What's Not To Love is the sixth song featured in Total Drama World Tour, sung in Broadway, Baby! The contestants race to Central Park in New York City, describing all of New York's best and worst features. The song is sung by most of the contestants left in the game with Courtney, Lindsay, and Owen singing the majority of the song.


Courtney: What's not to love about New York City?
The taxis honk out a New York ditty!
The crime is high!
The pigeons fly!
What's not to love about New York?!?
Owen: The lights are brighter!
The fun is funner!
The bagels are bagel-er,
And the bums are bummer!
The dirt and grime make every alley shine!
What's not to love about New York?!? Oops!
Lindsay: The stores, and the fashion!
Big shows where stars cash in!
It's crazy, 'cause the city never sleeps!
DJ: Dance break!
Lindsay: For the love of dance, stop!!
Courtney, Gwen, Heather and Sierra: Subway trains and the hustle-bustle!
Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Leshawna, Lindsay and Sierra: Cappuccinos while the mobsters tussle!
Owen: And pretzel stands for all us pretzel fans!
Noah: Whoa, hot, hot, hot!
Owen: What's not to love...
Lindsay and Owen: What's not to love...
Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Noah, Owen and Sierra: What's not to love... about New York?!?






  • Courtney's freckles disappear at various points throughout the song.
  • The Cartoon Network downloadable version of this song doesn't include Noah's line.
  • The downloadable version of this song, available on Cartoon Network's website, is not auto-tuned, similar to many of the other songs that were put on the website in the season.


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