Time to do my version of this!

Credit to Lindsayfan123 and Gabrinitro for making other versions of this.  I will count 5 votes and after a day, the team with more votes will be eliminated.  If two teams get the same amount of votes, I will do a wheel spinner (Inspired by Gabrinitro)


Welcome to the Ridonculous Race!


  • Only the first 5 votes will be counted
  • If it is a tiebreaker then I will do a random choice using a wheel decider (If Gabrinitro doesn't want to use the wheel decider then that's fine.
  • I'll do reasons for eliminations
  • Non Eliminations will appear to basically say "Nothing Happened"
  • I'll look back and edit each day.

Without further ado, lets begin!

None Down Eighteen to Go Part 1:

Nothing Happened

None Down Eighteen to Go Part 2:

18th: Best Friends - After Devin finished the moroccan stew they got lost in the desert.  They never really recovered and that gave the other teams enough time to cross the finish line and cause them to be eliminated

Carrie mad at devin

The Best Friends are eliminated in None Down Eighteen to Go Part 2

French is an Eiffel Language

17th: Tennis Rivals - The Rivals followed the Vegans through the catacombs and that led to them and the Reality TV Pros being in the bottom 3.  The Vegans didn't particuarly want to touch the cheese, but did it anyways.  However the Rivals went ahead.  Unfortunately Pete jumped down and landed on the cheese with his artificial knee, making it give out.  Gerry took the cheese forwards but he was unable to outspeed both Laurie and Miles.  After Owen and Noah finished the challenge they knew they were out

A bit sad

The Tennis Rivals are eliminated in French is an Eiffel Language

Mediterranean Homesick Blues

16th: Goths - The Geniuses decided to make a small plan that would still take a tiny bit of time, but they would finish a lot faster, this let them finish the challenge in the bottom 5.  Meanwhile Crimson was slow and lazy when getting the shark's travel tip and that got them into the lower rankings.  If things couldn't get worse they didn't particuarly want to make a sandcastle because that was a preppy, childish thing to do.  They then went and stood there, and let the Geniuses and Surfers finish the challenge, cementing their eliminations.  Though not so surprisingly they didn't particuarly seem to care.

The Horror

The Goths are eliminated in Mediterranean Homesick Blues

Bjorken Telephone

Nothing Happens

Brazilian Pain Forest

15th: LARPers - When Leonard and Tammy were swinging from the vines they missed the cliff and fell down.  Due to neither of them being anywhere near strong they took a long while to get them up the cliff.  They made it to the carnival showcase and they arrived just as many of the teams were leaving.  Luckilly for them, they finished the carnival challenge quickly, and managed to make it and was about to do the hang gliding... before the Rockers and Vegans finished in 13th and 14th respectively.  They tried a time reversal spell but that failed and they left, sad...

Larpers departure

The LARPers are eliminated in Brazilian Pain Forest

A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

14th: Mother and Daughter - Kelly was doing the gymnastics and failing badly and Taylor was yelling at her for that, slowly annoying Kelly more and more, eventually causing her to snap at Taylor and threaten to take away one of her cars.  Both of them started yelling at each other which gave Tom and Jen something important, perspective... They apologised and actually got 12th, not 13th because they outsped the Daters to the finish line.  Kelly does take away a car from her.

Kelly sick of taylor

Mom and Daughter are eliminated in A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

Hawaiian Honeyruin

The Daters become the Haters like in canon, but nothing else happens

Hello and Dubai

13th: Vegans - Laurie and Miles were planning to do Serve however a bird landed on Jaques head making him swat it away in surprise.  This angered Laurie and they angrilly swapped to Squeegie.  Unfortunately, the curse affected the Ice Dancers slightly worst and that caused them to leave late in the challenge.  This causes them to start the challenge late and come in last place.

