If I could describe Total Drama Action with one word, it would be potential. While not a perfect season, the few great elements of the season held it up as at least an enjoyable one. However, one of the things that I honestly dislike about this sequel is it’s smaller cast size. I understand that there needed to be commentators for the Aftermaths and the show wanted to put the spotlight mainly on the stand-out characters from Island, but I feel it ruined the show’s pacing. Having to eliminate important characters before there plots could fully develop, such as Gwen and Trent, made these arcs feel rushed, contrived, and generally unsatisfying upon their conclusion.

So what if every camper qualified for Total Drama Action? Would the season feel muddied by too many character syndrome? Would the new editions feel important or simply feel like fodder for those ‘more important’ characters? Or would this actually do the opposite and truly lead to improvements?

Before we continue I want to shout-out to Thomas T. I had this idea in the back of my mind for a potential blog for a while and even wrote up a version of it that I never posted. I respect that he beat me to the punch so I wanted to acknowledge him (and others who might’ve done the same thing).

Before I begin, I want to set some ground rules. They are as follows:

  1. Traditional TD Placement Patterns Will Be Considered (ex. no repeating placements/winners)

  2. Season Must Address All TDA Plotlines

  3. All New Plotlines Must Have Some Basis In Canon (ex. no new relationships not ever established in another season/ no fan pairings)

These self-imposed guidelines are in place to make sure this blog remains a semi-realistic theory vs a full-on fan season. Now that all our preparations are in order, let’s begin…

Episode 1 - Monster Cash

  • Winner: Ezekiel (or Owen)

  • Reward: Choosing Trailer

  • Ezekiel chooses to let the girls have the bigger trailer due to last season's events (though it still gets destroyed) 

  • Comments: Besides having to re-introduce us to more contestants, I believe that this episode would largely stay the same. Considering that the sexist aspect of Ezekiel’s character is almost completely dropped after Island’s finale, I believe that this is as good a time as any to actually give it some form of conclusion. For those who believe this goes against the rules I established, who wins this episode changes nothing so I’m leaving Owen as an alternate option.

Episode 2 - Alien Resurr-eggtion

  • Notes: Courtney joins Duncan’s search party. At the end of the challenge, Gwen gets dunked in slime by the bomb instead of Duncan, losing her necklace. While Trent chooses to save the necklace, Duncan and Courtney go for the eggs.

  • Winners: Duncan & Courtney

  • Reward: Team Captainship

  • Bottom 4: Geoff, Bridgette, Katie, and Sadie

  • Why Geoff and Bridgette?: Same as Canon

  • Why Katie & Sadie?: After hearing that the winners of the competition will get the power to choose teams, the BFFs become aggressive about winning hoping to guarantee that they can stay together. This annoyed the campers greatly.

  • Eliminated: Katie and Sadie (21st/22nd)

  • Comments: Katie and Sadie are the perfect characters to eliminate in the double elimination. They really have no potential plot this season that’s not a rehash and are best eliminated together anyways. As for Duncan and Courtney...well, in many respects, they were the leaders of their respective teams from Courtney’s debut onwards. Plus, this ironically provides both the consequences and the reward behind Trent’s actions that the original lacked.

Intermission: Teams

Instead of bogging down the notes section of Episode 3, I decided to place the new teams here. Character’s listed in the order chosen by the captains.

 Screaming Gaphers:

  1. Duncan (captain)

  2. Gwen (first choice due to friendship)

  3. Trent (Gwen asked Duncan for this favor and promised to have his back)

  4. DJ (member of the Killer Bass who Duncan was close with)

  5. Leshawna (they are on friendly terms and she is a strong competitor)

  6. Heather (Duncan knew she’d be a strong asset and meat shield)

  7. Eva (same reasons as Heather)

  8. Cody (he was pestering Duncan so he coud stay with his friends)

  9. Harold (between Harold and Ezekiel, it was obvious who the better option was)

  10. Geoff (despite good friendship, Duncan believed him to be a liability. He also needed to keep his pact with Courtney.)

