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Zoey was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as a member of the Mutant Maggots. She returned as a camper on Total Drama All-Stars, as a member of the Heroic Hamsters, and was also one of the finalists of the season.


Born an only child in a small town, Zoey is an optimistic, kind-hearted girl who is easy to get along with but doesn't have many friends until she joined Total Drama. She considers herself vastly different from the people she knows in her home town and joined Total Drama to meet friends who share her love of indie theatre and retro clothing. On many occasions, Zoey is shown to be apologetic and overly concerned with how others perceive her. Her trusting nature and need for approval can lead her to be easily fooled by people with bad intentions.

On the other hand, if she is pushed enough, Zoey may take on a darker persona who is brave, revenge-driven, and highly skilled. Nicknamed "Commando Zoey" by Chris, this alter ego first appears at her breaking point in Eat, Puke and Be Wary and lasts until the end of The Enchanted Franken-Forest. Zoey is extremely protective of her friends and her boyfriend Mike, whom she falls in love with even with the knowledge of his multiple personalities.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Zoey makes her first confessional, talking about how she'll get along with all the other contestants.

Zoey makes her debut in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! and immediately grows an attraction to Mike on their way to Camp Wawanakwa, calling him a sweet guy in the confessional. In her first confessional, Zoey mentions that she is a big fan of Total Drama and hopes to make new friends. When she arrived on the island, she has a conversation with Dawn who is able to know that Zoey is an only child, who has an extremely lonely life. She is put on the Mutant Maggots, along with Mike, and they quickly start to bond. For several episodes, the two of them would get along well but despite their growing attraction, Mike is afraid that Zoey will think of him differently if she finds out about his secret.

Things become complicated for her and Mike when Anne Maria starts to fall for one of Mike's personalities in Ice Ice Baby. Upon seeing Anne Maria and "Mike" kiss in Finders Creepers, Zoey becomes heartbroken. Tension forms between her, Anne Maria, and Mike in the next episode as Anne Maria keeps accusing Zoey of attempting to throw their team's challenge. This eventually escalates to physical levels, where Anne Maria promptly pushes Zoey over. A distraught Zoey leaves believing that "Mike" had chosen who he wants to be with. Dawn attempts to comfort her but only ends up creeping Zoey out with her mysterious behavior. Later Mike tries to make things up with her often complimenting Zoey, but to no avail, as Zoey remains angry and tells Mike in the confessional to "pick a side."

Scott reveals to Zoey that he has found the immunity idol.

Her "seemingly friendly" relationship with Scott starts in Runaway Model, when he pretends to be devastated about Dawn's elimination. Zoey falls for this and comforts him, believing that he is a nicer person than everyone thinks. When Scott is transferred to her team, Zoey occasionally defends him whenever Mike and Cameron insult him or show distrust towards him. In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Zoey begins to distrust both Mike and Cameron as she finds them being dishonest to her, as Cameron is trying to hide Mike's secret from her. At one point in the episode, Scott reveals to her that he had found the immunity idol and says that he trusts that she will not tell anyone. Meanwhile, Dakota tries to befriend Zoey, seeing her the only person she is willing to get close with due to her new appearance. However, the situation becomes awkward for Zoey and she votes her off due to their friendship being a "hazard to her health."

Mike and Zoey almost share their first kiss during Mike's elimination.

In Grand Chef Auto, Zoey has problems throughout the challenge and tries to get Mike to help her but instead of helping her, Mike helps Scott instead, further angering her. Towards the end of the challenge, Zoey finally loses her patience with Mike after seeing him flirting with Anne Maria again. At Mt. Chrismore, Zoey goes to confront Mike, about to declare that whatever they were before is now over. However, she immediately becomes concerned when he starts acting strangely and starts beating himself up. Cameron accidentally reveals Mike's secret to her and with this knowledge, Zoey tells Mike not to give up, giving him the strength to defeat his alternate personalities, After waking up, Mike apologizes to Zoey for not telling her the truth earlier as Zoey accepts the apology. That night, Mike is eliminated from the competition. Before he leaves, Mike gives Zoey a medallion and as they are about to share a kiss, Chris activates the Hurl of Shame, launching Mike away from the island.

With his true nature exposed to her, Zoey no longer trusts Scott and vows to take him down. Throughout the next two episodes, the two occasionally get on each others' nerves and attempt to sabotage each other. In Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, Zoey manages to gain control of the mutant goats and orders them to attack Scott. Their conflict reaches a climax in Eat, Puke and Be Wary, where she and Cameron team up into voting Scott off. During the challenge, Zoey becomes insane after Chef Hatchet shoots her into a ravine and Mike's medallion breaks during the fall. As a result, she takes on a more aggressive persona known as Commando Zoey and sets up traps to ambush Chef. One of her traps prevents Scott from winning the challenge and as a result, he is voted off that night with Zoey giving him one last insult in the confessional.

