You this this sentence will tell you who'Hi everyone! As you may or may not have noticed my "My Way" series has been finally finished. What will I do now? Well, I have some ideas for my future blogs.

There are no rumours about the future season of TD or RR yet and we most likely won't hear about it in a while. That's why I decided to use the opportunity to share with you my very own season of Total Drama. I've had ideas for my own fan fiction way before TDAS was announced, but I've never had time to write a whole 26 episodes long season. Then, my version of the fifth season became kinda outdated with TDAS cast confirmed, premiere, as well as the introduction of the third cast. Of course, I had to change a lot to include them. Then came RR. Well, I decided not to use many characters from RR. RR gave everyone fair amount of screen time and almost everyone left on a good note. I didn't want to ruin it.

Anyway, my point is that I've never had a time to write a proper fan fiction. However, I decided to show you how a season created by me would look like on a blog in a form of my "My Way" series. On this blog, I'll write about some background info , the cast and their plots for the season.

Also, because I kept changing the theme and cast of My Season with every new season of TD, I decided to leave it unnamed, being simply called "My Season" as a reference to the "My Way" series.

So, let's start, shall we?

Background info

The season takes place after The Ridonculous Race. It does follow the canon version, not my "My Way" series.

The success of RR proved that there can be a good reality show that cares about its contestants. While Dakota was happy in her new form with Sam, her dad decided to pay for a special medical (or should I say chemical) treatment that would revert her back to her human form, as he couldn't stand that a daughter of such a rich and famous person has been turned into some monster. He also decided to sue Chris and the Producers of Total Drama for what happened to his daughter. Ezekiel's parents decided to follow him once they heard about it in the news. They didn't have enough money for some medical treatment or some kind of personal trainer that would bring back humanity in him, but they paid as much as they could afford and Dakota's rich dad decided to help them. This was also a hot topic in the news, and the other Character families decided to follow Dakota's and Ezekiel's parents in the lawsuit against the producers of TD for everything their children had to go through during the show. Only a few parents didn't care (Heather's, Scarlett's, and Scott's) or didn't want to risk a lawsuit (Max'). In the end, they won the lawsuit and Chris McLean and the producers of TD have been fired and arrested, with new producers replacing them. The new producers decided to make a new season that would treat the contestant more nicely, just like it used to to show they're good at this stuff too.


The parents knew that a host that would create difficult challenges, but wouldn't be as soullessas Chris was necessary. New producers initially wanted to hire Don as a host due to him not being as sadistic as Chris became after a few seasons of his show. Don however had to decline the offer because his contract allowed him to host RR only, and he was hoping for a next season to get green-lit. Thus, the new producers decided to go with the co-host of TD, Chef Hatchet, because, unlike Chris, he became less and less sadistic as the series progressed (due to getting less screen time), and because he was the only one of TD's original crew (by crew I mean the hosts and the producers) who wasn't arrested. They threatened him however that if he reaches the level of Chris' sadism, they're gonna replace him with Blaineley (who would decline the offer anyway, especially after having to put up with this show in TDWT), Josh, or even Topher.


In order to compensate the contestants for everything they had to go through in this show but to keep with the island theme, the show now takes place on an exotic island. The contestants get to stay in a luxurious hotel near the beach. The eliminated contestants will be sent to another luxurious hotel, on the other side of the town, where the new crew lives, for the duration of the show to prevent them from revealing spoilers to the outside world.

Due to the exotic theme, Confessional is the same as the one used in Hawaiian Punch.

Method of elimination

Contestants can be eliminated via the same ways as always (except for refusing to sing of course). The elimination ceremonies take place in the hall of the highest floor in the luxurious hotel. Whoever is eliminated must immediately take the Elevator of Shame (Inspired by Total Drama College by Zobe. At first, it was going to be the Window/Fall of Shame where Chef would just throw the eliminated contestant out of the window, but the new Producers rejected the idea, fearing a lawsuit in case of a serious injury of the eliminated contestant.). Once the contestant reaches the ground/first (depending where you live) floor, they must walk down the Hall of Losers and get into the Lame-o-sine.

The prize

The new producers wanted to make up for the contestants' terrible past on the show and to offer them two million dollars this time. However, since a large amount of money was spent on renting the location and making sure the contestants and the crew will be getting healthy food, the prize was lowered to a classic one million dollars.

