The necklace makes its final appearance in The Final Wreck-ening.

Zoey's necklace is a medallion given to Zoey by her boyfriend Mike in Grand Chef Auto. It has played a small yet vital role in her storyline since its debut. Although Zoey is never seen actually wearing it, she is shown to genuinely cherish the gift. It is presumed that she keeps it with her at all times, most likely in her pants pocket. The necklace is a circular ornament with a gray chain attached. Mike's smiling image is in the middle. It is unknown if Mike made the necklace himself or if it was in his possession upon his arrival in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. In The Final Wreck-ening, the medallion is lost forever as Camp Wawanakwa sinks with it buried underneath the sand.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Grand Chef Auto


Zoey receives the necklace from Mike.

At the end of the episode, the eliminated Mike sits in the Hurl of Shame, ready to be catapulted off the island. Zoey comes to see him off expressing her disappointment that he was a victim of the events that led to his elimination. In response, Mike smiles and pulls out the necklace, calling it "something to remember him by." Zoey accepts the gift exclaiming that it was beautiful. They attempt to kiss, but the moment is spoiled by Mike being hurled.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

Despite her pleading, Chef Hatchet shoots Zoey with his spaghetti gun, sending her off a cliff. Although Zoey herself is unhurt, the medallion is broken in half. Its destruction is the final catalyst that results in Zoey becoming "Commando Zoey," a much thicker-skinned and revenge-thirsty version of herself.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs. Villains

Zoey Lasso

Zoey prepares to fling a rock at Fang with her medallion.

Despite the necklace breaking in its previous appearance, it has been repaired by the time the new season starts. When Mike is in danger, Zoey uses the medallion as a sling to hurl rocks at the sharks attacking him. The other contestants stare at her in amazement because of her skill. Necklace in hand, she nonchalantly says that after Mike saved her so many times in the previous season, she owes him.

The Bold and the Booty-ful

Mike's evil alternate personality, Mal, has been impersonating him since Moon Madness. Holding up his act, Mal reassures Zoey that he is the same guy who gave her the bracelet last season. Zoey notices his error and in the confessional, angrily corrects that it was a necklace, not a bracelet and calls Mal a weasel.

The Final Wreck-ening


Zoey says farewell to Mike (and the necklace) for good.

Because Mal had taken full control of Mike's body, she believes that she will never see her boyfriend again. Before the challenge starts, she bids farewell to him and buries the medallion in the sand. Zoey later wonders if Mike has truly returned when he protects her from Fang. She considers him asking where the necklace is as undeniable proof of the matter, and the two share their first on-screen kiss. She is not seen going back for the medallion before leaving the sinking island.


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