The Good,The Bad ,and the Ugly for the spinoff- Total Drama Presents the Ridonculous Race. (Again these are my personal opinions)

The Good -

The Amazing Race Parody

The past seasons of Total Drama have only been Survivor parodies but this season was a amazing race parody.

The Bad-

The Ice Dancers were terrible villains

Every TD season has a main villain (Heather in TDI,Courtney in TDA ,Alejandro in TDWT,Scott in TDROTI,Mal in TDAS and Sugar in TDPI)

They just sabotaged the other teams and not really caused eliminations other the Goths’ elimination. Other than that they were terrible villians.

The Ugly-

The LARPers

Yes bring back one of the most hated Total Drama characters and his role playing skills.

Honorable mentions-

The Good-

The return of Geoff and Noah

The Bad/Ugly

The Goths being overrated and should of been eliminated in I love Ridonc and roll

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