The cast

The new producers didn't want to force anyone into competing, so coming back to the show was voluntary. There were however a few conditions:

  1. They weren't allowed to bring RR contestants (unless they auditioned), as they belonged to the other show. Especially if they weren't in the age of TD's contestants. RR contestants were genre savyy and didn't want to compete on TD, with the only exception of Emma who auditioned specially to be able to spend more time with Noah.
  2. Due to the controversy and a negative backlash from the fandom, Cameron, Mike, and Zoey weren't allowed to come back. They didn't mind it, as they already made it to the finale anyway and got to keep their money (if Lightning's ending is counted, then Mike and Zoey shared their money from TDAS with him, just like he did in his ending with everyone else).
  3. Max and Scarlett were also forbidden from competing due to their goals and personalities. Scarlett also ended up in juvie after the events of Scarlett Fever.
  4. Topher couldn't return as well due to being more interested in a job of a host rather than being a contestant. He was however allowed to replace Chef in case he'd be a terrible host.
  5. Dakota and Ezekiel had to be brought back because the whole initiative started with their parents and because of their mutation.
TD eliminations My Season Cast

The cast of My Season.


The teams were formed based on the performance in the very first challenge from the first episode - a race to the finish line. The results weren't however from the fastest one to the slowest, as the race included some traps a la Top Dog and Evil Dread. Some traps caused some physically good contestants to fall behind, while some caused some weak contestants to fall towards the finish line, faster than some sporty contestants.

First eleven contestants became team #1, next eleven became team #2, and the next eleven contestants became team #3. The last person was not placed on any teams due to being eliminated from the competition.

Sneaky Snakes team

Sneaky Snakes.

Bickering Bats team

Bickering Bats.

Furious Flamingos team

Furious Flamingos.

Sorry, I was too lazy to make team logos. :P Maybe someday I'll update the pictures.


This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Of course I won't outright tell you when someone is eliminated. Some descriptions may however include info that could suggest they'll be eliminated sooner or later, or may feature some elements such as team switches, so you'll know that person will stay at least until the team switch.



Alejandro decided to come back because he and Heather watched TDAS and realized their big mistake. He found out he should make more allies and actually team up with Heather to win (<Alejandro's ending>) and keep his money (</Aleajndro's ending>).

On his time on My Season, he makes an alliance with Heather in the very first episode. They decide to team up with another antagonist, Scott. His alliance with Heather had to often go through some test however because Anne Maria became attracted to him, they voted for different contestants during a campaign to vote off Courtney or Gwen, and he wanted to get rid of Heather's potential ally, Harold, due to his past attraction to her.



Amy can't stand the fact that she was tricked into being eliminated by her sister. She came back to Total Drama to prove she's a huge threat and to get back at her sister by making her life even more of a living hell now.

While on the show, Amy keeps being abusive towards her sister. This causes an alliance of her sister's friends to be formed against her. She also quickly finds a new enemies in Emma who scolds her for being an abusive sister, Noah who follows Emma's opinion, and Lindsay who views her as Heather with no brain. Just when she thinks she has no chances to survive more elimination ceremonies, she finds a help in a new teammate with a crush on her, whom she despises, but decides to work with due to not having any other option. His plan however backfires and she ends up in a much worse situation. She however becomes attracted to a nice-looking musician, which gives her yet another enemy.

Anne Maria


Anne Maria comes back, believing she was unfairly eliminated in her first season. She refused to watch the next seasons because of it and thus came back also to see Vito again, being unaware that he not only doesn't compete, but also doesn't exist anymore.

She is quickly informed about the disappearance of Mike's alternate personalities, including Vito, which leaves her heartbroken. This however doesn't last long, as she has an occasion to meet her another flame, Alejandro, whom she became attracted to while being forced to watch "one of those singing episodes." This causes her to quickly develop a conflict with his girlfriend, Heather. Her biggest conflict is however the one with Dakota, which continues after its brief beginning in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. She also continues her conflict with a tomboyish Jo, and starts a new one with Eva for the same reasons. She also can't stand Courtney, believing she's much better than her and would've been a better team leader. With so many enemies on her team, her days on the show can be counted. She might however find some help in a member of another team who was switched to hers, whom she immediately asks for help in voting off her fame-monger rival.



B decided to compete again because he didn't have much time to shine in his debut season and was framed in sabotaging his own team by the main antagonist, similarly to Dawn with whom he started an official relationship after the show ended. They came back to prove that despite their differences (Dawn being into nature, B being into modern technology) they can work together great, for example by Dawn explaining B's intensions.

As soon as they found out Scott competes too upon their arrival, B and his girlfriend decide to take him down as a revenge for causing their eliminations in TTDRI. They however end up on different teams, but decide to keep their plan in case all of them make it to the merge. In a few episodes, B finds a lot of new friends who join their alliance, such as DJ, Ella, Trent, Beardo, and Brick. He finds himself the most comfortable around Beardo who is also shy and quiet (at least at the beginning). After a while, B however becomes uncomfortable around DJ due to knowing his buddy is searching for a girlfriend and shares some similarities (love for nature) with Dawn. B becomes a bit jelaous of every moment they spend together, being worried that differences between him and Dawn, as well as similarities between her and DJ, could result in their break up. This results in a huge test of his friendship with DJ. Although the friendship between the two survives, the relationship between him and Dawn does not, as she believes she and DJ were meant for each other and B is going to find his perfect match someday too.



