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The host prepares a big 100th-episode spectacular, which is ruined when the most humiliated contestant tries to enact his ultimate revenge on him. As the cast attempts to rescue the perilous host, someone discovers the truth of a hidden evil, he tried to warn a nerd about this, but can't do anything about it, while the relationship between two people takes the next step, only to become worse through the crisis. With the other rescuees behind bars, it was up to the remaining survivors to team up and stop the kidnapper, a scaredy-cat manages to win the challenge and save the day, while the sidekick becomes too injured to continue. Moments before his elimination, he finally realizes that his trust in one of his friends is gravely misplaced.


"Anything you can do I can do better, and look better doing it."

- Alejandro

The episode opens up at the McLean Spa Hotel, where Alejandro is relaxing in the hot tub, whilst explaining to a butler about what he plans to do once he wins the million dollars. However, he is interrupted by Chris, who due to losing his 'cottage' in the previous episode, is now staying in the hotel. Chris explains that the destruction of his home made him lose everything; even his swimming trunks. An off-screen nude Chris throws his towel off at Alejandro, causing the latter to leave in disgust. While wandering around the hotel, Alejandro discovers the monitor room. He finds and plays a DVD entitled "Mal's Greatest Hits", showing Mike (as Mal) breaking everyone’s personal belongings, rigging the votes against Cameron at the previous elimination, as well as planting the evidence for this deed under Alejandro's pillow, in an attempt to frame him.

Cameron finds evidence of someone rigging the votes against him under Mike's bed.

Meanwhile, Cameron, Zoey, and Mike (still under the control of Mal) discuss how it is possible that Cameron could have received the majority vote, as they all claimed none of them voted for him. Mal suggests they search the cabin for evidence, intending them to find the photos he planted that would frame Alejandro. While Cameron agrees, Alejandro secretly leaves the cabin, having removed the photos. The three begin to search, but Mal is surprised to not find the photos under the pillows; instead, Cameron finds them on Mike's bed, and angrily accuses him. Alejandro, who is watching everything from the monitors, smiles with satisfaction, and takes the DVD as an "insurance policy". Back in the cabin, Mal tries to ward off suspicion by pointing out that he is the one who initially suggested they search the cabin. However, a confused and flustered Cameron no longer knows who he's able to trust. In a fit of anger he says that he cannot trust anyone and he storms out of the cabins.

TDAS Cameron.png


Chris said the vote was unanimous, but how is that possible?! I didn't vote for me. Someone tampered with the votes. But who? How?! And why?!

Scott nervously declares his affection to Courtney.

The next morning, Chris announces where the next challenge will be held, and tells everyone over the loudspeaker to proceed to the McLean Spa Library. Scott, while leaving the cabin, trips over a hole in the steps, and falls to the ground. While he lies there in pain, Courtney sees him and clears her throat; Scott sniffs his armpit, and says he is making sure he doesn't smell. Courtney laughs nervously, and says they should pretend she just showed up, which Scott agrees to, and belatedly tells her to watch out. Courtney still trips, falls onto Scott, and the two accidentally share a kiss.

TDAS Courtney.png


That was totally an accident. (squeals)

TDAS Scott.png


We kissed! (chuckles) I did stink a little.

Scott then quickly makes a makeshift ring out of his shoelace, and nervously stutters, asking Courtney if she would be his "boyfriend". Despite Scott's awkwardness, Courtney gets the message and agrees.

TDAS Courtney.png


My first ring! I’ll keep it in my pocket. No way his shoelace goes on my finger. Boys pee outside! In the dark!

Everyone gathers in the monitor room for the one hundredth episode of Total Drama.

At the entrance to the hotel, Mal manages to restore Cameron's faith in him, by pretending to defend Cameron. He toys with Cameron's mind by claiming Scott, Courtney, Alejandro, and Gwen were all plotting against him. Cameron, reasons that they were on the Villains team for a reason, and thanks "Mike" for being trustworthy. Mal then suggests that, due to it being the three of them against the former villains, they needed to think of a plan to lure one of them to their side. When everyone gathers at the monitor room with Chef, Cameron is seen showing hostility towards Gwen. Chef then plays a video of Chris with a cake and party hat, celebrating the 100th episode. He announces that he has a special challenge prepared, and begins listing things he hopes "no one is allergic to" that will be included in the challenge. However, Ezekiel is seen crawling up towards Chris. The contestants try to warn Chris, but he scolds them for interrupting him, before Ezekiel captures him in a sack.