 Killer Grips:

  1. Courtney (captain)

  2. Justin (chosen to make Duncan jealous)

  3. Tyler (he was a member of the Bass and she thought he’d be useful)

  4. Lindsay (Lindsay gave Courtney puppy dog eyes to join her boyfriend)

  5. Beth (Lindsay nagged Courtney enough)

  6. Owen (despite his appearance, Courtney knew he was a tough competitor)

  7. Izzy (despite being crazy, Courtney knew crazy could be useful)

  8. Noah (the only other normal person left)

  9. Ezekiel (only option left)

  10. Bridgette (Despite Bridgette being Courtney’s only friend in the game, Courtney wanted to keep her pact with Duncan to separate the couple)

Comments: As you probably noticed, I kept canon contestants on their canon teams. I did this as I believe it corresponds to my second rule of keeping canon plotlines intact.

Episode 3 - Riot On Set

Notes: The Grips win the advantage. Courtney chooses the Old Lady script to humiliate Duncan with the gangster script. Ezekiel, thinking Courtney is trying to throw the challenge, literally flips the scripts. He also leaves Courtney hanging from the rope after she catches him. With Courtney missing, Izzy must act in her stead.

Winners: Screaming Gaffers

Bottom 2: Izzy and Ezekiel

Why Izzy?: Her performance cost the challenge.

Why Ezekiel?: Courtney revealed that Zeke was responsible for flipping the scripts.

Eliminated: Ezekiel (20th)

Comments: I’m sorry Ezekiel fans. To the writers, Zeke was always this joke character. He was never going to make it very far in any season. In fact, the only reason he’s out third is so he doesn’t repeat his placement.

Episode 4 - Beach Blanket Bogus

Notes: When it is Bridgette’s turn on the surfboard, Geoff distracts her, making her fall. Bridgette volunteers to go against Leshawna in the dance-off but trips when she gets too confident. Trent’s number 9 obsession is toned down to just the flags for good luck but still knocks the Gaffer castle over.

Winners: Screaming Gaffers

Bottom 2: Bridgette and Izzy

Why Bridgette?: She directly cost her team two portions of the challenge that she should’ve had in the bag.

Why Izzy?: She’s crazy.

Eliminated: Bridgette (19th)

Comments: I won’t spend a lot of time discussing Bridgette since it's pretty obvious that this reward challenge was designed to eliminate her in time for the Aftermaths. As for Trent’s obsession, I made it a smaller hurdle in Trent and Gwen’s relationship than it was because of having the extra time to expand upon the couple’s break-up.

Episode 5 - 3:10 to Crazytown

Notes: At the beginning of the episode, Geoff is pressured by Courtney into throwing the challenge, guilting Geoff into believing Bridgette’s failures last episode were his fault. Geoff is the one who volunteers for the branding instead of Trent, sparing the latter’s relationship with Gwen.

Winners: Killer Grips

Bottom 2: Geoff and Heather

Why Geoff?: He threw the challenge and volunteered for the branding, earning both the irk and concern of his teammates.

Why Heather?: Who else deserves to be in the bottom 2 here?

Eliminated: Geoff (18th)

Comments: What I said previously for Bridgette’s elimination largely applies here. However, I will also add the clarification that with Geoff’s elimination, the challenge throwing story arc comes to its conclusion an episode early. Considering that this arc took place during two episodes whose challenge themes screamed this couple’s aesthetic, I believe that Geoff and Bridgette were originally the victims of this plot before re-writes. It would also explain why Gwent’s break-up was so contrived.

Episode 6 - Aftermath I

Hosts: Katie and Sadie

Guests: Ezekiel, Bridgette, and Geoff

Zeke’s Interview: Ezekiel talks about how he was a target for being a huge threat after winning the first challenge. Katie and Sadie ask about Ezekiel about his motivations for flipping the scripts. It ends with Ezekiel beginning to complain about Katie and Sadie’s attitude towards him in the second episode before they cut him off and go to commercial.

Bridgette and Geoff’s Interview: Bridgette and Geoff are in a rocky place at the start of this interview, blaming each other for what happened on the show. Eventually, Katie and Sadie help Geoff and Bridgette make up. At the end of the interview, Katie and Sadie quit their hosting gig for being too much work, naming the couple their successors (much to Ezekeil’s unconsidered disdain.)

Comments: While Geoff and Bridgette should be the Aftermath hosts, they were certainly the focus of the first arc. As such, it’s only logical that the couple gets interviewed before they take center stage. It also gives Katie and Sadie something more to do in the show this season before they fade into the background.

