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Hi everyone and welcome back to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run the whole year alongisde Project 10. Each week we'll take a look at one Total Drama character, what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown and what we hope to see from them in the future. I'm Duncan 99 New and this week we'll take a look at the Chris Wannabe, Topher!


Topher is introduced as a contestant in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island in So, Uh This is My Team? . As soon as he is seen, he gets shown as a huge fan of Chris McLean, unlike the other contestants. Every moment for Topher is a good opportunity to admire Chris and all the things regarding him (catchphrases, jokes, challenge ideas...). While Chris seems to enjoy this regard, later he gets annoyed when Topher costantly tries to talk about him, ending up with nearly stealing his spotlight. This behavior stand for the first two episodes.

By the third episode, Topher heads to an ambitious way, often talking about Chris  age; the host comes up with some measures to look younger, hinting that Topher's talk made him worry and paranoid.

As the season progresses, Topher's true intentions come clear: he wants to replace Chris  job. He always tries to steal his cellphone -somehow succeeding- to get the producers fire him and replace him with someone younger and prettier (just like him). In This Is The Pits!, he obsessively checks the phone to see a producers' response. While h doesn't pay attention to the challenge itself for this, on the other hand he lets he and his teammate escape from the tunnels. 

Topher gets an answer from the producers throughout Three Zones and A Baby, which causes him to never care about the challenge -as he mostly has done till this time-; the fact that he never wanted to win the show is seen when he discovers that his teammates eliminated him. The 'young Chris' hopes that he'll get to host the season somehow thanks to the producers' help, but it was just a prank from Chris himself, who can finally eliminate the guy that he despised so much.

The fact that Topher always pays attention to his true goals make everyone else get annoyed by him, first of all his whole team. His carelessness about the challenges and alliances, in the end, costs him the partecipation.


While I know that his guy isn't very well-liked generally speaking, I can't help but I think that he was one of the most interesting characters of the cast. I recognize that he was mostly a kind-of floater, but I found him unique in his genre. He really put so much effort in his true ambitions and, if they had wrote him better, he would've been a great secondary antagonist. Out of everyone, he was one of the characters who conquered me the most (along with Shawn, Sky and Max), and I never really get annoyed or bored by his scenes -while I do understand that people can get irritated by him-. 

I also appreciated how he showed a great sense of intelligente (ex. ended up leading he and Jasmine out of the tunnels during the seventh challenge); this shows that this character had a potential way to be a great contestant, but eventually this idea got scrapped somehow in favor of getting him as a petty character. I don't think he will return as a contestant in the future, but I hope he will do somehow as an Aftermath host or stuff like that.

Fun fact: I thought that he would've won the season and, with the prize, bought the show getting Chris fired.

Best Season: Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Best Episode: Three Zones And A Baby

Best Moment: Leading himself and Jasmine out, stealing Chris' phone


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