Art here with quite random theory this time. I noticed a lot of users wonder why DJ didn't simply quit in TDWT if he wanted to leave the competition because of his curse so badly. Well, let's have a closer look at this.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre is the episode where DJ starts wanting to lose. When Team Victory loses the challenge, he simply thinks voting ceremony would be enough, as Lindsay would vote for him and he would vote for himself. Quitting was unnecessary in his opinion, as it could've been done the regular way as well. Then it was revealed there will be a tie-breaker instead. At this point DJ also thought it could be done in regular way instead and tried to lose the challenge for himself by completely not working hard, as opposed to Lindsay. He would have got it right, but judges opinion prevented him from succeeding. In Newf Kids on the Rock, since he became a team of one, he thought he still could lose in regular way by not singing (actually no one was eliminated because of not singing) or losing the challenge (as his loss would mean his automatic elimination). However, he kept winning thanks to Heather's and Alejandro's (in the last challenge) help. Alejandro actually convinced him to overcome his curse in this episode, which made DJ eager to compete in the next episode. Ironically, this is when DJ got eliminated.

Well, looks like DJ simply thought he could lose automatically and this is why he didn't just quit, right? Wrong! If he wanted to leave so badly he could have volunteer to be eliminated instead of Lindsay after he was declared as the winner of the tie-breaker in Paris. Or couldn't he?

Maybe the thing that prevented him from quiting in this simple way was the contract? Keep in mind that Duncan and Harold have already quit the competition in TDWT. Perhaps the contract says there is a limit to the number of contestants who quit per season? Also, DJ has already quit the competition in TDA. Maybe their contract also prevents the contestants from quiting more than once in the series?

Well, that'd make sense and explain why DJ wanted to lose in regular way and didn't save Lindsay from elimination. It'd also make sense considering majority of the contestants would have quit the show if the contract allowed it.

Maybe it does make sense, but there is one thing though. If that was the case, it'd be great if they showed it on-screen somehow. For example, DJ could have attempted to quit after winning the tie-breaker, but Chris would have reminded him he can't because of the contract's rules. Or DJ could have simply mentioned he isn't allowed to do so per contract's rules in the confessional.

So yeah, this actually is a major plot hole in DJ's plot, or should I say running gag, in TDWT.

Fun note:

DJ quit the competition in the ninth episode of TDA, sparing Lindsay from elimination, but didn't quit in the ninth episode of TDWT, not sparing Lindsay from elimination this time (also it wouldn't be via voting this time).