Episode 7 - The Chefshank Redemption

Notes: While the events of the episode mostly play out the same, Gwen is not purposefully trying to throw the challenge, putting a strain on all of her relationships. However, Izzy is missing for the majority of the episode, and is accidentally found by the Gaphers like in canon. She proceeds to help them cross the finish line first.

Bottom 2: Courtney and Izzy

Why Courntey?: She’s team captain

Why Izzy?: She was missing for the whole challenge and then proceeded to help the other team achieve victory.

Eliminated: E-Scope

Comments: It’s kind of ironic that the episode she returned in canon is the same episode Izzy gets eliminated in this. The only other person I considered sending home this episode was Heather (I mean how the heck did they allow Heather to make it as far as she did?). However, considering Courtney is no longer debuting, I believe that having the E-Scope gag come into play down the road instead of wasting it makes a lot of sense. I also needed a reasonable gap between Izzy’s departure and return than just a single episode. As such, this was the best option.

Episode 8 - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Notes: This episode mostly remains the same. One key difference however is that Noah chooses not to read the textbook, quoting that he already read it. As the episode plays out, Noah becomes one of the few to not become sick. However, instead of helping out, Noah sits in a corner and reads another book, finding this whole thing hilarious. It is revealed that this same reaction happened to Noah the first time he read through the text. He apologizes to his team when he realizes he could’ve won the challenge for them the whole time but was too high on his own horse.

Winners: Screaming Gaphers

Bottom 2: Noah and Justin

Why Justin?: Noah just doesn’t like him and Noah didn’t like that he didn’t put in the effort to read and felt ill anyway.

Why Noah?: Read the notes

Eliminated: Noah (17th)

Comments: I honestly never felt so bad about putting someone so low in the standings. Like many before me, I’d say Noah is one of my favorite characters in the cast. While this elimination feels a little too Samey as his elimination in Island, Noah really doesn’t have much of a purpose in this season. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Leshawna, Duncan, and DJ all being Gaphers requiring  their team had to win the reward, I probably would’ve sent out Heather instead. At the very least, this elimination is in line with Noah’s character from before WT and does build a further basis for his gameplay in said season.

Episode 9 - The Sand Witch Projection

Notes: The beginning of this episode largely remains the same. However, Lindsay and Tyler will replace Owen and Izzy when it comes to the couple scare, as will Gwen replace Heather as Duncan’s partner. This causes a strain within the Gaphers as whole when they proceed through with it to secure the win. Specifically, Cody and Trent become less interested in the challenge and instead voting out Duncan. DJ does not see a vision of his mother this episode, so he doesn’t quit. Courtney wins the challenge for her team.

Winners: Killer Grips

Bottom 2: Duncan and Cody

Why Duncan?: Cody and Trent campaigned for his elimination.

Why Cody?: Heather saw this as a great opportunity to use Duncan as a meat shield, so she told Gwen, Duncan, and Leshawna about the betrayal.

Eliminated: Cody (16th)

Comments: I doubt a lot of people are surprised to see Cody go so early. Cody falls into the same problem that the majority of new additions are victim to. His extended presence would interfere greatly with the Gwent break-up and he otherwise lacks the plot to make it far in the game. Plus, this is a great opportunity to remind the audience of Heather as a strategic threat.

Episode 10 - Masters of Disasters

Notes: Due to needing to help out Chef, DJ does not get trapped in the submarine. He is actually the only one of the three (himself, Chris, and Chef) to initially care for the campers safety. Combine this with Owen’s broken jaw and DJ loses it, quitting the alliance with Chef in front of Chris.

Winners: Screaming Gaphers

Bottom 2: Lindsay and Owen

Why Lindsay?: It’s her fault that the team almost died.

Why Owen?: While he did allow the Grips to win the first half of the challenge, he was clearly in a lot of pain.

Eliminated: DJ (15th)

Reasons for Elimination: Instead of reading out the votes to decide who to send home, Chirs removes DJ from the game due to his illegal alliance.

Comments: The last episode didn’t feel like the right time to eliminate DJ in this version due to time constraints within the episode and quite simply having the perfect excuse to eliminate Cody. However, other than making this a non-elimination episode or sending Owen home, I couldn’t justify another alternative to DJ. Additionally, it almost feels more natural to have the arc conclude with DJ actually coming into conflict with Chef and directly standing up for what he believes in. Lastly, by having DJ be disqualified it doesn’t open up the plot hole the show created with Duncan quitting in WT.