Beardo decided to try again his chances on Total Drama because the only time he competed he was eliminated in the first episode. He also decided to try to be more sociable and more helpful for his team.

Luckily for him, he ends up on a team with Ezekiel and B who are also introverts. He quickly becomes friends with B's girlfriend and bonds with Ella and Trent over music. He also spends some time beatboxing with Harold from the opposing team. He does indeed show he wants to help his team this team by doing the best he can in challenges. He notices how terribly Amy treats her sister and begins to comfort the victim of bullying. The two shy contestants eventually warm up to each other and spend more and more of their free time together. This makes Beardo free his inner romantic side while being with Samey. Things however become hard for him when he has to choose between helping his crush or helping his team.


TDA DIY Char Beth

It's been a while since Beth competed last time. She found out she's the most forgotten finalist of the show and decided to came back to show she can still do great. She also hasn't met with Lindsay for quite a long time due to them living in different areas of the country now and having their own live. As soon as she heard about Lindsay and Tyler's break up and Lindsay planning to appear on the next season, she was motivated to use the opportunity to spend some more time with her old best friend.

Upon arriving on the show, she finds out that Tyler doesn't want to give up on Lindsay. This causes her to be jelaous of potential time she could spend with her best friend whom she hasn't seen in a long time. The tension between Beth and Tyler arises and the two begin to do everything in their power to be near Lindsay and not allow the other one to do so. This continues until Lindsay finally notices it (when it's too late) and tells them to give up with the fight, as she loves both of them. In the end, Beth and Tyler make amends with each other and decide to go on a double date (Beth would go with Brady) after the show's end. During her time on the show, Beth also befriends Samey whom she believes Amy treats even worse than Heather treated her in the past. She joins her alliance with her friends and asks Lindsay to join who later makes Tyler join as well. The alliance doesn't work during the time Beth and Tyler were enemies, as at some point she asks them in secret to vote off Tyler who, unknowingly to her and Lindsay, asks them to vote off Beth.


Tdri brick 174x252

Last time he competed, Brick was eliminated because of a heroic thing he has done. He decided to return to show the viewers that you can win while following the cadet code and doing heroic things.

He does indeed show his best on My Season. His teammates end up valuing him due to his athletic skills and strength to the point he becomes a leader of his team and an unofficial member of their alliance. His rivalry with Jo is put aside for a moment, as she ends up on a different team. Brick plans to lead his team better than her to make more members make it to the merge and then team up against her. After a while, he notices he values Jo's athletic personality and decides to temporarily ditch the idea and join Eva and Jo's alliance as well. He quickly regrets it, finding they care more about the competition than morals and friendship. He is soon asked to join Chef's illegal alliance, as the host values his military experience and wants him to win because of it. He however words it better this time, saying he'll be training him, like the military did in his times. Chef gets temporarily fired and replaced by Topher after the new Producers caught him offering an illegal alliance again. Brick has to later face the wrath of Chef after he returns to hosting the show.



Courtney believes she was unfairly eliminated on her last experience and decided to come back for yet another season to show that she's still a strong competitor, whether with friends or not. She in fact hoped that Bridgette, her only friend remaining, would compete as well (turned out she was busy with surfing competition), or that she would meet some new friends who would help her to get back on the ones she hated.

Then comes the show and reality hits Courtney hard. She finds herself with no potential friends on her team, other than Scott whose still attracted to her. His attraction for her actually ends once she begins to compete for leadership of their team again, with (mostly) Jo and Heather. It further disappears once Scott is switched to the other team and meets Amy - another bossy girl, just in his type. With so many enemies, Courtney tries her best to eliminate her biggest enemies who she believes have wronged her in some way, starting with a campaign to eliminate her past best friend, Gwen.


Dakota (Total Drama Online) TDIFan13

The new Producers were forced to bring back Dakota to make up for what happened to her in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island after losing a lawsuit.

Although she lost her paparazzi after becoming Dakotazoid, Dakota is really proud of having a human body again. She likes to show off her beauty on the show, loving the cameras again. She also dislikes very tiring challenges during which you can damage your looks. This causes her to be disliked by majority of her competitive teammates, especially not caring about the looks Eva and Jo. Her main conflict is however the one with another fame-monger of the show, Anne Maria, which continues from their past season. She finds an unlikely friends in Heather who invites her to her alliance with Alejandro and Scott, promising to help her vote off her biggest rival. Dakota however isn't the best competitor ever, which makes it hard for the alliance and Duncan and Harold, who both developed a crush on her, to protect her from being voted out. Under Heather's encouragement, Dakota tries to increase her chances by sucking up to the host.



Dave decided to come back as soon as he heard that Sky is going to appear on the next season. He couldn't resist the need to take his revenge on her. Ironically, it was Sky who told Chris and the crew of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island that they left Dave behind on Pahkitew Island.