Vegans Eat Feast

The Vegans are eliminated in Hello and Dubai

New Beijinging

Nothing Happens

I Love Ridonc & Roll

12th: Adversity Twins - Mickey was terrified of doing the air guitar due to the tree situation when he was a kid.  Luckilly for Noah, he swallowed his pride and finished the botch reasonably early, getting a slightly higher ranking.  During the challenge, the people watching the stage never gave Mickey a chance, they didn't see him as anybody who could rock on and they booed him each time he went onstage.  Mary barely finished the Geniuses got 11th

Twins cruel joke

The Adversity Twins are eliminated in I Love Ridonc & Roll

My Way or Zimbabwe

Nothing Happens

Shawshank Ridonc-tion

Nothing Happens

Down and Outback:

11th:Stepbrothers - Chet and Lorenzo constantly missed bunnies, especially after they were convinvced that the Albino bunny was a kangaroo.  They then managed to get lucky and get 10 regular bunnies.  Unluckilly for them, the Surfers managed to find the albino bunny and pass them.

10th: Surfers - The Ice Dancers were about to leave when they saw the Surfers with almost a full bag, so they cut the bag.  They only realised when a bunch of teams had left.  They didn't have enough time to ask the farmer to give another bag and grab a new bag, however they managed to grab the Albino bunny and they managed to make it to the finish line before the Stepbrothers

Returning Team: LARPers - The Surfers were allowed to pick a team to bring back, as all their really good friends were still in the race, Geoff thought it would be nice to bring back his fellow Total Drama camper and brought back Leonard and Tammy, who were extremely excited about coming back

Maori or Less

Nothing Happens

Little Bull on the Prarie:

10th: Reality TV Pros - Noah was heartbroken after he was dumped by Emma in the previous episode, and unfortunately, that let Dwayne and Junior pass them and get 9th place, Emma realised that she broke Noah and apologised to him, promising to go out with him after the season ends and she wins.

Noah and Owen Wait Out Penalty

The Reality TV Pros are eliminated in Little Bull on the Prarie

Lord of the Ring Toss

Nothing Happens

Got Venom?

9th: LARPers - It was extremely tough for them to get the Komodo Dragon saliva.  Tammy eventually lept off a tree and landed on a dragon making them spit out to Leonard holding the vile.  Unluckilly for them, they never found the carpet, especially when Leonard subtly tried to levitate the carpet's up (Which failed)

Larpers departure

The LARPers are yet again eliminated in Got Venom?

Dude Buggies:

Nothing Happens

El Bunny Supremo:

8th: Ice Dancers - MacArthur had more than enough of the Ice Dancers and tried to stop them.  Her plan succeeded when both teams were on the burros and she threw a burrito given to them by Spud (No crush, he was being nice) and chucked it in a donkey's face, sending Jacques's donkey off course and slowing the Ice Dancers down enough for the Cadets and Geniuses to finish up and for them to get not only not on the podium, but so far down that Don laughed right in their face.

Tumblr nuwvris8JG1ugumzgo1 500

The Ice Dancers are eliminated in El Bunny Supremo


1 Superteam has to have an extra team in them, one team has The Rockers, Fashion Bloggers, Sisters and Father and Son meanwhile team 2 has the Daters/Haters, Geniuses and Police Cadets

7th: Rockers - They got lost in the cave before finding Dwayne and Junior who were also lost, so they teamed up.  As they found the exit and saw Don he mentioned that they were the bottom 2 teams and they promised to have a fair sprint to the end.  In the end the Father and Son ended up being slightly faster and they got 6th.  Rock was dissapointed about not being able to get the million and move out of his parents, but he was happy he made it this far and was able to do it with his best friend Spud to which Spud agreed (After his reaction time kicked in)

Spud pain brazil

The Rockers are eliminated in Ca-Noodlling

How Deep is Your Love:

Nothing Happens (Last Reward challenge though!)

