s will be also changed.
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2 is only for non-eliminated contestant and not for the eliminated one (unless both will be mentioned).

Ok, so let's start then:

Episode 2

  • Winners: Screaming Gophers
  • Bottom 2: Ezekiel and Courtney
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged.
  • Eliminated: Courtney
  • Reason of being eliminated: Even after his sexist comments, Ezekiel survived the elimination because, unlike Courtney, he actually jumped off the cliff and the majority of the team were boys who disliked Courtney more.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I am sad that only one stupid Ezekiel's sentence caused his elimination. Could others forget about it? I don't think so. However, since there are 5 girls on the Killer Bass against 6 boys, there were more votes for Courtney (as boys were annoyed by her constantly mentioning being CIT and she refused to jump off the cliff).

Episode 3

  • Winners: Screaming Gophers
  • Bottom 3: Duncan, Harold, and Eva
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Duncan was the last standing contestant from his team, so they could easily blame him for losing. Meanwhile, his conflict with Harold became even more prominent after this episode.
  • Eliminated: Eva
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: As much as Eva had potential, especially in this season, I couldn't change this elimination. It was too epic. Heather's first scheme ever and all.

Episode 4

  • Winners: Killer Bass
  • Bottom 2: Lindsay and Noah
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged (?). Noah voted for her for leaving the court during the game.
  • Eliminated: Noah
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I just can't imagine this episode with a different role of Noah. Sorry buddy, it wasn't your season.

Episode 6

  • Note: The previous episode ended up being non-elimination because only three contestants per team competed in the talent contest, which would make the voting too obvious and unfair. Also, in my version Killer Bass actually lost because the overall score of the team was counted, not just the highest individual one.
  • Winners: Screaming Gophers
  • Bottom 3: Bridgette, Sadie and Katie
  • Reason of being in the bottom 3: Unchanged for Katie and Sadie. As for Bridgette, the "clones" heard about how she accidentally burned their team's tent and voted for her for this reason. Meanwhile, Bridgette and Harold simply liked Sadie more, while Tyler thought she owes her after he accidentally hit her in Dodgebrawl.
  • Eliminated: Sadie and Katie
  • Reason of being eliminated: Yeah, a double elimination. Both lost the challenge for their team. Sadie was eliminated because - let's face it - she's less good physically than Katie and Bass' team is now made almost out of boys. Majority of them counted that. Katie quit the game because she was sure that she wouldn't survive without Sadie.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: It was the best episode to eliminate them. And I'm sure that if double elimination occured in TDI, this episode would for sure feature one. I didn't want to unnecessarily keep Sadie for longer, even if it means she'll never compete again.

Episode 7

  • Winners: Killer Bass
  • Bottom 2: Lindsay and Justin
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Justin was jealous that she managed to win their challenge while he didn't.
  • Eliminated: Justin
  • Reason of being eliminated: Due to caring about his looks badly, he shared Lindsay's fear. However, unlike her, he lost it after a few minutes, being unable to stand a bad haircut (wig). His teammates found his challenge ridiculously easy and voted for him for losing it.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I didn't want to unnecessarily keep Justin for too long. It wasn't his season. Besides, he could've easily become TDI My Way's Sadie, due to being mute most of the time.

Episode 8

  • Winners: Killer Bass
  • Bottom 2: Lindsay and Izzy
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged. She was tanning instead of paddling.
  • Eliminated: Izzy
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged. However, it was revealed she would've been voted out anyway due to telling the opposing team how to win the challenge.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: This elimination was so perfect for Izzy that I just had to leave it. Also, the others have more important plots.

Episode 9

  • Winners: Killer Bass
  • Bottom 2: Heather and Beth
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged for Heather.
  • Eliminated: Beth
  • Reason of being eliminated: She was a victim of Heather after standing up to her and quiting her alliance. Heather, who constantly borrows Beth and Lindsay's things without asking for permission, has already found Beth's tiki idol from Boney Island and showed it to her teammates to get their votes against her. Most of them reluctantly changed their plans from voting for Heather to voting for Beth as a result.
  • Votes:
  • Commment: I know the elimination may seem a little forced, but I always keep forgetting Beth's still in the game in the next episode of the real version. I also decided to get rid of Cody's "bear accident" and make Beth's elimination due to a tiki idol happen sooner and a bit differently.

Episode 10

  • Winners: Killer Bass
  • Bottom 2: Heather and Owen
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged.
  • Eliminated: Owen
  • Reason of being eliminated: Owen lost the challenge for his team after eating every of their meals. Trent also voted for him because he caused his concussion during the challenge.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Who doesn't think Owen deserved to go home in this episode for ruining the challenge for his team? Seriously, if only he wasn't such a creators' pet in the real series... Besides, Heather's the main antagonist and Beth's already gone in my version.

