So this blog will be different. The teams are eliminated in non elimination, except for The 1st episode. Let's start! * DISCLAIMER THIS IS NOT A MY WAY *

None Down, 18 to Go Part 2

Eliminated: LARPers

Tdp rr leonard and tammy by jayspanish-d8xcz1v

Ommmmm, Ommmmmm Leonard, you could be Dawn!

Notes: To be honest, these will be just annoying until Bjorken Telephone.

French is an Eiffel Language

Eliminated: Tennis Rivals
Tennis Rivals Mocking

Ah... the good old days

Notes: Let's keep going...

Mediterranean Homesick Blues

Eliminated: Geniuses
Geniuses taxi

Notes: Finally! Next episode has a change!

Bjorken Telephone

Eliminated: Vegans

Reason for elimination: The Vegans had to eat meat, and they felt that they were a disgrace to the Vegan community. They decided to quit the competition.
Laurie and Miles

We're huge Bob Marley Fans!

Brazillian Pain Forest

Eliminated: Rockers

Reason for elimination: Spud's delayed reaction led him to faint right when they were at the chill zone. Don told them that they were out, and Rockers walked off into Brazil... or at least Rock, who was dragging Spud.
Spud taxi stop

Coming to theaters near you... We Will Rock You

Notes: tbh, I wanted Rockers to win, but they couldn't.

A Tisket, A Tasket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

Eliminated: Fashion Bloggers
Tom Caricature

Very Underrated, right Tom?

Notes: This was the same as canon, but Carrie leads the downfall of the Bloggers. They are a good team tho.

Hawaiian Honeyruin

Eliminated: Daters
Stephanie and ryan beach

My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding

Reason for elimination: Ryan and Stephanie kept arguing, and they lost focus on the challenge. They couldn't work with each other, and this led to their elimination.

Notes: Daters were spared WAY too much from elimination, and it's funny that the dating couple is eliminated in Hawaii.

Hello and Dubai 

Eliminated: Mom and Daughter
Taylor and Kelly

Notes:  Mom and Daughter are the eighth team eliminated. That's good, considering their toxic chemistry.

I Love Ridonc and Roll

Eliminated: Adveristy Twins
Mickey and jay1

Your adversity Lee you to being the 9th team eliminated! Aka 9th place!

Notes: Oh well, them and Mom and Daughter lasted WAY too much in this universe.

My Way or Zimbabwe

Eliminated: Ice Dancers

Reason for elimination: Same as canon, except they're eliminated.

Notes: Is it funny, that they were bronze, and now they are no medal? I thought that's what they came here for. Gold.

Shawshank Ridonction

Eliminated: Police Cadets
Macarthur carries sanders

When you were finalists and now you are 7th

Reason for elimination: Carrie told Cadets who was the leader between them, and they fought about it.

Down and Outback

Eliminated: Step Brothers

Reason for elimination: Same as canon,  except there is no double elimination.
Stepbros finale

We Will Rock You: The Step Brothers

Maori Or Less

Eliminated: Reality TV Pros
Rtv pros

Noah: Driving teacher Owen: Me

Reason for elimination: Noah was depressed when Emma told him that she couldn't date him, and he just thought he was useless. They were the last to arrive, and this eliminated Owen and Noah

Little Bull on The Prairie

Eliminated: Father and Son
Junior lecturing Dwayne

Dad, You blinked! No I didn't, Dwayne Jr!

Reason for elimination: Dwayne couldn't focus on the bull riding challenge, and he took too long, thus eliminating the Father and Son.

Dude Buggies

Eliminated: Best Friends

Don box: Help Meeee

Reason for elimination:  Carrie was too focused on not hurting Devin, and vice versa. They raced the Sisters, but sisters made it first to the Chill Zone.

El Bunny Supremo

Eliminated: Goths
Crimson, Ennui, and Loki

Reason for elimination: Emma told Kitty to think strategically, so Kitty stole Loki, but she then apologized to the Goths.

A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars

Winners: Surfer Dudes/Sisters

Sisters: Emma says that she wants to date Noah and get the money, so she speeds up, and Brody gets a potassium attack.

Surfers: Brody eats a banana in Mexico, and he ends up turning into the Flash, and the Surfers win.


18th Larpers

17 Tennis Rivals

16th Geniuses

15th Vegans

14th Rockers

13th Fashion Bloggers

12th Daters

11th Mom And Daughter

10th Adversity Twins

9th Ice Dancers

8th Police Cadets

7th Step Brothers

6th Reality TV Pros

5th Father and Son

4th Best Friends

3rd Goths

2nd/1st Surfer Dudes

1st/2nd Sisters

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