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"We Built Gwen's Face" is the twentieth song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in "Sweden Sour" by all of the remaining contestants (with the exception of Cody). The lyrics deal with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot bragging that they are going to win the challenge, and the frustration that Team Amazon feels after Cody constructs a giant wooden replica of Gwen's head due to his misery of her elimination, rather than a boat, which Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot had been revealed to have completed right before the song began.


Heather: They're way ahead, so we've got to go!
Courtney: We've got to build something to sail, something we can row-ow!
Sierra: It doesn't have to be a boat!
Courtney and Heather: As long as it stays afloat!
Courtney, Heather and Sierra: Oh, why did we build Gwen's face?
Alejandro and Duncan: It's almost ready, to set sail!
Duncan: Just hammering in the final nail!
Courtney, Heather and Sierra: Ohh, ohh, ohh!
Owen: We really did this fast!
Alejandro and Duncan: Soon we'll be back in first class!
Alejandro, Duncan, and Owen: Because they built Gwen's face!
Courtney, Heather and Sierra: We built Gwen's face!
Alejandro, Duncan, and Owen: We're gonna take first place!
Courtney, Heather and Sierra: Because we built Gwen's face!
Courtney: Aaaa-eee-yeah-eee-yeah!
Courtney and Heather: We built Gwen's face!
Sierra: Eee-yeah-eee-yeah-eee-yeah-eee-yeah!




  • Alejandro is the only contestant who sang and did not have a solo.
  • In some countries, the song is called "Gwen's Face" instead of "We Built Gwen's Face".
  • When downloaded from the website, this song will save itself as "Gwen... Face the Music".
  • Cody was the only contestant who did not wear a different attire or sing in this song. However, he is not eliminated.



  • Owen's bare-open jacket and gold medal is similar to the appearance of Barry Gibb as depicted on the cover of the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever.
  • This song pays homage to Swedish pop group ABBA's 1976 hit single "Dancing Queen," specifically as the song takes place in Sweden.
  • The contestants' attire is a reference to the ABBA-inspired musical Mamma Mia!


  • Owen's navel, Courtney's freckles, and Duncan's nose ring disappear in some parts of the song.
  • Only Courtney and Heather can be heard singing the line "As long as it stays afloat!", but Sierra's mouth also moves to sing the line.


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