Episode 11 - Full Metal Drama

Notes: This episode largely sticks to canon. Really the only difference is that Lindsay does the explosion for her team after stealing the captain position from Courtney. I would also have Trent confront Gwen on the kiss from the Sand Witch Project.

Winners: Screaming Gaphers

Bottom 2: Lindsay and Owen

Why Lindsay?: She took control of the team and led it to another loss.

Why Owen?: He wasn’t much help to the team this episode and Courntey believed him to be too much of a reliability.

Eliminated: Owen (14th)

Comments: Action was never Owen’s season. Not only has all of Owen’s allies been eliminated, but his jaw is broken. Personally, if I was writing this season as a my way, I would’ve sent out Justin here instead but he’s technically too important to the season. Secondly, Owen kind of needs to be eliminated for his merge arc to work and I’ve planned Episode 13 to be the only other non-elimination episode in the season.

Episode 12 - Aftermath II

Hosts: Geoff and Bridgette

Guests: Owen and DJ and izzy

DJ’s Interview: This interview largely stays the same as canon.

Owen’s Interview: The majority of the commentators show much respect for Owen’s gameplay and determination to continue playing the game despite his jaw. However, Geoff tries Truth or Piranna with Owen, who still can’t speak yet, causing Owen to get immediately dropped. This causes outrage with the jury, forcing Geoff to see the error in his ways...slightly. Izzy reveals her return to the game at the end of the episode.

Comments: It’s hard to write Aftermath episodes. In the long term they mean very little to this theory and are only included to be thorough. I chose to interview Owen because Cody will have a chance to shine in a later aftermath while Noah and Izzy are already closely tied to Owen in the first place.

Episode 13 - Ocean’s Eight or Nine

Notes: Izzy returns to the game in place of Courntey and is put back on the Grips. Justin is locked in the cell in place of Owen, who is left behind as well due to generally being useless. As both teams failed to rescue their companion, neither team completed the challenge. No Elimination!

Comments: This was the easiest episode in the series to make a non-elimination outing. It also builds upon the direction which I believe Justin would’ve been taken in if he was not considered the antagonist.

Episode 14 - One Million Bucks, B.C.

Notes: Match Ups are as follows (wins are italicized)

  • Trent vs Courntey

  • Heather vs Beth

  • Leshawna vs Lindsay

  • Gwen vs Tyler

  • Harold vs Justin (tie)

  • Eva vs Izzy (tie)

  • Duncan loses a point for the Gaphers due to cheating and having an odd number of players

Winners: Killer Grips

Bottom 2: Leshawna and Eva

Why Leshawna?: Over the last few challenges, she has let the team down.

Why Eva?: Eva has been very aggressive about getting rid of Leshawna and was responsible for leaving Leshawna behind in the last competition. She’s also been threatening her teammates.

Votes for Eva: Trent, Gwen, Harold, Leshawna

Votes for Leshawna: Duncan, Heather, and Eva

Eliminated: Eva (13th)

Comments: Some people might call it a stretch that Leshawna survives the round but I think most are forgetting how disliked Eva is. Eva also isn’t integral enough to the season to last longer in the game. Considering how Eva acted towards Bridgette, I just makes sense to me that given the chance to eliminate Leshawna that she would fall into old patterns.

Episode 15 - Million Dollar Babies

Notes: Match Ups are as follows (wins are italicized)

  • Duncan vs Courtney

  • Harold vs Lindsay

  • Leshawna vs Justin

  • Heather vs Beth

  • Gwen vs Tyler (they compete in Gapher obstacle course)

  • Trent vs Izzy (Grips obstacle course)

Otherwise, plot largely doesn’t differ.

Winners: Killer Grips

Bottom 2: Leshawna and Heather

Why Leshawna?: Her comments made everything worse

Why Heather?: She’s Heather and nobody trusts her

Eliminated: Heather (12th)

Comments: This elimination is one of the few consistent things with canon. While sending Tyler home in a sports themed competition or Justin for his poor performance was a consideration, Heather doesn’t need to be in the merge and would muddy the identity of who the primary antagonist was supposed to be.

Intermission: MERGE!

