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    Hello everybody! Today I am going to start my shipping opinions blog. I will probably get a lot of hate but hey, as long as it's my opinion, I can share it. Every single ship will be here OVER TIME. I had this problem with my old shipping opinions blog where everyone said to add couples and I kept saying it was a work in progress. So with that said, here we go, and note that some of these might be controversial so don't yell at me in the comments.

    0/0: Despise

    1/10: hate

    2/10-3/10: dislike

    4/10: Meh

    5/10: Almost ship it

    6/10: I ship it

    7/10-8/10: Really like the ship

    9/10: love

    10/10: One of my OTP's

    I have to say I used to be the biggest Duncney fan. It was my favorite ship back in 2017, and it brings back good memories of when I first got into the…

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  • TDZekiel


    June 10, 2019 by TDZekiel

    This is an update on how i would have wanted each season of TD to go:

    22: Justin

    21: Eva

    20: Noah

    19: Ezekiel

    18: Katie

    17: Izzy

    16: Trent

    15: Tyler

    14: Sadie

    13: Harold

    12(Merge): Cody

    11: Bridgette

    10: Courtney

    9: Lindsay

    8: DJ

    7: Beth

    6: Owen

    5: Leshawna: In camp castaways

    4: Duncan

    3: Heather

    2: Geoff

    Winner: Gwen!

    15/14th: Geoff and Bridgette

    13th: Trent

    12th: Gwen

    11th: DJ

    10th: Izzy

    9th: Leshawna

    8th(Merge): Heather

    7th: Justin

    {Owen Returns}

    6th: Beth

    5th: Owen

    4th: Harold

    3rd: Courtney

    2nd: Duncan

    Winner: Lindsay!

    17th: Alejandro

    16th: Duncan

    15th: Leshawna

    (to be continued)

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  • TDZekiel

    If you saw my previous blog you know that I despise this season, at least parts of it. It ruined characters and overall felt depressing in the second half. So this is how I would write Total Drama World Tour, so it will probably be a lot different from the actual season. 

    Note: In this universe, canon TDI and TDA have happened, so keep that in mind.

    Note: Gwen doesn't like Duncan romantically so things of this don't appear in Celebrity Manhunt and TDWT.

    Cast: The only thing I would change about the cast is adding Eva because she needs more development.

    Events: The season isn't a musical like in the show, but Chris wants a promotional song to get ratings, so come fly with us is the only song in the series. Eva goes with Izzy, Owen and Noah thro…

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  • TDZekiel

    This is my new Total Drama series, everything wrong with series! Starting with Total Drama World Tour. While commonly agreed to be the second best season, I personally think it is the third or fourth best. This season was really a gem, with problems, but a gem nethertheless. But when Duncan returned, the plots got horrible, characters got ruined, and the whole rest of the season felt depressing in a way. The thing is, the first two seasons despite some bad decisions were great in the end, even though Beth won in my country on netflix ):( But TDWT in my opinion ruined the show, and Total Drama started going downhill from there, minus revenge of the island, hat was great :D So, here are the problems with Total Drama World tour and how I woul…

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  • TDZekiel

    Hi! TDZekiel here! A while ago I did a blog about my opinions on the characters. Well, some things have changed and it's time for me to show you all my opinions. I will do the first generation, then possibly the second generation, and there's a slight chance I will do the third. So, here we go.

    Trent is by far my least favorite of the original cast. When I started watching TDI, my first reaction to him was that he was moving in on Gwen. Overtime, I viewed him as a cliche who expected everyone to love him and expected Gwen to love him. I was actually glad he got eliminated. But in TDA, my hate for Trent grew even more. Trent was obsessed with Gwen, cocky, full of himself, and especially in episode 3, a big jerk. I never really liked Gwent, e…

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