Darjeel With It:

6th: The Geniuses - Mary thought of the idea of unhooking the other team's basket.  They thought they were getting 1st but Don gave them a 1 Hour penalty.  They thought they had a chance in getting 5th after the newly renamed Daters started making out near the finish line, however Stephanie and Ryan quickly crossed the finish line before restarting their make out session.  With 1 second left in their penalty, the Geniuses got sent home in 6th place

ME 7

The Geniuses are eliminated in Darjeel With It

Last Tango in Buenos Aires:

5th: Sisters - The sisters had a large amount of trouble with the tango challenge, making them one of the last teams to finish (only in front of an irate Junior and worried Dwayne.  Eventually the Fashion Bloggers, Police Cadets and Daters finished the challenge and both the Father and Son and Sister's emus fell in mud, making it hard for the teams to grab them.  Dwayne managed to charge at the emu and tie up the legs (While also tying his leg to the emu) and Emma and Kitty were able to get theirs.  It was neck and neck and it looked as if Dwayne and Junior were going to lose, however they managed to pass the Sisters with a burst of speed and Junior was able to stop the emu just before it went off the cliff.  Emma was disapointed that they lost, but she was happy she was able to see Noah again

Emma and Noah ftw

The Sisters are eliminated in Last Tango in Buenos Aires


4th: Father and Son - Junior was the person who had to go underwater in the challenge.  Later in the challenge, Junior was trying to find the treasure, when he got stuck in the gap and out of oxygen.  They talked, and during their talk, Jen overheard their conversation, prompting her to get Tom to swim back down and save Junior.  He succeeded and Junior even found his treasure.  The two teams were racing towards the finish line and Dwayne and Junior were in front.  However, Junior mentioned that Tom and Jen deserved the final 2 more than them for helping him out of the air pocket and Dwayne agreed, so they let the Fashion Bloggers pass them and get 3rd, securing their elimination.  Dwayne was surprised they managed to get this far but was happy he was able to go with his son and get a new understanding of him. and vice versa.

Junior lecturing Dwayne

The Father and Son are eliminated in Bahamarama

 A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars [1]

3rd: Police Cadets - Tom and Jen were able to catch up quickly and get to the Empire State Building quickly, letting them get a good lead from the other two teams.  Stephanie and Ryan made it there next and travelled up fast.  Sanders and MacArthur ran into car troubles and managed to get to the building last after commondeiring a hot dog cart.  Stephanie and Ryan passed the Bloggers and managed to grab the case and get to the mid point chill zone first.  The Police Cadets caught up to the Bloggers as they got their briefcase and it was neck and neck.  The Cadets were about to finish the challenge before Tom got his second wind and pulled Jen along to get them to 2nd, eliminating the Cadets.  Sanders said that they were happy that if they had to lose, it was at least to a team like the Fashion Bloggers and not a team like the Ice Dancers.  Meanwhile MacArthur was angry, but still wished the Bloggers good luck in the final challenge.


The Police Cadets are eliminated in the 1st part of A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars

A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars [2]

Official Winners: Daters - Stephannie and Ryan had a large head start looking for the case, however the Fashion Bloggers managed to catch up, especially after they had troubles getting the Code.  While the Fashion Bloggers finished before the Daters, Stephannie was able to find it right after and chased after the Bloggers, still managing to catch up.  They managed to pass right before the final chill zone and win

Alternate Winners: Fashion Bloggers - Starts the same as the Daters ending up to when the Daters are chasing behind the Bloggers.  The Bloggers speed up and manage to keep their lead and cross the carpet of completion 1st, securing their win


1st/2nd: Daters

2nd/1st: Fashion Bloggers 

3rd: Police Cadets

4th: Father and Son

5th: Sisters

6th: Geniuses

7th: Rockers

8th: Ice Dancers

9th: LARPers

10th: Reality TV Pros

11th: Surfers

12th: Stepbrothers

13th: Adversity Twins

14th: Vegans

15th: Mom and Daughter

Returns: LARPers

16th: Goths

17th: Tennis Rivals

18th: Best Friends

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