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Hello guys i'm back with more leaks. So last time I told you guys the episode names and showed you the team logos. Now you get to learn a little about the characters. Some of the characters have little information just because I removed the big spoilers


The super strong farm boy. At first glance he seems tough because he's so big and strong, but in reality he's very sweet and gentle. Rodney grew up with his dad and 7 brothers on a farm. As a result he's painfully shy around girls, but poetic and eloquent when he's alon in the confessional. We later discover his eloquence stems from extensive reading of romance novels. He's a serial monogamist and falls hard for any girl who's sweet to him, and as soon as another girl is sweet to him he falls for her and the feels like he has to "break up" with the first girl. Since he babble incoherantly whenever he talks to girls none of them ever understand they were ever in a relationship or that they're being dumped.


The super sweet athletic girl. Sky may be tiny but she's got a huge heart, a megawatt smile and stunning athletic skills. She has Olympic dreams and believes strongly in teamwork and sportsman-like behavior. Her sense of right and wrong is very black and white


The Gleek/Disney escapee Ella is super sunny, entusiastic and naïve. Sometimes her feelings become too much to express and it just HAS to come out in song! She loved TDWT even though Chris insists this season does not have a musical element, Ella still randomly bursts into song anyway. Unfortunately is often to her team's detriment since she pauses to sing at inopportune times. Enthusiastic on the sidelines... distractingly enthusiastic! When she sings bird will often join in and she often wakes up covered in adorable baby deer and rabbits.


A wannabe pageant Queen with a heart of gold. Sugar hails from a farm outside of Lloydminster, Alberta. Or Saskatchewan. "You can see either cause it's a provincial border town!" A sweet and seriously cute dumbbell who signes up because she thought Total Drama was a pageant, and it takes her several episodes to realize it isn't - "When's the talent portion?" When she hits the dock in her bathing suit, she struts like she's on a runway for the swimsuit portion of a pageant. She speechifies like a pageant competitor, repeating every question she's asked before launching into her answers with pageant-isms like "I personally believe..." She has an intense regimen for always looking gorgeous, goes to sleep in curlers - but eventually it all falls apart and she reverts to her true self, and only makes half attempts to clean up for the on-camera portions of the show. She's a little big-boned and isn't shy about loudly sharing her opinions and bizarre family expressions.


The paranoid doomsayer. Shawn isn't one of those crazy guys that believe the Zombie apocalypse will come, he believes its already here! He came to Total Drama because he thought an isolated island would drastically lower the chances of mass Zombie attack. He drinks coffee 24/7 to stay alert and warns his team of the impending attack. "Any second now. Look alert! Is that you being alert? Cause you're looking like zombie snack to me." At the first hint of danger he abandons his team to hide, terrified. If he wins the money he's going to build a Zombie-proof shelter. He's addicted to horror movies & horror video games and is obsessed with many known conspiracy theories and keeps coming up with crazier and crazier theories of his own.


The Australlian Outback girl. Jasmine is a born survivalist who can make even the oddest scraps useful, can find water in unlikely places, and make shelter at a moments notice. If you're on her team, you WILL live through the night! She tells it like it is and has no problem giving orders, although her outback lingo often cause much confusion. She is intimidating due to her lack of social grace and blutness but is actually quite sweet and loyal.

Amy and Samey

The cheerleader twins. They frequently bicker, which sometimes turns into slap fights.


(aka Mini-Chris.) The junior sadist Topher is enamored with Chris and is overly complimentary of his hosting skills. Topher begins offering suggestions on how to make the challenges extra painful "You know what would make an excellent TWIST for this one?" (his teammates hate him but Chris takes a shine to him.) It all changes when Topher starts to dress like Chris take over Chris' hosting duties every chance he gets. Chris starts to worry that Topher is angling to be his replactement, and that the network might be looking for a new younger version of Chris, so Chris starts acting young to prove he doensn't need to be replaced


("it's pronounced Bee-air-dough!") The deejay prankster Beardo is a groovy, funky, funny guy with a HUGE afro and a shaggy beard, even at his age. Whenever he talks there's a funky beat... that he generates himself with his sweet beat box skills. He often talks in street savvy spoken rap. Mimes scratching on a turntable as he makes scratching sounds. Also has a talent for throwing his voice and making sound effects, which plays into his pranks.


The misfit Emo wannabe Super-villain. He so wants to be a villain. Darkly sarcastic and contrary; hates whatever others love. He desperately tries to be bad but is just horribly bad at BEING bad. He's psychic but he can only see 3 seconds into the future. If something comes flying at him, he can always dodge in time, but he has a much harder time warning his teammates because by the time he finishes warning them somethings coming, it's already too late -- "My senses are telling me you're about to get <SLAM> - oh, never mind..." He works hard to sound like a super-villain and often practices his evil laugh and catchphrases in the confessional.


The nice and normal guy. He's a nice and normal and straight forward guy without even a whisper of crazy. Wait, do you consider hypochondriacs and germaphobes crazy? Oh. Then maybe he's a little crazy. Dave can be kind of uptight, and tends to over think things which makes him a bit of a burden during physical challenges but he learns to loosen up episode by episode. He gets credit for being a "total wild man" just because he so occasionally tosses out a sarcastic/offhand comment that turns out to be a so-crazy-it-works solution to whatever problem his team is currently facing.


The LARPER (Live Action Role Player) Super earnest nerd with a vivid imagination who runs around in a wizard outfit and throw imaginary lightning bolts at his enemies "Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!" He's constantly rolling his special D&D-esque to determine what his team should do next and even when he has to make the simplest of decisions like what to eat - (rolls) "Four? Oh well, no pancakes for me.."


The nerd. She's nerdy, polite and super smart.

So guys, which ones your favorite?

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