Wake Up is the twenty-fourth song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in African Lying Safari, by Heather, Sierra, Alejandro, and Duncan while they are trying to wake up their tranquilized body parts after accidentally tranquilizing each other during the second challenge. As Alejandro mocks Heather, Duncan sings about the events leading up to the song. Meanwhile, Sierra wonders where Cody is, and Heather sings about how she is going to win the challenge.


Heather: Well, it's a beautiful day on the Serengeti. The perfect time to snag a pup.
I'll find Zeke and win this dumb game, as soon as my leg wakes up. Ah!
Alejandro: Going alone just makes you look sad and pathetic. Plus, you'll die without a trace.
Heather: Hey!
Duncan: We teamed up and almost had a Zeke. I could see the zits right on his face. Really! We were that close!
Heather: "Almost" gets you nowhere around here. You're a loser duo, and that's all.
Alejandro: "Loser" is what the lion called you, when you couldn't find your balls. Tranq balls, that is. I wonder where they went?
Sierra: I better sing or I get kicked out. (faints) I got something I want to say. Cody? Cody? Cody? I ca- I can't feel my face. Where'd you put it? Cody?! Cody?! Co... (faints)
Heather: Well, it's a beautiful day on the Serengeti. The perfect time to snag a pup.
I'll find Zeke and win this dumb game, as soon as my leg wakes up.
My leg.
Alejandro: My hand. (gets punched by Duncan)
Duncan: My arm.
Sierra: Ugh, my face.
Alejandro, Duncan, Heather and Sierra: Wake uuuuuuu-uh-uh-uup!
Wake uuuuuuuuuuuuup!



  • This is the sixteenth song overall where Cody doesn't sing despite still competing. This time, however, he is unable to sing due to not being with the others.
  • The melody from this song can be heard as Chris introduces Tanzania in the beginning of the episode.
  • This is the third song to mention that those who do not sing will get kicked out. The first is Come Fly With Us and the second is Sea Shanty Mix.
  • This is the last non-Aftermath song which is not started by Alejandro.
  • This is the second song where each contestant singing also has a speaking part, the first being Oh My Izzy.


  • The background music to Wake Up sounds similar to Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al. The song is linked to Wake Up as Graceland, the album it appeared on, and was inspired by South African township music. It also has a similar beat and tune to Shakira's Waka Waka (This Time For Africa). Coincidentally, Shakira's song was about Africa, as this episode took place in Africa, along with the Serengeti being referenced by Heather.


  • Alejandro uses his hands to pull himself to Heather and put his hand above his head, but later reveals that his hand hasn't woken up.
  • When Heather sings "I'll find Zeke and win this dumb game" for the second time, her top is longer than normal.


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