From the start of the competition, Dave does everything in his power to make sure Sky will be going home before him to get back at her. This includes shoving her into one of the traps in the first challenge or an anti-Sky campaign to vote her off. Once his plan succeeds, he returns back to his normal, pre-Lies, Cries and One Big Prize self, which causes him to quickly befriend a snarky teammate, Noah. His old friend, Shawn, is however still worried about him and he has no other contestants on his side, especially since Ella is now on the other team.



Similarly to B, whom Dawn began dating after the end of season four, she came back due to being framed by Scott (into being a thief) in her debut season. The two planned to take him down and to prove their relationship can survive even despite the differences between them.

Although Scott ends up being on a different team, the two don't give up with their plan and decide to vote him off at the merge (if they all last to that point) with the help of their potential new friends. At the beginning, Dawn creeps DJ out with her weird behaviour and supernatural powers. The two however soon become friends, bonding over their love for the nature, along with Ella. With the time, they befriend more contestants who and eventually form an alliance to make it past the merge. Once their plan in taking revenge on the common enemy works, Dawn senses a new evil that she plans to get rid of with the help of her friends. She also befriends Samey feeling sorry for the way her sister has treated her for years. Her plan to prove the differences between her and B won't affect their relationship doesn't work however, as after spending a lot of time with DJ she realizes they were meant for each other. The trio remain on good terms however and Dawn, after reading B's future, tells him he's gonna find his perfect match after the show ends, similarly to how they became a couple after the end of fourth season.


Devon Joseph 2

DJ decided to try his chances in another season because his mother kept asking him when he'll finally find a girlfriend. He decided prove her that he can have a relationship with a girl by searching for love on the next season of Total Drama, especially after noticing that he was the only contestant who competed in three seasons but to never have a girlfriend.

Upon arriving on the show, he finds out most of the female contestants are already taken or just aren't the "perfect material." Thus, sad that he's going to disappoint his mother, he decides to ditch the idea. At first he is frightened of Dawn and her supernatural abilities, but the two become friends after bonding over their love for nature, along with Ella. DJ quickly finds new friends in Beardo and Brick, whom he values for the great contribution to their team, and renews his old friendship with Trent. By some time Ella believes he is "her prince" which he actually grows to like, but then she develops feelings for Trent, which leaves him with no potential girlfriend again. He then becomes so close friends with Dawn that it causes her boyfriend to be jelaous, which becomes a huge test of their friendship that eventually lasts despite B and Dawn's break up and DJ and Dawn's hook up. Later in the game, DJ also befriends Samey whom she feels sorry for due to the way she is treated by her sister.



Duncan has watched Total Drama All-Stars and ever since thought it was Courtney who got in the way between him and Gwen. He decided to come back for yet another season, as soon as he heard Gwen will be competing, to make things up with her. He also found out that Courtney for real liked Scott, which made him dislike the farmboy.

His time on the show is much better for him than for his two ex-girlfriends, as he becomes friends with two tough girls, Eva and Jo. Duncan tries to hook up with Gwen again, but to no avail, so after some time he moves on and becomes slightly attracted to Dakota who rejects him due to her relationship with Sam. Anne Maria however respects him for his tough personality, but does not fall in love with him. Other than that, he finds himself in trouble being on a team full of his enemies, like his exes, Harold, Alejandro, and to a lesser extent Heather. They are just waiting for a chance to get rid of Duncan who is a major threat due to always making it far. Duncan thus plans to use his only chance by joining Eva and Jo's alliance. Duncan also invites Gwen to their alliance, as Gwen is the only contestant beside him the tough girls have (almost in Jo's case) no problem with and so that they could spend more time together, but she turns down the offer only because it was Duncan's idea and she doesn't want to have anything to do with him.



She, similarly to DJ, came back on the show to find love, or, as she describes it, "her prince." This is because she lost interest in Dave after watching him turning into some kind of psycho in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize. She has also matured a bit since her last time on Total Drama.

At first, Ella is worried the contestants would think of her as just some annoying princess wannabe, but things turn out to be much better for her than she predicted. She quickly bonds with Dawn and DJ over their common love for nature, and befriends Dawn boyfriends, B, as well. She finds a good friend in Katie with whom the two girls frequently gush over Trent. Ella likes his music and they bond over it, along with Beardo. The friends promptly form their own alliance to make sure they'll make it to the merge and eliminate Scott, an enemy of two of them. By some time, Ella believes DJ is "her new prince," but becomes attracted more to Trent after she notices her friend is also interested in DJ, and after she hears Trent singing. She doesn't have much occasion to spend time with Trent because of his injury, but once he gets better, the two become closer to each other, eventually becoming an official couple. The fairytale princess also values Brick for his great contribution to their team, and is nice even to the outcasts of the team, Ezekiel and Staci. After some time, she also befriends another nice girl, Samey, and her zombie-paranoid friend, Shawn.



