Obviously, we all know how the Ridonculous Race turned out. The Surfers and the Police Cadets are the finalists with Leonard and his partner the first ones out. However, a question I had is how each teams were ranked based on their overall performances for each leg.

To solve this, I will use a point system. Now, doing a point system like 20 for first place won't work since the number of teams dwindles a lot. So to solve this, the point system that I designed for this won't include a set number. Instead, the number varies based on how many teams are left. For example, if a team arrived at the Chill Zone first, they will get the number of points as the number of teams competing in that episode. For example, in episode 2, the Best Friends will get 18 points and the LARPERs get one point. And because Leonard and Tammy got eliminated in that episode, their points remain as it stands.

For the math wizards out there, that would mean that a team could achieve 225 points at most.

For the finale, I will not count the final chill zone. Instead, the final chill zone for this will be the second-to-last. (The one where the Ice Dancers got eliminated at.) Their points will stop once the team has been eliminated.

So without further ado, lets rank these teams!

Team Photo Team Name Points Overall Placement
LARPers 1 18th
Vegans 15 17th
Tennis Pros 16 16th
Geniuses 22 15th
Mother and Daughter 49 14th
Fashion Bloggers 53 13th
Rockers 55 12th
Adversity Twins 57 11th
Step brothers version
Step Brothers 93 10th
Father and Son 99 9th
Reality TV Pros 108 8th
Goths 120 7th
Sisters 137 6th
Devin&Carrie (RR)
Best Friends 138 5th
Surfer Bros 146 4th
Daters 149 3rd
Police Cadets 157 2nd
Josee&Jacques (RR)
Ice Dancers 178 1st

Obviously, it should be no surprise that a few team's placements are accurate, such as the Ice Dancers and the Police Cadets. Others, like the Daters, were more surprising. You would think that either the Best Friends or the Sisters would beat the Daters in points, but no.