The waterfall is a recurring location throughout the franchise. It was either a part of the challenge for the contestants, or a background location. The most notable waterfall is located at Camp Wawanakwa, appearing in four seasons.

Total Drama Island


Leshawna and Heather in the opening sequence, as they fall down the waterfall.

In the intro, Leshawna and Heather are seen slapping each other while sitting in a raft until they fall down the waterfall. Directly in front of the waterfall, Harold is seen practicing some sort of fighting, until Izzy swings on a vine and crashes into him.

The waterfall makes its first episode appearance in The Big Sleep, where Owen is seen floating with the fish at night. He floats from the bottom of the water to the top while sleeping.

In Who Can You Trust?, Gwen and Leshawna land on a waterfall after flying from a rock-slide.

Total Drama Action

In Top Dog, the waterfall appears when Courtney fights the sharks after losing her PDA. Mad by this, Courtney proceeds to jump in the waterfall after the shark does so, holding her PDA.

Total Drama World Tour

Heather falls

Heather jumps from a waterfall in Jamaica Me Sweat.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, the first half of the challenge takes part on a waterfall. One member from each team must dive into the lake from the top of the waterfall and search for Chef's gold karaoke chains, while watching out for electric eels and sharks. Upn surfacing, they must run back up and tag to their respective teammates.

The beginning of Niagara Brawls has contestants falling on some swan boats out of the plane, dangerously trying to escape the waterfall. The waterfall also plays a huge part in the second half of the challenge, where the couples must walk over Niagara Falls, on a tightrope, with the grooms carrying their brides, and for a dangerous twist, Chris added some sharks to the water below the Falls. The challenge starts, and Heather and Alejandro argue over who will be eliminated. After Heather's bickering, Alejandro "accidentally" loses his balance, sending him and Heather falling into the waterfall. After Sierra and Cody are rejected by the Chef, the two then run into Owen and Blaineley on the tightrope. As neither of them wish to move back, they all end up falling into the water after Sierra kicks Owen in the knee and pulls Blaineley's hair extensions for upsetting Cody.After Duncan and Courtney win the challenge, the contestants who had fallen down earlier are seen trying to swim away from the sharks.

In Hawaiian Style, when Bridgette explains the challenge, a waterfall can be seen in the background.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Theme Song (9)

Mike and Zoey over the waterfall in the opening sequence.

In the intro, Mike and Zoey are seen together on a canoe before they fall down the waterfall. Directly in front of the waterfall, Lightning is seen exercising.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, the waterfall appears where both of the teams have to jump over it.

Total Drama All-Stars

In the exclusive clip of The Bold and the Booty-ful, Gwen and Scott ended up at Niagara Falls after taking the Flush of Shame. The clip ends with the two of them falling off the waterfall, seconds after realizing where they are.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Pahkitew Island (2)

The waterfall of Pahkitew Island.

Pahkitew Island also has a waterfall. It can be assumed that the waterfall is artificial, similar to the rest of the island.

In I Love You, Grease Pig!, a waterfall can be seen in the background after the pig reaches the zipline and Shawn jumps in after it.

In A Blast from the Past, a waterfall can be seen in the background when Chef takes Shawn away from the woods.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

In Brazilian Pain Forest, when Mickey and Jay accidentally fall from the vine, a waterfall can be seen in the background.

Don challenge selfie

Don demonstrates the challenge, while taking a selfie.

In My Way or Zimbabwe, the teams must take a raft down the waterfall in Zimbabwe and take a selfie of them and their partners.

Camp TV

During the trailer, the waterfall appears when Duncan and Tyler are seen being happy while high-fiving on a float, proceeding after then to fall, scarily looking into the camera.

On one of the promotional pictures, all of the main contestants are seen on a raft about to fall off the waterfall.

Real waterfalls

During Total Drama World Tour and the spin-off series, a few waterfalls that exist in real life appear as well, those being Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls. Dunn's River Falls are also mentioned in Jamaica Me Sweat, though it is not visited.


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