Courtney and Scott find an entrance into the mines.

Shocked, Chef spits his coffee on the monitors, causing them to short-circuit. Chef tells everyone that the new challenge is to find Chris and defeat Ezekiel, to which Gwen argues that it is dangerous. Chef warns them that without Chris, there will be no show and thus, no prize money. The contestants agree, but under the condition that: the winner gets permanent residence in the spa hotel until they are voted off, immunity for the next ceremony, and gets to choose who to be exiled to Boney Island. Chef agrees and tells them to get going. Zoey figures that since Ezekiel was living in a mine last season, they should look there. When the contestants reach the mine, the entrance is still sealed up due to the explosion last season. While the contestants try to find an alternative way to enter, Chef returns to the monitor room. Gwen attempts to join Courtney and Scott, but the new couple thinks there is only enough room for the two of them on their one-hour anniversary. She also asks Alejandro but he too refuses. In the end, the trio of "Mike", Cameron, and Zoey reluctantly allow her to tag along.

TDAS Gwen.png


Seriously, what is up with Cameron?

TDAS Cameron.png


She disses me then wants to hang out with me? Make up your mind!

Alejandro gets his boot wedged between two rocks.

When Scott and Courtney find a smaller entrance, Scott says "Ladies first", politely, but then thinks twice and wonders aloud if that is the right thing to say in this situation. Annoyed, Courtney just walks in, and Scott follows.

TDAS Scott.png


I have no idea how to be a boyfriend. The only advice my dad ever gave me about dating was, ‘If you’re ever in Holland, go dutch.’ Oooh! (laughs) I get it now!

Meanwhile, Cameron, Gwen, Mal and Zoey found several holes above cave entrance, believing its how Ezekiel is able to go in and out. Gwen begins to freak out, as her greatest fear is being buried alive (and thus, being underground), but she accidentally steps on a bit of loose ground, and falls into the mine. Zoey jumps in after her to help her, while Mal and Cameron enter a different hole despite Cameron’s response that they should follow the girls. Alejandro finds another entrance near a small stream, but gets his foot stuck between two rocks and is unable to move. He then worriedly calls out to the others, even asking Gwen if she would still like to be partners.

Chris discovers his attacker is a vengeful Ezekiel.

Chris is then shown out of the sack, tied to a rope, and hanging over a vat of green toxic waste, as Ezekiel grins and rubs his hands together maliciously. Realizing the situation, Chris attempts to sweet-talk Ezekiel, who only growls in response. As Mal and Cameron are shown looking in vain for Gwen and Zoey, Gwen begins to hyperventilate as her flashlight is not working. Back in the monitor room, Chef hears Gwen screaming and notes that the speakers are finally working but the monitor isn't. An intern tries to fix the picture, while Chef admits that he has no idea what is going on with everyone.

Using her flashlight, Zoey is able to find Gwen, who with mixed emotions of fear and gratitude, thanks Zoey, who is successfully able to help calm her down.

TDAS Gwen.png


Man, she's good.

Mal and Cameron, on the other hand, are discussing on whom they should lure over to their side. He notes that Alejandro is not trustworthy and Gwen and Courtney were too tight, leaving Scott. Cameron is unsure though, since he made Scott shark bait in the previous episode. Mal devises to drive a wedge between him and Courtney, suggesting that Cameron kiss Courtney in front of Scott while making it look like she kissed him. Cameron is still worried that Scott will beat him up, especially given the incidence in the previous episode, and thinks that there must be another way, annoying Mike. Alejandro is finally able to get his foot free, at the cost of one of his boots, and enters the cave. Chris is still talking to Ezekiel, foolishly listing all the injustices done against him in the past while wondering why he is so mad at him; this further infuriates Ezekiel, who snarls and takes out a couple of rats to slowly chew on the ropes hanging Chris.

