Who You Gonna Root For? is the twenty-seventh song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in Hawaiian Style. The song was initially meant to be a duet by Bridgette and Geoff, describing the final three contestants, and who everyone on the peanut gallery wants to win the competition. However, Harold and Courtney interrupt them near the end of the song, and sing about their own opinions, with Courtney singing about Gwen and Duncan, and Harold rooting for Cody.


Bridgette and Geoff: Who you gonna root for?
Who's it gonna be?
Is it Heather, Alejandro, or will you pick Cody?
Bridgette: There's Heather, she's an ice queen,
But she's been playin' hard!
Geoff: Too bad, everybody hates her.
She'd have to pay a bodyguard!
Bridgette and Geoff: Who you gonna root for?
Who's it gonna be?
Is it Heather, Alejandro, or will you pick Cody?
Harold: (rapping) Ricki-tick-ity, you're gonna hear it from me!
The only one winning this is C-O-DY!
Pimpin' like a king, sippin' lemonade in the shade!
Kickin' it Hawaiian style, gonna take home the cheddar!
We're gonna be all smiles!
Courtney: Hey! How come he gets to sing?
Geoff: He doesn't! Harold!
Harold: (rapping) Ricki-ticki-ticki-tody, give it up for my man Cody!
Harold's in the house spittin' rhymes like a roadie, a roadie!
Courtney: Gwen's a boyfriend stealer!
Harold: (rapping) Ricki-tick, whoa!
Courtney: Duncan's a dead man!
Harold: (rapping) Ricki-tick, oh, no!
Geoff: Cut! Stop the music!



  • Alejandro is the only one of the final three contestants to not have a verse about him specifically in the song.
  • Every singer in this song was a former member of the Killer Bass.



  • Alejandro is absent in the footage of Sierra kissing Cody in Niagara Brawls, shown behind Harold on the big screen while he is rapping.
  • Courtney's freckles disappear during the song.
  • The footage in which Sierra sucks Cody's thumb to get out the poison from his bug bite in The Am-AH-Zon Race was laterally inverted.


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