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    edit: i did this blog, but then it was trash, so I decided on an improved elimination order and cast. Eva and Beth are included in this cast.

    Note: I decided to change some of the order that the contestants make it out of the pyramid, so that the teams flow better,and they are customized to my liking.

    Teams:DJ, Harold, Leshawna, Lindsay, Bridgette, And Beth make it first, so they are on team victory. Alejandro, Tyler, Noah, Owen, Eva, and Sierra on team chris. And then Heather, Gwen, Courtney, Cody, Zeke, and Izzy are on Team Amazon.

    Song: Come fly with us.

    Eliminated: Duncan

    Reason: Duncan was tired, angry, and did not like singing, so when Chris told him he had to sing, he quit because of it(Duncan would have been on team amazon)

    Note: Team Vi…

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  • TDZekiel

    Notes: I decided to include no-one but the original TDA cast, and not courtney. She is not and will not ever be here. Nothing really changed from canon, but when geoff and bridgette tell the audience they are going to "get back into the game", they actually do.

    Eliminated: No one

    Notes: Geoff & Bridgette have real relationship and there is no making out, otherwise, no changes

    Eliminated: Justin & Beth

    Reason: Justin & Beth annoyed the rest of the cast. Izzy told everyone about Justin's manipulation techniques, and Heather convinced everyone except Lindsay that beth was useless in challenges to save her own skin, so Justin and Beth got the boot.

    Notes: Bridgette and Geoff are both on the grips. And Gwen breaks up with Trent due to his idiotic at…

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  • TDZekiel

    Though it is my second favorite season next to TDI, there are some big problems. And I mean BIG. The cast was good, but the plots were as weak as water and some of the characters were just floaters, especially one delinquent. So here is everything wrong with this season and how I would change it.

    Small Note: Please read and comment on my prequel to this that focuses on TDWT:

    Probably the biggest problem in the season, Courtney was derailed and turned into a whiny selfish 5 year old with the social skills of a rabid dog. She was so whiny, mean, cruel, and returned out of nowhere. I think this was a device in order to make Gwunc…

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  • TDZekiel

    In fact, it is absolutely terrible. The second half of the season is really depressing and many of the plots and eliminations were horrible. This season derailed several good characters and overall was probably the beginnig of Total Drama's Decline. Here are the problems with the season and how I would fix them.


    I love the idea of traveling around the world, but did they have to make the characters sing? Most of you will probably like the singing and defend it in the comments, but for me, I skip over the songs because they are so cringy. Half the time they are pointless badly written songs just to keep with the consistency of the show. Total Drama should not have…

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  • TDZekiel

    OK, this was horrible. Why did the creators even think it would be a good idea. First of all, it Absolutely Destroys Geoff And Bridgette as characters and dents their relationship so hard that it is a permanent scar on the franchise. It was unnecessary time we could have been seeing the competition and rooting for our favorite characters. It also demoralized Blainley and was poorly written, especially the first two aftermaths ever. In Trent's descent, everyone sympathizes for Trent and gushes over him when he doesn't deserve it, and in For-Gwen and Forgot, everyone suddenly hates Gwen for being FORCED into a deal with the Grips and broke up with Trent in a FAIR AND REASONABLE WAY. The only ones I actually enjoyed were Revenge of the teleth…

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