• IzzyK

    My mom almost killed my cat!

    September 25, 2009 by IzzyK

    Well, guess what? Just as the title says. Here's the story. I was coming home from school today. I got in the the car and not only was my dog, Bambam, in there... My cat, Dinah, was too! At first she was in my mom's lap, but then my mom wanted to stop at Krystal. Then, Dinah got on the floorboard near her feet. She didn't want to hurt her while driving, so she put her in the back with me. BIG MISTAKE! Dinah went under one of the seats! She kept peeking her head out and started meowing. Once we were home, we put the dog inside. We tried to get the cat out, but she wouldn't come. So, mom got some yogurt(Dinah's favorite). She didn't come out. So, mom tried to grab her, but the cat hid deeper under the seat. Mom raise the seat up a little, an…

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  • IzzyK

    Animation idea

    September 18, 2009 by IzzyK

    Remember in an early blog post when I sayed I make cartoons? Well, I came up with a good idea for a cartoon. All of my favorite cartoons had Christmas specials. All of them except Total Drama Island. Why not a TDI Christmas special. Chris McLean invites the whole cast back for a reunion to have a X-Mas party. Now think about this: Chris McLean.Christmas. Chris McLean. Christmas. Get it? Thi cartoon will tell everyone, Chris, and yes, even Heather the true meaning of Christmas. Now Chris doesn't know a single thing about X-Mas. He'd be knda like Scrooge in this cartoon. He learns the true meaning of X-mas in his sleep. He is visited by one of the producers, telling him he will be visited by three spirits, the ghost of X-mas Past(Izzy), Presen…

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  • IzzyK

    OH CANADA By IzzyK O Canada, O Canada, is how their anthem goes.

    The rest of it, No American knows!

    From 1867 through today..

    Still going strong above us, eh?

    You named the provinces so well

    The origins would take forever to tell.

    Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec…

    Ontario, B.C……ZED(?) what the heck??

    Their accents are a hoot.

    Although, sometimes, I don’t know what their talking aboot!

    The people who live there? Oh, there’s quite a few…

    Sarah McLachlan, Alanis Morissette and Chad Kroeger, too!

    McLachlan has the voice, Morisette has the looks. They are all very well known Can-nucks!

    Although, Chad Kroeger’s career has gone fair, his voice sounds like it’s being drug by a car!

    They’ve got great cartoon characters…Bullwinkle,and Rocky and of cour…

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    Animation and TDI

    August 5, 2009 by IzzyK

    I don't know if I've said this before or not, but I am an animation fanatic. TDI is my favorite animated show and favorite show ever. I also love animated movies. I even do animation myself. I do stop-motion animation. Once I post one on youtube, I'll post it here for everyone to see.

    Second is Homestar Runner(which is actuly a web cartoon)for more information go to Third is Chowder which is unfortunatly coming to an end. Fourth is Spongebob Squarepants the worlds greatest sponge! Fifth is Class of 3000, a short-lived seris made by Andre 300 of Outcast. Sixth is Invader Zim another short lived seris about an invader from another planet. Seventh is Ren and Stimpy an old nickolodian show about a dog and cat.

    My favorite…

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