Also, this blog is a work in progress. It's not finished yet. It may not be finished for a while because of all the ships out there. My opinions change sometimes too, so dont be suprised if i suddenly hate a ship I used to like.

Duncan x Courtney


I love this couple. These two go so well together. There is some sort of energy in basic staringing that really makes them such a good pairing, infact, throughout the season, the show builds up the relationship gradually. This pairing started out good but ended in a bad way. Courtney constantly abused Duncan, telling him he needs to be the perfect boyfriend, or yelling at him for doing nothing that would deserve a kick in the groin. Then in TDWT, Duncan cheated on her because he couldn't take the abuse, and was starting to like someone else, and hurt courntey so bad she wanted to lose a challenge just to send gwen home! This couple is amazing, but unfortunately, it is not likely these two will ever get back together. Courtney shouldn't forgive Duncan for cheating, because it Duncan who should make the first move and APOLOGIZE already. I wish these two would get back together, because they are a great couple and soulmates. 

Gwen x Trent


This couple has never been one of my loved ships, but it is still an OK ship. Gwen and Trent started out a decent ship. They formed trust, bonded, and loved each other for who they were. I still dont like the ship, but It's not a bad one either. But in season 2, things got crazy. Trent was willing to cheat in order to impress Gwen, he became obsessed with her, even wanting to brand a G on his chest. Then, they broke up. I think there is a chance they could get back together since they still are friends even after all that happened. Although it's not on my list for things to happen in TD, I am OK witht his ship.

Lindsay x Tyler


I totally adore this couple. I like both characters, both characters are funny, and the ship is just amazing. Their relationship was so funny and I wish we could see more. There is also the fact that they broke up. This is sad news and very stupid in my opinion. The creators don't even know how to come up with good plots anymore.

Cody x Gwen


This is a very unpopular opinion I'm sure, but I would love seeing Gwen and Cody as a couple. Since I first watched it I always wished that Gwen would like Cody too. I actually like this couple better than Gwent. I feel Cody's awkwardness and geekiness would complement Gwen's attitude so well. I never know why I ship these two, I just do.

Gwen x Duncan


I hated how they got together. Duncan cheated to get with Gwen when he could have just broken up with Courtney. I also hate them in TDAS. Suddenly Gwen isn't interested in Duncan and Duncan although he likes Gwen, he hasn't moved on from Courtney yet. TDAS was a mess and broke them up for no justifiable reason, though I didnt want them together in the first place. The cheating and the disaster that was their break-up. The thing is that Gwuncan hurt courntey so much to the point where HEATHER is the only one there for her and when you can literally see her torn up inside, it's just really painful to watch. Cheating on courntey not a excellent way to get back on her, you ahve to admit even if you depsise courtney that it was wrong to cheat on her. I despise this ship due to it being hurtful, cruel, and really boring. They even broke up duncney and gwent just to apeal to the popular crowd! I hope they do not o this with Dott, because it will be the same kind of failure and conveiniently courntey will be hurt again. This ship was a horrible idea to make canon and was glad it broke up and dissolved nto nothing!

Sierra x Cody

Easter island sierra sees cody

I love this ship, even though it has many problems. Sierra is Cody's motivation, she is devoted to him and he views her as a valuable friend. But Cod likes Gwen, no Sierra, an Sierra is obsessed. She is so obsessed that she "marries" them. Cody clearly doesn't like Sierra's kisses either. He is disgusted by them. But now, they are best friends, which is where they need to stay, unless Cody's crush on Gwen and Sierra's extreme obsession with Cody goes away.

Scott x Courtney


I for one like this couple. They are just so funny together and are adorable! There is so much unnesacary dislike towards this ship it creases me. It isnt duncney, but it isnt horrible because it's not! I enjoyed when they interacted. It's a shame they broke up because of Mike and Cameron.

Mike x Zoey

Mike and Zoey (1)

I hate these two! They are 100% perfect in everyway and that is just so horrible. Their relationship was fine in TDRI, but in TDAS it was so overrated and unnecasarily shoved into your face. TDAS was basically mike and zoey the season. I could rant a long time about them, but overall, i despise this ship and the characters as well.

Carrie x Devin

Carrie and devin get married

I despise this couple. This was a pointless plot that had me screaming in anticipation wondering when devin will actually tell carrie. I even banged my fists on the table one time i was mad about that. I didnt want them to get together, i just wanted it to be over so they didnt suffer anymore. And when they did get together, i was like "finally!", but now that i rewatched it, it was bland and dry. Devin is total garbage and carrie isnt very far behind. I dont understand how everyone loves these two when their plot was horrid. I dont see why these two are special.

Geoff and Bridgette


Geoff and Bridgette stands as one of the only lasting couples of Total Drama Island. I like them together, especially in TDI. But in TDA, Geoff became a carbon chris, and they fought and made up 24/7. In addition to this, Bridgette cheated on Geoff and forgot about him because of Alejandro in TDWT. And Geoff just forgave a cheater? Why!? Anyway, i still ship Geoff x Bridgette, even when many think it's annoying, I like it.

Gwen and Courtney


I love both of these characters and I love their friendship. I am tired of duncan, so why cant these too get together? Both of their personalities compliment each other so well and their friendship is adorable. And it's not nearly as abusive or argumentative as scottney or duncney. I know courtney lied to gwen, but she wasn't pretending to be gwen's friend, and people make mistakes. I wish these two characters would work out their problems like normal people do as opposed to them not being friends ever again.

Harold And Leshawna


This relationship is so awesome! Harold's crush on leshawna is adorable, and their interactions are fun to watch. Leshawna dumped harold for no reason and they should get back together. I feel that they got back together after Hawaiian style because of the exclusive clip, but I wish we would officially know.

Noah x Cody


NO! Just NO! Why is this ship so popular! They dont really know eachother and the ship came from one little moment in the 3rd episode of TDI and suddenly everyone ships it. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I dont mind if two guys get together in real life, I don't hate on them, but I do hate on total drama guy ships. They just don't appeal to me. My main beef with his ship is the fact it is SO darn popular, and that they dont even know eachother that well. Besides, they are not eahcothers type and I really don't like guy ships in total drama. 

Scott X Dawn


They are so cute together! JUST KIDDING. I DESPISE this ship with a BURNING PASSION of a thousand suns! First of all, they hate each other! Dawn literally wants him off the Island. They do not like each other! Second, I ate that it is so popular! Why does everybody love this ship! They are not a thing! Seriously, there is more Dott fanart than fanart of many many characters! I don't understand how this ship is appealing and the fact that it appears so much in fanart is so annoying!