Episode 11

  • Winners: Screaming Gophers
  • Bottom 2: Ezekiel and DJ
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: DJ, Duncan and Geoff voted for Ezekiel because he lost the very first challenge for their team after refusing to climb due to not trusting Duncan.
  • Eliminated: DJ
  • Reason of being eliminated: He lost the last challenge for his team. What's even worse is that they would've won if it hadn't been for him taking off his blindfold. The remaining teammates, including his friend, Duncan, were mad at him for this. Duncan was however more mad at Ezekiel for not trusting him.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Admit it, who after the last challenge didn't think DJ deserved to be eliminated here? It was much more important loss than Sadie's. Also, Sadie's already gone in my version. Not to mention that Harold didn't deserve to be in the bottom two either. Besides, he didn't have much plot in TDI.

Episode 12

  • Note: Chef could choose whoever he wanted to be eliminated.
  • Winners: Screaming Gophers
  • Bottom 2: Harold and Ezekiel
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Chef considered Harold to be too weak for a solid soldier.
  • Eliminated: Ezekiel
  • Reason of being eliminated: In order to impress everyone, Ezekiel was trying to be "cool" by acting like Duncan, knowing that he's popular thanks to his bad boy persona. He was ignoring and insulting Chef. His behaviour annoyed Chef to the point that he eliminated him.
  • Comment: Ezekiel had to leave sooner or later. I gave him a chance, but it simply wasn't his season. And I decided to eliminate him now due to lack of Courtney in this episode.

Episode 13

  • Winners: Screaming Gophers
  • Bottom 2: Geoff and Harold
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Geoff lost the challenge and was still stinking.
  • Eliminated: Harold
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged. He was also considered to be the weakest from all losers of the Killer Bass of this episode, even despite helping his team once (in my version).
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Did you predict me to change such memorable elimination? No way! It was interesting to see female's breasts and contestant's sexuality being a part of the reason of his elimination. Not to mention it was one of the most mature episodes, which I also like.

Episode 14

  • Note: Winners, besides a trip to a resort on a cruise, won a reward of choosing who to eliminate in this episode, similarly to Suckers Punched. However, unlike the other times, the winners voted for the loser like during regular elimination ceremonies rather than it being revealed like in TDAS.
  • Winners: The guys
  • Bottom 2: Heather and Bridgette
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Geoff and Tyler voted for Heather due to her antagonistic personality.
  • Eliminated: Bridgette
  • Reason of being eliminated: Duncan noticed how Geoff was helping Bridgette during the challenge. Thus, he formed guys' alliance with all the remaining boys except for Geoff. He convinced them the girls would vote off Heather soon anyway, and they should vote for someone popular instead and broguht up how Geoff's relationship with Bridgette could cost them the challenge. Only Tyler wasn't able to do this, knowing how he'd feel if their alliance decided to vote for his girlfirend.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: It was Bridgette's best season, so I had to give her more screen time than I originally did. However, she still didn't offer enough to be the main character. This episode's theme fits her elimination the best in my opinion.

Episode 15

  • Note: First and second eliminated contestants are back! Merge time! Eva was correctly mad not only at her team, but also at Heather (because Bridgette's already gone in my version and it was out of nowhere), for eliminating her.
  • Invincibility: Leshawna
  • Bottom 2: Heather and Eva
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged.
  • Eliminated: Eva
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged. Also, after her elimination, Eva revealed out of anger to stir some drama between remaining contestants that Duncan was the reason why Geoff's girlfriend was sent home, as well as that Tyler didn't vote with the other guys.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Wasting Eva's return? Well, everyone else was more important. And it'd be unlikely for her to survive any eliminations now. She's not Heather. Sorry Eva, see you in Total Drama Aftermath.

Episode 16

  • Note: Heather checked what's inside her treasure chest through a keyhole before the challenge. She was happy to see it's invincibility pass and thus decided to make her ruthless plan for this episode work.
  • Invincibility: Heather
  • Eliminated: Trent
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged. There was no bottom 2 this time, as Gwen and Trent wasted their votes on Heather due to liking everyone too much to vote for them (and in Gwen's case, forgiving Trent).
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I tried to make it a little less of a BS elimination by adding some more sense. But I couldn't change it in other ways, it was too important. And it'd be impossible to eliminate Trent (who, like Bridgette, couldn't be a main character) in any other way (unless by an injury).