Congratulations to the following contestants who qualified for the merge this season according to the theory:

  1. Duncan

  2. Gwen

  3. Harold

  4. Leshawna

  5. Trent

  6. Courtney

  7. Tyler

  8. Lindsay

  9. Beth

  10. Justin

  11. Izzy

  12. Owen (will debeut later)

For those who haven’t been keeping track of how the new contestants have placed within the season, then these are the current placement of all characters to this point:

21/22. Katie/Sadie

20. Ezekiel

19. Bridgette

18. Geoff

17. Noah

16. Cody

15. DJ

??. Owen

14. Eva

13. Heather

The only contestant to not qualify for canon TDA still in the game is Tyler. I guess at this point we can answer the most important question of the season: Did the addition of new contestants affect the season grealty? While the numbers would suggest otherwise, I believe it to be the case. Firstly, by merging, Tyler automatically has a big impact on the season, especially with how the plots for the rest of the season will unfold. There’s also the fact that it has allowed Trent, Gwen, and Izzy to get another chance in the merge. Time will tell though how successful these people will all be.

Episode 16 - Dial M for Merger

Immunity: Courtney and Lindsay

Bottom 2: Leshawna and Izzy

Why Leshawna?: Some of the Grips are hesitant to trust her

Why Izzy?: She caused them all to bathe in the tomato juice simply because she thought it would be fun to set off everyone else’s bombs (her fault in this version).

Eliminated: Izzy (12th)

Comments: While it was fun to bring Izzy back into the game for a few episodes, there really isn’t a point to keeping her around any longer. This also allowed the Explosivo gag to come back where it would have otherwise been lost to the theory.  

Episode 17 - Super Hero ID

Notes: Gwen and Trent start to drift further apart throughout the episode, especially since Trent feels like Leshawna betrayed them while Gwen is defending her.

Immunity: Courtney

Bottom 2: Trent and Leshawna

Why Trent?: Gwen told Leshawna about her frustrations with Trent and they decided to vote together to try and keep Leshawna safe. Duncan was also sick of him.

Why Leshawna?: The new Boys Alliance wanted to target Leshawna and Tyler convinced his alliance to go after her too.

Votes for Trent: Gwen, Harold, Leshawna

Votes for Leshawna: Trent, Justin, Tyler, Courntey, Duncan, Lindsay, Beth

Elimianted: Leshawna (11th)

Comments: Another elimination that remains close to canon. Leshawna was the weirdest character this season because she was so inconsistent. I’m happy the writers cut her here so I can finally be allowed to put her arc to rest because it was one of the most frustrating arcs this season.

Episode 18 - Aftermath III

Hosts: Geoff and Bridgette

Guests: Izzy, Heather, and Leshawna

Overview: With the exception of replacing Owen’s interview with Izzy on her return to the game, this Aftermath is going to stay consistent. I’d write more but there’s really not much to say.

Episode 19 - The Princess Pride

Notes: Gwen is the princess this episode. Trent successfully gets to the top of the tower but faces his demise like Justin in canon. Gwent breaks up as a result.

Immunity: Gwen

Bottom 2: Trent and Duncan

Why Trent?: The breakup

Why Duncan?: Trent

Eliminated: Trent (10th)

Comments: This was the perfect episode to bring the Gwent breakup arc to a close. Not only does the theme and basic plot of the episode work for this repurposing, but technically there’s only nine people in the game at this point.

Episode 20 - Get A Clue

Notes: After the Gwent breakup, the lines in the sand have been drawn and the cast has been split down the middle. Gwen defends Duncan and truly begins to develop feelings for him during the episode.

immunity: Lindsay and Tyler

Bottom 2: Beth and Courtney

Why Beth?: Beth was the easy target for the guys aliance, espically with Lindsay and Tyler unable to vote.

Why Courtney?: Courtney was the murderer in the challenge.

Eliminated: Beth (9th)

Comments: While Beth does win in Total Drama Action in canon, I do believe the theory that Beth replaced Lindsay in the finale. There’s also the fact that this is the cleanest elimination in the entire season, so I’ll take what I can get.

Episode 21 - Rock n Rule

Notes: Justin is flirting with Lindsay again in order to orchestrate a Duncan vote due to being jealous of the attention Duncan is getting from Gwen and Courtney. Tyler doesn’t like this so informs Courtney, hoping to get in the good graces of the majority for Lindsay’s sake. Owen returns!

