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    Character Choice Awards

    October 28, 2013 by TDFan4Ever


    This is my 1st blog post, so I decided I would make a little game

    I will have all the total drama contestants listed, and your vote your least favorite, every week, someone will be eliminated

    If there is a tie, I will pick my least favorite of the tied contestants

    Chris: And welcome our contestants... Owen! Gwen! Heather! Duncan! Leshawna! Geoff! Izzy! DJ! Lindsay! Bridgette! Harold! Courtney! Sadie! Katie! Tyler! Beth! Cody! Justin! Noah! Ezekiel! Eva! Trent! Alejandro! Sierra! Blainley! Staci! Dakota! B! Dawn! Anne Maria! Brick! Mike! Sam! Zoey! Jo! Lightning! Cameron! And Scott!

    Just vote for your least favorite in the comments!

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