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Welcome back to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. Each week we'll take a look at one Total Drama character, what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown, and what we hope to see from them in the future. I'm Pierzina and this week, we're looking at The Sweet Girl, Katie!


Katie's one and only competing appearance Total Drama Island went by pretty fast with Katie only competing in 6 episodes. Despite originally being on the Screaming Gophers, after convincing from her and her best friend she switched teams. Katie did not serve much purpose aside from comic relief in the first two episodes along with Sadie, which included squating on poison ivy, which offered a lot of funny moments.

She is also known for her aggressive but also impressive performance in Dodgebrawl, where she seemed to be one of the best teammates and helped out a lot with the challenge.

But in her breakout episode is where she really shined, getting into fights with Sadie as they messed up the challenge for their team. However her journey also reached an end this episode, where she was voted out over Sadie at the campfire ceremony. 

Despite being low-profile while competing, Katie played a comedic role in Haute Camp-ture and also had a lot of fun moments during the aftermaths in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. She is also known for her crushes on Justin and Trent which were very funny.

Katie is the person from generation 1 that competed the smallest amount of time out of the whole cast, making her very enigmatic when it comes to her potential, but never ceases to be a funny and enjoyable character.


In my opinion, Katie is one of the best characters, she is always funny to me and delivers a lot of great moments along with her best friend. I feel like she's rather unpopular because she's considered annoying, but I believe her character really worked to me and was one of the most enjoyable fodders in Total Drama Island.

Her and Sadie's comedic relief is one of my favorite cause it's so over the top like with her fight with Sadie, it's just so funny because they are so delusional and squeaky they just end up looking like fools in the best way. One of the funniest things about Katie is her (and Sadie's) obsessive crushes on hot guys like Trent or Justin, which provides not just them but also Trent and Justin with funny moments. Sadie and Katie being super #TeamTrent against Gwen in the aftermath was funny, and the fact that they fought over him was even funnier.

I think the aftermaths gave them a lot of time to shine despite not competiting, but I really would like to see Katie return one day, with or without Sadie, and provide some good moments and maybe even develop as a character. She seems to be more of an independant one, maybe she could get another friend and she and Sadie could grow apart? The possibilities are really endless with the directions they can take Katie's character. All I know, is that it'd be very entertaining. 

One thing I would like to talk about though is that I feel like sometimes people put her higher than Sadie is because she is the more conventionally attractive one, which I would like to say this: judge a character by it's quality, not how they look. Personally, I like Sadie more but I adore both. Hopefully they get their time to shine!

  • Best Moment: Fighting with Sadie in The Sucky Outdoors.


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Next week, Epic~00 will be analyzing and giving his opinions on the LARPer, Leonard!

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