The Waneyihtam Maskwak is one of two opposing teams in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. The team logo is a pink bear with a question mark above its head and a pink background.


TDPI Max.png
Note: During the elimination ceremony in This Is The Pits!, Chris decides to split up Max and Scarlett from the Pimâpotew Kinosewak, and Dave and Sky from the Waneyihtam Maskwak, sending Max and Sky to opposite teams.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Team Maskwak's wizard tower.

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Beardo, Dave, Ella, Leonard, Shawn, Sky, and Sugar are placed on team Waneyihtam Maskwak, as they were the seven contestants who didn't have working parachutes from the crates on the zeppelin. In their first challenge, they are required to build their team a shelter. Dave begins to complain about how strange some of his teammates are during the challenge, as they are unable to get the necessary supplies. Leonard suggests they build a wizard tower for their sleeping area, to which Beardo, Ella, and Sugar enthusiastically agree to. Later, a herd of moose run through their building area and completely destroy the tower, costing them the challenge. At the first elimination ceremony of the season, Beardo is voted off and eliminated through the Cannon of Shame due to his team finding his constant sound effects annoying and unnecessary.

Dave hesitantly joins in with Waneyihtam Maskwak's team spirit.

In I Love You, Grease Pig!, due to their tower being destroyed, Shawn finds them a cave to sleep in, though he personally chooses to instead sleep in a tree. Tension rises in the team as Dave becomes more annoyed with Leonard's wizard antics, while Sugar and Ella enjoy them. During the challenge, the team is divided on who should take which course but quickly comes to the decision that Sky should start the course, and Leonard, as demanded by Sugar, shall finish it. The challenge begins and Sky quickly gets her pig across the greased log, passing it to Shawn. Shawn puts the pig on his shoulders as he runs to the zip-line. However, the pig bites his head, causing him to panic over zombies, and he falls off the cliff as the pig slides down on top of the zip-line. The pig lands on Sugar, who becomes infatuated with it, and she easily goes through the grease-filled tube. Once out, she initially refuses to give the pig to Ella, but Ella sings it a song and it runs out of Sugar's arms, angering her. Ella sings and dances across her obstacle with the pig, resulting in an annoyed Chris blowing his horn into the intercom, scaring the pig. Ella eventually recovers it and gives it to Dave, who reluctantly starts his leg of the course. As he wheelbarrows the pig down a grease-filled path, Dave becomes more and more panicked by the grease but is calmed down by Sky. On the last leg, Leonard attempts to levitate the pig up the greased wall climb with his "magic powers." This fails, angering his team, and they once again lose the challenge. That night, Leonard is eliminated for costing his team the challenge and generally being a nuisance.

Ella regularly annoys her team with her singing.

In Twinning Isn't Everything, Shawn and Sky gather food, which Ella attempts to thank them through a song before they convince her to sing to the other team. During the challenge, Dave and Sky run into each other, and as Dave tries to flirt with her, they are ambushed by Max and Scarlett. Sky's balloons are popped, releasing a swarm of bees on her, and she runs off as Dave runs after her. She is seen upset at Dave and attempts to divert him by telling him to tell the others that the other team is popping everyone's balloons. Meanwhile, Sugar finds Ella, much to her dismay, and Ella attempts to befriend her. When she begins to sing, they are caught by Jasmine, and Sugar attempts to tell Chris on her, which backfires. Dave and Shawn get the most hits in for their team, taking out two people each until Dave is taken out by Amy and Samey. Shawn becomes the last man standing, giving the team their first win.

Waneyihtam Maskwak getting shocked.

In I Love You, I Love You Knots, when being called to the challenge, the team faces tension when Ella attempts to save Sugar a seat next to her, but Sugar sees this as a ploy take away her camera time, knocking her to the ground. During the challenge, Sky is the first one on her team to participate when she is given a scare challenge. Her challenge is to drink an entire jug of mineral water under thirty seconds. She believes the challenge to be easy. However, she is only able to take small sips at a time, disappointing the team. With fifteen seconds left, Sky states that this is as fast as she can go, so Shawn grabs the jug from Sky and vigorously shakes it around. This confuses Sky as Shawn then sprays the water into her mouth and earning the team a point as Shawn deems the technique "Thirst Thrashing".

