Wheel of Misfortune

The Wheel of Misfortune is an item that appears in Total Drama Island and Total Drama All-Stars. It is used for the challenges in No Pain, No Game and Suckers Punched. The wheel has various tasks depending on the image the spinner lands on.

Total Drama Island

The wheel is first used in No Pain, No Game where the contestant must survive at least ten seconds for each event on the wheel. If a contestant fails to complete the challenge landed on, they would be eliminated and forced to remain in colonial-style stocks. If the contestant could complete the challenge, they would pick the next victim and they would move on to the next dare they are chosen for. The last contestant standing wins invincibility and a great prize. Many of these challenges include animals, "spa treatments," and normal personal care chores put to the extreme.

List of known challenges on the Wheel of Misfortune


The Wheel of Misfortune makes its appearance in No Pain, No Game.

  • Barrel of Leeches: The campers will sit in a barrel filled with leeches.
    • Bridgette was originally supposed to do this, but Geoff did this instead for her and lost by only a fraction of a second.
  • Bee Shirt: The campers will wear a shirt composed of live bees.
    • Bridgette did this and won.
  • Electric Zap: The campers will get zapped with two electric eels.
    • Izzy did this twice and won.
  • Ice Cream Brain Freeze: The campers will eat as much ice cream as possible before getting a brain freeze.
    • Owen attempted this, but lost due to a painful brain freeze.
  • Log Roll Showdown: The campers will stand on a log while it is rolled by Molotov.
    • Leshawna did this and won the whole challenge and the trailer.
  • Marshmallow Wax: The campers will receive a waxing with marshmallows.
  • New Age Music Torture: The campers will listen to New Age music for ten seconds.
    • Gwen did this and lost.
  • Nose Hairs: The campers will have their nose hairs yanked out.
    • Gwen did this and won.
  • Poison Ivy Spa Treatment: The campers face will be wrapped with poison ivy.
    • Izzy did this and won, but was eliminated anyway due to challenging herself previously to complete this task.
  • Sasquatchanakwa's Cage: The campers will be placed in a cage with Sasquatchanakwa for ten seconds.
    • Eva did this challenge and won.
  • Skunk Jump: The campers will jump rocks while skunks try to spray the contestant.
    • Trent did this and lost because the skunk sprayed his face.
  • Snake Wrap: The campers will be suffocated lightly by a poisonous snake.
    • DJ did this and lost due to the snake squeezing him too hard.
  • Turtle Puck Shots: The campers will stand in front of a hockey net unprotected while angry snapping turtles are shot at the contestant.
    • Duncan did this and won, but was heavily injured.
  • Wawanakwa Hair Salon: The campers will have their hair cut off with a chainsaw by Chef.
    • Lindsay did this and lost because she was scared of having her hair cut off.
  • Wooden Shorts: The campers will wear shorts made of wood while a woodpecker drills through it.
    • Owen did this and won.

There supposedly was at least six more tortures, as Chris stated that after "twenty rounds of torture" only Leshawna and Eva were left. These six torture challenges most likely happened off-screen.

Total Drama All-Stars

The Wheel of Misfortune makes a return four seasons later in Suckers Punched. This time, the contestants who spin the wheel must face the opponent where ever the wheel stops. However, Chris rigged the wheel to make it stop at the slot where the contestants have trouble facing. Due to helping her team win the previous challenge, Zoey doesn't need to spin the wheel and gains a free point for her team. Ultimately, the Vultures win the challenge with the score of 3-to-2.  

List of challenges on the Wheel of Misfortune

  • Bear: Unused since one of the contestants doesn't need to take part in the challenge while another didn't spin the wheel.
  • Courtney: Gwen was unwilling to fight against Courtney due to their reignited friendship. Chris, however, played a video of all the times Gwen and Duncan kissed to anger Courtney and to get them to battle each other. The two of them continue fighting but reconcile in the end, causing Chris to give them two points for their team, which proved to be enough for the Villainous Vultures to win the challenge.
  • Three-eyed Bluebird: Duncan had to battle the bluebird from the Fun Zone. He forfeited the challenge due to his recent change in personality and his friendship with the bird.
  • Two-headed Rat's Mother: Sierra fought the conjoined rats' mother, but was defeated. The mother angrily took back her babies after the fight.
  • Fang: Scott had to battle Fang, but immediately froze out of fear at the sight of him and was easily defeated.
  • Izzy in a Spider Costume: The challenge was meant for Cameron, but instead, selected by Mike (as Mal). Izzy was able to see Mike and managed to hear him when he warned her about Mal. To make sure his secret wasn't revealed, Mal brutally attacked Izzy and tossed her out of the arena, ruining Mike's chances of being saved.
  • José: Alejandro fought his brother, and successfully defeated him.
  • Mutant Gopher: This challenge was meant for Mike, but instead, Cameron took it on. Initially, Cameron was meant to fight a single mutant gopher, but Chris then sent out another three more after he believed that a single gopher wouldn't be hard. The gophers easily defeat Cameron after a few seconds.




  • Despite the wheel only having eight spaces, there were over fifteen different tortures given to the campers in No Pain, No Game.


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