Emma decided to audition for Total Drama after her boyfriend, Noah, decided to come back for another season. She wanted to try her chances in a reality show that includes voting to see if it'd be easier for her than a race. The new Producers made an exception for her and allowed her to compete despite being two years older than the original cast due to her relationship with Noah. She also wanted to prove that as an oldest contestant, she can be a good leader of her team.

She forms an alliance with her friends from The Ridonculous Race during the very first challenge to increase her chances of staying in the game. She quickly befriends Sky, finding some similarities. While at first she respects Jasmine's leadership of their team, the two become more conflicted after Emma believes she'd be a better leader thanks to her bigger experience due to her older age. She also hates Amy for being a terrible sister to Samey. Emma, being a perfectionist does not approve of Tyler's clumsiness and Shawn's weird fear of the undead. Noah also gives Emma a lot of advises on how to make it far in a TD season and tells her not to trust Alejandro and Heather at any cost. Some meddling from their new enemy may however change it.


TDi DIY Char eva

Eva returned to fulfill a revenge she had promised years ago. Although she was somewhat happy she didn't have to compete in later, even crazier seasons of Total Drama, she was still mad over the fact that despite her physical strength she was one of the worst contestants of TD and never got a chance to return.

From the moment the two meet, she and Jo become friends thanks to the similarities between them. They immediately form their so called "Jock alliance" to make it far and quickly become the main antagonists of the season. They reject Brick's offer to join early in the game, finding him too soft. While on the team they make a lot of enemies, especially with Courtney and Heather who both wanted to be the leaders (and in Eva's case due to Heather being the reason of her first elimination), as well as with the fame-mongers of the team, Anne Maria and Dakota. The only friend they find is Duncan who joins their alliance thanks to being as tough as them. The two tomboyish girls later recruit Harold to the alliance, promising to teach him how to be stronger while in reality they just need his vote and plan to betray him when he won't be useful anymore, and do the same with Ezekiel once he's switched to their team. While their plan to make it to the merge works, they quickly find new enemies after their new harsher true nature is exposed. The two girls reluctantly decide to temporarily team up with another disliked contestants, Alejandro and Heather, to increase their chances of making it to the finale.



Ezekiel had to be brought back after his parents started the lawsuit along with Dakota's dad. He had a medical treatment that helped him to look normal again, and a personal trainer who brought back humanity in him and now he knows about as much about the real world as before. His plan is to make up for a shameful way he was treated through the series and to finally win a season.

Ezekiel is still clueless, but he learned from his past mistakes. He doesn't know who can he believe, which makes him an outcast on the team. Fortunately, he quickly befriends another introverts of the team, B and Beardo. However, he doesn't join the "Friendship alliance" with their friends. He is soon switched to the Sneaky Snakes team where Jo quickly recruits him into her "Jock alliance", telling him she'll teach him how to be strong, just like Harold who quickly becomes his friend. Ezekiel also forms an alliance with Anne Maria to keep his old love interest safe during a campaign to vote off her or Dakota. Ezekiel isn't fond of his alliance with Jo, especially because Eva makes him turn against his friends. Ezekiel feels he has to betray the alliance and waits for a good opportunity to do so. He also befriends a zombie-obsessed Shawn, but Ezekiel's past becomes a huge test of their friendship.



Gwen signed up for another season of Total Drama because the recent seasons either didn't belong to her or ruined something in her life, especially her last one.

This time Gwen plans to win by getting rid of the ones who may come in her way of the one million dollars, namely Courtney whom she doesn't trust anymore and is fully aware of her competitive side, Duncan whom she wants to avoid, and her mortal enemy Heather. Although she isn't nearly as hated as her old best friend, it's hard for her to find any good friend on her team. She is in fact invited by Duncan to Jo's "Jock alliance", but declines the offer due to not wanting to have anything to do with him.


Harold Rubix Cube

Harold's cameo in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island was cancelled and he didn't even compete in Total Drama All-Stars, thus being away from the competition for a long time. He returned to remind how strong and skilled contestant he is.

As soon as he arrives, Harold becomes attracted to both of the sworn enemies, Dakota and Anne Maria (whose sassy behaviour reminded him of Leshawna). His plan since the beginning is to take Alejandro down for tricking him into quitting. Soon, Jo recruits her to her "Jock alliance", telling him she'll teach him how to be strong and that she'll protect him from his enemies. With some contestants potentially voting for him in the future, Harold had no other choice but to accept the offer. A new team member joines the alliance and develops a strong friendship with Harold. Because of this, Harold decides to forget about his attraction to Anne Maria to leave her for him, but still doesn't know who to vote for during a campaign against either Anne Maria or Dakota. Harold also doesn't want to follow Jo's orders and vote off Heather due to still liking her and wanting to eliminate Alejandro. This, along with the fact that Harold knows how to stand up for himself, causes Jo to lose her trust in him and want to punish him for disobeying her orders.