Zoey is chosen by Lightning to be eliminated.

Cameron and Zoey team up in The Enchanted Franken-Forest in order to make it to the finale together. However, Zoey, still under her Commando Zoey persona, views Cameron as a liability and often acts cold towards him. In addition to this, Zoey threatens to abandon him if he slows her down. After retrieving the flower from Larry, Zoey quickly makes her way to the finish line, but then notices Cameron has been eaten by the mutant flower. For a moment, she is conflicted if she should continue with the challenge or save him but ultimately, she chooses to save her friend. Zoey jumps into Larry's mouth and begins to beat him up from the inside. This gives Lightning the opportunity to retrieve the flower and reach the finish line. That night, Zoey is voted off by Lightning as he sees her as a stronger competitor than Cameron.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, Zoey is seen staring romantically at Mike while Anne Maria glares at them. She is also one of the many people who cheer for Cameron when he defeats Lightning in his ending and wins the one-million dollars in his ending. In Lightning's ending, she is disappointed that Lightning won the season.

Total Drama All-Stars

Zoey kisses Mike during the first challenge.

Zoey returns for Total Drama All-Stars and is placed on the Heroic Hamsters alongside her boyfriend, Mike. By now, she has grown accustomed to his alternate personalities and has no problem with them. Compared to last season, Zoey has become a powerhouse, a trait she retained during her "Commando Zoey" persona, and is able to pull off a very impressive display of physical and mental skill during the first four episodes. Zoey's newfound skills allow her to contribute to many of her team's victories.

Duncan warns Zoey about Mal.

As the season progresses, Zoey notices Mike's odd behaviour and suspects he could be responsible for breaking the belongings of their teammates. She finally catches "Mike" tripping Cameron in Moon Madness, which causes his glasses to break. When Mike is confronted about this, he confesses he has been experiencing difficulty summoning his personalities. Zoey's doubts continue during the challenge when she notices "Mike's" odd behaviour. When Duncan moves to the Heroic Hamsters, she is the only person the former villain opens up to. Though he still tries to prove that he is a villain, Zoey finds Duncan's change in behaviour adorable. In Suckers Punched, Duncan alerts her about Mike having a hidden personality named Mal, who was a fellow inmate of his during his time in juvie. Though Zoey, finds it hard to believe that Mal has taken over Mike's body, she decides to keep Duncan's warning in mind and thank him for being "so helpful and thoughtful," much to his displeasure.

Zoey puts herself in harm in order to bring Mike back.

Upon reaching the merge, Zoey teams up with Cameron and Mike in order to reach the finale together. Unlike Cameron, who clearly expects the worst, Zoey dismisses Duncan's theory about Mal being the original personality. Even when she consults her handmade tarot cards, and gets some rather strange results. However, she does not think much of it, concluding that her improvised images were faulty. In order to prove that Mike is still himself, Zoey puts her life in danger and calls Mike for help. This temporarily breaks Mal's control over Mike, but the former quickly regains control. In order to avoid suspicion, Mal saves Zoey, getting rid of any suspicion she had on him.

Believing Alejandro harmed Cameron in the previous episode, Zoey angrily refuses to listen to his desperate warnings that Mike is Mal.

Zoey's suspicion about Mal eventually shifts to Alejandro, whom she believes to be the one tampering with the votes to eliminate Cameron in You Regatta Be Kidding Me. Upon being told by Mal that Alejandro deliberately harmed Cameron in Zeek And Ye Shall Find, Zoey relays this warning to her new friend, Gwen and the two agree to vote him off in The Obsta-Kill Kourse. Zoey begins to ignore anything Alejandro says to her, but upon hearing him calling Mike "Mal", her suspicions return. Zoey wins the challenge with Mike's help and votes off Alejandro that night. As Alejandro takes the Flush of Shame, Zoey hears him saying that "the truth is in the art" but she doesn't understand what he means.

Zoey continues to ponder Alejandro's words in Sundae Muddy Sundae, but has a hard time trying to decipher his meaning. After Mike reveals Courtney's plan to the other contestants, Zoey questions him and is told that Courtney is in an alliance with Gwen and Scott, making him and Zoey outnumbered. After seeing Courtney's ruthless attitude in the challenge, Zoey wonders if Courtney is the "greater evil" that Alejandro was referring to. Zoey wins the challenge again and is allowed to stay at the Spa Hotel for another night, though she is unable to bring Mike with her this time.