Soon after, Dave is selected, and he is also told to do a scare. His scare is to kiss a person next to him. Shawn, who is sitting on one side of him, hears this and immediately runs off when Dave looks his way. Dave then looks at Sky and awkwardly tries to hide his excitement for having to kiss her. Sky blushes and happily agrees, but as they are about to kiss Sky's stomach begins to growl from the mineral water, and she burps in Dave's face. As their lips never actually touched, do not earn the point and are shocked by their collars. Shawn is up next to do a scare and has to pick his nose and wipe it on the person next to him. As he is sitting on the edge, Dave is the only choice. He looks at Dave, causing him to run, but Shawn follows and blows his snot onto him. However, he gets his whole team in the process, and as he technically didn't pick his nose, they do not earn the point. Next, it is Ella's turn, and she is given a truth. Her truth asks if she can change something about herself, what would it be. She states she would change whatever was stopping her and Sugar from becoming friends, and Sugar becomes furious at her as the way she worded her answer was similar to "pageant talk." The teams enter lightning round and are tied at three to three, so for the final tie-breaking round, one member from each team has to untie a bag holding the other team's shock remote. Ella is chosen for the Waneyihtam Maskwak while Rodney is chosen for the Pimâpotew Kinosewak. While Rodney struggles to open his bag, Ella gets hers open with no problem but is hesitant to press the remote's button and shock the other team. Clucky the chicken, angered by Rodney's earlier mocking, takes the button away from Ella and begins to repeatedly shock Team Kinosewak, so Team Maskwak wins the challenge.

Dave scores a point for the team.

At the beginning of A Blast from the Past, Shawn, who is contemplating his relationship with Jasmine, witnesses a seaweed-covered creature walking around the island in the middle of the night. Fearing that it is a zombie, he runs away and is not present the next morning when the teams gather for the next challenge. With Shawn missing, Chris warns the team that if he does not show up, not only will he be eliminated, but they will also lose the challenge and have to eliminate another player from their team. The team competes to get their duelling sticks in the order of Dave, Sugar, Ella, and Sky. When Sugar goes up, Chris introduces Scuba Bear as an obstacle that knocks her into the water. When it's Ella's turn, she goes against Max, who with the help of Scarlett, electrocutes Ella with an electric eel, much to Sugar's enjoyment. Sky is infuriated by this and when she goes up against Scarlett, she angrily swings at her, but she misses when Scarlett ducks, which causes Sky to fall into the water. Soon, Shawn is found by Chef and is brought to the challenge, where they need only two sticks to win. His team wonders where he has been, and he frantically checks them for zombie bites. Dave uses Shawn's fear to his advantage and tells him he needs to grab a duelling stick and fight off the other team's "zombies". Shawn does so against Jasmine and aggressively knocks her off the dock, angering her and confusing Shawn when he realizes she is not a zombie. With only one stick left for both teams, Sugar goes up against Samey, but when Amy makes a shocking return to the island and attacks her sister, Sugar manages to complete the final X and win the challenge for her team.

Waneyihtam Maskwak experiences some problems during the challenge.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, the team becomes lovestruck as Sky talks to Sugar about Ella's attraction to Dave while Dave sets up a picnic for Sky. Ella finds this picnic and assumes that it is for her, but is heartbroken when he reveals it to be for Sky. For the challenge, the team must track down their monkey and get its gold coin. When they find the monkey, it eats the coin and is later eaten by a bear. As Maskwak tries to find a way to retrieve the monkey and coin, Dave gets himself caught in a headlock after the bear gains a kind of affection for him. Desperate to save Dave, the team realizes that Ella can sing to the bear and sedate it. Ella is hesitant at first, as she has been barred from singing by Chris, with the threat of disqualification. Eventually, after much coaxing from Sugar, Ella sings to the bear, rescuing Dave, and the team brings the bear to Chris. Once there, Sugar aggressively makes the bear spit out the monkey using the Heimlich manoeuvre, and then violently retrieves the coin from the monkey's mouth. As Jasmine nears the vending machine with her team's coin, Sugar flips here coin and it flies into the slot, winning the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Team Maskwak is called to attend, and despite Max being eliminated, Chris announces that Ella is the one that will be going home. He states that he received an anonymous note, later revealed to be from Sugar, telling him of Ella's singing. Ella takes her elimination in stride and sings one final musical number, telling everyone about her time on the show and how much she will miss them before being fired from the cannon.