Heather has had a different hairstyle every season. Now she decided to come back to show her original one again. Nah, kidding! She returned because she felt she was humiliated in Total Drama All-Stars. Not because Alejandro eliminated her, but because she had no strategy other than to get rid of him.

This time Heather wants to repair her past mistakes by working with her boyfriend, Alejandro. She fights for the role of the team leader with Courtney and Jo, which of course enlarges their conflicts. She and Alejandro recruit Scott into their alliance under the pretext of him not having any ally other than Courtney. Heather plans to get rid of her mortal enemies and Anne Maria who reminds her of Leshawna's sassy behaviour. Heather bonds with Dakota over their "transformations" on the show, their sassy enemies, and girly stuff. She also invites her into her "Antagonist alliance" without Alejandro's permission, which greatly annoys him. Their trust is also tested when Anne Maria, whom Heather despises, becomes attracted to Alejandro. Heather also fears the wrath of Eva who's still bitter over the fact that Heather eliminated her in The Big Sleep. However, the two girls have to work together with their allies at some point to survive in the game for longer.


Jasmine Angry Pose

Jasmine felt she was robbed in her debut season and decided to compete in another one along with her boyfriend and best friend.

From the very beginning of the game, Jasmine plans to vote off Samey's worst enemy to make her time on My Season much easier than last time. Jasmine quickly takes the role of the leader of her team, which her another friend, Sky, accepts, but a newcomer from another reality show doesn't. Jasmine sides with Sky in her conflict with Dave whom she dislikes even after he comes back to being his old normal self. She develops a conflict with Emma over who should be their team's leader and whose leading methods are better. Her new enemy becomes a new teammate who desperately tries to help her biggest enemy.



Jo believes she deserved to be in the finale of her debut season and that she was eliminated too early on Total Drama All-Stars. Signing up for My Season, she wanted to prove that she is a finalist material.

Jo quickly becomes friends with another mean, athletic, and tomboyish girl, Eva. They form a "Jock alliance" to make it to the finale, becoming the main antagonists of the season. They reject Brick's offer to join early in the game, finding him too soft. Jo makes a lot of enemies, especially with Courtney and Heather who both want to be the leaders, as well as with the spoiled princesses of the team, Anne Maria and Dakota. They are however on good terms with Gwen, respecting her tough personality, and Duncan whom they recruit to their alliance. The two tomboyish girls later invite Harold to the alliance, promising to teach him how to be stronger while in reality they just need his vote and plan to betray him once he'll outlive his usefullness, and do the same with a new team member. Upon reaching the merge, Jo and Eva find new enemies after their new harsher true nature is revealed. The two girls relucantly decide to temporarily team up with another disliked contestants to increase their chances of staying in the game for longer.



Justin hasn't competed on Total Drama for years and found out he's one of the most forgotten and least talked about contestants. He wanted to change it by signing up for a new season.

On the show, Justins finds himself even less popular than he thought. Everyone compares him to Alejandro also saying that the Spaniard is better than him at everything. Luckily for Justin, they don't end up on the same teams. Unfortunately for him, Justin however doesn't have an occasion to show-off because Brick gets all the attention for actually being a great contribution to their team. Katie who was atracted to Justin before, is now only into Trent and no one cares about Justin at all. Only Staci admits she thinks he's still great, which saddens Justin even more because he doesn't believe in what she says, as she's a compulsive liar. The former eye-candy tries everything in his power to restore his old flame even by insulting the others for their flaws, which causes him to be the least liked teammate.



Katie hasn't competed on Total Drama since her elimination in the sixth episode of the first season, which motivated her and her best friend Sadie to return after so many years. The new Producers however agreed for only one of them to return because they're like the same person and the cast was already very big. They chose Katie because Sadie made it farther than her the only time they competed.

Katie is happy to see her two former attractions, Justin and Trent, back though she got over Justin a long time ago. She enjoys spending time with a cool musician and acts like his fan #1, which doesn't end well for Trent. She likes to gush over Trent with her new friend, Ella. She's also happy to be on the same team with DJ again.

  • Relationship: Trent (one-sided attraction on her side)
  • Friends: DJ, Ella, Trent (one-sided on her side)



After a break up with Tyler, Lindsay decided to return for yet another season of Total Drama. She originally hoped to find a new boyfriend on the show.