Zoey discovers the truth about Mal.

Zoey, at last, learns the truth about Mal in The Bold and the Booty-ful. After finally finding the DVD of incriminating footage in a Chris painting, she plays it in the control room and watches all of Mal's misdeeds. At this point, any trust in him she has remaining is gone. She is determined to win the challenge, and despite its difficulty, she does. She is awarded the opportunity to choose who she competes against in the finale. Despite not wanting Mal to continue competing, she reluctantly chooses Scott to be eliminated, as she believes that eliminating Mal would remove any chance of bringing Mike back.

Zoey and Mike share their first kiss right before one of them wins Total Drama All-Stars.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Mal finally stops pretending to be Mike after Zoey confronts him about it. As they argue, Zoey becomes saddened when Mal tells her that Mike is gone forever. Zoey tries to remain hopeful, but her helpers, Gwen and Cameron, remind her that Mike is gone. Near the top of the moat, Mal tackles Zoey into the water and attempts to drown her. It is at this moment Mike defeats Mal and returns to his normal self, and with the couple reunited, they share their first kiss. The two then continue on with the challenge and depending on the ending, Zoey is declared the winner after finding the strength to pull the sword. Nevertheless, Zoey manages to escape the island's destruction and manages to reach the roof of a floating cabin with Mike, Gwen, and Cameron.


Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama All-Stars

Total Drama Reloaded

Zoey's original design.

Zoey was one of only two characters whose name was changed since the days of Total Drama Reloaded; she was originally named Molly. Originally, she wore dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt. She had brown eyes, blue earrings and two red wristbands on her left wrist, three traits she kept into her final design. Her downward-facing nose was changed to be more upward-facing, and her hair was changed from a spiked black hairstyle into a neater red one with pigtails and a flower similar to that on Dakota's original design. Additionally, she was given a black collar. Her baggy full-length jeans were replaced by a pair of tighter capri pants and her white T-shirt was replaced by a red shirt that exposed her shoulders and her midriff. Her shoes were changed from green slippers to tan and dark brown high-heeled sandals. Zoey's final design is also more curvaceous than her original design.

Audition tape

View this video for Zoey's audition tape.

"If I get on the show, my worst nightmare would be to get voted out by a jock. But what are the chances of that?"

- Zoey

Zoey says she wants to join Total Drama because she wants to hang out with other teens her age outside of her small town that go to indie theatres, and wear retro clothes and horn-rimmed glasses. A loud cheering noise and the honking of a car is then heard, and Zoey sighs and explains that every Saturday night, the jocks drive up and down Main Street, cheering for the football team. She ends with saying that if she were to get onto the show, her worst nightmare would be getting voted off by a jock, but she then laughs it off.




  • Zoey is the last female standing in both seasons she has participated in, making her the only contestant to rank the highest for her gender in two individual seasons.
  • Zoey has made it to the final three twice with two other contestants, Owen and Heather.
  • Zoey ranks fourth in winning individual challenges. She has won four (counting her ending); behind Courtney, who has won five; Gwen, who has won six (counting her ending); and Heather, who has won seven (again, counting her ending).
    • All four of these wins are back-to-back; thus, Zoey currently holds the record for most consecutive challenge wins.
  • Zoey is the only contestant to have outranked everyone she has competed with at least once, regardless of finale endings.
  • Zoey is one of the two generation 2 characters (4, counting Lightning and Mike's ending) that have beaten every single character of their generations.


  • Zoey has stayed at the McLean-Spa Hotel more than any of the other contestants in Total Drama All-Stars, with a total of six times.
  • As revealed in The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Zoey sews her own clothes. She is one of only two characters known to do so, the other being Katie.
  • As seen in her audition tape, Zoey has a pet hamster named Miss Puffycheeks. This makes her one of the few contestants to have a known pet, and currently the only one from the second generation cast to have one.
  • Zoey's favorite band is "The Bertles." This is a reference and portmanteau of the English band, The Beatles and the American band, The Turtles.
  • It is revealed in The Obsta-Kill Kourse that Zoey is allergic to dog hair.
  • Zoey is revealed to have a fear of getting eliminated by a jock from Total Drama; this comes true when Lightning chooses her to be eliminated in The Enchanted Franken-Forest.
  • According to Zoey's Total Drama: Revenge of the Island biography, her favorite colours are red, lavender, and blue. Also stated in her biography, Zoey's favorite food are fruits, as she loves oranges and that her favorite film is Total Action 2.
  • There are a few mistakes on Zoey's refresh label.
    • Her flower is on the wrong side of her head.
    • Her beige lines on her pants are missing.


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