Episode 17

  • Invincibility: Heather and Leshawna
  • Bottom 2: Duncan and Lindsay
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Unchanged. Girls were scared of his alliance. Plus, Tyler couldn't vote for his girlfriend.
  • Eliminated: Lindsay
  • Reason of being eliminated: Upon the girls' meeting, Lindsay realized how badly Heather has treated her through the season. She stood up to Heather, much to her annoyance. Duncan renewed the guys' alliance and decided that they will vote for Lindsay along with Heather so a girl could be eliminated this time. This time he also told Tyler to do so. Geoff wanted to vote otherwise, to thank Tyler for doing the same a few episodes ago, but he was to scared of annoying Duncan again..
  • Votes:
  • Comment: I just wanted to have Tyler eliminated in sport-themed episode, which means Lindsay had to be eliminated here. Also, I wanted Geoff to thank Tyler for what he did, but it was impossible, as I needed a majority in the votes and a tie-breaker would be impossible in this episode.

Episode 18

  • Invincibility: Heather
  • Eliminated: Tyler
  • Reason of being eliminated: After the challenge was finished, Chris revealed that Tyler is eliminated because he was the only contestant to fail to build a bike, which was worse than the last place in the challenge or being eliminated in the first round.
  • Comment: Yeah, Tyler's eliminated in sports-themed episode for the irony. Also, there was no voting because it'd be too similar to the previous one.

Episode 20

  • Note: The previous episode was non-elimination due to its original climate (as well as lack of DJ in my version).
  • 2nd note: Whoever brings their animal as the last one is eliminated.
  • Winner: Gwen
  • Bottom 2: Heather and Courtney
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Heather had tranquilizer gun that Izzy used in the real version. Thus, she shot bear easily. However, dragging it to the cage took her a while and she became the second-last contestant to bring their animal to the cage..
  • Eliminated: Courtney
  • Reason of being eliminated: She couldn't catch a deer in time, even with Duncan's help.
  • Comment: Of course I'm not letting returning contestant to make it too far. Duh. And this episode was the best to eliminate her. Also, I had to change the type of elimination from a voting to an automatic elimination to save the main antagonist.

Episode 21

  • Note: In my version, Duncan and Heather won the first round (eating was easy for Duncan), Geoff and Leshawna the second (Geoff tossed the tiki idol like in the real version, and Duncan and Heather the last one (Heather easily remembered who was eliminated when).
  • Winners: Duncan and Heather
  • Bottom 2: Gwen and Cody
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: In my version, the choice for the voting was only between the members of the only team that didn't win any of the challenges - Cody and Gwen.
  • Eliminated: Cody
  • Reason of being eliminated: Gwen was more liked by the others than Cody. The only people who voted otherwise were Heather (for Gwen), Gwen (for immune Heather to waste her vote, being unable to vote for Cody), and Cody (he didn't vote). Gwen thanked Cody for everything before he walked down the Dock of Shame.
  • Votes:

Episode 22

  • Note: The episode looked like in the original way (you can check here and here how it was originally going to look like). The Aftermath-like episode was the next one instead, and it was be non-elimination episode. Mr. Coconut was instead created by Izzy as her and Owen's "child."
  • Invincibility: Heather (She scored the most points during the first challenge and won the second challenge after Leshawna threw her to the crocodiles' pit and she survived the encounter with them).
  • Bottom 2: Geoff and Leshawna
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: Gwen and Leshawna found out he was in several alliances, with all of the remaining contestants.
  • Eliminated: Leshawna
  • Reason of being eliminated: Since Heather was immune, Duncan used this opportunity and used his alliance with her, as well as reunited his guys' alliance with Geoff in order to eliminate Gwen or Leshawna. The alliance targeted Leshawna due to Heather and Duncan's bigger hatred of her and her popularity being a threat.
  • Comment: I didn't want to repeat that BS elimination, even despite how classic it was. So yeah, that's how I imagine the original version (more or less because I had to replace Owen with Goeff).

Episode 24

  • Note: Due to lack of Owen, nobody smelled Chef's cookies, so it took longer for boys to return.
  • Invincibility: Gwen and Heather
  • Bottom 2: Geoff and Duncan
  • Reason of being in the bottom 2: As mentioned in Note's section.
  • Eliminated: Duncan
  • Reason of being eliminated: The girls thought of him as a threat. Geoff also decided this is the perfect time to avenge Bridgette's and Lindsay's eliminations.
  • Votes:
  • Comment: Duncan was actually deserving to win TDI. But it was easier to replace Owen with Geoff. Besides, I kinda made Duncan the secondary antagonist in my version.

Episode 25

  • Winner: Geoff and Gwen
  • Eliminated: Heather
  • Reason of being eliminated: Unchanged.
  • Comment: I think everyone knows changing this elimination would be like one of the worst sins in TD history, if not the worst.

Episode 26


Mr. Coconut was created in Haute Camp-ture, so therefore he didn't became a "contestant."

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