Lindsay hopes the others won't think of her as just a stupid blonde girl and will give her a chance again, and that she won't ruin ther chances by herself.She is happy to find out that her old best friend Beth also competes, and spends a lot of time with her. Tyler however didn't give up on her and plans on restoring his relationship with Lindsay. She notices it and actually returns his feelings and the two start dating again. This causes her best friend and her boyfriend to become jealous of the time the other one spends with Lindsay, to which she remains oblivious until it's too late. She does however bring them back to their senses and put their conflict aside after she tells them she loves them both. The blonde bombshell also befriends Samey, feeling sorry for the way her sister treats her, finding it similar and even worse to how Heather has been treating her back in the first season. The two girls develop a strong friendship and Lindsay agrees to join to Samey's alliance to get rid of her bully, with Samey promising Lindsay to help her get rid of her past enemy. She also invites her best friend and boyfriend to their alliance. She is also shocked to see Heather found a new friend who's in an alliance with her, and attempts to warn Dakota about Heather's nature, only to find out they are really friends.



After a successful time on The Ridonculous Race, the new Producers became jealous and decided they need to have Noah back as a star of Total Drama. He agreed to compete, having a chance to be on another eason of a reality show with his best friend, Owen.

As soon as the game starts, the trio from The Ridonculous Race form an alliance. Since this is the first season of a vating competition for his girlfriend, Noah wants to make sure Emma's safe and she'll last a long time in the game along with him. He thus warns her about contestants such as Alejandro, Heather, and a new manipulative person he's met, Jo. Noah also befriends Dave after he goes back to his normal, sarcastic self. Since his girlfriend competes for a leadership of their team with her, Noah also begins to dislike Jasmine.



After a successful time on The Ridonculous Race, the new Producers became jealous and decided they need to have Owen back as a star of Total Drama. He agreed to compete, having a chance to be on another eason of a reality show with his best friend, Noah.

Owen is super positive about his chances, as he's been on numerous reality shows since he competed on Total Drama last time, and thus has gained more experience. His physical condition also improved after The Ridonculous Race, making him sure he's gonna do great even in physical challenges. This however turns out to be harder than he remembered, and his improved physical condition doesn't help him in a race-themed challenge, though it's more of the trap's fault than his condition's. He quickly forms an alliance with his friends from RR and hopes to have a great time with them, even despite funny and lovable Kitty isn't round this time. He also kind of wished Izzy would compete as well due to not talking with her after their break up.



Her first season wasn't so good for her. While she seemed to start off well, and even quickly gave her sister what she deserved. However, moajority of the other contestant still couldn't tell her apart from her evil sister, often insulting her by the way. To make things worse, her sister returned a few episodes later and caused Samey's elimination.

Fortunately for her, the times have changed and now most of the contestants can tell the difference between the twins. Samey plans to make My Season be her own season by forming an alliance with her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend in the very first episode to make sure Amy will go home early this time and won't ruin her life again. Unfortunately for her, the tension between some teammates causes her terrible sister to be spared from elimination a few times. The good twin is still happy though, as she finds new friends who feel sorry for her and join her alliance, such as an older sister herself Emma, used by the main antagonist throught the first season Lindsay with whom she also bonds over their cheerleader experience, and even the members of the "Friendship alliance" from the opposing team. What's also very important for her is that she finds love in a contestant from the other team who greatly supports her. The two shy contestants warm up and open up to each other as the season progresses, and the beatboxer does even a huge sacrifice for her that is also a reason why she's friends with his teammates.



Even after everything that happened, Scott still liked Courtney. That's why he decided to sign up for another season as soon as he heard she'll be competing... along with Duncan.

Right at the beginning of My Season Scott realizes it's going to be a hard season for him. Two past contestants returned and vowed to get their revenge on him for causing their eliminations. Luckily for him, they end up on different team. However, they still plan to take him down with the help of their new friends. Meanwhile on his team, Scott tries to win Courtney back and not to let Duncan and her be together again. The jealousy between him and Duncan causes them to develop a conflict. Scott however soon remembers why he briefly hated Courtney and loses his attraction to her. He also realizes he has no allies and thus decides to join other disliked contestants' antagonistic alliance. He doesn't think highly of their new ally but he's still happy he has one more ally. The time when Scott isn't the target for elimination changes however as he switches teams. On his new team, he quickly falls in love with another mean and bossy contestant, Amy. While she doesn't return the dirtboy's feelings, she appreciates him as an ally. Due to her unpopularity with their teammates, Scott tries everything in his power to help her, but makes things only worse after another team switch happens, which leaves both him and his new crush at the hands of the ones they have wronged and their friends.


Shawn crouch transparent

After his successful time on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Shawn decided to return for another season, along with girlfriend . <Shawn's ending>Since he already won the money and shared it with Jasmine, this time they planned to help their common friend, Samey, win.</Shawn's ending.

As a result, the trio immediately form an alliance to get rid of their common enemy, Amy. He's also the only one worried about Dave due to his insanity, even after he goes back to normal. Shawn also makes some new friends who respect his skills that are a great contribution to their team. After some time he also befriends Samey's new friends and joins their alliance. He even becomes friends with a used to be Zombie, being happy there's someone he knows who could recover from such a terryfying transformation. Their friendship however has to go through a huge test after Shawn's trust in a past zombie is gone due to someone else meddling between them.