The Team realizes they escaped from the caves through the bathroom.

In This Is The Pits!, Sky dreams about Dave in their cave. Sugar is upset at their budding relationship, so she proposes an alliance to Shawn, only for him to say no. Unlike Team Kinosewak, Team Maskwak manages to stay together during the cave-in, although there is tension between the team members, as Sugar tries to keep Sky and Dave apart. They navigate their way through the cave and find an exit, courtesy of Sugar, which they later find out is the toilet in the outhouse. At the elimination ceremony, Sky is switched from Team Maskwak and replaced with Max.

Team Maskwak using Dave as a sled.

In Three Zones and A Baby, the team is slightly weighed down by Dave, who is depressed due to Sky's absence. Shawn strives to cheer him up, and eventually succeeds, with Dave gaining a new outlook on his situation with Sky. Meanwhile, Max shows he has a soft spot for children, much to the amusement of Sugar. Topher inadvertently triggers an avalanche that buries Team Kinosewak, allowing Team Maskwak to win the challenge.

In Hurl and Go Seek, Chris announces the merge, officially breaking up Team Maskwak, and thus Dave, Max, Shawn, and Sugar progress to the merge.


Contestant Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
TDPI Beardo.png
The Human Soundboard
14th 7th So, Uh This Is My Team? His unique ability to mimic any sound annoyed his team too much, and he barely helped at all during the challenge.
TDPI Leonard.png
The LARPer
13th 6th I Love You, Grease Pig! His attempts to use "magic" cost his team two consecutive challenges
TDPI Ella.png
The Fairytale Princess
9th 5th Mo Monkey Mo Problems She was warned she would be disqualified if she sang, but she did so to tame the bear for the team and save Dave's life. The team said they wouldn't tell, but Sugar wrote an anonymous note telling Chris about it.
TDPI Dave.png
The Normal Guy
7th 4th Hurl and Go Seek After Sky rejected him, Dave became depressed, campaigned to have himself eliminated instead of Sky, and cast the decisive vote against himself.
TDPI Max.png
The Super Villain
5th 3rd Scarlett Fever After the psychotic Scarlett was eliminated, Max gloated about how he was the only true evil left on the island. Fed up with "evil" contestants, Chris disqualified him as well.
TDPI Sugar.png
The Pageant Queen
3rd 2nd Pahk'd With Talent After the game was tied, Sugar's "craptry" performance in her own talent show challenge was so terrible to the point that Chris eliminated her on the spot.
TDPI Sky.png
The Athlete
Switched to Pimâpotew Kinosewak Lies, Cries and One Big Prize Sky crossed the finish line in the time limit while Shawn did not, which made her the winner. Runner-up in Shawn's ending.
TDPI Shawn.png
The Zombie Conspiracy Nut
1st/2nd 1st Lies, Cries and One Big Prize Shawn crossed the finish line in the time limit while Sky did not, which made him the winner. Runner-up in Sky's ending.


  • This is one of three red-colored teams to be the "superior" team, the others being the Mutant Maggots and Villainous Vultures.
  • This is the first "superior" team to not win the first challenge of the season.
  • This team is tied with the Mutant Maggots for the record of the lowest amount of losses of any team in the series, with only two (not counting the fact that both teams technically lost in This Is The Pits!).
  • This is one of four teams to lose a member in an episode in which they win the challenge, the others being the Screaming Gaffers, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, and the Mutant Maggots.
  • None of the female members if this team are eliminated via normal voting procedures as Ella is disqualified after breaking Chris' no-singing rule, Sugar scores the lowest points in a challenge, and Sky is a finalist.
  • Along with the Heroic Hamsters and the opposing Pimâpotew Kinosewak, this is one of three teams known to have an in-show alternative name.
    • Chris had originally planned for them to be called the "Ferocious Tigers" until Sky corrected Chef's translation.
  • If Sky's switch in This Is The Pits! is not counted, this is the first team since the Screaming Gophers to contain the final three of the season.
    • Under the same criteria, this is the third team to contain the final two of the season, after the Screaming Gophers and the Heroic Hamsters.


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