Hi! I've noticed that lately all of the blogs are about complaining about TD series (mostly AS) or about upcoming RR spin-off. Well, I don't have anything against it, it's cool, but I've decided to change the topic to sth else. I think we all know that creators of TD want to have at least 10 seasons. Let's talk about what may we see in the possible future TD season! I know, it's too early as we barely know anything about RR, let alone future TD seasons that haven't even been green-lit yet, but at least let's try.

The theme of the season

First of all, this is possibly why TDAS had the whole "Heroes vs. Villains" theme. Because 2 different generations competing in the same season isn't enough, as soon it will become a regular thing. Future seasons should bring back contestants from all three generations. So, what's in store for them? Here are some cool ideas that I've found on the Internet. Are they possible?:

  • The last season being a season with all contestants - cool idea. Unfortunately, it's impossible. We have over 50 contestants now and we might be getting another new cast in the future seasons. Having all of them appearing in 22 minutes episodes would be hard, plots would be short, characters wouldn't get enough screentime, it would be hard to animate, etc.
  • The season featuring all the finalists - another interesting idea, especially for the last season of the series (per above). However, it'd be too risky and controversial. I mean, most of the finalists competed in Total Drama All-Stars. Making another season like that would be a terrible idea. Not to mention that Cameron, Mike, and Zoey would compete TOGETHER again, which means the return of their "beautiful and loved by the fans friendship". Don't get me wrong, Cameron himself is a great character, as shown in TDRI. Zoey without Mike? Maybe. But the three of them together yet again?! NO, just no! Plus, there's also a base-breaker floater Lightning and boring and forgotten by the creators Beth. They would waste a spot of a better non-finalist contestant.
  • The Underdog season - well, it's sounds great! But there's one thing - they aren't underdogs for no reason! Would they be able to make the show interesting and, you know, put drama? Would they be able to be pictured as serious contestants? That's why they always fodder for the "better contestants". Of course, some of them could be good, like Noah, Eva, Brick, etc.
  • Redemption Island - a season that would be only for derailed characters to rerail them and prove they can be good as well. Well, not gonna happen. Bringing back hated contestants will always be risky. Character development that would be believable is almost impossible in this case.


The main reason why I believe there will be another TD seasons is because how many unresolved stories are left. Let's look at this:

  • Izzy and Owen - so, they break up. But Izzy is Brainzilla at the moment and changes back. Meanwhile, Owen regrets doing so, but seemingly forgets about Izzy. He even is later briefly attracted to Blaineley. And the worst of all - THEY DON'T INTERACT ANYMORE!!! They don't even talk to each other, not to mention at least standing next-to-next. Even after Owen is eliminated and joins the Peanut Gallery. Plus, both make cameos in both TDRI and TDAS. That has to mean something.
  • Ezekiel and Dakota still being mutants.
  • (This one is not that much important) - Lightning still having white hair (maybe it will be permanently, who knows?) and Staci still being bald in her latest appearance (well, she had short hair, so her hair definitely grew back by TDAS) - you know, all contestants should be back to normal before the last season.
  • Courtney and Scott - so, they break up, but Scott's reaction after her elimination indicates there's still a chance. Oh yeah, classic TDAS writing.
  • Courtney and Gwen - the way it ended was pitiful as well, but hey, it's TDAS! Will they be enemies forever or will they become friends again? Personally, I don't care, I prefer them as enemies and I'd rather see the return of Bridgette and Courtney, Bridgette and Gwen and Gwen and Leshawna.
  • The life status of "Ballooned All-Stars" - sure, they were already confirmed not to die. Plus, it wasn't that much needed - we know characters don't die in this cartoon (except from animals and interns). But this all was not featured in the show. We do need at least one "Ballooned All-Star" to appear and confirm they're all fine in the show, not via the "Word of God".
  • Life status of Dave - per above.
  • Dave and Sky - it's pretty obvious it's not the end now.
  • Amy and Samey - so, after 16 years Samey stands up to Amy and eliminates her. This beautiful effect is ruined by Amy returning and eliminating Samey. It's definitely not how it should've ended. There were so many other possibilites to end this plot in a better way.

"Who will compete?"patterns

I think this is the most important question for every season, even the spin-off. Especially now, when we have over 50 contestants and might get another new generation in the future. Who will compete? Let's start with the newest generation of TD series. The pattern of who comes back for their second season is the easiest: they keep bringing the main characters of the debut season (the ones who merged) and a few (or only one in TDAS' case) who didn't merge. Of course it's all decided by what they can offer as characters and how many places there are to fill. If we would get 26 episodes, then there can be 27 (or 28 if you count that season 5 had 14 contestants in each half) contestants competing. If Season 6 and onwards would keep with this logic, then it means about 9 contestants from each generation (but there may be more from the newest and less from the oldest, similar to TDAS where there were only 5 contestants from the original 22).