Immunity: Courtney

Bottom 2: Duncan and Justin

Why?: See above.

Votes for Duncan: Harold, Justin, Lindsay

Votes for Justin: Duncan, Courntey, Gwen, Tyler, Owen

Eliminated: Justin (8th)

Comments: Considering that the final 7 challenge is boys vs girls, I needed to eliminate a boy this episode. Justin isn’t a dominant enough presence in the show to make it further than this. Besides, he’s lucky to survive more episodes than he does in canon.

Episode 22 - Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Notes: It’s the three girls vs all the boys except Owen. Gwen is chosen to fight in Beth’s place. Harold pulls off the victory over Gwen due to the extra coaching from Tyler and Gwen getting lost in thought over trying to justify how she broke up with Trent.

Immunity: Duncan, Tyler, and Harold

Bottom 2: Gwen and Courtney

Why Gwen?: Firstly she lost the challenge for the girls. Secondly, Courtney was uncomfortable with how close Gwen had been getting to Duncan and knew Gwen would be tough to beat in the end. Thirdly, she votes herself off out of guilt.

Why Courtney?: Many members of the cast had conflicts with her.

Votes for Gwen: Courtney, Duncan, Owen, Gwen

Votes for Courtney: Harold, Lindsay, Tyler

Eliminated: Gwen (7th)

Comments: Considering she was such an early boot in Action, I couldn’t justify keeping her around longer. While I’m not a fan of having her vote herself off, Gwen does indeed do it in canon Action so I believe it would be carried over.

Episode 23 - 2008 A Space Owen

Notes: This episode’s plot would adjust slightly in terms of content considering of turning this into a battle between Courtney and Lindsay, with Duncan and Tyler caught in the middle. When Scruffy is accidently killed by Harold though, Duncan begins gunning for the nerd. In this version, Tyler is the one to go in after Owen and suffers the penalty while Lindsay fails epically lasting only 3 seconds.

Immunity: Duncan (with Scruffy being killed off he deserves to win this)

Votes for Harold: Duncan, Tyler, and Owen

Votes for Owen: Harold

Votes for Courtney: Lindsay

Votes for Lindsay: Courtney

Eliminated: Harold (6th)

Why?: Same as canon except Duncan convinced Tyler due to their friendship.

Comments: This is one of the few eliminations I don’t see changing. Not only is Harold’s plot far removed from the main conflict going into the semi-finals, but he went home here in canon.

Episode 24 - Top Dog

Notes: Lindsay will take Beth’s role in the episode with the racoon. Tyler’s animal will be a chicken, calling back to his original elimination in Island. Ironically, Tyler wins the first part of the competition because his chicken is just as scared of him as he is of it, which Chris finds hilarious. This gives Tyler Immunity from the second half of the challenge. Otherwise the episode largely plays out the same.

Immunity: Lindsay and Tyler

Votes for Duncan: Owen

Votes for Owen: Courtney

Votes for Courtney: Tyler, Lindsay, and Duncan

Eliminated: Courtney (5th)

Also Eliminated: Owen (4th)

Why?: Same as canon

Comments: By this point in the series most votes are playing out the same as they would in canon. While Courtney has the potential to reach the finale, I just couldn’t see her surviving this elimination ceremony. Adding an arc for Tyler this episode was actually really easy to write.

Interlude: Duncan

Out of all the changes made to the season to accommodate the larger cast, I’m not surprised to have Duncan sitting here at the final 3. In many respects Action was Duncan’s best season and his performance was only improved through the presence of more cast members and the earlier elimination of Beth. For example, now he actually got to win immunities challenges. The question now comes down to if Duncan can play one strong final round that could get him into the endgame.

Interlude: Lindsay

Besides Duncan (and Beth or Harold), Lindsay was one of the few other characters whose story throughout the season showcased a potential winners edit in canon. While some would debate that Beth should be sitting here instead, I’m confident in thinking that the presence of her boyfriend would allow Lindsay’s game to improve to the point she could survive a few more rounds than canon. Speaking of her boyfriend....

Interlude: Tyler

I just want to take this opportunity to discuss the outcome of this theory. Specifically, Tyler’s story potential this season was honestly shocking. Out of all the contestants to reach the final three, Tyler might feel like the biggest floater. That’s not to say that Tyler played a bad game. I mean the dude found himself in a strong guys alliance and a showmance, basically garenting his way to the end. BUT HE MADE IT! That alone is impressive. The question is can he keep up with it.