After a successful debut season, Sky decided to come back to try her chances at winning the one million dollars again mostly because she wanted to redeem herself after many fans kept saying what she did to Dave was terrible.

She's disappointed and terrified to see Dave competing again as well. She might have, unknowingly to him, be the reason why he was taken back from Pahkitew Island after a short moment of being forgotten but he's still a psycho whose only goal is to have his revenge on her. Nevertheless, Sky is optimistic about her chances, being aware of how unpopular he is and that her athletic skills would help her in challenges, as well as in surviving the eliminations thanks to being useful for her team. She quickly befriends a Ridonculous Race contestant, Emma, with whom she believes she shares some similarities. Although, she isn't happy she ended up on the same team with Dave, she's glad she has her friend, Jasmine, to help her with her problem, and is also ready to help both Jasmine and her friend Samey with their own enemy who doesn't to follow teamwork.



Her debut season was terrible for Staci, competing in only one episode. Her experience didn't give her a lesson though. In fact, it only made Staci even more of a compulsive liar. Since Total Drama was such a shame for her, whenever someone asked her how it was for her, she lied it was a good adventure and that she loved it. In a short amount of time from lies about her family and opinions on Total Drama, she quickly became a liar who lies even when asked a question like 'Is that your shoe'? The new Producers felt sorry for her for competing in only one episode and decided to give her a chance.

Her compulsive liar personality causes her to be as much untrusted as back home. Not being helpful in challenges doesn't help her either. On the show she has to deal with not being trusted, which makes things hard for her after she discovers who are the new main antagonists. She tries to warn everyone from their and her own team, but no one believes her, except for Dawn who has checked their auras after Staci's warning.

  • Friends: Dawn, Justin (one-sided on her side)
  • Enemies: Justin (one-sided on his side)



Trent hasn't competed for years and last time he did the fans thought he was heavily derailed. He came back to being normal by the next season. The new Producers felt sorry for him and decided to bring him back to make up for the fact that he missed a musical-themed season. Meanwhile, Trent decided to come back to find a new girlfriend and to redeem himself.

Although he isn't interested in reuiniting his relationship with Gwen, he comforts her when she finds no support on her team. He is also slightly glad she isn't with Duncan anymore. Meanwhile, Duncan has an eye on him, believing he'd like to be with Gwen again. Trent quickly befriends another contestants interested in music, Beardo and Ella. Although he finds her weird at first, the two warm up to each other, have a lot of romantic moments together, and Trent even helps her with the challenge once, which gets him in trouble. He also has another girl attracted to him, Katie, whose obsession with Trent is less creepy than Sierra's to Cody, but still makes Trent uncomfortable. It also makes Justin jealous due to not being admired anymore. Trent quickly befriends rest of the "Friendship alliance" members and joins them to fulfill their goal. He also develops an unlikely friendship with Ezekiel who wants the cool musician to teach him how to be cool.



Tyler decided to come back due to not competing for years and wanting to show he's actually a strong contestant and a threat. This and the fact that he and Lindsay Lindsay and Tyler have recently broken up. He regretted the decision and signed up for My Season as soon as he heard Lindsay will be in it.

From the start his plan is to win Lindsay back by proving he's strong and good in challengeswhich doesn't go as he planned. However, his bigger obstacle is Lindsay's best friend, Beth, who haven't spend some time with her for a very long time. The unsporty jock and the wannabe begin to compete for spending some time with Lindsay, to which she remains oblivious until it's too late. His plan to reunite his relationship with Lindsay still works, as both wanted it. His girlfriend eventually makes both Beth and Tyler accept and like each other. He also joins Samey's alliance against Amy with them due to feeling sorry for the good twin being bullied by her evil sister. He also appreciates nice cheerleaders.

Since some of you have already figured out who's gonna be eliminated first, I have something special for you. I'll give you a hint who's going to be eliminated in the first episode as well (it'll be a double elimination). It's something that Gravity Falls fans may like. In order to find a contestant's name in the sentence below, use one of the cryptograms from this site. The first user to correctly answer who's going to be eliminated second will be mentioned on my elimination blog once My Season will start! Have Fun! :D

25-15-21 20-8-9-14-11 20-8-9-19 19-5-14-20-5-14-3-5 23-9-12-12 20-5-12-12 25-15-21 23-8-15'19 7-15-9-14-7 20-15 2-5 5-12-9-13-9-14-1-20-5-4 19-5-3-15-14-4? 8-1, 25-15-21 23-9-19-8!

(A tip for you - don't try to guess who would've said such line. Try to compare the sentence to something someone did (or didn't in this case) in the real series.

Hope you like it so far. Stay tuned! :)

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