Anyway, this means the highest chances belong to: Shawn, Sky, Sugar, Jasmine, Max, Scarlett, Dave and 2 contestants who didn't merge. But who? Amy and Samey because there's still much they can do with their plot and Samey is quite liked by the fandom? Ella because she is a fan-favourite and seemed to be quite important as a character who competed in only 6 episodes (I mean, look at how many interaction pages she has). Or Topher because he made it the farest out of non-merged TDPI contestants? We'll have to wait.
The hardest thing is of course with the original contestants. This would be their 5th season. I think this means they won't bring back the biggest screen-hogs, will they? Will they choose the "less of All-Stars but still All-Stars" (the ones who competed in first three seasons)? Or will they choose the biggest underdogs, like Eva, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel or Tyler this time?
And the most interesting (at least for me) - the 2nd cast. There's no pattern because TDWT was so far the only "3rd season" for some (original) generation. It didn't happen twice, so it's not sure whether it will happen like that again. But how did the cast for TDWT look like?
  • 11 contestants who competed in both previous seasons (Owen, Gwen, Heather, ...)
  • 4 contestants who were brought back after not competing in the previous season (Cody, Ezekiel, Noah and Tyler)
  • 3 newcomers

Of course, if Season 6 featured previous cast there wouldn't be any newcomers. If creators want to add new characters, they make a completely new generation now. And the numbers of spot will be smaller for the 2nd gen. Let's start with who can be back after being missing in TDAS. Two of those returnees from TDWT were introduced as "fan-favourites", which was true at that time and possibly still is (at least for Noah). Fan-favourites from TDRI? Brick and Dawn. Ezekiel and Tyler were possibly brought back because of their potential and need to be portrayed differently (although only Tyler succeeded). Who has a potential and needs a new plot? Anne Maria. Plus, both Brick and Anne Maria were planned for TDAS but were cut, so they chances are bigger than anyone else. Who's left? B, Dakota, and Staci. I think Dakota has the best chance as long as she'll return to her human form.

Ok, let's talk about All-Stars of the 2nd cast who haven't missed any season so far. Cameron, Mike, Scott, and Zoey (as Jo and Lightning were early-outs in TDAS and Sam isn't really and All-Star of this cast). Mike is too controversial. Without him Cameron and Zoey have a chance, but let's face it - without Mike Zoey would be even more useless than usually. That leaves Cameron (?) and Scott. The "Semi-Stars" mentioned above also have a good chance. Although Sam only if Dakota competes with him, as I think the creators wouldn't want Sam to be as useless as in TDAS again.

The Final Four pattern

That's an interesting pattern from the original cast. Contestants from the first season's final four are in final four of every season to feature the 1st gen cast. They also have made it to the final four twice.

Coincidence, huh? Or maybe that's to show they're the best contestants (they have competed in the most episodes)? What's really interesting is that this pattern seems to be even more important now, as the 2nd generation follows it as well:

So, Scott and Zoey have already made it to the final 4 twice. That leaves Cameron and Lightning. This may mean that this pattern will end faster for this generation. I mean, Cameron's a base-breaker - he's beloved for his TDRI self and hated for his TDAS self. But if there would be no Mike and Zoey, then who knows? Cameron would have a chance to make it to the finale four again. Lightning's also a base-breaker. You either find his ability to go under the radar for too long in TDRI to be funny or annoying, same as his stupidity. However, Lightning making to the final 4 with no strategy and relying on pure luck again would be kinda too risky. But hey, maybe they would develop him? Hmm...Nah! That means Lightning might appear in the final four again in the 4th season of the 2nd cast or never.

Now the final four from TDPI is Jasmine, Shawn, Sky, and Sugar. Looking at the pattern, it's very likely that the 2 of them will make it to the final four again. Personally, I hope it will be Jasmine and Shawn (along with Samey).

There's also Final Three pattern. There are 3 contestants who made it to the final 3 twice: Owen (who had to return), Heather, and Zoey. This means the 3rd gen will have at least one contestant to do so as well. Hmm... Owen had to two of three cases the contestant ranked 3rd in their debut season and made it to the finale in another. Oh, no! Does it mean...Sugar will make it to the finale next season?! Personally, I hope it'll turn out to not be the case (however her fans won't share my opinion). But hey, there's still a chance that it will be a TDPI finalist who will rank 3rd next time (Shawn or Sky).

So, as you can see Shawn has the biggest chance to make it far again (if he competes, of course) in the next season.

The "2nd season curse"

TD suffers from what seems to be a "2nd season curse". Both Total Drama Action and Total Drama All-Stars are very disliked among the fandom, especially the latter one. In both cases, some characters are derailed, there are plenty of abandoned plots, etc. Debut season seems to always be the best for each cast. Now there's the only "3rd season" of some generation (in this case, the original) - Total Drama World Tour. This season is very beloved, it often appears at the top of one's rankings, beating the original Total Drama Island. It's also quite hated, mostly for "Feral Zeke gag", the love triangle, etc. But what even a hater of TDWT has to admit is that the creators came up with a lot of new ideas, which made the season way more interesting to watch than "those 2nd seasons". Why am I pointing this out? Because if TD Season 6 brought back each generations, then it'd be a "3rd season" for the 2nd cast and a "2nd season" for the TDPI cast. Will they come up with a lot of interesting ideas for TDRI newcomers? Or will they suffer from what I call a "2nd season curse" because it'd be a 2nd season for TDPI newcomers? Also, how would that react on the 1st cast if they were in? Would they pay attention to the "underdogs"? Or would it be another season for "screen-hoggs"?

Alright, that's all. I hope you liked it. Also, I'm planning to write a new blog series about who still has a chance to compete and what could be their future plots and who doesn't. So far I'd like to write about Eva, Katie, Sadie, Justin, Staci, Amy, Samey, Dave and Sky. If you would like to read that or offer a different character to write about - let me know in the comments. Also, if you have theories about what the future season(s) will be like and who might compete write in the comments as well. Oh, and don't forget to share with us with another "patterns" if you found any.