Episode 25: Mutiny on the Soundstage

Concept: Chris says that this challenge will decide who will go on to win the season. Lindsay and Tyler's teamwork allows them to cacth up to Duncan. However, at the last minute Tyler gets the porty-potty shot at him. Lindsay gets the same choice as Trent from the second epiosde: help her boyfriend and throw the game or go back.

US Version: Lindsay decides to leave Tyler behind, tying Duncan and supposadely forcing the vote.

Canada Version: Lindsay goes back to help Tyler. Tyler is eliminated for being the last across and the vote happens anyway because Chris always intended it.

Auto-Eliminated: Tyler (3rd)

Comments: Yes, the finale will be Duncan vs Lindsay. I had to eliminate Tyler because, while he definelty could've won the season...he wasn't in Action. Compared to all other finales, Duncan vs Lindsay was intended in the season's first draft because of how similar it is to Owen vs Gwen. Considering the jury, I also love the idea that what causes Duncan or Lindsay to win isn't a hinky vote, but their own Actions...get it.

Episode 26: Aftermath IV (U.S. Version)

Duncan’s Argument for Winning: He was the team captain of the Gaphers and was a member of the guys alliance which largely controlled the entire post-merge. Competiton wise he won two immunity challenges. He was also responsible for voting out Courtney.

Lindsay Victory: Lindsay mentions how she was good friends with everybody, was loyal and won three competitions in the post-merge. She also claimed responisbilty for voting out Courtney and leading her team on several (failed) occations.

Izzy Votes for: Explosivo

Leshawna Votes for: Duncan (she was closer to him and respected his game moves)

Trent Votes for: Lindsay (he woud never vote for Duncan)

Beth Votes for: Lindsay (she is Beth's best friend)

Justin Votes for: Lindsay (viewed Duncan as his rival)

Gwen Votes for: Duncan (she likes him)

Harold Votes for: Lindsay (still doesn't like Duncan)

Courtney Votes for: Duncan (hates Lindsay more than Duncan)

Owen Votes for: Duncan (his best friend in the game)

Tyler Votes for: Duncan (he was extrmely upset with Lindsay, breaking up with her)

Final Tally: 5-4

Runner-Up: Lindsay (2nd)

Winner: Duncan (1st)

Episode 26: Aftermath IV (Canada Ver.)

Izzy Votes for: Explosivo

Leshawna Votes for: Duncan (she was closer to him and respected his game moves)

Trent Votes for: Lindsay (he woud never vote for Duncan)

Beth Votes for: Lindsay (she is Beth's best friend)

Justin Votes for: Lindsay (viewed Duncan as his rival)

Gwen Votes for: Duncan (she likes him)

Harold Votes for: Lindsay (hates Duncan and found her saving Tyler honorabe)

Courtney Votes for: Duncan (hates Lindsay more than Duncan)

Owen Votes for: Duncan (best friend in the game)

Tyler Votes for: Lindsay (her saving him over the money was valadidy of there relationship)

Final Tally: 5-4

Runner-Up: Duncan

Winner: Lindsay

Final Thoughts + Rankings

I've got to say that I'm pretty happy with how the season turned out. While part of me thinks that Tyler last too long, he had so much to do. He had a rivarly with Justin and had to make Lindsay remember him again (like WT) in the pre-merge. Then the post merge was basically all about the two couples gunning for each other. I'm not even a big Tyler fan and I think this is the direction the show should've gone with his character.

Other than Tyler though, the other characters brought into the season were basicaly filler for more important characters. I can espcially understand their season for it considering how the first Aftermath would lack commentators. I guess the the potenail of the main season was undermined to focus more on the Aftermaths. I think you can see that I don't agree with that. Thank you for reading this far and hope you all enjoyed it. I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts.

22. Katie/Sadie

21. Katie/Sadie

20. Zeke

19. Bridgette

18. Geoff


17. Noah

16. Cody

15. DJ


-Izzy returns-

14. Eva

13. Heather


12. Izzy

11. Leshsawna

10. Trent

09. Beth

-Owen returns-

08. Justin

07. Gwen

06. Harold

05. Courntey

04. Owen

03. Tyler

02. Duncan/Lindsay

01. Duncan/Lindsay

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