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    Welcome back to another TDRR Rueview. Last episode was pretty great, but will this one beat it? Only time will tell (twenty minutes to be exact).

    "Greetings, gentlemen! What say you to an amalgamation of of adversaries? A weaving of wizards and dopplegangers to rule them all!"

    Hahahahahaha, Leonard is hilarious this season. Tammy throwing confetti was also quite comical.

    "Because Lorenzo is a poo-head, that's why! Can't you just divorce his dad?" "Dad! You've gotta divorce Chet's mom!"

    Literally, you two are the most annoying characters in existence. Are they supposed to be annoying or not? I honestly can't tell. 

    "Salutations! We propose an unstoppable adjoining of alchamey and alabaster to vanquish those who dare to cross us! Surely you shall…

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  • Ruebenn

    Hey, everyone. So I’ll be reviewing every episode of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.

    These will be called my "Rueviews", because I am lame and love puns.

    "This is Toronto, the capital of North America."

    Lol, what? It's not even the capital of Canada.

    Don looks like Topher and Duncan’s love child. Also, this is the voice of the guy who wrote some of the best and worst episodes of the show. Just an interesting bit of trivia.

    The theme song was totally awesome. It's a thousand times better than the twenty seconds we got the last two seasons.

    Don explains the season as he walks by the cartoon version of Donald Trump.

    "Carrie and Devin, best friends."

    So, we have Trent Devin and Bridgette Carrie. Ugh, they’re obviously going to get together an…

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  • Ruebenn

    TDRR Predictions

    August 26, 2015 by Ruebenn

    • Leonard and Tammy will be eliminated very early on, and everyone will despise them.
    • Devin will find out about Carrie's crush on him.
    • Devin and Carrie will get together.
    • People will dislike MacArthur for being overweight for being "mean".
    • Chet and Lorenzo will be annoying.
    • Pete will be revealed as Chris' father.
    • Mickey and Jay will be horribly annoying.
    • People will either hate or love Mickey and Jay.
    • People will compare Emma/Kitty to Lindsay/Heather.
    • People will hate Junior for being 12.
    • People will criticize Kelly and Dwayne's parenting.
    • Crimson and Ennui will do absolutely nothing, but will have a huge fanbase.
    • Ryan and Stephanie will be irrelevant.
    • People will debate Tom's sexuality.
    • People will compare this to Total Drama World Tour.
    • People will compar…

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    October 9, 2014 by Ruebenn

    This is just my theory of when each season of Total Drama took place in-universe. I've tried to follow every canon clue provided, but feel free to correct any inaccuracies you may see.

    Let's say that Island started on June 8, 2007, first airing on July 8. After 8 weeks, the season ended on August 3. The campers had a few days of rest and relaxation, with "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island" taking place on August 5.

    Action started two days afterward, making the date August 7, 2007. This season lasted 6 weeks, ending on September 18. The "Celebrity Manhunt" segment took place on February 18, 2008 (intended to be exactly 4 months after the season's end).

    World Tour started immediately afterwards, on February 19. This season wasn't given an of…

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  • Ruebenn

    Sky is NOT Zoey 2.0

    August 15, 2014 by Ruebenn

    There are people on the wiki still comparing Sky to Zoey.

    Like, wtf. They’re the OPPOSITES. Sky is almost a mockery of Zoey.

    Sky is hit on by a guy. Sky turns him down and focuses on the game and occasionally thinks of that boy.

    Zoey is hit on by a guy. Her whole world revolves around him and she rarely thinks of anything that ISN’T that boy.

    Sky is justified for her athleticism. Regardless, Sky still slips up and isn’t perfect. Sky ends up humiliating herself very often. She’s played for laughs at times.

    Zoey has no justification for her athleticism. In fact, she HATES jocks and somehow pulls a plethora of acrobatic miracles out of her ass. Zoey is supposedly perfect and rarely slips up in a way that TRULY humiliates herself. Zoey is never the…

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