Mal's plan succeeds, and Cameron has his first kiss.

While Gwen and Zoey are still trying to find a way out, Gwen takes note of and fearing every sound, especially when Zoey suddenly disappears. Just then the monitors are fixed and Chef cowers in fear once he sees Chris hanging from a rope over toxic waste. Scott and Courtney are holding hands while he attempts to compliment her, accidentally holding his flashlight to her eyes and obstructing her vision, causing her to fall. He jumps after her, and they both fall and slide right into Cameron and Mike. Mal tells Cameron that this is his chance to execute his plan, and pushes Cameron forward so that he kisses Courtney. Scott and Courtney are both very angered, and Cameron apologizes, before correcting himself and asking angrily why Courtney “kissed him.”

TDAS Cameron.png


That was actually my first kiss. It feels like pressing your face against meat... but nice.

Courtney and Scott then argue about who kissed whom, while Ezekiel’s shadow creeps up. Mike and Cameron run off, as the two argue, and Ezekiel then comes right up to them and growls, scaring the couple who hold each other and yell in fear.

Courtney and Scott break up after Mal's plan succeeds.

Still in the monitor room, Chef is shown eating from a tub of ice cream, and tells the intern to zoom in on the rope holding Chris, revealing the rats shown earlier to be chewing the rope, about to break it and release Chris into the toxic waste. Chef gasps and says they’re going to need more ice cream. Scott, Courtney, and Zoey are shown in a makeshift cage. Scott and Courtney continue fighting, with Scott claiming she kissed Cameron and Courtney claiming he kissed her. Frustrated, Courtney then says that if he does not believe her, she doesn't want his shoelace, and Scott agrees and wants his shoelace back; effectively breaking them up.

TDAS Zoey.png


The sad thing is this isn’t the worst party I’ve ever been to.

"Total Drama will not end at episode one hundred."

– Chef

After Mal and Cameron run away from Scott and Courtney, Cameron falls into a hole and manages to hold onto an extending root. Mal leaves under the guise that he went to find something to pull him up.

TDAS Mal.png


Gravity times ‘nerd arms’ equals five minutes max before he falls. (evil laughter)

As the root starts to become loose, Alejandro appears and tries to help him, but Cameron thinks he did something to Mike and says he does not trust anyone but Zoey and Mike. Alejandro tries to explain that one of his friends is an imposter, but Cameron doesn't buy it, forcing Alejandro into leaving Cameron. As he talks to himself about how Cameron will fall, Ezekiel grabs Alejandro from above and pulls him away. Back in the monitor room, Chef has finished numerous tubs of ice cream, and decides to take action so that the season will not end, grabbing his spaghetti bazooka. With Alejandro now in the cage, Ezekiel starts throwing food at the captured contestants.

Cameron apologizes to Gwen.

The root Cameron had been holding finally slips out, and he falls down the hole and into a stream next to Gwen, who is still trying to find a way out of the cave, as she was a coward. She immediately pulls Cameron out, saving his life. This finally makes Cameron regain his trust in her and he apologizes to her before going off to find Chris. Mike returns to the hole and attempts to throw a rock into it, only to find out that Cameron had already fell before he was ambushed and captured by Ezekiel. In the cage, everyone ponders where Cameron is and Alejandro mentions that he was the last person to see him. Mike accuses him of “leaving him hanging there.”

TDAS Alejandro.png


Interesting. I never mentioned that Cameron was hanging.

Gwen saves Chris, avenges Cameron, and wins immunity.

Cameron and Gwen finally reach Ezekiel’s lair with Chef quickly rushing past them to get rid of the rats. However, as Chris scolds Chef for taking his time to save him, Ezekiel snatches up Chef’s bazooka and blasts him with it. Ezekiel then attacks Cameron, using acid spit, and causes the ceiling above him to fall. With Ezekiel distracted, Gwen picks up Chef’s bazooka and shoots Ezekiel. Gwen then releases Chris and helps Cameron out of the rocks. Chris then orders the contestants to quickly leave before Ezekiel attacks again. Surprisingly, Ezekiel has already escaped.

TD Chris.png


For the record, I would like to state that I, Chris McLean, am not afraid of that sad, misundertood freakshow named Ezekiel. Sure, it looked like I was scared, but I was faking! I would say that that dramatic performance is worth at least five Gemmies—!

During the confessional, Chris runs away screaming when Mal imitates Ezekiel's animal grunts. Everyone else is rescued, but this isn't shown.

"Oh, Mike's gone. I'm Mal, and I let you fall. So long, sucker."

- Mal

At the bonfire ceremony, Chris deems Gwen the winner, and in honor of Chef's agreement allows her to send someone to Boney Island, in which she chooses Alejandro. Cameron, now inside a bubble and full body cast in a wheelchair, is eliminated as he is deemed too injured to continue competing. Zoey and Gwen bid him a friendly farewell, but Mike comes up to him and reveals himself to be Mal and that he let him fall. At the Flush of Shame, Chef then pops Cameron’s bubble as Cameron screams in fear of Mal while being flushed away. Chris then expresses that he is content even if the celebration of the 100th episode did not go as planned, because he himself did not get hurt, and signs off the episode.

Exclusive clip

The mutants think of Ezekiel as their king.

Ezekiel ends up in the Fun Zone after digging through a tunnel as mean of escape. When he realizes that he is surrounded by many of the mutated inhabitants, Ezekiel offers them the 100th anniversary cake he stole from Chris. To his happiness, the mutants lift him and worship him as their king.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Alex House Alejandro
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Cory Doran Mike
James Wallis Scott
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • Ezekiel appears and makes animal noises, but has no dialogue.
  • Sierra appears in a video sleeping, but has no dialogue.
  • The chubby intern speaks, but it is unknown who voiced him.
  • A butler appears, but has no lines.

Elimination Ceremony

Elimination Ceremony 8
TDAS Gwen.png

TDAS Cameron bw.png


Still in the running

TDAS Lindsay bw.png
TDAS Lightning bw.png
TDAS Jo bw.png
TDAS Sam bw.png
TDAS Heather bw.png
TDAS Sierra bw.png
TDAS Duncan bw.png
TDAS Cameron bw.png
TDAS Alejandro.png
TDAS Courtney.png
TDAS Gwen.png
TDAS Mike.png
TDAS Scott.png
TDAS Zoey.png





  • The episode's title references the Biblical verses of Matthew 7:7-8, which contains the line "Seek, and ye shall find".
  • There are many similarities in this episode with the 2005 horror film The Descent.
    • Both take place in an underground cave, where the characters are hunted one-by-one by the creature(s) living there.
    • Also, Ezekiel's behavior in this episode is possibly an homage to the Crawlers from The Descent, as both are heavily mutated/evolved humans that hunt the characters using the darkness as their advantage.
    • In the end, the final girl (who is afraid of going underground in the beginning) ends up not getting captured.


  • Ezekiel is missing his facial hair when he finds Courtney and Scott.
  • Scott is missing the lines and freckles when he witnesses Cameron kissing Courtney and sometimes while arguing with Courtney.
  • Chris says he threw Ezekiel into a volcano in Hawaiian Punch. However, Ezekiel accidentally fell into the volcano, and his altercation with Chris only happened in Alejandro's ending.
  • Alejandro finds a box with ten DVD's and grabs one of them, but when he is putting it on the DVD player, the box still has ten DVD's.
  • When Cameron screams after being tripped by Mal in the DVD, he has Alejandro's voice.
  • When Cameron is pulled into the hole by Mike, his lips aren't prominent.
  • At the campfire ceremony, Chef appears with his left arm injured, but when Chris is signing off, his right arm is the injured one instead.
  • Right before Chris says "no one is allergic to" during the video, Ezekiel's left ear is missing.
  • After Cameron and "Mike" leave Scott and Courtney, Cameron's eyeshadow becomes lighter.


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